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Alt.Tv.Xena FAQ, (Part 2/5): About Usenet and the ATX News Group

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Archive-name: tv/xena-wp/Usenet
Posting-Frequency: Bi-weekly or whenever
Last-modified: 15th February 2000
Copyright: (c) 1997-2000 Paul A Hilling
Copyright: (c) 1997 Edward T. Smith
Copyright: (c) 1997 A. J. Firebaugh
Copyright: (c) 1996 Michael L. Martinez
Maintainer: Paul Hilling (

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
NOTE: This document is not intended to infringe upon MCA or
Universal Studios or Studios USA in any way.

Portions of this document are Copyright (C) 1996 by K. Wieczerza
and used by permission.  This file may be freely copied and
redistributed.  All I ask is that it remains whole and intact and
that this notice is not altered.
This document is intended to provide answers to certain questions
that come up regularly on the news group.  People who
are new to the news group are encouraged to read this document
before posting questions to

Michael Martinez originally created this FAQ in accordance with
the prevailing traditions and customs of the Internet, which
place high value on the free dissemination and exchange of
information.  It has since been trashed and rearranged it into
multiple smaller documents.

This is a living document.  As new information is made available
by the producers of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS I'll try to update
this file.  Also, corrections will be made as I discover them or
I am informed about them.  Please feel free to notify me of any
errors that you find. Paul Hilling <>
This FAQ is available via ftp from:  To
get a copy of this FAQ by e-mail, send an e-mail to with "ATX-FAQ REQUEST" in the subject.

This document uses the following conventions:

     Names of television shows are given in ALL CAPS.
     Names of episodes are given in "quotes".
     X:WP is an acronym for XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.
     X is sometimes used for "Xena", especially in making
     reference to both Xena and Gabrielle (as "X and G").
     LL is sometimes used for "Lucy Lawless".
     ROC is sometimes used for "Renee O'Connor".
     ATX refers to the newsgroup Alt.Tv.Xena

Table Of Contents

Section II: About Usenet and the Alt.Tv.Xena News Group
1.   What is the purpose of
2.   What sort of stuff should I post to this news group?
3.   What sort of stuff should I NOT post to this news group?
4.   What happens if I post something I shouldn't?
5.   Okay, but what if I want to post binary files SOMEPLACE?
6.   Why is posting a binary file to a non-binary news group such
     a problem?
7.   What if I accidentally post something I don't want to?
8.   What are "spoilers" and "spoiler space"?
9.   What is a "Xenite"?
10.  I'm a new poster/reader of ATX, Is there anywhere where I
     can aquaint myself with the conventions of the newsgroup"?
11.  What is the deal with the "6. There is no number 6"?
12.  What's this <OT> <P> and <SP> all about?
13.  What the heck does BGSB or GGGHD mean?
14.  What do "Flaming" and "Flame War" mean?  What can I do about
15.  I just read a post I thought was abusive, either towards me
     or another person.  What can I do about it?
16.  What is Net Abuse and where can I learn more about it?
17.  Is Alt.Tv.Xena moderated or censored in anyway?

Section II: About Usenet and the Alt.Tv.Xena News Group

What is the purpose of

This is a news group dedicated to the discussion of the
television show XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and related topics.

XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS is an hour-long action-adventure series
exclusively distributed in syndication in the United States by
MCA TV and internationally by MCA TV International.  It premiered
the week of September 4, 1995 as a spin-off of the successful

"...[it] combines mythology with martial arts action, big-screen
special effects and spectacular New Zealand scenery..."  -- from
the official MCA Web site (

"Surrounded by enemies, barbaric tribes, slave traders, and a
host of other evils, Xena is on a mission to help people free
themselves from tyranny and injustice."  -- from the official MCA
Web site (

What sort of stuff should I post to this news group?

You are welcome to post any article dealing with any aspect of
the show, its characters, its actors or the production company,
related topics (such as ancient history and mythology), books,
magazines, newspapers that concern the show or its actors, and
information about the production company, fan activities and
interests, and things like that.  Such articles should be in
plain text whenever possible, as not all readers can read content
rich (or HTML) articles.

Although you'll see disagreements here (and the occasional flame
war), people sometimes will try to calm things down by quoting
Xena: "Be Niiice!"  It's good advice.  There's no reason to go
ballistic just because someone else doesn't share your opinion.
But that's your choice to make.

Posts about the "Jack Of All Trades", and "Cleo 2525" shows are
also allowed here, until they get newsgroups of their own.

What sort of stuff should I NOT post to this news group?

Most articles are forgivable unless they are :-

1.   Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) posts of any kind.  Also known
     as Make Money Fast posts (MMF).
2.   Advertising or Spam, of any kind, unless it relates to
     either X:WP, or it's actors.  Such adverts should be as
     short as possible, and posted once per vendor per week.
3.   Binaries, (which can be either pictures, programs, sounds,
     or compressed archive files) of any kind.

What happens if I post something I shouldn't?

You may get flamed.  But in general people at ATX are friendly
people.  However, you are bound to catch someone who is having a
bad day.

But if you post the pyramid scheme, people may complain to your
ISP, even if you try to fake your account, and you may lose your
account for that reason (but that's between you and your

Some unscrupulous people may mail-bomb you by sending your
article right back at you 1000 or 10,000 times.  Or they may
subscribe you to many mailing lists, rendering your account
they can happen and we cannot prevent people from declaring war
on you.

If you've read this far into the FAQ and you post one of the
above articles anyway, you're on your own and you'll get no
sympathy from the rest of us.

Okay, but what if I want to post binary files SOMEPLACE?

Hey, binary files are welcome on the Usenet!  Just make sure you
post to one of the "alt.binaries..." news groups. Then post an
announcement here in telling us where to look.  The
news group alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc exists specifically
for X:WP and H:TLJ binary posts.  However, some ISPs do not carry
the newsgroup.

It is okay to cross-post to several binary groups, especially if
their names are in the alt.* hierarchy, since no alt.* group is
guaranteed to be carried by all servers (in fact, NO news group
is guaranteed to be carried by all servers).  In practice, it's
better to cross post than to post to individual groups because
cross posting saves space.  Posting the same article to many
different groups is called "spamming" and is frowned upon.
However, do not cross post binary files between binary and
non-binary news groups.

Why is posting a binary file to a non-binary news group such a

Some sites have limited resources and carry only a limited
selection of binary news groups.  If binary files are posted to
non-binary news groups, the only ultimate recourse the system
administrators have is to stop carrying non-binary news groups
with excessive binary file postings.

Other reasons include :- That not every person who reads ATX, has
unlimited toll-free time to download 50k+ binary posts.  Most
people outside of the US (for example those in the UK and
Europe), are charged for net usage by the second.  Some ISP's
also automatically block binary posts in non-binary groups, so a
lot of readers won't see your picture anyway.

There is a much better option available for sharing your Xena
pictures: the World Wide Web!  Binary news groups have short
expiration periods because their articles take up so much disk
space.  Web pages that you design and own on the other hand, have
NO expiration periods.

What if I accidentally post something I don't want to?

Don't panic.  Your newsreader should have a CANCEL POST option
without leaving the news group in your reader.  You should see
the article come up.  Just select the article and then pick
CANCEL POST.  Your newsreader will send out a cancellation
advisory that may prevent your server from sending the article
out.  Your server will propagate the cancellation advisory if
your article has already been sent out, so chances are no one
will ever see the article if you cancel it quickly.  It should be
noted however, that many ISP's no longer honour cancel requests,
due to wide scale abuse.

CompuServe and AOL users don't presently have the option to
cancel their posts.

What are "spoilers" and "spoiler space"?

A "spoiler" is an article posted by someone about an episode they
have seen or know about.  X:WP is shown world-wide, at different
times in the various national and international markets,
sometimes upto 18 months after the episode was originally shown
in the US.  Also, some people with satellite dishes pick up the
feed to the affiliates as much as two weeks in advance of the
first airdate in the US.

Out of consideration and respect, for other Xenites who want to
see the episodes before they read about them, those people who
have seen them should not put plot points in the subject of their
articles.  They should add <Spoiler:Episode Name> to the
article's subject line, and then fill the first 20 to 25 lines
(called "Spoiler Space") of the article with either carriage
returns or some message warning inattentive readers that details
concerning a potential spoiled episode follow.  It's also, not a
good idea to remove "spoiler space", if your post still contains

These guidelines are not rules, but it is considered good
netiquette to follow them.  You'll probably get reminded to use
'spoiler space', by other posters if you don't follow these

What is a "Xenite"?

If you love and watch the show, you are a Xenite.  When the fans
were debating what to call themselves, "Xenite" had some close
competition from "Xenaphile", but Xenite won out.

I'm a new poster/reader of ATX, Is there anywhere where I can
aquaint myself with the conventions of the newsgroup"?

There is a webpage called ATX Central, devoted to most things related.  It has links to some posters homepages,
Abbreviations and terms used in the group.  And there is also a
bulletin board.  The webpage,
(, also has a link to
the web version of this FAQ.

What is the deal with the "6. There is no number 6"?

If we're all sitting comfortably then I'll begin: once upon a
time the BBC used to broadcast a series called 'Monty Python's
Flying Circus' (a comedy) and in one program a short sketch was
performed in which an Englishman was introduced to his new
professorial colleagues in the Philosophy Department at the
'University of Wollomoloo' in Australia.  At one point the
departmental rules were read to the group, including "Rule Six:
There is NO rule Six!".

Since lots of people posting to ATX are either fans of MPFC or
are familiar with it, the 'no rule six' rule is often used in

Videos of MPFC can be checked out of some public libraries, and
rented.  Plus, there are the full-length videos: 'MP and the Holy
Grail' (there's a CD game based on this too) and 'Life of Brian'.

Any websearch utility will find huge numbers of Python sites with
scripts, .WAVs, pictures and words of the many songs.  The most
interesting sites, to me, are in England, Australia and Iceland.

What's this <OT> <P> and <SP> all about?

We like to think that we talk about Xena, all the time.  However
from time to time various posters to the newsgroup, will post
articles that are not entirely to do with Xena.  Out of courtesy
to those people who do not want to read these types of articles,
the subject of the article is usually 'tagged' with <OT> for Off
Topic, <P> for Pirate (A role-playing group based in
and <SP> for Space Pirate. <P> and <SP> are not so often used
nowadays.  But you can still read about their exploits on Deja
News (

Articles flagged with these 'tags' are likely to have almost
anything going on in them. The article's subject should be an
indicator of what the article is about, and should be changed if
the content varies from the subject.  You are still advised to
proceed at your peril :D

What the heck does BGSB or GGGHD mean?

As is common with most newsgroups, there are abbreviations for
almost everything.  Below are some of the more commonly used ones
in this newsgroup.  Most of these are provided by courtesy of
Bluesong (


notes: lower case may be used too; Quotation marks surround
episode titles.  Numbers refer to episodes 2:22 means the 22nd
episode in the 2nd season.

<P>       Used in Subject to identify threads originated (or
          hijacked!) by the crew of the imaginary pirate ship
          "Dark Warrior," which sometimes sails the waters of ATX
<SP>      Same as above, only the "ship" is the spaceship
AA        "Animal Attraction"                 5.4
ABMX-H    alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc  (the newsgroup)
ACOE, COE "A Comedy of Eros"                  2.22
ADITL     "A Day in the Life"                 2.15
AFA       "A Family Affair"                   4.3
AGD       "A Good Day"                        4.5
AITST1    "Adventures In The Sin Trade Pt 1"  4.1
AITST2    "Adventures In The Sin Trade Pt 2"  4.2
AKTTK     "A Key To The Kingdom"              4.10
AUS       "Amphibolis Under Seige"            5.14
ANE       "A Necessary Evil"                  2.14
ASC       "A Solstice Carol"                  2.9
ATOTM     "A Tale Of Two Muses"               4.6
ATX  (the newsgroup)
ATX-S  (the newsgroup)
ATX-SM  (the newsgroup)
BF        "Blind Faith"                       2.18
BGSB      Bilious Green Sports Bra
          (Gabrielle's cropped green top in season 2)
BITB      "Back In The Bottle"                5.7
BTDT      "Been There, Done That"             3.2
BTL       "Between The Lines"                 4.15
COH       "Cradle of Hope"                    1.4
DI        "The Debt (part I)"                 3.6
DII       "The Debt (part II)"                3.7
DoP       "Daughter Of Pomira"                4.11
DVAOA     "Deja Vu, All Over Again"           4.22
DW        Dark Warrior (imaginary pirate ship on atx)
EB        "Eternal Bonds"                     5.13
FA        "Fallen Angel"                      5.1
FHTBT     "For Him the Bell Tolls"            2.16
FF&G      "Fins, Femmes and Gems"             3.18
FMN       "Forget Me Not"                     3.17
G         Gabrielle (other variations: Gab, Gabe, Gabby)
GFC       "God Fearing Child"                 5.12
GGG       Great Goddess Gabrielle
GGGHD     Great Goddess Gabrielle's Honour Defenders
          (for short: GHD) (a group on atx sworn to defend
          Gabrielle's honour)
GH        "Gabrielle's Hope"                  3.5
GJWHF     "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"         2.4
GK        "Giant Killer"                      2.3
HBD       Hinds Blood Dagger
HLAK      Hot Lesbian Action Knob
HSCMA     "Here She Comes...Miss Amphipolis"  2.11
HTLJ      Hercules: The Legendary Journeys  (also, H:TLJ)
IOM       "Ides Of March" (also, IoM)         4.21
IS        "Intimate Stranger"                 2.7
IS&IH     "In Sickness & In Hell"             4.4
ITSF      "If The Shoe Fits"                  4.12
JS        Joxer Shields
          (a group on atx which admires & defends Joxer)
KC        "King Con"                          3.15
LL        Lucy Lawless
LLHOF     "Lyre, Lyre, Hearts On Fire"        5.10
LM        "Lost Mariner"                      2.21
LP        "Little Problem"                    5.8
LU&TD     "Locked Up & Tied Down"             4.7
MI        "Maternal Instincts"                3.11
MBGSB     Mini Bilious Green Sports Bra.
          (Gabrielle's smaller cropped green top in season 3+)
MOFE      Marvel of Feminine Engineering
          (Gabrielle's brown outfit season 5)
OAAA      "One Against An Army"               3.13
OOW       "Orphan of War"                     2.1
PF        "Paradise Found"                    4.13
PI        "Past Imperfect"                    4.9
PL        "Punch Lines"                       5.11
RN        "Remember Nothing"                  2.2
ROC, RO   Renee O'Connor
RoC       "Return of Callisto"                2.5
Sac1/Sac2 "Sacrifice (Part 1)" "Part 2"       3.21,22
SoF       "Seeds Of Faith"                    5.9
SOTP      "Sins Of The Past"                  1.1
TBTB      "Them Bones, Them Bones"            5.5
TBS       "The Bitter Suite"                  3.12
TD        "The Deliverer"                     3.4
TDI, TDII "The Debt (part I)"  "(part II)"    3.6,7
TDHD      "The Dirty Half-Dozen"              3.3
TE        "The Execution"                     2.17
TF        "The Furies"                        3.1
TKOA      "The King of Assassins" (also, KOA) 3.8
TLW       "Ten Little Warlords" (also, 10LW)  2.8
TOTKO     "Takes One To Know One"             4.19
TP        "The Price"                         2.20
TPTT      "The Play's The Thing               4.17
TQ        "The Quest"                         2.13
TQIM      "The Quill Is Mightier"             3.10
TW        "The Way"                           4.16
TXS       "The Xena Scrolls"                  2.10
U         "Ulysses"                           2.19
VA        "Vanishing Act"                     3.20
WIR       "When In Rome"                      3.16
WPT       "Warrior...Princess...Tramp"        2.6
WPT2,WPrT "Warrior...Priestess...Tramp"       3.9
X         Xena
XWP,X:WP  Xena: Warrior Princess (the TV show, not the character)

AFAIK     As Far As I Know
BTW       By The Way
C/P       Cross-Post (post to multiple newsgroups)
EP        Episode (of a TV show)
FAQ       Frequently Asked Questions (and answers to same)
FWIW      For What It's Worth
FYI       For Your Information
HTH       Hope This/That Helps
IANAL     I Am Not A Lawyer
IIRC      If I Recall Correctly
IMHO      In My Humble Opinion
IMNSO     In My Not-So-Humble Opinion
IMO       In My Opinion
IOW       In Other Words
IRL       In Real Life
ISP       Internet Service Provider
J/K       Just Kidding
LART      Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool (a.k.a. baseball bat)
LMK       Let Me Know
LOL       Laughing Out Loud
LTNS      Long Time No See
KEWL      Cool (as in "fashionable")
NG        Newsgroup
OOC       Out Of Character
OTOH      On The Other Hand
POV       Point Of View
ROTFL     Rolling On The Floor Laughing (variation: ROFL)
ROTFLMAO  " My Ass Off; may also be LAG (Laughing And Groaning)
"CRSSARBP " Cracking Ribs, Splitting Sides, And Raising Blood
"SHISTC   " So Hard I Scared The Cat (variations: F=ferret,
"SHISTEPOC " So Hard I Scared The Entire Population Of California
RPG       Role-Playing Game
SWAG      Sealed With A Grin
TIC       Tongue In Cheek
TPTB      The Powers That Be (in this context, producers and
          other bigwigs)
TIA       Thanks In Advance
TIIC      The Idiot(s) In charge (or control)
TTYL      Talk To You (or y'all) Later
TV        Television
URL       Uniform Resource Locator
          (Internet address, eg. or

XO        Executive Officer (2nd in command)

:)        Smile
:-)       Smile
:-}       Crooked Smile
;)        Wink (same variants as above)
:p        "Bronx cheer" a.k.a. "Raspberry" (an impolite sound
<g>       Grin
<eg>      Evil Grin
<beg>     Big Evil Grin
<bwg>     Big Wide Grin (?)
<vbeg>    Very Big Evil Grin

8<-----   Clip and save (scissors and a dotted line)

::        Used to indicate an action, eg. ::sob::
_         Used to indicate they are _underlined_
*         Used for emphasis, eg. That's how *I* feel.
UPPERCASE Used for emphasis or shouting, eg.  NOOO!! It CAN'T be

Parts (c) Copyright 1998 by Amy W. Thompson, used with

What do "Flaming" and "Flame War" mean?  What can I do about it?

From time to time, some of the posters to ATX might have a
disagreement with what another poster has written, and will post
a strongly worded reply, which appears to be attacking that
poster personally.  This is called "Flaming".  When several
people are engaged in this practice, it is commonly referred to
as a "Flame War".

The best thing to do, if a "Flame War" breaks out, is to ignore
the posters concerned.  You can do this by using your newsreader
to set a 'Killfile' or 'Newsgroup Filter' on the posters
concerned, or by marking "Flame" threads as read.

What you should not do, is reply to a "Flame" post, as this will
escalate the problem further out of control.  If you *have* to
say something to one of the posters, it is far better if you
e-mail them personally, to save wasting newsgroup bandwidth.  It
is not recommended to continue the "Flaming" on ATX or to
re-direct the "Flames" to *ANY* other newsgroup.  By doing so,
you will be encouraging more newsgroup readers to get involved in
the "Flaming", which is not what readers of ATX would like to

I just read a post I thought was abusive, either towards me or
another person.  What can I do about it?

You do have a couple of options here.  You can attempt to reason
with the poster concerned, in the hope of their changing the tone
of their posts.  You are better off doing this via e-mail.  You
can also do this via the newsgroup.  But if you do, you might be
risking a "Flame War" breaking out, or making one in progress

Another option is to forward the entire post, complete with it's
headers to the abuse department of the posters ISP.  You should
point out what you feel is abusive about the post, but NOT
recommend a course of action.  You can be accused of attempting
to commit a 'Denial of Service' attack otherwise.

What is Net Abuse and where can I learn more about it?

Net Abuse refers to any of several generally disapproved
practices.  The practices include the use of fake addresses (not
screen names -- as long as email can reach you, screen names are
okay), posting the same article to multiple news groups (this is
called "spam"), cross-posting off-topic articles to multiple news
groups, posting crude and malicious articles (such as defaming
Jesus in a Christian news group, or telling C programmers that
BASIC rules  -- these are called "trolls"), or posting the same
article dozens of times, etc.

It is common to see "fake" addresses on articles.  As long as the
people posting the articles mind their manners otherwise, no one
really cares what they call themselves.  But using a fake address
may be a violation of your ISP's guidelines and service
agreement.  And if you try to hide behind a faked address in
order to flame someone, there are usually people who can track
you down from the information contained in the headers of your
articles, so you aren't likely to get away with anything.

The worst offenders are the trolls, the illegal pyramid schemes,
and heavily cross-posted off-topic articles.  In some cases you
can complain to an offender's ISP and that service provider will
send out a cancellation message that kills the thread on all the
machines where it's propagated (well, most of them).

There is also a group of volunteer system administrators who
regularly browse news groups on a random basis and send out
cancellation advisories, usually just to remove binary files, but
also to get rid of "spam" articles.  These folks will post an
advisory article telling the appropriate news groups what they
are doing and why.  Their activities are accepted Usenet practice
and they come as close as anyone to being monitors for Usenet

There is a FAQ on net abuse that discusses many aspects of good
and bad Usenet behavior.  It also outlines accepted responses
used in handling abusive articles, and explains why other
practices (such as posting follow-up articles) are discouraged.

The Net Abuse FAQ is posted regularly to and to news.answers.  The Net Abuse FAQ
explains where and how to report net abuse or suspected abuse.

The net abuse newsgroup maintains several FAQs.  The ATX FAQ is
not guaranteed to reflect the current views and information
provided in the net abuse FAQs.  The reader is therefore advised
to retrieve the current Net Abuse FAQs for more current and
detailed information about net abuse.

A master HTML version of the net abuse FAQ may be useful

Is Alt.Tv.Xena moderated or censored in anyway?

ATX is an unmoderated forum.  This means that if you post to ATX,
your post isn't read by someone who can say whether or not it's
allowed to be posted.  *Anyone* is free to post about whatever
they want, (provided what they post isn't a spam, abusive in
someway to another person, or a binary post), however the poster,
should expect follow-ups from other posters, who might not share
their opinion.  If you post a 'spam' or binary to ATX, it will
most probably be cancelled, and abusive posts will probably be
reported.  But other than this, no posts are actually cancelled
because of their content.

Aethelrede <>
Amita Guha <>
A. J. Firebaugh <>
Hudson Leick Fan Club (
K. Wieczerza -- aka "Kicker" <>
Kevin Smith Official Fan Club
Kym Masera Taborn <>
Michael Martinez <>
Pat Casciano <>
Paul Hilling <>
R. Carter <>
Renee O'Connor's Official Web Site
Ron Murillo <>
Ted Turocy <>
Tim Smith <>
Ted Raimi International Fan Club (
Whoosh (

(My thanks goto all of the other contributors not listed)

The original FAQ was written by Ted Turocy ( and
K. Wieczerza -- a.k.a. "Kicker" (  Kicker
maintained the original FAQ on her web site,, which now says
something like:  NOTE: This FAQ (by Kicker) has been turned over
to the people at WHOOSH!  The new URL is  This version of the FAQ has
been written and formatted specifically for distribution on the

Why are these documents is so long?  I don't know, except we're
quite involved with the show and believe in what we do or some
such thing :-)
---------------------------END OF FAQ----------------------------

Paul Hilling :- Alt.Tv.Xena FAQ Maintainer
                Alt.Binaries.Multimedia.Xena-Herc FAQ Maintainer

New to ATX? Read the FAQ @
    [Paul's Gabby Grotto]

No computer components were harmed during the creation of this e-mail,
however several billion electrons were abused to ensure its safe delivery.

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