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Typing Injury FAQ (1/6): Recent Changes

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Archive-name: typing-injury-faq/changes
Version: $Revision: 2.20 $ $Date: 1995/10/17 07:41:35 $

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The Typing Injury FAQ (frequently asked questions) is a multipart document
targetted at computer users suffering at the hands of their equipment. You'll
find pointers to resources all across the net, general information on injuries,
and detailed information on numerous adaptive products. The full documents are
posted on a number of newsgroups such as as well as
available via FTP and WWW servers across the globe.

This document cites recent changes to the Typing Injury FAQ as well as other
online information. Due to its (hopefully) shorter length, this document gets a
much wider audience of mailing lists and such.

For those of you who've been paying attention, it's been nearly four months
since I last posted this. Well, the summer was pretty weird, but I should be
back to normal again. My marathon FAQ updating session was made possible by:

   * Thompson Twins, Into The Gap
   * G. Love and Special Sauce, G. Love and Special Sauce
   * They Might Be Giants, Apollo 18
   * Live, Throwing Copper
   * Lyle Lovett, Lyle Lovett and his Large Band

This document may be cited as:

     Wallach, Dan S. (1995) "Typing Injury FAQ: Recent Changes".

World-Wide-Web users will find this available as hypertext:

   * (Dan Wallach's page)

To find all the information below, and much much more, you can use:

E-Mail - you can access an ftp server via e-mail by sending a message to any of
the following servers with `help' on a line by itself in the body. You will
receive instructions.

Anonymous FTP
     The typing injury archive is available from a number of mirrors.
        o (the original site)
        o (currently six months out of date)

World Wide Web - make sure you're using the current address!


Changes to the Typing Injury FAQ and archive, this month

[New] files in the typing-injury archive

     marketing blurb describing an add-on for IBM's VoiceType dictation system
     an even more detailed comparison of DragonDictate and Kurzweil VOICE
     Various nonsurgical treatment options for upper extremity overuse injuries
     Simpson Garfinkel's article about companies building new keyboards
     Tom Bell's list of keyboard vendor phone numbers
     Tom Bell's list of wrist rest vendor phone numbers
     Mike Mossey compares two healing techniques

It's all available at

[New] information in the Keyboard FAQ

   * The Infogrip Bat now has a Web page and e-mail address.
   * The DataHand now has a Web page and e-mail address. The price has also
     dropped to $1000, and some miscellaneous information also changed.
   * The NCC Digital Dictate is an add-on for the IBM VoiceType system.
   * The Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboard now costs $275 instead of $400.
   * DragonDictate for Windows is now available
   * The Light Link infra-red cordless keyboard may be interesting to some
   * Infrared Keyboards (Two Bit Score)
   * Step On It foot pedals can be added to any PC
   * The Canadian distributor for the Maltron has a new address. They also now
     have a Web page.

Other new information

New Furniture: VertiWorks
New ``Societies / Support Groups'' section in General Information document.
     Right now, it's pretty empty, but I'd like to list all the local groups
     which help with RSI in communities. Send me mail!
New WWW: The Ergonomic Page, from Applied Software Unlimited
New WWW: Emacs keybindings and ergonomics
New WWW: Amara's RSI Page
New WWW: MouseMitt International - padded lycra wrist braces
New WWW: Safety Related Internet Resources
New WWW: Workstation Environments - a company which designs high-end furniture

As always, I'm looking for volunteers to help out. Do you want to save the
world? Send me mail! I especially need somebody to take over the Furniture FAQ,
since the original author bailed.
Dan Wallach                  Princeton University, Computer Science Department  PGP Ready

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