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Saturday Night Live FAQ: Wayne's World Guide

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Archive-name: tv/sat-night-live/waynes-world
Last-modified: 1994/04/08
Posting-Frequency: Monthly

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Saturday Night Live FAQ:  Wayne's World Guide
Note:  I ( did not write this.  I have only
added it to my SNL Archives.  If you know how to contact the
original author (wurtz@cvedc.Prime.COM), please let me know.

            The Peristaltic Waynes World Compendium
                    By wurtz@cvedc.Prime.COM

I am actually not sure of the definite date of the first Waynes World,
but sources in Aurora, Illinois place it around October of 1988.
Previous sightings of the Wayne character are reported to have been
seen at the Toronto Second City Club (Classic Quote: "She puked on your
stereo? She loves you, man"), and later on CBC television show It's
only Rock and Roll. The latter being a clip called Waynes Power Minute
in which he covered such pertinent subjects as an ambulance service
for rock concert injuries (like burning your thumb with the lighter),
and Wayne receiving an air guitar for Christmas. He finally hit the
big time on SNL.  I'll just briefly summarize each episode and leave
it open for questions if anyone wants to know more about a particular

Feb 18, 1989??
Episode One: Kind of an introduction episode where we meet Garth's
Dad, the Beav, owner of the Wishing Well convenience store. They
do Waynes Top Ten things that Beav says. The number one thing is
"Hi, I'm Beav and I'm a Big Fag." Beav storms out and bans Wayne
from the store. Next guest, Nancy, an excellent babe. Last segment,
they take a phone call, in which the guy on the other end says that
his girlfriend blew chunks on him while necking.

Mar 25, 1989
Episode Two: Wayne makes it up to the Beav by letting Beav do a 
plug for the Wishing Well convenience store on WW, during which
Wayne holds up a big sign saying Big Fag with an arrow pointing
to Beav. Next guest: Miss Simpson (Mary Tyler Moore), the math 
teacher, who asked to be on the show.

May 13, 1989
Episode Three: First segment, Movie World. Then it's an interview
with the Great One, Wayne Gretzky. Wayne has a dream sequence where
he beats Gretzky one on one in hockey and gets Janet Jones, Gretzky's

Sep 30, 1989
Episode Four: The coolest guy in the senior class, Rick (Bruce Willis),
unveils the new cool word for the school year, sphincter. They make a
crank call upstairs, where Wayne's parentals are having a party, asking
for Wayne to speak to a Mr. Sphincter. After Rick leaves Nancy comes
running down "like a nympho." Wayne fishes in Nancy telling her that Rick
has the hots for her.

Dec 2, 1989
Episode Five: Guest, Police Chief Wilson. Wayne and Garth serve penance
for hurling snowballs at traffic, by helping Police Chief Wilson (John
Goodman) re-enact a crime on Aurora's Most Wanted. The crime is trivial so
Wayne and Garth embellish it a little.

Jan 13, 1990
Episode Six: Guest, Mr. Hemple (Ed O'Neill), the Drivers Ed instructor.
Wayne and Garth serve penance for bringing drinks into the drivers ed
room, when there's a humongoid sign telling you not to. They do a
Public Service Announcement illustrating the evils of drinking and

Feb 17, 1990
Episode Seven: Guests, Garths Cousin Barry and Aerosmith. Garth gets his
cousin Barry (Tom Hanks), a roady for Aerosmith, to get the band on the
show to help publicize their upcoming show.  In return they have to put
Barry on the air. Aerosmith appears and Wayne and Garth play the Wayne's
World Theme Song with them (**).

Mar 24, 1990
Episode Eight: Guest, Lisa. Wayne and Garth give their own academy awards
in which Batman wins every catagory except Best Foreign Film. Lisa (Debra
Winger) comes on and Wayne holds Chick Court to clear her name after Nancy
has spread rumors about her.

May 19, 1990
Episode Nine: Guest, Garth's Mom, Mrs. Algar. Wayne has a "Summer
of 42," fantasy, in which he makes it with Garth's Mom (Candice Bergen),
which is interrupted by Garth, who shoots Wayne.

Dec 1, 1990
Episode Ten: Wayne's World After Hours. Wayne and Garth have to 
move to Garth's house to show the new Madonna video and then they
are busted by Police Chief Wilson for showing pornography.

Jan 19, 1991
Episode Eleven: Excellent Report. Wayne and Garth critique the Gulf
War and network coverage thereof after watching 72 straight hours
of news surviving on nothing but Pizza Hut Pizza and Jolt Cola.


Added by ed.:

May 11, 1991
Episode Twelve: Fantasy episode with Madonna.

Nov 20, 1993
Episode Thirteen: Anybody?

possible missing episodes:

Sep 29, 1992  (Kyle MacLachlan)


** Waynes World Theme Song

Waynes World, Waynes World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent
Waynes World, Waynes World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent

Chicks Go mental when they walk down the street
Cause it's Wayne and Garth they want to meet.
We're down in the basement playing with our toys,
and if you do not like it you're a sphincter boy.

Waynes World, Waynes World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent
Waynes World, Waynes World
It's Party Time, It's Excellent

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obtained from one of these sources:

       Doug Krause
"The circle is now complete.  The Circle of Life!" -Mufasa Vader

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