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alt.bbs.unixbbs Frequently Asked Questions

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This is the UNIX(TM) compatible BBS Frequently Asked Questions Answers.
It is posted on the 1st and 15th of each month.

Please email all comments, corrections, and additions to this FAQ to

     1. About this FAQ
     2. What is a BBS?
     3. What is UNIX?
     4. What is Usenet?
     5. What BBS Software is covered?
     6. BBS software that we need more info on
     7. BBS software that isn't covered
     8 - N. The packages

Subject: 1. About this FAQ
Date: Fri Nov 1 07:21:45 PDT 1996

Thanks go to Gregory G. "Wolfe" Woodbury (
for the excellent job he did creating and maintaining this FAQ for
as long as he did.

                                        Duane Davis

The FAQ is in Message Digest Format, so that various newsreaders can
automagically decompose it into its component parts.

The latest version of this FAQ can be obtained from several places.
It is posted on the 1st and 15th of each month to the alt.bbs.unixbbs,
alt.bbs,  and  newsgroups. It is also available
via ftp from, and
via the World Wide Web from You can
also 'finger' at last resort.

Most of the packages listed in this FAQ are now available at a single
FTP site. All unix bbs authors are encouraged to upload new updates
as they are available.

These listings are provided for informational purposes only.  I am not
making recommendations (con or pro) here, simply telling what I know
about each package that I have information for.  You are encouraged to
evaluate each package for yourself to see if it matches your needs.

to locate the packages listed in the articles below, search for the
short name listed in the Subject: headers.

Also listed are the FTP sites and filenames for known or suspected
copies of the packages.

This FAQ is the product of a lot of research and correspondence with
lots of folks.  Here is a partial listing of the folks who were kind
enough to send information and corrections to me for use in this FAQ.
If I've left someone out, write to me :-)

Lars Aronsson(!), Bob Baskerville(!), Bill Brown, Lisa Carlson,
Tom Dell(!), Karl Denninger(!), Aydin Edguer(*), Ken Germann,
Avrum Goodblat, Judy Hallman, David Holland, Bob Kirkpatrick(!),
Hilbert Levitz, Michael Lyons, Stephen Manes(!), Bob Peterson,
Chris Petrilli, Riccardo Pizzi(!), Todd Radel, Gene Saunders,
Greg Seminara, Jay Snyder(!), Chris Stanford, Bill Fenner(#),
Jim Tremblay, Alex Wetmore(!), Sanford Zelkovitz(!), Nick Zimmerman(!)
Thomas Mechtersheimer, Bill Schwartz, Brian Dear(!), Bill Blue(!),
Jared Quinn(!)

(!)     Authors of packages providing information
(*)     Special Thanks to Aydin Edguer
(#)     Bill is keeper of the Waffle FAQ

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