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The FAQ v4.05 (3/7) (April 1997)

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Archive-name: tv/x-files/ukfaq_part3
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 31 March 1997
Version: 4.05

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Part 3 of The UK TXF FAQ

Snail Mail Contact Addresses

Chris Carter

Chris Carter
Executive Producer of "The X-Files"
c/o Fox Broadcasting Company
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills
CA 90213

David Duchovney / Gillian Anderson

(actor's name)
c/o X-Files Production Office
North Shore Studios
Building 10
110-555 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver
B.C. V7J 3S5

Manga Publishing/Titan Magazines

 See the sectionMerchandise, Fan Clubs, Fanzines & Books

Harper Collins

Harper Collins Publishers
77-85 Fulham Palace Road
W6 8JB

Electronic Media

 Consists of :-

 * EMail Addresses
 * WWW Sites
 * FTP Addresses
 * Mailing Lists
 * Other X-Files Usenet Groups
 * Other FAQ's Available

 Charles Kennedy,Vice President of Programming Research at The Fox
Network.The address is: you send e-mail, indicate
"X Files" in the subject line.

 The X Files production company has e-mail addresses through
Delphi.Chris Carter does not have an official e-mail address.

     WWW Sites throughout the world.

 The main web site is Rutgers, this was the first and has acted as a
blueprint for many others.  All of the major documents that you will
require can be found here.  There are many others though with a huge
amount of audio, galleries and guides to download.

 Due to the explosion of web sites dedicated to The X-Files, only a few
important ones are mentioned here. A larger, more comprehensive list of
sites can be accessed here.


 * [] Rutgers site - The original
X-Files Web site.
Charles McGrew, Rutgers State University, New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

 * [] Fox X-Files site - The official X-Files
Web site.
20th Century Fox Television, USA

 * [] GATB Home Page - GA
FAQ and photo gallery.
Enrico Cantu, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

 * [] The WWW Home Page - Lot's of pictures and text.
Colin D. Cashman, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, Massachusetts,

 * [] The Relationshipper Website -
Were Dana and Mulder destined to be togehther?
Amy, Leikin and Michele, InfoCom Networks, Houston, USA

 * [] The David Duchovny Estrogen
Brigade - Speaks for itsself.
Fazia Begum Rizvi, University of Houston, Houston, Texas, USA

 * [] The David Duchovny
Estrogen Brigade 2 - Speaks for itsself too.
Lara E. Eakins, University of Texas, Texas, USA

 * [] The David Duchovny Estrogen
Brigade 3 - How many are there?
Miri, The Eden Matrix, USA

 * [] Mitch Pileggi Estrogen Brigade - Info,
pictures and more about Pileggi.
Paula L. Mackey,, Riverside, California, USA



 * [] The Gillian
Anderson Home Page - Autographed pictures!
Mike Walter and Victor Chan, University of Alberta, Alberta, Edmonton,


United Kingdom

 * [] GABA Home
Page - Great site for GA fans
Sandman, Oxford University, Oxford, England, UK

 * [] Moira's X-Files Page - Very
promising site with a sense of humor.
Moira McLaughlin, Web13 Internet cafe, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK



 * [] Strange Things DCU - A FAQ
and links.
William Knott, Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland



 * [] La verite est
ailleurs - The French X-Files Home Page.
Jean Mix, Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile, France

 * [] Aux
frontieres du reel - For the French speaking X-Philes.
Comte Pascal, University of Bourgogne, France

 * [] Aux frontieres d'URL -
French X-Files Page..
Alquier Laurent, E.E.R.I.E., Nice, France

FTP Sites.

 * - Sound, images and fanfiction.

 * - Nice collection.

 * - X-Files Creative Archive.

 * - X-Files Images.

 * - Only graphics and sounds.

 * - Text files only.

 * - Sounds.

Mailing Lists

 * USA

This is an Internet mailing list for The X Files, run by Chael Hall,
which discusses the episodes currently being aired in North America. To
sign up for the list, send a message to
with "subscribe X-FILES".To receive the digested form, use "SUBSCRIBE
X-FILES-DIGEST" instead. For more information, send a mail to the above
address stating "INFO X-FILES" in the message.

 * United Kingdom

The subscription info is:    subscribe x-files FirstName LastNameand
archives are at:

 * Australia

Australian mailing list, discussing episodes currently airing in
Australia. Send e-mail to the address above with "help" in the body of
the message for more information.

 * Germany

German X Files mailing list for German-speaking X-Philes. Send mail to 
the above address with "Subscribe xf-de" in the body of your message.

 * Others

A moderated group posting only reliable information about the show has
been established by Michael Kleinhenz, Only
"official" submissions will be accepted such as reliable information
about new episodes, books, comics. etc. Articles must be mailed to the
moderator for approval before they will be mailed. To subscribe send
mail to  the above address with "subscribe x-files-info" in the body of
the message, not the subject line.

Other X-Files USENET newsgroups (main American group) (fanfiction group) (Australian group)

Other FAQ's.

 These documents are *very* likely to contain information of a spoiling
nature, you have been warned!

 * [] Gillian Anderson
FAQ - Questions and answers about GA.
By Alan Sawyer,

 * [] David Duchovny FAQ -
Questions and answers about DD.
By Kellie Mathhews, & Sarah Stegall,

 * [] Deep Throat FAQ -
The FAQ about the mysterious DT.
By Jeff Gostin,

 * [] The X-Files FAQ
- Everything you need to know about the X-Files.
By Pat Gonzales,

 * [] X-Files
creative FAQ - The FAQ for creative X-Philes.
By Pat Gonzales,

 * [] The X-Files episode Guide - An
overview of all episodes.
By Cliff Chen,

 * [] X-Files 20
Questions - The 20 most frequently asked questions.
By Cliff Chen,

 * [] Netpicker's Guide to
the X-Files - A list of episode "errors".
By Kymberlee Ricke,

 * [] The Official YAXA
List - X-Phile terminology.
By Sue Stiefel,

 * [] Mulder &
Scullyisms - Great dialogues from the show.
By Sam Ziegler,

 * [] GA sound clips
- Recordings from GA on "RealTime".
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

 * [] Interview with GA -
Transcript from the interview in "RealTime".
Mike Quigley

 * [] The Roswell Testimony
- Inside stories from the crash at Roswell.
By Sam Ziegler,

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