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comp.unix.sco Technical FAQ (Table of Contents)

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Archive-Name: comp.unix.sco Technical FAQ Table of Contents
Posting-Frequency: Monthly (mid month)
Last-modified: Oct 12

comp.unix.sco Technical FAQ Table of Contents

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   FAQ Starting Page
                               Table of Contents
   Revision Information

   One Bit of Administrivia

   How Do I Ask A Question?

   Questions and Answers Common to Unix, Xenix and ODT

     * Are there any screen savers?
     * Is tar/cpio a good backup program?
     * How do I compress my backups?
     * What are some third-party backup/recovery products?
     * I don't like being restricted to 14 character filenames
     * How do I get a copy of adb?
     * I can't find crypt
     * What do I need to compile programs?
     * What does the NCALL kernel parameter affect?
     * How do I reset the root password if I forget it? (part 1)
     * How do I reset the root password if I forget it? (part 2)
     * How do I reset the root password if I forget it? (part 3)
     * How do I crash out of the install script?
     * Why can't fsck find my lost+found directory?
     * I want more space in my lost+found directory
     * How do I find out serial numbers of my various components?
     * How do I solve an "arglist too long"?
     * What versions/configurations am I using?
     * I have a bad block on my hard drive
     * My system is slow
     * Why did my region table overflow?
     * How do I solve "fork failed: no more processes"?
     * How are minor device numbers assigned by mkdev hd?
     * I need fax software. Who makes it?
     * How much swap space do I need?
     * Can I add more swap space?
     * Do haltsys and reboot do a sync()?
     * How can I get more than 64k inodes?
     * Where do I get zmodem?
     * Where do I get kermit?
     * I get messages saying "stat() failed: /tmp/croutPPGa00288: no such
     * Does SCO support my hardware?
     * How do I get a file off my distribution diskettes?
     * Will I have problems upgrading my hardware?
     * I typed in the wrong serial number!
     * Why does fsck want a scratch file?
     * What books are there about SCO systems?
     * How can I boot multiple operating systems?
     * How do I set disk space quotas?
     * How do I find out what IP address a user logged in from?
     * My ANSI terminal emulator doesn't work properly
     * What is Skunkware?
     * Can I replace csh with tcsh?
     * How do I make the manual pages work for things installed from
     * Is my system Year 2000 compliant?
     * How do I make environment variables global?
     * How can I restrict logins?
     * Why can't I unmount my CDROM?
     * What do "hangup" messages mean during shutdown?
     * What does "interupt is private" mean ?
     * What are interrupts?
     * How can I send attachments from the command line?
     * Why doesn't the "mutt" I got from Skunkware work?
     * What is an "xxevent" error? 
     * How do I configure a Travan Tape Drive? 
     * Why does my cron job fail while "at" works?
     * Why does my screen get confused if I login in UPPER CASE?
     * Why can't I kill a process with -9?
     * Where do I get a better vi?
     * How can I have a 'command line history & editing' shell under SCO
     * Is it possible to use the mouse in a character application?
     * Are there any antivirus programs for Sco Unix/OpenServer?
     * I need to remotely assist a customer; what can I do?
     * Is it possibile to switch screen from an application?
     * Are there any Winzip compatible tools?
     * I can't access my Windows 9x FAT32 partition from the SCO's one!
     * Are there any 'Office'-like packages for SCO?
     * How can I back up to a tape drive on another machine?
     * Can I change root's shell to something else?
     * How do I add a Zip or Jaz drive?
     * Where can I get older versions of SCO products?
     * How do I capture program screens to a file?
     * How can I increase the number of characters that are significant
       in passwords?
     * How do I mount a CDROM?
     * How do I find out who or what shutdown or halted my system?
     * How can I regularly and reliably transfer data to a program
       running on another machine?
   Questions and Answers Specific to OpenServer Release 5

     * Graphical characters don't work
     * sar doesn't work
     * My emergency floppies don't have enough inodes
     * I'm having trouble with licensing and registration
     * sysadmsh is missing
     * Will Release 5 run my older binaries?
     * I loaded a patch but it didn't take effect
     * What patches should I use?
     * What patches are on my system?
     * What's this free copy of SCO Unix I keep hearing about?
     * I'm having trouble using my ATAPI CD-ROM
     * My >2GB ATA hard drive doesn't work with OSR5
     * My floppy drive doesn't work reliably
     * People log out but still show up in who
     * Can I perform an in-place upgrade?
     * How do I access online documentation from a browser?
     * Can I use the scohelp server as a Web server?
     * Is there a packet sniffer (tcpdump) available?
     * What can I do about function keys not working?
     * Can I have both IDE and SCSI Drives?
     * Is a DHCP client available?
     * Can OSR5 do NAT or IP filtering (function as a firewall)?
     * How can I find my Activation Key?
     * Can OSR5 and Unixware run Linux binaries?
     * Can Linux run OSR5 binaries?
     * A Xenix or ODT legacy application corrupts the screen
     * How can I recreate my install floppy?
     * I've added more RAM, do I need more swap?
     * Why do I get "dynamic linker" errors or load failures?
     * Why do I get "cronsched: no response from server" messages ?
     * How do I change the system's name or IP address?
     * What causes "No utmp entry, must login from lowest level shell?"
     * What does "ifor_pmd, failed to initialize policy manager" mean?
     * Does SCO OpenServer5 support the 'undelete' feature?
     * What is the procedure for performing replicated OS5 installs ?
     * Why do I have to relink after just changing an ip address?
     * How Can I stop OpenServer 5.0.6 creating /usr/local as a sym-link?
     * Is it possible to have more than one instance of custom running ?
     * How can I access the documentation on the install CD if I don't
       yet have a SCO system installed?
     * I need information from "last", but most of it is gone!
     * Why does the installation bomb out with a "Signal 8" error ?
     * How can I assign a user process to a specific pseudo tty? 
     * How can I get pci bus information?
     * Why do I get "can't find user in protected password database" in
     * Why doesn't "man" work?
     * I upgraded Merge and now cannot access my floppy drive!
   Questions and Answers Specific to Unix/ODT

     * I have a system memory dump in my swap space; how do I delete it?
     * How do I save kernel panic dumps to tape?
     * At boot time, the "Enter the root password or ^D" message doesn't
     * My pre-EAFS filesystem gives errors on filenames greater than 14
     * I just upgraded to 3.2v4 but I still can't use long filenames
     * The permissions on /usr/adm/sa and its children are wrong
     * I get an error "Cannot obtain database information on this
     * I need help configuring MMDF
     * What is the new "low" security level in 3.2v4?
     * My AHA154x/174x isn't being detected
     * How do I upgrade from an n-user licence?
     * How do I get MMDF to send one copy of a message to many people?
     * My system is slow or hangs when sizing memory
     * My system doesn't recognize files starting with #!
     * Where do I get POP binaries?
     * How do I fix a kernel trap 0x00000006?
     * How do I configure an EIDE drive to work on 3.2v4.x?
     * How do I change my SCSI host adapter?
     * My machine had a panic. How do I find out why?
     * How do I find out the names of BTLDs on a BTLD diskette?
     * How do I install a BTLD on a running system?
     * My keyboard locks up
     * My machine locks up at boot time
     * How can I use a PC Card (PCMCIA) with Unix?
     * How much RAM can my system use?
   Questions and Answers about TCP/IP and NFS

     * telnet doesn't work properly
     * How do I know if I have enough streams buffers for TCP/IP and/or
     * TCP/IP gives messages like "Notice: TCP SUM: SRC 89270107 SUM
     * How do I get /etc/issue to print for telnet sessions?
     * What does "WARNING: tcp_deqdata" mean?
     * Ping is really slow
     * Telnet/FTP is very slow to connect
     * Dial in PPP disconnects immediately
     * How do I add a default route?
     * How do I test a popd connection?
     * How do I test a smtp connection?
     * Why can't my other sub-net browse the Visionfs or Samba shares?
     * How do I get the latest version of Visionfs for Unixware 7 and
       OSR5 5.0.4 or greater?
     * Why do I get "portmapper is not responding" errors?
     * What do "can't get passwd for local host" messages in syslog mean?
   Questions and Answers about Serial Communications and UUCP

     * My serial connections are losing characters
     * What do the terms UART, 8250, 16450 and 16550 mean?
     * How do I adjust my 16550's trigger level?
     * I can transfer small files via UUCP but large ones won't go
     * How do I get better UUCP throughput?
     * How do I change uucico's window size?
     * I increased my window size but nothing changed
     * I increased my window size and UUCP broke!
     * UUCP frequently has to resend packets
     * How do I change uucico's packet timeout?
     * What special considerations are there regarding my Telebit modem?
     * What are all the V.something codes, MNP, HST, etc.?
     * How do I maximize serial throughput?
     * My data-compressing modem doesn't work much faster than my old
     * A BSD-based machine can't connect to mine via UUCP
     * Where can I get more information on UUCP protocols?
     * I edited my gettydefs and things broke
     * I can't get shared dial-in and dial-out working
     * What are some common settings for my modem?
     * Will a Winmodem work?
     * Why can't I get my dialin modem to work above 9600 baud?
     * I've set the modem for 38400 in inittab, but stty shows it at some
       other speed
   Questions and Answers About Printers and Printing

     * What are printer interface scripts?
     * Which Interface script do I use?
     * How do I stop banners from printing?
     * Print jobs fail, and I get mail complaining "tcgetattr failed: No
       such device"
     * Why does printed output garble or stop after several pages?
     * Why do I lose the last few lines of my print job?
     * Large print jobs fail on remote printers
     * What are the escape sequences to select the trays on my HP
     * How can I print from Netscape without a Postscript printer?
     * How can I make a device that will print to a network printer?
     * How do I stop extra form feeds that spit out blank pages?
     * How do I make a printer send a form feed at the end of the job?
     * How do I stop a print job and restart it from the beginning?
     * How can I get the file from the print spooler before it prints?
     * What is a virtual printer?
     * How can different users have different default printers?
     * How do I stop staircase output on the printer?
     * My printer doesn't work at all!
     * Can I use "Windows" printers?
     * My printer faults and prints same document over and over
     * Mixing Synchronics and Realworld or other mixed marriages
     * How do I do Transparent or pass-through printing?
     * How can I add or remove printers from the command line?
     * How do I capture program screens to a file or print them?
     * Some print jobs from my application fail mysteriously.
                             Revision Information
   Version: 121020000
   Date: 12 Oct 2000
   Author: Tony Lawrence <> (originally by Stephen
   These FAQS were developed and maintained for years by (Stephen M. Dunn). Steve no longer has the time to
   maintain them, and has asked me to take them over. Please remember the
   debt all of us owe to Steve for his efforts- I myself spent many hours
   learning from these very documents, and I'm sure many of us can say
   similar things.
   Because Steve has not been able to maintain these for a while now,
   some of the information herein is outdated. I am working to correct
   that, but it's a lot to catch up on, so if you spot something, please
   let me know. For the moment, I'm just marking some of it as probably
   being useless; as I have time, I'll check further to be certain before
   I remove anything.
   Suggestion: Use my Search to find what you are looking for.
   Recent Revision History
     * 200010120: Added merge upgrade floppy problems
     * 200010120: Added random print failures
     * 200010120: Added man not working
     * 200010120: Added "protected user database"
     * 200010120: Added testing smtp
     * 200010120: Added pci bus
     * 200010110: Added using lpadmin
     * 200010110: Added ppp pap/chap messages
     * 200010110: Added using recon for a specific tty
     * 200010100: Added passthru printers
     * 200010100: Added mixing apps for printers
     * 200010100: Added multiple prints
     * 200010100: Added Windows printers
     * 200010100: Added printer doesn't work at all
     * 200010100: Added whichinterface
     * 200010100: Added staircase
     * 200010100: Added default printers
     * 200010100: Added virtual printer
     * 200010100: Added getting print job from spooler
     * 200010100: Added restarting printer
     * 200010100: Added printer form feeds
     * 200010100: Added printer form feeds
     * 200010100: Added printer losing last few lines
     * 200010100: Added printer flow control
     * 200010100: Added printer interface scripts
     * 200010100: Added tcgetattr
     * 200010090: Many suggestions and fixes from Tom Melvin
     * 200010080: Added cleantmp
     * 200010070: Added transferring info to a program on another machine
     * 200010060: Added trapping haltsys
     * 200010030: Added mounting cdrom
     * 200010030: Added password length and significance
     * 200009290: Added accessing install CD from Windows
     * 200009290: Added info on custom's lock file
     * 200009280: Added /usr/local on 5.0.6
     * 200009270: Added install signal 8 error
     * 200009260: Added capturing program screens with script and xwd
     * 200009250: Added link for old software
     * 200009222: Added hp printer tray codes
     * 200009221: Added zip and jaz drives
     * 200009220: Added changing root shell
     * 200009210: Added remote backup
     * 200009201: Added kernel relink for ip address change
     * 200009200: Added using btldinstall.
     * 200009191: Broke scotec1 into scotec1 and scotec6
     * 200009190: Added new additions from Roberto Zini
     * 200009180: Added notes and new additions from Roberto Zini
     * 200009170: Added Skunkware man page setup.
     * 200009160: Added changing system name, can't kill process, no
       utmp, policy daemon, printing fron Netscape.
     * 200009150: Added dynamic linker, cronsched.
     * 200009140: Added upper case logins, recreating boot floppy, swap,
       mutt library, "ip" from 5.0.6 for ipfilter.
     * 200009130: Added cron job not working, reinstated "books"
       listings, added commentary to a number of sections, added Jeff L's
       versions.text link to versions section, added Linux ibcs2 info,
       visionfs subnet browsing, Winmodems, fake devices for network
       printing, dte rates and Devices file.
     * 200009120: (beginning of Tony L. maintenance) Added Skunkware,
       lxrun, restricting logins, unmounting CDROMS, hangup messages,
       "interrupt is private", what are interrupts, mail attachments,
       xxevent, travan, legacy applications, popper testing, activation
       key, slow telnet/ftp, dialin ppp,default route, recon command,
       mixing ide and scsi, dhcp client, ipfilter, updated mapchan,
       screen saver and other sections.
     * 199908040: Update to information on recovering a lost root
       password; updated pointer to Hylafax; update to Year 2000
     * 199901290: Update to Year 2000 information
   DISCLAIMER: I try to keep this information correct, up-to-date, and
   useful. From time to time, errors and oversights will occur. While
   this group is read by numerous SCO staff and other experts, and they
   tend to catch any mistakes I make, there is no guarantee that the
   information below is 100% right.
   THANKS: I can't do this without the help of a number of other people.
   You know who you are. Thank you.
                           One Bit of Administrivia
   There are two different FAQ lists that periodically get posted here.
   This is the technical one. If you have a question regarding
   net.etiquette, the administration of these mailing lists/newsgroups,
   how to contact SCO, where to look on the net for SCO ports of
   software, or how to download files from SCO's systems, please look for
   the Administrative FAQ. It will probably answer your question. These
   two FAQs are posted at the same time, at intervals of roughly two
   Note in particular that if you require instructions on how to contact
   SCO, download SLSes, or look at various anonymous archive sites, you
   should look in the Administrative FAQ.
   I should also note that you may see references to TAs (Technical
   Articles), or to their old name IT Scripts, in various places in the
   FAQ. These are SCO's documents on various technical issues with SCO
   products. The URL for the searchable library of TAs is If you wish to search for a particular TA by
   number, replace nnnnnn in the example below with that number:
                           How Do I Ask A Question?
   First, of course, you look for the information in the documentation,
   and in the FAQ. You use any other local resources which are available
   as well, such as other users or administrators who might be able to
   help you. On OpenServer Release 5, using the search all documents
   option in scohelp may be useful in your search. SCO's Web site
   includes a searchable list of technical articles, described at the
   bottom of the table of contents above; these can be invaluable aids in
   resolving problems.
   If none of those approaches help, gather as much information as you
   can before posting.
   Your chances of getting answers which are friendly, helpful, and
   correct are greatly enhanced if you provide the necessary information.
   If you say simply "My SCO system doesn't work, when I use it it gives
   an error message with the tape, help," you've told us nothing. Provide
   exact product names and versions. Tell us exactly what hardware and
   software you're using. Provide instructions on how you can cause the
   problem, if it's reproducible. Give verbatim error messages. Tell us
   what, if any, patches and updates are applied to your system.

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