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Sliders FAQ 2nd Edition: General Questions

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This posting contains the answers to many Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
about the SCI-FI Channel/Universal/Fox TV series SLIDERS. Part one of five
related SLIDERS posts.

                        SLIDERS FAQ 2nd Edition: GENERAL QUESTIONS

This is Part 1 of the five part SLIDERS Frequently Asked Questions posting.
This part can be found on the Usenet newsgroups,, alt.answers, rec.answers, and

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This faq owes a lot to the old faq (I call it the 1st edition)
originated by Ed Hall at
The new material is by to whom any additions,
questions, comments, and corrections should be sent. Thanks!


  The answer to what is Sliders is not so easy. The British magazine Starburst
  in issue 237 described it as the show that can be absolutely anything. Tracy
  Torme dreamt up the Sliders concept after reading a book on the american

  "SLIDERS is a one-hour action/adventure series with a touch of black comedy.
  The series chronicles the cosmic roller coaster ride taken by four eclectic
  characters who discover a "wormhole" between dimensions that transports them
  to parallel universes.  Led by Quinn Mallory (Jerry O'Connell), a handsome
  physics grad student who accidentally creates the gateway while working on
  an experiment in his basement, the interdimensional travelers include Wade
  Wells (Sabrina Lloyd), a beautiful computer tech; brilliant but arrogant
  physics professor Maximillian Arturo (John Rhys-Davies); and former R&B
  singer Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown (Cleavant Derricks), who is sucked into
  the vortex by mistake as he drives by Mallory's house.

  Each week, the Sliders travel to a different parallel universe in which
  they find themselves in present-day alternative versions of Earth. The
  Sliders might encounter, for example, worlds in which the Communists have
  won the Cold War; nuclear winter prevails or the male gender is considered
  the weaker sex.  At each stop, the Sliders face the jeopardy, surprise and
  thrill of encountering worlds that may look familiar but are never quite
  what they appear to be.

  SLIDERS, created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme, is produced by St.
  Clare Entertainment and distributed by MCA Television Limited. Tracy Torme,
  Jacob Epstein and Alan Barnette are the Executive Producers and Robert K.
  Weiss is Executive Consultant."
                                       --from a Fox Broadcasting press release
                                         of the first series

  Since then, the four who make up the Sliders have changed, and the 
  series has moved to Universal, Fox and then to Sci-Fi Channel, before 
  the last season was screened.


  SLIDERS was created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme. Here is some
  information which was provided (in large part) by Fox Broadcasting's
  publicity department, updated with information from Starburst interviews:

  Tracy Torme (Co-Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of SLIDERS)

    Tracy Torme graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television in 1979.
    Torme began his career before his senior year of college had a chance to
    play itself out -- when he was hired as a staff writer for the much
    acclaimed Second City Television.  From there he joined Saturday Night
    Live as a Writer/Filmmaker. He then became a member of the writing staff
    of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on the first two seasons (sometimes
    under the nickname Terry Devereaux or Keith Mills due to how his scripts
    were mutilated by Maurice Hurley, according to Torme in the book"Captain's
    Logs") writing some of that series' best-received episodes (including the
    Peabody Award-winning episode "The Big Good-bye").  Torme wrote the movie
    "Spellbinder" in 1988.
    He also served as Writer/Producer on the Emmy-nominated mini-series
    "Intruders" (1992). The following are the Star Trek:TNG episodes written
    by Tracy Torme:
    Season 1: Haven, The Big Goodbye,Conspiracy
    Season 2: The Schizoid Man, The Royale (as Keith Mills), Manhunt (as Terry

    In addition to his many television credits, Torme wrote the screenplay for
    the 1993 film "Fire In The Sky," which he also co-produced.

    Torme has developed "Dark City," a ninety minute pilot for HBO, and the
    script for a film based on Richard Matheson's  classic novel "I Am
    Legend," on which he was the producer. His latest new series is Kung Pao,
    which he describes as "a very dark twisted, strange comedy" likened to
    "Batman meets Kung Fu meets The Prisoner". Also, Torme has produced the
    show "Domination".
    He has also written an episode of Outer Limits called "Rule of Law", and a
    pilot for a show called "The True Tales of Terror".

    He is the son of crooner Mel Torme. He has always been a big fan of
    Raymond Chandler and of the film noir genre (this influence can be seen in
    the Star Trek episode "The Big Goodbye".
    He lives in Los Angeles.

    For more information, check out Starlog's Science Fiction Explorer #7
    (June 1995) for an interview with Tracy Torme written by Frank Garcia.

  Robert K. Weiss (Co-Creator/Executive Consultant of SLIDERS)

    Robert K. Weiss' credits as a film producer include the three "Naked Gun"
    films, "Dragnet," "The Blues Brothers" and "Kentucky Fried Movie." For
    television, he produced "Police Squad," the progenitor of the "Naked Gun"
    film series.  As President of St. Clare Entertainment, Mr. Weiss presides
    over the development of network and cable television productions.  His
    many shows include "Dream On" and "Weird Science".

    A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Mr. Weiss has extensive
    experience in studio and location video production resources.  He has
    served on the Board of IS Robotics, a Cambridge, Mass. company whose
    business is the design, development and manufacture of micro-robots for
    a wide range of applications, including extraplanetary exploration. He
    currently sits on the Board for The Center for the Study of the
    Environment, in Santa Barbara.

    Mr. Weiss lives in California.  He is a member of the Directors Guild of

    During the first season of SLIDERS, Mr. Weiss was one of the three
    Executive Producers of SLIDERS. For the second season, his title was
    changed to that of Executive Consultant.

    Mr. Weiss has been known to post on both, on America
    Online and he has taken part in a number of online chats. 


  In all seasons except the final one, the introductory voice is Quinn's. In
  Season 5, it is Remmy's.

  First season:

    "What if you could find brand new worlds right here on Earth where
    anything's possible? Same planet--different dimension."

    "I've found the gateway!"


  Second season:

    "What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same
    Earth, only different dimensions."

    "A world where the Russians rule America, or where your dreams of being
    a superstar came true, or where San Francisco was a maximum security

    "My friends and I have found the gateway. Now the problem is finding a way
    back home!"

  Third Season:

    "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? If you could slide to
    thousands of different worlds, where the year is the same, you are the
    same person, but everything else is different?"

    "And what if you could not go back home?"

  Fourth Season:

    "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could
    slide to a thousand different worlds, where it's the same year and you're
    the same person, but everything else is different?"

    "And what if you can't find your way home?"

  Fifth Season (Remmy's Voice):

    "What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could
    slide to a thousand different worlds, where it's the same year and you're
    the same person, but everything else is different?"

    "And what if you can't find your way home?"


  Most of the following information is from a Fox Broadcasting press release
 (for the original four Sliders),  with some extra information from interviews
 in magazines etc:

  Jerry O'Connell (Quinn Mallory)

    Jerry's full name is Jeremiah O'Connell. In "Sliders", Jerry plays Quinn
    Mallory, a physics genius who discovers a way to create a wormhole to
    "Slide" to different dimensions or parallel realities. O'Connel wrote one
    of the two comic book issues of Sliders released by Acclaim Comics. As a
    young boy, Jerry O'Connell appeared in numerous television commercials
    and, at age 11, co-starred in the hit film "Stand By Me", directed by Rob

    O'Connell's television credits include "My Secret Identity" ( a campy show
    where he played a teenage superhero), "Camp Wilder" and "Olie Hopnoodle's
    Haven Of Bliss" for PBS and the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of "The
    Room Upstairs." He has also starred in the TV movie "The Ranger, the Cook
    and the Hole in the Sky", and in the feature film "Calendar Girl" opposite
    Beverly Hills:90210 star Jason Priestly as a guy with a prosthetic leg.
    His more recent roles include the Fox TV movie "Blue River" and the lead
    role in MTV's feature film "Joe's Apartment" in which he shares the screen
    with 3,500 cockroaches. He did a play directed by Herbert Burgoff
    co-starring with Patrick Dempsey at HB studios in New York and other off
    broadway productions. 

    A native New Yorker, O'Connell majored in Film and Television at New York
    University. He was also the captain of NYU university's sabre fencing
    team and made it to the NCAA's in his junior year. He is very athletic and
    does lots of water sports and basketball. He graduated from NYU film, and
    has since done a lot of writing. He does not have a fan club. He has a
    scar on his upper lip, having been bit by a dog when he was 11 years old.
    He was born on February 17th, 1974.

    He has directed episodes of Sliders starting from Season 4.

    Other movies Jerry O'Connell has starred in, include "JERRY MAGUIRE",
    "SCREAM 2" and "MISSION TO MARS" where he plays an astronaut.

  Sabrina Lloyd (Wade Kathleen Wells - spelling according to Jerry O'Connell 
  interview   in Starburst Magazine)

    Sabrina Lloyd knew at the age of 12 that she wanted to be an actress.  She
    made her start in a local production of "ANNIE" in her hometown of Eustis,
    Florida.  She continued to work in the local community theatre there,
    starring in such productions as "Grease", "Crimes of the Heart", and "The
    Wizard of Oz." She says she was an "Honor Roll student". When she was 15
    she took part in a student exchange in Australia where she got training at
    the Brisbane Royal Theatre Company. She has two cats, Lucy and Theodore,
    and is a vegetarian, and a talented singer. She writes and records music
    with her guitar. Sabrina's favourite tv show is "60 minutes". She is a
    fan of "The X-Files" also. Her favourite singers are Van Morrison and Cat
    Stevens, because their music touches her. She likes to shop in New York
    boutiques for her clothes. Her favourite museum is the Metropolitan 
    Museum of Art. She got married in 2000.
    Before she discovered acting, she wanted to be an equestrian of some
    sort. When she isn't acting, she likes to travel. In an online AOL chat,
    she said that she left Sliders because she was not creatively challenged
    any more.

    Lloyd made her first feature film appearance in "Chain of Desire" and
    subsequently starred in "Father Hood" with Patrick Swayze, "Wanderlust"
    (2000) and "On Edge" (2001), a documentary on ice-skating.  For
    television, Lloyd made a guest starring appearance (her break actually) in
    the series "Law & Order" (as Katie) and starred in television movies such 
    as "The Coming Out of Heidi  Leiter" and "Off Limits." She guest starred
    in "Superboy" (as Betsy).
    After leaving Sliders, she was a regular in the show "Sports Night" (as
    Natalie Hurley). She reprised her role as Wade for one Sliders episode
    Requiem in Season 5. She has guest starred, most recently on 11/21/2000,
    in "3rd Rock From the Sun" (uncredited) in the episode "Dick'll Take
    Manhattan". Her latest role is the star of the new series "Madigan Men"
    (she plays Wendy).

    Lloyd currently resides in New York and her birthdate is November 20th
    1970 (according to IMDB, not 11th) in Mt. Dora, Florida.

  Cleavant Derricks (Rembrandt Lee "Crying Man" Brown)

    Cleavant Derricks decided to try his hand at acting when it occurred
    to him that while all his friends were playing sports, he was always
    playing in front of a camera.  He began his career in the theatre,
    performing first with local tours, then Off-Broadway productions and 
    later he won a Tony Award for his performance in "Dreamgirls."

    His other Broadway credits include "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Big Deal",
    "I Have a Dream" and "Your Arm's Too Short to Box With God."  Forging his
    way into television, Derricks has starred in "Drexell's Class", "Whoops",
    "Roseanne" and "Something Wilder." Derricks is also a singer, whose
    ability could be seen in the early show's seasons. He has in fact
    released a CD and has his own official website

    Derricks currently resides in Agoura Hills, CA and his birthdate is May

  John Rhys-Davies (Professor Maximillian P. Arturo)

    John Rhys-Davies plays the physics genius and eccentric pioneer of the
    "slide effect". Acclaimed Welsh-born actor John Rhys-Davies is probably
    best know to film audiences for his roles in the Indiana Jones 
    blockbuster hits "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Indiana Jones and the Last
    Crusade".  He has also had leading roles in "Victor, Victoria", "The
    Living Daylights", "The Unnameable Returns" and "King Solomon's Mines".
    What people mostly remember of him is his voice. He left Sliders due to a
    dispute with the new production when it changed channels. He complains of
    a general "malaise", a lack of imagination, which is weighing down the
    Hollywood system.

    Rhys-Davies, who was raised in England, Africa and Wales, credits his
    early exposure to classic literature for his decision to pursue acting and
    writing.  He later refined his craft at London's renowned Royal Academy of
    Dramatic Arts.

    His television credits include James Clavell's "Shogun" and "Noble House",
    "Great Expectations", "War and Remembrance", "Archaeology" and "The

    Rhys-Davies is also known for his roles in the radio version of
    "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and as one of the live action characters
    in the game "Wing Commander 3" and the voice of a recurring character in
    the animated series "Gargoyles."

    An avid collector of vintage automobiles, Rhys-Davies has a host of
    theater roles to his credit, including "the Misanthrope", "Hedda Gabler"
    and most of Shakespeare's works.  He divides his time between Los Angeles
    and the Isle of Man.

    Rhys-Davies was born on May 5th 1944 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

    Note: Stephen Bosch ( has made the observation
    that it would be difficult for Mr. Rhys-Davies to be both "Welsh-born" 
    and "born in Salisbury, England."  Salisbury is nowhere near Wales.

    NEW: He has played hologram character Leonardo da Vinci to help Janeway
    fight the Borg menace in the Season 3 finale of Star Trek: Voyager. He
    appeared in the 1994 movie High Crusade, recently broadcast on VOX in
    Rhys-Davies went to school in Truro, Cornwall. His father had gone out
    to Africa after World War II, and the rest of the family joined him a 
    few years later. It was in Tanzania, then called Tanganyika. He grew up
    partly on the coast, partly by Kilimanjaro, until he was sent back to 
    England to be educated. He did not want to grow up in England, and
    wanted to go back to Africa and become a district commissioner and shoot
    things in the bush, he said in an SFX interview. He says that he has a
    hunter's values.

  This information is taken from the Internet Movie database:

  Charlie O'Connell (Colin Mallory)

    Charlie O'Connell originally starred in Sliders in the episode "As Time
    Goes By" (episode #2.13) as "Kit Richards". He starred again as "Officer
    O'Hara" in the episode "Dragonslide" (episode #3.7).
    He starred in "V.I.P." as Jimmie in the episode "Val Got Game". He has
    appeared in the show "Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane".

    He was a recurring actor in Season 4 of Sliders, together with his
    real-life brother Jerry, playing Quinn's long-lost brother who lived on a
    parallel Earth. Ex-farm boy Colin remains lost between dimensions because
    of a certain Dr. Oberon Geiger.
    Since then he has starred in the movies "Cruel Intentions" (1999), "The
    Magicians" (2000) - a tv movie, "Dude, Where's My Car" (2000) and in
    "Devil's Prey" (2001).

    He was born on the 21st April 1975 in New York, USA. While attending 
    New York University  he was a foil fencer and competed in the 1996 NCAA
    Championships. He was the captain of NYU's fencing team for two years.

  Kari Wuhrer (Maggie Beckett)

    Kari Wuhrer had starred in a number of movies before landing up the role
    of Maggie on Sliders (Seasons 3 - 5). She is a sci-fi comic book fan. Her 
    big break was in 1987 with MTV's Remote Control. She has a new cat, a
    Sphynx. And his name is 'Gato'. She also has two others, 'Monkey', the
    Abyssinian cat and 'Houdini', the Cornish Rex. She says she likes
    weird-looking cats.

    She was born on the 28th April, 1967 in Brookfield, Connecticut, USA very
    close to NYC.

    She played roles in "Married... with Children" (as Joanie), "Beverly
    Hills: 90210" (as Ariel Hunter), "The Marshal" and joined the Sliders team
    as Captain Maggie Beckett in the episode "The Exodus: Part 1" (episode
    #3.16). She starred in "Nash Bridges", as "C.J" in the episode "Blackout".

    She regularly starred in the series "Swamp Thing", as Abigail, and in the
    "Class of 96" tv-series as Robin Farr.

    She stars in the interactive computer game "Command & Conquer: Red Alert
    2" (2000). 
    She has a CD out and should have another one out soon. You can hear her

    sing in the Season 4 Wild West episode of Sliders (Way Out West). 
    She has an official website at

    Her long list of movie credits includes "Fire with fire" (1986 - tv
    movie),  "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" (1990 - tv movie), "Beastmaster
    2: Through the Portal of  Time" (1991 - she claims this is her first
    movie), "Teen Vid II" (1991) (as herself), "Sensation" (1994 - with Eric

    Roberts), "Boulevard" (1994), "Higher Learning" (1995), "The Crossing
    Guard" (1995), "Terminal Justice" (1995), "Red Blooded American Girl II"
    (1995), "Beyond Desire" (1995), "Thinner" (1996), "An Occasional Hell"
    (1996), "Disappearance of Kevin Johnson" (1996), "Anaconda" (1997),
    "Kate's Addiction" (1999), "Ivory Tower" (2000), "Out of Sync" (2000 tv
    movie), "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" (2000 FOX tv movie), "G-Men from Hell"
    2000), "The Medicine Show" (2000), "Fatal Conflict" (2000), "Berserker"
    (2001) and "Arac Attack" (2001).

    Sometimes in her movies, she is credited as Kari Salin-Wuhrer, or Kari

  Robert Floyd (Mallory)

    Robert Floyd had starred in the movie "GODZILLA" before landing the role
    of Mallory, an alternate Quinn who gets merged, perhaps irrevocably, with
    our Quinn.

    Floyd starred in the tv series Early Edition and Law and Order. He also
    appeared in the movies: "The Disappearing Act" (1997 tv-movie),
    "When He Didn't Come Home" (1998) and "Cold Hearts" (1998).

  Tembi Locke (Diana Davis)

    Robert Floyd had starred in the movie "GODZILLA" before landing the role
    of Mallory, an alternate Quinn who gets merged with our Quinn.

    She starred in Beverly Hills: 90210 and in the movies "Ringer" (1996),
    "Star Command" (1996 tv-movie), "Claude's Crib" (1997), "Steel" (1997)
    and "Unbowed" (1998).


  No matter where the Sliders travel, they keep running into some of the same
  people again and again. this list is broken up based on whether or not the
  character has shown up in more than one episode as well as on more than one
  alternate Earth. These lists are sorted by number of appearances.
  NB: This section still needs more updates.

  Recurring Characters (Multiple Episodes)

    Quinn's Mom (Linda Henning, Deanne Henry)
      * a widow on Earth Prime [Linda Henning, Pilot] waiting for her missing
        son to return [Deanne Henry, Into the Mystic]
      * married to Jake the gardener (and pregnant) on Elvis' Earth [Linda
        Henning, Pilot]
      * happily married (never widowed) on Dad's Earth [Linda Henning, Pilot]
      * it's mentioned that she has moved "back east" on Egghead Earth
      * a widow on Earth Double Prime waiting for her missing son to return
        [Deanne Henry, Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome]

    Michael Hurley (Gary Jones)
      * manager of Doppler Computer Superstore on Earth Prime [Pilot]
      * member of resistance on Red Dawn Earth [Pilot]
      * British army officer on British Earth [Prince of Wails]
      * manager of Doppler Computer Superstore on Skirted Cops Earth [Time
        Again And World]
      * "Smarter" Quinn mentions that Hurley is a "putz" on every alternate
        world he (Quinn) has visited.

    Gomez Calhoun (William Sasso)
      * Motel 12 manager on Fever Earth [Fever]
      * Motel 12 manager on Crying Man's Earth [The King Is Back]
      * Manager of the Dominion Hotel on Technophobe Earth [Gillian of the
      * Manager of the Dominion Hotel on Skirted Cops Earth [Time Again And
      * Manager of the Dominion Hotel on Prohibition Earth [Greatfellas]

    Mace Moon (Gerry Nairn)
      * owner of Moonatic Electronics on Asteroid Earth [Last Days]
      * owner of Moonatic Electronics on Hippie Earth [Summer of Love]
      * assumed to be the owner of Moonatic Electronics on Spiderwasp Earth
        (we see his store but never see him) [Summer of Love]
      * assumed to be the owner of Moonatic Electronics on Water Earth (we see
        his store but never see him) [Summer of Love]

    Pavel Kurlienko (Alex Bruhanski)
      * a taxi driver on Red Dawn Earth [Pilot]
      * a taxi driver on Dad's Earth [Pilot]
      * a taxi driver on Fever Earth [Fever]
      * a taxi driver on Halloween Earth [Into the Mystic]

    Conrad Bennish Jr. (Jason Gaffney)
      * a student in Professor Arturo's class on Earth Prime [Pilot] and a
        friend of Quinn's. [Summer of Love]
      * a physics graduate student who helps build the Bomb [Last Days]
      * the president of Young Republicans *For* the War. [Summer of Love]
      * the unnamed, eyeless prisoner of the Kromaggs. [Invasion] (Thanks to:
DXDale for this)

    Ross J. Kelley (John Novak)
      * Attorney-At-Law on Earth Prime who sells his "services" via TV
        commercials using the slogan "I'm Ross J. Kelley and I won't take 'No'
        for an answer! I'll fight for you!" [Pilot]
      * An interrogator for the Soviets on Red Dawn Earth, he tells Rembrandt
        "I'll fight for you!" [Pilot]
      * A lawyer on Halloween Earth who promises in his TV commercials that
        "I'll fight for you!" [Into the Mystic]

    Artie Field (Don MacKay)
      * Rembrandt Brown's long suffering manager on Earth Prime [Pilot]
      * Rembrandt Brown's long suffering manager on Earth Double Prime [Post
        Traumatic Slide Syndrome]

    Michael Mallory (Tom Butler)
      * Quinn's long lost father on Dad's Earth [Pilot]
      * Quinn's father, a pro-technology advocate on Technophobe Earth
        of the Spirits]

    Policeman (Mike Dobson)
      * Policeman on Asteroid Earth [Last Days]
      * First Policeman on Hippie Earth [Summer Of Love]

    Wing (Yee Jee Tso)
      * a student in Professor Arturo's class on Earth Prime [Pilot]
      * tells Quinn about oil well in Quinn's backyard [Fever]

  Recurring Characters (Single Episode)

    Crazy Kenny/Senator (Frank C. Turner) [Pilot]
      * A bum ranting in an Earth Prime park about the imminent rise of
        communism over capitalism. He warns Quinn: "Join the Revolution or
        suffer the consequences!"
      * A Senator speaking in a Red Dawn Earth park about the plight of the
      * A bum sleeping behind the Lincoln statue in the park on Dad's Earth

    Mr. Gale (Hrothgar Mathews) [Into The Mystic]
      * A farmer on Cliffhanger Earth; Gale also appeared as an Undertaker
        in Quinn's nightmare
      * the sorcerer's aide on Halloween Earth (although he prefers the title
        "executive assistant)
      * Mrs. Mallory's new gardener on Earth Prime

    Four FBI Agents [Summer of Love]
      * investigating the Sliders' disappearance from Earth Prime
      * attempted to capture "subversive" Quinn and Arturo

    Jake [Pilot]
      * The Mallory's gardener on Earth Prime
      * Apparently married to Quinn's (pregnant) Mom on Elvis' Earth

    L.J. (Claude Brooks) [El Sid]
      * A member of Sid's gang on War Zone Earth
      * A prisoner on Prison Earth

    Natalie (Rebecca Gayheart) [Time Again And World]
      * A witness to the murder of Judge Nassau on Bearded Women Earth
      * A member of the pro-constitutional movement on Skirted Cops Earth

    Bearded man [Time Again And World]
      * A witness to the murder of Judge Nassau on Bearded Women Earth
      * A member of the pro-constitutional movement on Skirted Cops Earth

    Judge John Nassau (George Delhoyo) [Time Again And World]
      * A murder victim on Bearded Women Earth
      * A leaders of the pro-constitutional movement on Skirted Cops Earth

    Jay Acovone appeared in Sole Survivors (as Dr Tassler) and in Eye Of 
    The Storm (as the Chandler Hotel receptionist Stu).

    Marshall Teague appeared in The Dying Fields, in Way Out West (as 
    sherrif Redfield) and in Heavy Metal (as Redfield).

    Dr Oberon Geiger (Peter Jurasik):
    appeared as the same person in the following Season 5 episodes:
	* The Unstuck Man
	* Eye Of The Storm (with multiple doubles of his)

  SLIDERS third season will probably be filmed in Hollywood rather than in
  Vancouver which is where most of the first two seasons were shot.


  John Rhys-Davies (Arturo) will not be returning for SLIDERS' third season.
  It seems that this decision was a mutual one made at the end of the second
  season's filming by all parties involved.


  A future episode will feature an Earth which was overrun by in 1947 by
  extraterrestrials who landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Look carefully for a
  secondary character we haven't seen yet during the second season. [Invasion]



  This section is for all the little bits of trivia which don't really fit
  into any other section of the FAQ. If you think of something which should be
  asked and  yet isn't here, drop me a line at sliders AT and
  I'll try to include it in the next version of the FAQ.


  Q: Has SLIDERS concluded? Can one still see it?

  A: Yes, after moving from Fox to Universal and to SCI-FI Channel. Yes,
  it is still broadcast in Europe on RTL 5 (Season 5), RTL 2 (Season 1,
  dubbed), Yorin (Season 5) and Max Plus (Season 4) currently  at the least.
  Italia Uno stopped showing Sliders at the fourth season. Try writing to your
  local tv station, PBS, etc.


  Q: Will there be a Sliders Movie?

  A: The show's co-creator Tracy Torme has said that he is interested. I
  believe that even Jerry O'Connel has expressed similar ideas. Keep writing
  about Sliders to show that the interest exists.


  Q: Where can I get a copy of episode (whatever) of SLIDERS on videotape?

  A:  Fox never sold tapes of the episodes so there is no "official" place to
  get an episode on tape. If you missed an episode, your best bet is to ask
  your friends and see if any of them taped the episode; otherwise, you'll
  have to wait for the repeats. I recall seeing an official tape being sold in
  a small local shop years ago however.


  Q: Where was SLIDERS filmed?

  A: The first two seasons of SLIDERS were primarily filmed in Vancouver,
  British Columbia, although a few establishing exterior shots were filmed in
  San Francisco and on the University of California at Berkeley campus.

  The third season of SLIDERS will probably be filmed in Hollywood.


  Q: What are SLIDERS fans called?

  A: People have been kicking this one around since the show first aired and
  dozens of suggestions have been made on Star Trek fans are
  called Trekkers or Trekkies, X-Files fans are called X-philes, so it's only
  fair that SLIDERS fans have their own name.

  It seems that the name which has gotten the most support among fans is the
  obvious one: "Sliders."


  Q: Quinn has a cat on Earth Prime. What is the cat's name?

  A: The cat's name is Schrodinger and is named for Erwin Schrodinger, a
  quantum physicist famous for (among other things) formulating a "thought
  experiment" involving a cat, a geiger counter, a piece of uranium and a
  loaded gun. For more information regarding Schrodinger's Cat, refer to
  Michio Kaku's book "Hyperspace" or take two years of college physics.


  Q: Is there a SLIDERS Fan Club?

  A: There aren't any *official* SLIDERS Fan Clubs. Not *yet* anyway.


  Q: What merchandise is there? Are there any toys?

  A: Only some t-shirts, a novel, a book on the Sliders show, and two comic
  books by Acclaim (one issue was written by Jerry O'Connell). Nothing else. 

  Wouldn't you love to have a Timer or a little four inch tall Crying Man
  action figure? :-)


  Q: Is Earth Prime *our* earth?

  A: No, it is not. If the Sliders were to visit our Earth, they would be
  surprised to discover their alternates were all actors in a SCI-FI Channel
  TV show! <g> This actually kind of "happened" in the final episode.

  Further evidence that the Sliders aren't from our Earth can be found in the
  first few episodes. The University which Quinn attends looks exactly like
  the U.C. Berkeley campus but seems to be located in San Francisco's Golden
  Gate Park. (Berkeley is across the bay from San Francisco, about 30 miles

  More proof is that in the episode Summer of Love, it is mentioned that Wade
  Wells attends Northshore Junior College--there is no such college in *our*
  San Francisco.


  Q: Where do I send fan mail? (TO BE UPDATED)

  A: The new and improved address to send fan mail is:

      c/o Fox Broadcasting
      P.O. Box 900
      Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900

    Fox had an e-mail address ( during SLIDERS first season
    but it doesn't seem to be working anymore.

    To write to Tembi Locke:

    c/o Abrham's Artist Agency
    9200 Sunset Blvd
    Suite 1130
    Los Angeles, CA 90069

    To write to Robert Floyd:

    c/o Don Buchwald & Associates
    6500 Wilshire Blvd
    Suite 2200
    Los Angeles, CA 90048


  Q: Where can I get copies of the SLIDERS scripts?

  A: The first draft of the script for the SLIDERS' pilot (dated January 14th
  1994) is available for $19.95 from a company called Script City. Script City
  is in Hollywood, California and can be reached at (213) 871-0707.


  Q: Were the First Season Episodes Shown in the Correct Order?

  A: Not even close. For some reason, Fox decided not to show the episodes in
  the order they were filmed. I don't know why this was done, maybe Fox wanted
  to group what they thought were the better episodes together or maybe some
  episodes weren't quite ready to be aired so others were shown in their

  Assuming that the production number assigned to each episode represents the
  order in which the episodes were filmed, here is a list of the episodes as
  they were filmed and as they were aired.

        As Filmed               As Shown
      ----------------        ----------------
  1.    Pilot (2 hours)         Pilot (2 hours)
  2.    Summer Of Love          Fever
  3.    Prince of Wails         Last Days
  4.    Fever                   Prince of Wails
  5.    Last Days               Summer Of Love
  6.    The Weaker Sex          Eggheads
  7.    Eggheads                The Weaker Sex
  8.    The King Is Back        The King Is Back
  9.    Luck Of The Draw        Luck Of The Draw

  Just to confuse matters a little bit more, Fox decided to air the repeats of
  of the first season episodes in yet another order. The episodes appeared as
  repeats in the following order:

  1.  Pilot, part 1
  2.  Pilot, part 2
  3.  Fever
  4.  The King Is Back
  5.  Last Days
  6.  Eggheads
  7.  The Weaker Sex
  8.  Summer of Love
  9.  Prince of Wails
 10.  Luck Of The Draw


  Originally, in "Summer of Love" there was a scene which explained a bit
  about the fuctionality of Quinn's timer and explained why it is so important
  for the Sliders to not miss the next opening of the gate out of the current
  Earth. Unfortunately, this scene just didn't make sense once "Summer of 
  Love" was bumped from episode #2 to episode #5 and the scene was cut from
  the episode.

  That said, here is the original scene as it appears in the "Summer of Love"
  script and, presumably, as it was filmed:


                             REMBRANDT (CONT'D)
               Where's the Professor?

  As if on cue, Aurturo bursts out of the loft, running after
  them and trying to hold four guns at the same time. Scant
  seconds later, the Feds also exit the building, sprinting
  after him.  Arturo spins, dropping three of the guns and
  shooting the fourth one in the air as a warning that gets
  the Feds to freeze.

  Uncomfortable carrying any firearms, he flings the fourth
  gun away and resumes running toward his friends.

               Hurry up, get back in the car!

  The Feds are scrambling to retrieve their guns as Quinn,
  Arturo and Rembrandt hurry back to the Cadillac.

  Rembrandt jumps behind the wheel, Quinn and Arturo dive into
  the open back seat - Copeland and Yenn have retrieved their
  guns, they OPEN FIRE.  Rembrandt is driving and ducking, as
  bullets whiz past the accelerating purple vehicle.

               Seems like you two make friends
               wherever you go!  Why am I not

  The Caddy screeches around the corner at breakneck speed and
  gets away - for the moment.


  Quinn in the back; Rembrandt drives, keeping a careful eye
  on the rearview mirror, while bemoaning his near brush with

               Man, that is the _last_ time I do a
               good deed.  The Crying Man gave
               that woman his all, and look at
               the thanks he got.
                       (to Quinn, in
               Now, what was that about the

               It's badly damaged.  We can't open
               the gate at will anymore.  So the
               Professor and I did some
               calculating based on The Helix
               Spiral --

               -- Felix who?

               _Helix_.  It's a ten dimensional
               form of Witten's index theorem.

               Oh.  That.

               It suggests there will be a single
               window of opportunity on each
               Earth we visit.  A moment in time
               when the weakened powers of the
               gizmo will still allow us to
               access the gate.

               The window he's referring to will
               be different on each Earth - mere
               minutes till it arrives on some,
               several months on others.

               So you're saying we may have to
               wait _months_ on some of these
               worlds before we can try and get
               home again?

               Correct.  We've re-rigged the
               timer to serve as a countdown
               device, telling us how long till
               the window on each Earth we visit.

               What if the window comes and goes
               and we never access the gate?

               I'm afraid it's 29.7 years to the
               next opportunity.  So that's a
               mistake we can not afford.  We
               must always be sure to be together
               at the appointed time... or else.

               We're lucky we didn't miss the
               window on this world.

  He shows Rembrandt the timer: it reads 42 MINUTES, 16
  SECONDS, and counting.

                             QUINN (CONT'D)
               How far to the commune?

               About forty-five minutes
               _If_ we obey the speed limit.

  That said, he slams on the accelerator.



  Books and stories having to do with parallel universes.


    "Time Patrol" (and sequels) by Poul Anderson
    "Ox" by Piers Anthony
    "Virtual Mode" (and sequels) by Piers Anthony
    "The End of Eternity" by Isaac Asimov
    "Eon" (and sequels) by Greg Bear
    "The Maze in the Mirror" by Jack L. Chalker
    "Fireball" (and sequels) by John Christopher
    "Lest Darkness Fall" by L. Sprague de Camp
    "The Wheels of If" by L. Sprague de Camp
    "The Infinite Worlds of Maybe" by Lester Del Rey
    "The Man in the High Castle" by Philip K. Dick (won the 1962 Hugo award)
    "The World Next Door" by Brad Ferguson
    "The Woodrow Wilson Dime" by Jack Finney
    "The Difference Engine" by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling
    "Replay" by Ken Grimwood
    "Job: A Comedy of Justice" by Robert Heinlein
    "The Number of the Beast" by Robert Heinlein
    "The Proteus Operation" by James P. Hogan
    "Thrice Upon a Time" by James P. Hogan
    "Worlds of the Imperium" (and sequels) by Keith Laumer
    "Einstein's Dreams" by Alan Lightman
    "The Dark Tower" (and sequels) by Stephen King
    "Alternities" by Michael P. Kube-McDowall
    "At the Narrow Passage" (and sequels) by Richard C. Meredith
    "Elric of Melnibone" (and sequels) by Michael Moorcock
    "All the Myriad Ways" (short story) by Larry Niven
    "Crossroads of Time" by Andre Norton
    "Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen" by H. Beam Piper
    "Para-Time" by H. Beam Piper
    "The Coming of the Quantum Cats" by Fred Pohl
    "The Anubis Gates" by Tim Powers
    "Trips" (short story) by Robert Silverburg
    "The Probability Broach" (and sequels) by L. Neil Smith
    "The Guns of the South" by Harry Turtledove
    "Crosstime Traffic" (short stories) by Lawrence Watt-Evans
    "The Universe Next Door" (and sequels) by Robert Anton Wilson
    "Stranger Suns" by George Zebrowski
    "Nine Princes in Amber" (and sequels) by Roger Zelazny

  Non-Fiction (!)

    "Hyperspace," by Michio Kaku
        Required reading for all would-be Sliders. Quinn was reading this book
        in the pilot before his first slide.

    "The Fourth Dimension," by Rudy von Rucker
        Covers the basic concepts of the Einstein-Rosen bridge, with cartoons.

    "Lorentzian Wormholes," by Matt Visser
        Discusses various theoretical types of wormholes including the ever
        popular Einstein-Rosen Bridge. Also includes a section on time travel
        by way of wormhole.

    "Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds," by Fred Alan Wolf
        Explains the quantum physics theories behind the concept of parallel
        universes, then moves on to some speculation about parallel universes.

    "'Relative State' Formulation of Quantum Mechanics," by H. Everett III,
    Reviews of Modern Physics 29, pg 454-462 (1957) [also see Hugh Everett
    III's Ph.D. thesis submitted to Princeton University on March 1, 1957]
        Everett's theory introduced the original concept of parallel universes
        as a real scientific theory, entirely consistent with quantum

    I'm sure these lists (especially the first one) will grow over time.
    Contributions are always welcome.


  World Wide Web sites:

    SCI-FI CHANNEL's Official SLIDERS page:

    Sliders' SLIDERS FAQ web page: (the WWW version of this FAQ)

    The Sliders Where Can I Find It FAQ: (Lists other Sliders Internet

    The Usenet Alternate History List, maintained by R.B. Schmunk:

  USENET Newsgroups:
      This is *the* newsgroup for SLIDERS fans. Robert K. Weiss (Co-Creator/
      Executive Consultant of SLIDERS) was known to post tidbits of
      information regarding future episodes here (while the show was still in
      production). Fanfics may be posted here.

      Have a SLIDERS image or audio file you'd like to share with the rest of
      us? Post it here or just read what others have posted.
      All science fiction shows, not just SLIDERS, are discussed here.

      These two newsgroups are not for SLIDERS related postings! 
      These groups are for serious  discussions regarding alternative history,
      not science fiction TV shows. Of course, if you want to discuss what the
      world would be like if the American Revolution had never occurred or if
      the United States had lost the Battle of Coral Sea, these are the
      newsgroups for you!

  SLIDERS Mailing Lists:

    Sliders Mailing List
      A mailing list for the descussion of all aspects of SLIDERS.

      To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to the address and in the *body* of the message type either
      "subscribe sliders" or "subscribe sliders-digest" without the quotes and
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      This list is run by Alicia Mowlai-Ashtiani (

    Sliders Creative Mailing List [New]
      A mailing list for SLIDERS fan fiction and the discussion of SLIDERS fan

      To subscribe to this mailing list, send a message to the address and in the *subject* of the message type
      "subscribe" without the quotes and without your name.

      This list is run by Kyrie Daniels (

  SLIDERS Internet Relay Chat (IRC):

    SLIDERS fans gather in the #sliders channel on IRC after each episode


  19 May 2001

    news.answers approval for 2nd Edition of FAQ

  9 January 2001

    Updated version of Sliders FAQ released on Usenet

  21 May 1996

    Fox announced SLIDERS will return next fall in its usual Friday night at
    8PM timeslot.  A full slate of twenty-five episodes have been ordered
    making the third season SLIDERS first full season.

  1 March 1996


  31 January 1996

    Thirteen new episodes of SLIDERS will return to Fox starting March 1st at
    8pm. The first episode aired will be "Into the Mystic" will will resolve
    the first season's cliffhanger.

  10 December 1995

    Fox Broadcasting has still not selected an air date for the second season
    of SLIDERS. Since they've waited so long, it's now only 50% likely that
    new episodes of SLIDERS will begin to air in January as had been
    previously announced here. If SLIDERS doesn't begin in January, it will be
    delayed until March of 1996.

    A three-part SLIDERS comic book mini-series, targeted at adults.
    Acclaim/Armada Comics was behind this project with the full backing Tracy
    Torme and the SLIDERS creative team. D.G. Chichester was the writer, comic
    book legend Dick Giordano was on the pencils, with the inks being done by
    Mike DeCarlo.
    Look forward to plot lines which just can't be done on television due to
    budgetary limitations.

  14 November 1995

    D.G. Chichester ( posted the following to
    > To coincide with the new episodes, Acclaim/Armada comics will be doing a
    > special two part comic book featuring the characters and concepts from
    > the show (plus a few that were developed and haven't yet been approved
    > for on air)! This will not mirror the new programs (not just
    > adaptations) but will be all new adventures, and is being done with the
    > cooperation and supervision of the Sliders' creative head honchos. If
    > response warrants, this would lead to an ongoing Sliders comic.
    > Hopefully this will be as succesful as the X-Files comic books so
    > Sliders can get a little more exposure.

  13 November 1995

    The exact air date for the first episode is still up in the air. It most
    likely will be a Sunday in January but which one is unknown until an
    offical date is set. I've heard anywhere from the 7th to the 21st of
    January mentioned.

    Filming of "Time Again and World" has been completed. Filming of "El Sid"
    has begun.

  1 November 1995

    Filming for the second season of SLIDERS begins on schedule.

  29 September 1995

    Filming for the second season of SLIDERS is scheduled to begin on
    Wednesday, November 1st. A *tentative* airdate for this episode has also
    been scheduled: Sunday, January 21st 1996.

    The Executive Producers for the second season of SLIDERS are Tracy Torme,
    Jacob Epstein and Alan Barnette.

  18 August 1995

    Robert K. Weiss, Executive Consultant of SLIDERS, reports that all four
    principal actors (Jerry O'Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks, and
    John Rhys-Davies) will be returning for the second season of SLIDERS.

  29 July 1995

    Robert K. Weiss announces that the Executive Producers of SLIDERS
    John Landis and Leslie Belzberg) have all stepped down from that post.
    Weiss will be remaining at St. Clare Entertainment with the title

  26 June 1995

    Fox issues a press release which makes it official: Sliders has been
    picked up as a 1995-96 mid-season replacement series!

  16 June 1995

    Fox Broadcasting ordered thirteen new episodes of SLIDERS as a mid-season
    replacement. The new episodes will begin filming in October of 1995 with
    expected air date of early 1996.

    Congratulations to everyone who took the time to tell Fox that you wanted
    to see more episodes of SLIDERS!

  1 June 1995

    Fox announced that SLIDERS re-runs will be aired starting Sunday June 25th
    at 7PM (6PM Central.) Repeats will continue until a new series, SPACE,
    ABOVE AND BEYOND takes over the timeslot in the fall. Fox also said "a
    decision on SLIDERS as a fall backup is still pending."


  This has been moved to part 5 of this FAQ.


  The Sliders FAQ consists of four postings:

    1. Sliders FAQ: General Questions and Answers (this one!)
    2. Sliders FAQ: Episode Guide Seasons 1-2
    3. Sliders FAQ: Episode Guide Seasons 3-5 (NEW)
    4. Sliders FAQ: Alternate Earths
    5. Sliders FAQ: Sliders Music

  Currently the first part is posted on a regular basis to the,, alt.answers, rec.answers, and
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