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The FAQ v4.05 (7/7) (April 1997)

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Archive-name: tv/x-files/ukfaq_part7
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 31 March 1997
Version: 4.05

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Part 7 of The UK TXF FAQ

The X-Files CD-ROM Game

 By the end of 1996, Seattle-based multimedia producer HyperBole
Studios, in collaboration  with "X-Files" creator Chris Carter and his
production company, Ten-Thirteen, will be working to create an
interactive episode of "The X-Files" for Fox Interactive, featuring the
show's regular cast, to be released on CD-ROM sometime during 1997.
HyperBole's CEO and creative director, Greg Roach, will be employing the
latest version of a software engine specifically devised for creating
interactive, dramatic works: VirtualCinema.

 VirtualCinema, which Roach designed and first employed on "Quantum
Gate," is designed to make watching a story on a PC as much like going
to the movies as possible. There are none of the usual distracions that
appear on a computer screen. There's no frame surrounding the video
image, no icons or toolbars. Occasionally you'll be prompted for a
response to a question, and icons can be brought up by placing the mouse
pointer on a certain part of the screen, but for the most part all the
viewer sees is a movie-screen-shaped image.

 To do this, VirtualCinema grades your responses to different situations
on a number of scales and adapts itself accordingly. "We track a series
of what we call 'ubervariables,'" is the way Roach puts it. Depending on
the decisions you make throughout the story, characters will react to
you differently. Subtle changes in the environment may occur, the
background music will shift in emotional tone, and, of course, the story
itself may end in a totally unexpected manner. There are definite
advantages in applying VirtualCinema to a universe as morally ambiguous,
paranoid, and conspiracy-driven as that of "The X-Files" (high-level
government cover-ups of inexplicable events, like alien abduction, are a
large part of the show). As an example, Roach says that the "X-Files"
CD-ROM will track the viewer's "paranoia level." When you watch the
program, you actually become a part of the action, in the role of a
third FBI agent working with Mulder and Scully. Along the way you
interact with the other characters, pick up clues, and make decisions.
If your decisions, or even just the way you interact with the other
characters and your environment, reflect a belief that someone, or
something, is out to get you--and, in "The X-Files," they probably
are--then the program will react to that. The music may become tenser
and more eerie, objects in a room may appear more suspicious. You may
hear footsteps behind you, or find a mysterious letter on your desk, or
perhaps receive a visit from that most sinister of all "X-Files"
characters, Cancer Man.

 The final product will be delivered to Fox sometime late spring or
early summer next year.

Fan Clubs

The X-Files Organisation - the official TXF fanclub

 Titan Books, the publishers of the TXF magazine, will be launching The
X-Files Organisation, the UK's only officially licensed X-Files
association, in co-operation with 20th Century Fox and Ten Thirteen
Productions, and will offer:

 *  An exclusive letter from the TXF producers.
 *  Poster Magazine '0' - An intro to TXF with a collage mini-poster and
a Scully and Mulder Poster.
 *  Poster Magazine #1 - a quarterly magazine plus a large format poster
in each issue.
 *  Collectors Cards - 2 glossy, large format cards that has a portrait
photo on one side, plus character profile and additional photos on the
 *  TXF logo pin.
 *  Membership card, entitling a 10% discount on TXF merchandise at
particpating X-Files Bureaux.

 The cost of a 1-year membership will be 19.99UKP.



 A brilliant year old X-Files club, for UK-based X-Philes. Club offers
the cheapest membership rates for an X-Files club *ever*, and on joining
you recieve more than in the other fan clubs. Membership gets you a free
personalised FBI Card, and a year's subscription to the Unofficial
Channels 16-page, bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter is full of all
the latest news, interviews, information on the show (episode guides,
profiles, etc.), fan-fiction and much more. Our latest interview
subjects have been Steven Williams (who plays X) and Stefan Petrucha
(writer of X-Files comics 1-16 and other specials). We plan to have many
more X-clusive interviews.

 For a membership form (which contains more info on the club) send an
SAE to;

 Mike French
Unofficial Channels
127 Carlton Road
Gidea Park

 or visit the WWW page, Department-X at (sometimes is inaccessable due
to updating):

 Mike can be e-mailed at 100620.3546@CompuServe.COM


None! Mike Mullen's "X-Philes UK Newsletter" has since ceased.

Credit where credit is due

Thanks go to

      	"Martin Williams" for the section on Posting Guidelines
      	"S'teN" for getting the newsgroup off the ground, for 	the
original FAQ, and for arranging the FAQ to be available 	via auto
 	Lee Staniforth	for the ManchesXter '97 Convention details
      	Pat Gonzales and everyone that contributed to the Character      
	Background section
      	David Nattriss for various updates
	Mike Mullen for The UK X-Philes Newsletter details.
	Mike French for his Unofficial Channels fan club details.
	Rich Crozier for the details about TXF on IRC.

     	Compiled, edited and rejuvenated (hopefully ;-) by Paul Tang.
      	Original FAQ by S'teN

 Submissions and/or corrections to :

 Martin Williams
Mik Stevens
Paul Tang
S'teN (Stephen Beckwith)
David Nattriss
Lee Staniforth
Mike Mullen
Mike French
Rich Crozier

 If you want to get *your* name in there, just send me a
submission/correction and you'll automatically get listed!  *wow* ;)


 If there is anything in here that breaks copyright, please inform me.

 Anything that has a registered trademark is a registered trademark of
their respective companies.  [er, yeah... :]

 This guide may be freely distributed, provided it is kept in its
entirety and original form. Please only distribute in its entirety.

 Permission to reproduce, print, or publish portions of this guide must
be obtained from the author.

 Thanks to all contributors, lurkers, and all those in the newsgroup.

The Truth Is Out There.

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