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comp.unix.sco MetaFAQ

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Archive-Name: comp.unix.sco Meta FAQ
Posting-Frequency: Monthly (mid month)
Last-modified: Sep 20

comp.unix.sco Meta FAQ

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   Author: Tony Lawrence <> (originally by Stephen
   There are two major divisions:
     * Administrative FAQ
     * Technical FAQ (6 parts).
   The entire FAQ is posted monthly to comp.answers and news.answers.
   This page is posted monthly to comp.unix.sco.announce.
   All FAQS are available for ftp in ASCII form:
     * Table of Contents
   (this page) Administrative FAQ Technical FAQ Table of
   Contents Unix, Xenix and ODT General
   FAQ OSR5 FAQ Unix (3.2v4.2) and ODT FAQ TCP/IP and NFS FAQ Serial Communications and
   These FAQS were developed and maintained for years by (Stephen M. Dunn). Steve no longer has the time to
   maintain them, and has asked me to take them over. Please remember the
   debt all of us owe to Steve for his efforts- I myself spent many hours
   learning from these very documents, and I'm sure many of us can say
   similar things.
   Other FAQS:
     * The UnixWare 7 FAQ.
     * The UnixWare FAQ
     * The comp.unix.sco.programmer FAQ
     * The comp.unix.programmer FAQ
     * Csh Programming Considered Harmful
     * Raw IP Networking FAQ
     * The UnixWare 1.x and 2.0 Programmer FAQ

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