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Greg Kinnear FAQ v4.0 (revised 3-8-1998)

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Last-modified: 1998/3/8
Version: 4.0

THE GREG KINNEAR FAQ FILE  (v4.0, revised 3-8-1998)
Everything We Could Think of That You Might Want to Know About Greg Kinnear

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Section A:  Most frequently asked questions has been revised.

Section F: "Movies" section now includes expanded information on "As Good 
as it Gets," formerly "Old Friends."

Section H:  Where to get more information has been revised.

A.  Most frequently asked questions.
B.  The Nitty Gritty (family, early years...).
C.  A Brief Resume.
D.  The "Talk Soup" years.
      1.  Moments in "Talk Soup" history.
      2.  The "Talk Soup" Players.
E.  "Later"
      1.  The "Later" Experience (attending a taping).
	2.  Inside "Later"
	3.  "Later" Trivia.
	4.  The Last "Later"
F.  The Movies
      1. "Sabrina"
          a.  Reviews
      2.  "Dear God"
      3.  "A Smile Like Yours"
      4.  "As Good as it Gets," formerly "Old Friends"
G.  Other information (miscellaneous facts of interest).
H.  Where to get more information.
I.  Internet places of interest.
J.  Acknowledgements and the LOK.

**A*******The answers to some of the most recently, frequently asked 

Q.  What's Greg doing now?

A.  He's collecting award nominations for "As Good As It Gets" and filming 
a new movie, "You Have Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan due for release 
Christmas 1998.

Q.  Is he married?

A.  No, not yet, but he's still dating his long-time girlfriend Helen.  It 
has been reported that they're engaged but it has also been reported that 
no date has been set.

Q.  How tall is he?

A.  He's 5' 10".

**B*******The Nitty Gritty*******

Born in Logansport, Indiana on June 17, 1963 to Suzanne and Edward Kinnear, 
Greg is the youngest of three sons (Steve and Jim, the oldest).  Since his 
father worked for the State Department as a Foreign Service diplomat, Greg 
lived in Washington, DC, and at 12, moved overseas to Beirut and Athens 
before returning to the States to attend the University of Arizona in 
Tucson from which he graduated in 1985 with a degree in broadcast 
journalism.  While in Athens, he hosted a radio show on Armed Forces Radio 
called "School Daze with Greg Kinnear."  Regarding his time spent abroad, 
Greg observed, "It was kind of a bummer, but it made me one of those people
who can adapt to anything."

**C*******A Brief Resume*******

In 1986, Greg moved to L.A. and took a job as marketing assistant at 
"Empire Entertainment."  His job entailed coming up with promotional 
campaigns for movies like "Space Sluts in the Slammer" and "Assault of the 
Killer Bimbos."  Using an audition tape from a failed try for a VJ job at 
MTV, he landed a position with a new cable channel called Movietime.  The 
rest is history.....

1987-1990 - Host and on-location reporter for Movietime network.  He was 
fired in 1990 when Movietime was reorganized and renamed E!.

Appearances is "Murder in Mississippi,"  "The Betty Ford Story" (TV movies 
of the week),  "L.A. Law" and "Life Goes On."

1989 - Host of  "College Madhouse," a syndicated game show. (Scott 
Stone/Lorimar Television).

1990-1991 - Host, creator and co-executive producer of the "Best of the 
Worst," a Fox/Lorimar production.

1991 - 1994 - Re-hired by E! to host "Talk Soup" (named executive producer 
in 1994). Greg also pinched hit for Michael Castner's  "Inside Word" and 
other E! productions.

1994 - "Talk Soup" and Greg are given their first Cable Ace Award 
nominations.  The show and Greg were placed in senseless categories that we 
can't remember, but we do remember he didn't win in either one.  Greg did 
get to present a look back, "Talk Soup-style", at how cable programming has 
changed over the years.

1994- 1996 - Host of NBC's "Later with Greg Kinnear."

1994 - Signs a two year contract with Chrysler to pitch the Eagle Talon.

1995 - Wins a co-starring role in the re-make of "Sabrina."

1995 - Greg wins second Cable Ace nomination as Best Entertainment Host 
(loses to Bill Maher).  Greg shows up to present an award for sports 

May, 1995 - "Talk Soup"  (Greg listed as executive producer and host) is 
nominated for an Emmy (daytime/special class program) and wins!  Greg does 
not attend the ceremony, but Tom and the gang jubilantly accept.  The whole 
crew had been given producer titles, probably so they could all take home a 

1996 - Greg doesn't renew his Eagle Talon contract saying that between his 
movie career and "Later," he just doesn't have the time.

September 1996 - Greg returning from a break in filming "Old Friends," 
(now, "As Good as it Gets") tapes the last shows for "Later." (The last 
show was taped on September 18)

October 10, 1996 - The last "Later" with Greg as host is aired with Garry 
Marshall (director of "Dear God") as guest.

From 10/96 to present - Between the reruns, guest hosts take turns at the 
"Later" desk with no new host in site.

**D*******The "Talk Soup" Years*******

"December 21, 1991. . . It started not like any other day.  Then came the 
birth of an entertainment juggernaut, a show business legend that shook 
America (and parts of the Virgin Islands) from coast to coast.  The course 
of television history was forever changed.  It all began like this . . ." 
 (December 8, 1994--"Talk Soup's" 800th show.)

Hired at the end of 1991 to host E!'s "Talk Soup,"  Greg and the producers 
pretty much saw this as an opportunity to put on a cheap show to fill some 
time.  "Talk Soup" was to be a half hour show that aired  Monday through 
Friday with an hour long weekend edition for Saturday and Sunday.  (In 
 late 1993, the Friday show was eliminated and the weekend show was shown 
in its place.)  Basically, he was supposed to present the freebie clips 
that E! got and plug upcoming shows.  The clips, from various talk shows 
looking for a little promotion, ranged from the sedate to the truly bizarre 
and for about a year, with soup spoons flying around behind him, Greg 
introduced them all with a mainly straight face.

But it wasn't until early 1993, when Greg could no longer deny the 
absurdity of it all, that he started "yukking it up" and the audience 
really began to take notice.  In a January 1994 interview with the  "Wall 
Street Journal," he commented, "In the last six months, that side of the 
show definitely has evolved more than anything.  I just like doing it.  It 
just makes what I think could otherwise be a somewhat boring show a little 
more spontaneous.  I think it's a hell of a lot more interesting to come up 
with a few more bells and whistles than to just sit up there and do it 

Over the next few years, Greg introduced the "Talk Soup Players" (see 
below), "The TS Expression Menu"  (devised so Greg wouldn't have to keep 
repeating the same horrified/disgusted/surprised expressions that showing 
these clips would generally precipitate), "The TS Tally Board" (to note the 
repetition of numerous "standard" talk show exclamations, like "ho", 
"slut", and "slute") and various phrases that ring in the ears of the loyal 
like;   "One more time in slow motion, please!" and opening the show with 
"This _is_  the award-winning 'Talk Soup'."  Other bits that deserve a 
mention are the "Clip/Quote of the Week," introduced to circus music on the 
weekend show (and later on, some of the winners even arrived to pick up 
their "Golden Spoon" award),  playing the theme from "2001:  A Space 
Odyssey" upon his return from a vacation ("I'm back...."), "Body Doubles" 
(a spoof of an early E! segment where people on the street were asked which 
celebrity they resembled, Greg would point out when talk show "panelists" 
resembled the famous), and the general hilarity that would ensue when 
someone--anyone--would mention "Talk Soup" (referred to as a "Talk Soup 

Of course, the clips themselves were the butt of most jokes.  Almost every 
aspect was fair game: the topics, the "panelists," members of the studio 
audience, and even the hosts.  Unlike Geraldo Rivera (who, according to 
Greg, stopped granting his clips to TS "...about the time he had the fatty 
tissue from his buttocks put into his forehead to relieve wrinkles."), most 
of the hosts didn't seem to mind the ribbing.  Some--including Jerry 
Springer, Gordon Elliot, Rolanda Watts, and Vicki Lawrence--even subbed for 
Greg while he was on vacation.

The end came too soon, and too abruptly, in December of 1994.  Rumors had 
been flying for months that he would not renew his contract with E!. 
 Starting in mid-December, guest hosts started appearing with an alarming 
regularity.  In fact, Tuesday, December 20 was the last time Greg hosted 
the weekday version of TS.  He returned for the weekend Christmas show, but 
the rest of the year was filled with guest hosts and a pre-taped, 
Greg-hosted special:  "The Best of TS"  (the New Year's Eve wrap up).  Greg 
ended "The Best of TS" with these words, "See ya' in a few weeks....". 
 And, in a few weeks, January 17, 1995 to be exact, E! made the 
announcement that John Henson would be the new host of "Talk Soup."

**D.1*******Moments in TS History*******

*  TS Dysfunctional Families (Thanksgiving 1993 and 1994)
*  Cream of Talk Soup  (1993 and 1994)
*  The Best of Talk Soup (end of the year)
*  Homemade Talk Soup (1994 special that highlighted the TS Players' skits)
*  May 1994 - Angered by some comments made by a Warner Brother's executive 
about why some talk shows removed their clips from TS, Greg dismisses the 
statements on TS.  E! pulls the offending show off the air (East coast 
viewers got to see it at 9:00 p.m.) and Greg has to apologize to Warner 
Brothers, albeit not on TS.
*  Memorial Day Weekend, 1994 - Greg lets the viewers vote for "Clip of the 
Week" and presents the results on May 30 (tie-less Monday).  I only 
remember the clip that should have won, "I'm addicted to dominitrixes..." 
from The Richard Bey show.  Though Greg thought the response to the poll 
was dismal, he gamely introduced the TS voice-mail line.  TS favorite Coco 
even left a message.
* July 4, 1994 - Following his much-publicized stunts on "The Arsenio Hall 
Show" and "The Tonight Show," (trashing the set and starting a couch on 
fire, respectively), comedian Bobcat Goldwaith hosts the Independence Day 
edition of TS.  The set remains intact.
*  September 5, 1994 - Kato Kaelin hosts the Labor Day edition of TS.  He 
had previously auditioned for E! in April of 1993.
*  November 18, 1994 - TS hosts its first, its last, its one and only, live 
audience for the weekend edition.
 *  December 8, 1994 - 800th Show - To mark the occasion, TS weekday 
edition adds clips from earlier shows and plays the original TS theme, a 
tinny little number that was easy to forget.

**D.2*******The "Talk Soup" Players*******

The "Talk Soup" crew came out from behind the scenes to star in skits 
featured on the weekend edition of TS.  Many of these skits often took 
place at the neighboring "Pure Soap" and "E! News Daily" sets.

John Esposito - Original pony-tailed stage manager who left E! to work on 
"Later" at NBC.
Tom McNamara - Beer-drinking, Lackawanna-native stage manager.
Cynthia Zoller - The lone female and assistant director.
Perrin Sprecace - Bottomless stomach lighting director and singer of the 
unforgettable "When a Man Chases a Woman."
Alan Wu - Coke bottle bottomed bespectacled teleprompter operator.


By the end of 1993, Greg had received calls from Fox (to replace Chevy 
Chase), Disney (regarding sitcoms and talk shows), Castle Rock's Rob Reiner 
(for a syndicated interview show), and CBS (which wanted Greg to fill Tom 
Snyder's current slot.  His choice was to sign a five-year contract with 
NBC to replace Bob Costas as host of "Later," a late-late-night half hour 
talk show.  NBC had considered over two dozen other candidates, including 
MTV's Chris Connelly and "Rolling Stone" magazine's Bill Zehme.

While Costas' approach was low-key and informative, the new "Later with 
Greg Kinnear" was fashioned more like existing late-night talk shows. 
 Tailoring the show to Greg's talents, the show opens with media clips: 
Greg commenting on news garnered from conventional and not so conventional 
sources (one favorite being the musical announcement of a new zodiac sign 
each month from an Astrology show on public access TV).  As with Costas' 
"Later", there is only one guest, but Greg's "Later" was sprinkled comedy 
bits like mock interviews with politicians or the "man under the desk" 

Reviews of the show were mixed, but generally receptive.  Even the Los 
Angeles Times' Howard Rosenberg (who clearly preferred Bob Costas) 
described Greg as being "sometimes quite funny."  "All in all," he 
continued, "[Greg's] a good fit for the anything-goes ambiance of 1:35-2:05 
a.m."  The review in "Entertainment Weekly" was more complimentary: the 
critic praised Greg's awareness of how goofy a talk show can be.  "[His 
'Later'] has retained a certain efficient intimacy: brief opening remarks; 
some funny, "Talk Soup"-style clips called "Media Bytes"; one guest; a half 
hour and he's outta there. It's a good formula that Kinnear uses to his 
advantage."  In the eyes of Tom Snyder, Greg's first late-night effort was 
"very, very good.  But let's face it--this show goes on at 1:35 a.m. 
 That's a tough, tough hour."

After the first year, minor changes were made to "Later."  The show now has 
a "cold" opening, the theme song (written by Dave and Jeff Koz) was 
re-mixed, and the "Later Letter" (billed as the longest running celebrity 
chain letter) was dumped. To Greg's credit, his much-maligned desk remained 
on the show.

**E.1*******The "Later" Experience  (by Jennifer Auletto)*******

Having attended six (yes, you read right--6!) tapings of "Later with Greg 
 Kinnear," I consider myself somewhat experienced when it comes to this 
subject.  Here is what basically happens at each taping.

When you first arrive at NBC in beautiful downtown Burbank, you park and 
walk about 10 miles to get to the front of the building where you have to 
wait. How long you wait really depends on when you get there.  I found that 
it really doesn't matter where in the line you are standing for where you 
sit.  I've been in the front of the line and ended up in the back row, and 
vice versa.  After waiting for what seems like forever, the friendly (ha!) 
NBC pages come out and round every body up like cattle.  You then go INSIDE 
to wait, which isn't bad if  you're there during the summer and you're 
dying of a heat stroke.   Inside, you wait from a half-hour to an hour, 
depending on how long it takes for Greg to rehearse.

OK, now you're IN!  Greg wasn't lying when he said Studio 5 was 
closet-size. There are about 100 seats for the audience and the stage is 
pretty small.  Everything looks A LOT bigger on TV.  While the pages 
cattleprod you to your seats, there is music playing, and I must admit, it 
IS pretty exciting.  If you get lucky, you could end up seeing a celebrity 
or two (besides Greg, of course) while you're there.  For example, for the 
Bob Saget (of "Full House") show, my friend and I ended up sitting behind 
Candace Cameron, also of "Full House" fame.  While everyone's waiting for 
Greg to come out, Bob, audience entertainer extraordinare, comes out to 
warm-up the audience.  He basically picks on people and gives away free NBC 
T-shirts, "Later" hats, and more goodies.

Finally, Greg comes out onto the stage to talk.  He basically gives the 
same speech every time-- his experiences and so on. He USED to talk about 
 "Talk Soup," but we all know what happened to THAT.  After he talks, he 
asks if anyone has any questions for him.  The most common ones are,  "Are 
you married?"; "When is your birthday?"; "Where are you from?"  He answers 
them in his roundabout way, then goes in the back until it's time for the 
show to start.

Now the guest comes out and they tape the show.  It really is "live on 
tape"--they show the commercials where the commercials are supposed to go. 
 During commercials, they just play music and Greg's hair and make-up 
people swoop down and make sure everything is just right.   Sometimes Bob 
will come out and talk to the audience some more, too.

When the show is over, Greg goes into the control room to watch the show 
and make sure everything came out all right.  The fun thing is when they've 
messed up and have to re-shoot certain segments.  On the show with Helen 
Slater (from the movie "Lassie), Lassie was on and was supposed to do some 
trick.  She (or is it he?) messed up and at the end of the show they had to 
re-shoot the trick, but it never did come out right.   They just gave up 
after a while.

If they don't mess up, well, you have to go home.  Don't bother asking if 
Greg will come out to talk to the audience--they say he will, but he never 
does.  The Pages run you out of the studio with no time to look back. 
 Here's a hint--while you're walking out, if you look to your left down the 
hallway right before you go through the exit, you may see Greg talking to 
one of his producers or somebody else.  It's probably best not to bother 
him though.

Now it's over, and all you can do is go home and dream about your "Later" 

**E.2*******Inside "Later"*******

When "Later" first aired, it was a tough sell on the NBC tour.  Most of the 
time the NBC Pages corralled audience members from Jay Leno's audience, 
thanks to a convenient stairway placement, and enticed them with that 
night's guest and offers of prizes.

The early hunt for an audience did not remain unnoticed by Greg.  During 
his pre-show remarks, he would joke about the time-slot and how nobody 
watched the show.  But, he knew "Later's" following would grow and that NBC 
was pretty happy with him.

After about the sixth month, though, the need to scavenge for audience 
members declined and people were actually lining up with tickets outside of 
Studio 5 just to see "Later."

**E.3*******"Later" Trivia*******

*  The week prior to its premiere on NBC, "Later" taped test shows in front 
of a studio audience.  One guest that week was Blair Underwood.
*  First Show:  February 28, 1994 (delayed 2 weeks from the original air 
date due to THE earthquake)
*  First Guest:  Julia Louis-Dreyfus
*  100th Show:  September 19, 1994 with Melissa Etheridge as the guest.
*  8/15/94 - Bob Costas "returns" as a guest.
*  Barry Manilow:  One of the competitors whose proposed theme song lost to 
the Koz brothers'.
*  200th Show:  May 15, 1995 with Michael Feinstein as guest.

**E.4*******The Last Later (thanks to VA)*******
September 18, 1996

Studio 5, where Later is taped, has been split to provide half the space 
for taping of Access Hollywood (yet another celebrity/showbiz/promoting 
suck up show). In other words, there were chairs for only 40 people to see 
Greg's last taping. Some of those were taken by relatives, etc of the Later 
staff. That left many disappointed fans turned away for not being in line 
early enough. Who would have known?

For the lucky few who did get in, it was definitely worth it. After going 
through a metal detecting device and having purses peered into by security 
people, off go the few lucky fans to witness the last two tapings of Later 
with Greg Kinnear!

Jim, the audience warm-up guy, had it easy 'cause the 40 were already in a 
frenzy of anxious anticipation. Jim introduced that cutie Jon Esposito who 
received huge applause with Talk Soup memories floating in the air. When 
Greg came bounding out on the stage, everyone stood up and applauded loud 
and long to show their appreciation and, I suppose, simple adoration :-). 
Oh yeah, let me get this out of the way right now. For those who have never 
seen Greg other than on the tube or big screen (with the knowledge that 
Sabrina did not do justice to his looks!), he looks even better in person. 
I know that seems almost impossible, but it happens to be true.

Ok. So Greg comes out and eventually everyone quiets down and takes their 
seats. Greg was beaming. He took questions from the audience. One guy 
wanted to know if John Henson was going to be taking over for Greg on 
Later. This was such a funny question. Greg answered it seriously though. 
He said he didn't know if John was one of the people being considered for 
his replacement. But the question broke up several in the audience. What a 
cruel stroke of fate for Greg fans!
Someone asked Greg if he had been working on his Jack Nicholson 
impersonation. This gave Greg an opportunity to bring everyone up-to-date 
on being picked to costar with Nicholson in Old Friends and that shooting 
was to begin in 5 days in NYC. The best part was that it also gave him an 
opportunity to tell the audience about a joke that the news staff at KNBC 
had played on him just before he came on stage.

Greg said he usually watches the local news over the monitor while in the 
hair/makeup room prior to the show. The local news anchors, Colleen 
Williams (gorgeous, of course) and Paul Moyer (overpaid, naturally) were 
relating a news story regarding a change of plans for Old Friends. They 
said the start of shooting had been cancelled due to a serious disagreement 
and subsequent falling out between Jack Nicholson and director Jim Brooks. 
Greg quickly realized they were playing a joke on him but that didn't keep 
his heart from jumping out of his chest just like Jim Carrey's in the Mask! 
(Later on, during the taping of the second show, Colleen was spied talking 
to the crew to get the word on Greg's response to their little joke. She 
had that same goofy smile on her face that most women seem to get when 
they're anywhere in close proximity to THE MAN!
Then Greg did his Nicholson impersonation and asked "That wasn't very good 
was it?" Someone said it wasn't all that bad. Greg replied, "Well, that was 
my Micheal Keaton." (You sorta had to be there, but it WAS funny!)

The first guest was Jon Lovitz. This episode is set for broadcast on Oct 9. 
Lovitz was extremely hilarious. Greg made one little faux pas. He once 
mentioned to Lovitz something about this "is the last show." Maybe it'll be 
cut out. Of course, the very last show was with Garry Marshall, immediately 
after the Lovitz show.

Jon and Greg chatted a lot during the breaks, but the music was so loud 
that no one in the audience could overhear anything they said. It was 
noticed via the clever reading of lips that Jon was going to show up 
somewhere afterward where Greg was going to be also. Hmm...Probably one of 
those celeb-filled going away things for Greg. After Jon had turned back 
through the door from which he had entered, Greg did the coolest thing. He 
ran and jumped off the stage right toward the audience and yelled "You guys 
are GREAT!" He said he'd be right back after changing clothes.

More time with Jim, the audience warm-up guy.
Garry Marshall was Greg's guest for his very last "Later." There was a cold 
opening about Greg leaving. No sentimentality; very funny! Garry brought a 
couple of outtakes from the dailies of Dear God. I hope they don't cut 
anything out when they run the show on Oct 10 'cause they're funny!

During one commercial break, Greg checked his hair in the monitor and ran 
his hand through it a couple of times. It was a little longish and sun 
bleached, in other words: Perfect! The very last segment was saved for Greg 
to say Bye. All I can say is "What a CLASSY guy!" It's a MUST SEE for Greg 

Greg waved a big BYE to the audience before disappearing for the last time 
through that door. It was wonderful to be there that September evening and 
feel the excitement and joy associated with his final "Later" taping. 
Littlefield put it so well when he said Greg is a rare talent. Can't wait 
for the next movie Greg!

**F*******The Movies********


When Greg got that call from director Sydney Pollack in late 1994, he might 
have thought it was just a joke--or " invitation to wax his car," as 
he often demurred--but it turned out that Pollack wasn't kidding at all.

While assembling a lineup for his remake of "Sabrina," Pollack had been 
unable to cast the role of David Larabee, the playboy smart aleck 
originally portrayed by William Holden.  Tom Cruise was mentioned at one 
point, but, with Harrison Ford onboard as Linus Larabee (David's older 
brother), Cruise decided to pass on this supporting role.

While auditioning for "Sabrina," Greg continued interviewing the "stars" on 
"Later" and spooning the "Soup" on E!  Accepting the fact that he was a 
long-shot candidate, he said that he didn't really think too much about it. 
It wasn't until several months later, hours before an interview with John 
Larouquette, that Greg found out the part was his.

To accommodate his new, much-publicized temp job, Greg often taped 2 
"Laters" a day to make up for his absences.  (Filming began in late January 
'95, and it required him to shoot on-location in Long Island.) During 
breaks from "Sabrina" production and post-production, he taped away in NBC 
Burbank. For months, NBC aired these on-reserve shows as well as a slew of 
repeats. In addition, Rosie O'Donnell filled in for Greg for a week.

The buzz on his "Sabrina" performance was positive early on.  Much to 
Greg's embarrassment, "Later" guests casually included industry talk during 
the interviews, and Ford and Pollack sang his praises in early (and later) 
interviews.  Though most Fall/Holiday movie previews didn't have high hopes 
for Sabrina at the box office, a few spoke positively about 1995's 
"surprise casting choice."

Come November, features on Greg hit the magazines:  "Us," "People," 
"Esquire," "Vanity Fair," etc.   Apparently, the story of "TV talk show 
host turns big-screen actor" was just too good to pass up.  When he finally 
hit the talk-show circuit (Letterman, Leno, Conan, "The Today Show") in 
December, it seemed as if a day didn't go by without him telling somebody 
somewhere that he thought Sydney just wanted his car waxed.

On the weekend of December 15, Sabrina opened to mixed reviews, peaking at 
#5 on the top-10 box office charts.  The $50-million film proved to be a 
financial disappointment for Paramount but it did re-coup its costs, 
hanging around in the top 20 film list for several months.

Greg's performance, however, won him many good reviews (see next section). 
 A few weeks after the release, "Sabrina," ads began to include Greg's mug 
as well of those of his costars.  (The ads first featured a picture of 
Harrison Ford and an art deco "silhouette" of Julia Ormond only.)

Even prior to the release of "Sabrina," there was talk of more film offers 
for Greg.  Reportedly, he will be starring in Garry Marshall's next film 
"Dear God," in a role that Tom Hanks had once considered.  Greg will be 
portraying a postal worker who, while working in the dead letter office, 
starts answering letters addressed to God.

**F.1a*******"Sabrina" Reviews*******

"You may find your sympathies shifting over to Kinnear, a puppyish smart 
aleck who, in his first film role, brings an endearing innocence to David, 
the short-attention-span romantic. The character may be ridiculous, but at 
least he has some snap. The movie could have used more of it." (Owen 
Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly)

"Despite his star power, Ford never turns Linus into someone we care about. 
It's the grinning Kinnear (who came to attention on cable TV's "Talk Soup," 
and now hosts NBC's "Later With Greg Kinnear") who steals the movie..... 
Kinnear is a genuine find--credit to Pollack for recruiting him." (Edward 
Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle)

"Kinnear, the talk show host, proves a charming if lightweight choice for a 
role, as played by William Holden, was that of a serious rake. But in fact 
Kinnear is nicely matched with Ford, whose natural reticence could be 
overshadowed by a more hot-blooded young star."
(Janet Maslin, New York Times)

**F.2*******"Dear God"*******

Filmed in the Fall of 1995 shortly before "Sabrina" was released, Greg had 
the starring role of a con artist forced to work in the dead letter 
department of the Post Office.  In supporting roles were Laurie Metcalf, 
Tim Conway, Hector Elizondo and too many cameos from other "past their 
prime television stars" to mention.  It was a great premise botched by 
director Garry Marshall's haphazard directing.  It didn't help that the 
ending was a bad clone of "Miracle on 34th Street's."

"Dear God" opened just before Thanksgiving 1996, (after moving up the 
original November 9 date so not to compete with Mel Gibson's "Ransom") to 
absolutely dismal reviews (Roger Ebert gave it an "F") and landed at eighth 
place with a take of a little over one million. (It fell out of the top 20 
at the fourth week.)  Almost every reviewer, though hating the film, loved 
Greg.  Let's hope that it's only Marshall's career that went into the 
toilet with this one.

During the promotional tour for this movie, Greg was hampered with a bad 
back. Many viewers spotted him limping on "The Tonight Show," thinking it 
was a joke.  Garry Marshall had to fill in for some of the later 
promotional spots Greg couldn't make.

**F.3*******"A Smile Like Yours"*******

Greg plays husband to Lauren Holly with Jay Thomas and Joan Cusack as 
their, respectively, best friends. Apparently, the Holly character wants to 
breed and Greg's character isn't too sure about the whole thing. Though 
there are definitely comic elements Greg has hinted that this movie will 
have a bittersweet ending.

Filmed in San Francisco during the summer of 1996, its release date was 
originally April 1997.  It was moved around to different dates in the 
summer and finally opened August 22, 1997.  Director Keith Samples is also 
founder and now former CEO of Rysher Entertainment, which produced the 

The movie opened in limited release and appeared in the top ten grosses for 
the week with respectable per screen averages.  However, the reviews were 
just awful and the movie quickly dropped from sight.

Co-star Lauren Holly received the most criticism for her saccharine 
portrayal of the wife.  Greg's reviews alternated between praise for his 
wry comic timing and criticism of his emotionally wooden performance. To 
add insult to injury, E!'s Ted Casablancas reported that Randy Quaid was 
caught sleeping during the Hollywood premiere.

Knowing, perhaps, that the movie was a dog, neither Holly nor Greg promoted 
the film, (there were nice promos shown on ET and E!'s New Daily) much to 
the dismay of his fans who haven't seen or heard from him all year.

**F.4*******"As Good as it Gets" (Formerly, "Old Friends")*******

You can blame this movie for Greg's decision to leave "Later."  After 
filming for "A Smile Like Yours" wrapped at the end of August, the offer 
for this movie, which was to start filming in September, came in and Greg 
felt it was one he couldn't refuse.  How could he pass up the chance to 
star with Jack Nicholson (along with Helen Hunt) and be directed by James 
L. Brooks?

In August 1997, the movie underwent a name change.  Brooks never did like 
the original title and though he said in EW that he didn't like the new 
name much either, it was more in context with the movie than the former 
title. Fans feel that the movie had better be good, since the new title 
opens itself to all sorts of insulting review headlines.

The title turned out not be a problem with the movie making many Best of 
1997 lists and award nominations being handed out left and right.  Among 
the more prominent awards, Greg won Best Supporting Actor from the National 
Board of Review and nominations for a Golden Globe (lost to Burt Reynolds), 
the Chicago Film Critics Award (lost to Burt again), Screen Actor's Guild 
and the Academy Award, the last two yet to take place.

After opening in the number 3 spot, as of this writing, AGAIG is still 
hanging in the top ten and has grossed well over the $100 million mark. 
Movie viewers have given it a high satisfaction rating. Critics had mixed 
reactions, punching holes in the plot and execution, but most agreed that 
the acting was first rate.

From EW:  "Playing Nicholson's down-on-his-luck gay neighbor, Simon Bishop, 
...[Kinnear]...steered clear of what could have been a portrait in 
self-pity--and more than held his own with Nicholson and Helen Hunt."

From Time Magazine:  "Kinnear (born two days after Hunt) proves his 
charming turn in Sabrina was no fluke."

From CNN: "Melvin's gay neighbor, a painter named Simon, is played by Greg 
Kinnear, who gives a real, honest-to-God performance instead of riding on 
his "Talk Soup," regular-guy charisma, and he does the best work in the 
movie. This is no small accomplishment when you consider the cast."

          "Kinnear is great when Simon attempts to dredge up the anger to 
properly put Melvin in his place. His ire rises to a peak and then slips 
away, as if he can't really keep a grip on it. It's a tempered, forgiving 

From BoxOffice: "Greg Kinnear, he of the Olympian looks but goofy nature, 
draws from some third source in his affecting creation of a lonely gay 
artist who a sad fate draws into the writer's and waitress' lives."

Greg has been basking in the limelight, appearing on numerous talk shows 
and in many magazines and making the European and Australian promotional 
tours for the movie with Jack.  After receiving the Academy Award 
nomination, however, backlash from some sources feeling that there were gay 
roles more deserving of a nomination has tarnished an otherwise exceptional 
period for Greg. Earlier, many gay organizations and individuals felt 
Greg's portrayal was honest, affecting and non-stereotypical, but recently, 
just as many are saying the opposite. While this controversy doesn't bode 
well for Greg's Oscar chances, it didn't seem to effect his chances for new 
movie roles.

**F.5*******"You Have Mail"*******

Filming in NYC in February and March of 1998, this expected Christmas 1998 
release pairs Tom Hanks with Meg Ryan again for a remake of the romantic 
comedy, "The Shop Around the Corner."  In the original movie, the main 
characters dislike each other and don't realize that they are each other's 
secret pen-pals. The new version is supposed to take a modern spin on the 
story by making them anonymous e-mail pals.  Greg, along with Parker Posey, 
play supporting roles.

**G*******Other Stuff You Might Want to Know*******

*  As one of a whole slew, Greg had a cameo appearance in the recent 
(Christmas 1996) "Beavis and Butthead" movie.
*  Greg also had a cameo in the movie "Blankman."  He was seen as a TV 
talk-show host on a television screen prominent in one of the movie's 
*  His middle initial is B, which he says stands for "Buck" (as in 
"buck-kinnear"), but we don't believe it.
*  Greg plays golf, tennis, and skis.
*  He's currently represented by:
     Bryan Lourd
     Creative Artist's Agency
     9830 Wilshire Blvd.
     Beverly Hills, CA  90212
     (310) 288-4545
*  The "Talk Soup" set consisted of a chair on a wooden platform on which 
Greg hung an Arizona license plate.

**H*******Where To Get More Information*******

You can write to Greg at this address:

Kinnear Productions
8033 Sunset Blvd.
Suite 4010
Los Angeles, CA 90046

**I*******Internet Places of Interest*******

*  WWW:  The First Greg Kinnear Home Page at

Also check out TVNET ( where they have 
interactive show "cards" that users can update with links.  "Later" has 
it's own card.  Use their search feature or find it under comedy.

*FTP:  You can get the latest copy of this FAQ at -

*  Usenet: (or Groupies of Greg Kinnear)


This FAQ was compiled by the LOK, with special thanks to Norm Lee, keeper 
of the "Later Guest Guide" and who had to watch TS on tape (thanks to 
Krissie Griffiths for graciously taping the Soup for him week after week) 
until his cable company started carrying E!--unfortunately, that was in 
January 1995.


In November 1993, six women converged on the E! bulletin board on Prodigy 
service all looking for the same thing:  a place to discuss the wonder of 
Greg Kinnear.  They met and it was magic!  Quickly banding together to form 
the "Ladies of Kinnear," the group greeted all whose heart was in the same 
place and whose television sets were locked on E!.  Among their many 
accomplishments are the lucky few that had the chance to meet Greg (and 
have the pictures to prove it!) or had their letters read on Talk Soup 
(Tonya Martin being the champion with 3 letters read).  The LOK are.....

Founding Members:
Jen Auletto, California
Donna Braccini, Pennsylvania
Krin Flaherty, New York
Kate Leaird, Conneticut
Tonya Martin, Oklahoma
Dottie Wofford, Missouri

Honorary Members:
Veronica Atkins, California
Chris Clark, New York
Carol Shields, New Jersey
Amy Spintman, California

Greg Kinnear FAQ v4.0 (revised 3-8-1998)

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M-Q&.,C,X%U3B( =M($-%%>0;D1J=YQ1 &Z\<M7ER`H,,`1&=7#$V%C$>_P."
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MN8$A(?3QPE OT+5C@T&^0?=P@*V1\/)MLI4"`,+0)H/_+0-"@34!Q;6J( (`
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M<<7"O6+4X%<T\N"0^SQQP_!*;/&Z@3UDN1%E<L_2P 4QK5%&Z&EX.^%5D/YH
M,U%G]/,"V+6!H_,0SV#_?(']8"D`"!+AH-V )C#$X/^Z,/?A9_$;<2W <3$B
M`\ 0%8/[5):6_[9C(2%5D"^@T8#>0+>#NG3_\2#R@8#A_6!1(&2"A-&Y@?^V
M<JYS4R$ZHVP"SB$?<<6U_]K @="V8W" -0![PBM!R3+__7&VI("!/<-;$1]C
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M4/SA@V1*$'=!;O >P/]J(:8@CO*%$0L"O!#+P932_UDQ8')V\H,2BW9]L'E$
M#;"0H<<1^Y^!HQ-O*Y&_(@@A_K,^M?^<(!,T=38BHI.1+[)EDA[ _Y;RII%]
M49?!V@',,$N&54?_5G1 -2;"X0D>P+7ADR)\,/\=0%%42A",XF9QHS/]@:)4
M_F,ZLH/ (? X0Z*3@X/H8?^Q8*F@PZ"2LT"S;C*J0\3R_X/@#+$6D^BPGY$@
MX;#1`7"7<:!@[4!.PY&_K: :\ H6?@(]P/UQ9/@AOW?A4F'O8!@6;RKM0$^0
ML=_@$(= =V?9X*MA5[(@JK'O?('0P EPD<%I!FP78-&P]XG@L5%U#5:%<>V0
MU@")D/YTB$'X$G;>V .S@!K2>M_OA("3\;G1JV!LY]"&1'7P[\/@P/ <5HZA
M(%S*8.IDJ<!L!P%<78"ATKP!9=#Q>X\6?0"2`)(P```#`! 0``````,`$1 `
M`````P" $/____] ``<P`!HIH-M9O0% ``@P`!HIH-M9O0$+``& "" &````
M``# ````````1@`````#A0````````,`!8 (( 8``````, ```````!&````
M`%*%``!T$ ``'@`&@ @@!@``````P ```````$8`````5(4```$````%````
M."XP,@`````#``> "" &``````# ````````1@`````!A0````````L`$( (
M( 8``````, ```````!&``````Z%`````````P`1@ @@!@``````P ``````
M`$8`````$(4````````#`!* "" &``````# ````````1@`````1A0``````
M``,`%8 (( 8``````, ```````!&`````!B%````````'@`E@ @@!@``````
MP ```````$8`````-H4```$````!`````````!X`)H (( 8``````, `````
M``!&`````#>%```!`````0`````````>`"> "" &``````# ````````1@``

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