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M*A*S*H FAQ: Other Credits

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Archive-name: tv/mash/other-credits
Last-modified: 1998/09/29
Posting-Frequency: Monthly

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M*A*S*H FAQ:  Other Credits
M*A*S*H Other Credits is a list of credits for movies,
television, and other projects that people associated
with M*A*S*H have done outside of the series.  So far
I'm sticking with the people listed in the opening
credits.  I'll consider adding others later.

Alda, Alan
"American Teacher Awards" (cable)  [presenter]  (1994)
"Carol Burnett Show, The"  [Morton]
"Four Seasons, The"  [Jack Burroughs?]  (1984)
"LIVE with Regis & Kathy Lee"  (1993?)
"Scientific American Frontiers"  [host]
"Sergeant Bilko"  [Carlisle Thompson III]
"That Was the Week That Was"  (1964)
"What's My Line?"  [panelist]
(summer stock plays)
(Atari commercials)
(IBM commercials)
(Televison Hall of Fame inductee)
And the Band Played On (TV)  [Dr. Robert Gallo]  (1993)
Apple Tree, The (stage)  (late 1960s/early 1970s)
Betsy's Wedding  [Eddie Hopper]  (1990)
Betsy's Wedding  [director]  (1990)
Betsy's Wedding  [writer]  (1990)
California Suite  [Bill Warren]  (1978)
Canadian Bacon  [President of US]  (1994)
Catch-22  [an extra]  (1970)
Crimes and Misdemeanors  [Lester]  (1989)
Everybody Says I Love You
Extraordinary Seaman, The  [Morton Krim]  (1969)
Flirting With Disaster  (1996)
Four Seasons, The  [Jack Burroughs]  (1981)
Four Seasons, The  [director]  (1981)
Four Seasons, The  [writer]  (1981)
Glass House, The (TV)  (1972)
Gone Are the Days aka Purlie Victorious  (1963)
Isn't It Shocking? (TV)  [Dan]  (1973)
Jake's Women (stage)  [Jake]  (early 1990s)
Jake's Women (TV)  [Jake]  (1996.03.03)
Jenny  [Delano]  (1969)
Kill Me If You Can (TV)  (1977)
Laughing Matters:  On Writing "M*A*S*H", "Tootsie", "Oh, God!" and a Few Other Funny Things by Larry Gelbart  [wrote the preface]  (Pub. Feb 1998)
Mad City  [Kevin Hollander]  (1997)
Manhattan Murder Mystery  [Ted]  (1993)
Mephisto Waltz, The  [Myles Cralkson]  (1971)
Moonshine War, The  [John W. Martin]  (1970)
Murder at 1600  [Alvin Jordan]  (1997)
New Life, A  [Steve]  (1988)
New Life, A  [director]  (1988)
New Life, A  [writer]  (1988)
Owl and the Pussycat (stage)
Paper Lion  [George Plimpton]  (1968)
Playmates (TV)  (1972)
Same Time, Next Year  [George]  (1978)
Seduction of Joe Tynan, The  [Joe Tynan]  (1979)
Seduction of Joe Tynan, The  [writer]  (1979)
Sweet Liberty  [Michael Burgess]  (1986)
Sweet Liberty  [director]  (1986)
Sweet Liberty  [writer]  (1986)
To Kill a Clown  (1972)
Whispers in the Dark  [Leo Green]  (1992)
White Mile (cable)  [Dan Cutler]  (1994)

Burghoff, Gary
"After M*A*S*H"  (one episode, not a regular)
"Burke's Law"  (1994/1995 season?)
"Don Knotts Show, The"  (1970)
"Fantasy Island"
"Love Boat"
"Magnum, PI"
"Match Game"  [himself]
"Murder, She Wrote"??
"Walter"  [Walter Eugene O'Reilly (Radar)]  (1983/1984)
(BP/Gulf commercials)
(IBM commercials)
?? "Love, American Style"
B.S. I Love You  (1971)
Casino (TV)  [Bill Taylor]  (1980)
Man in the Santa Claus Suit, The (TV)  (1978)
MASH  [Radar]  (1972)
Small Kill  [Fleck/Lady Esmerelda]  (1992)
We Three Trio (singing group?)
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (stage)  [Linus Van Pelt]  (c. 1966-1967)

Christopher, William
"After M*A*S*H"  [Father Francis Mulcahy]  (1983)
"Andy Griffith Show, The"  [IRS Agent]
"Andy Griffith Show, The - New Doctor in Town, A"  [doctor]
"Chevy Chase Show, The"
"Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C."  (1964)
"Hogan's Heroes - Movies Are Your Best Escape"  (1965.11.05)
"Hogan's Heroes - Request Permission to Escape"  (1966.04.29)
"Hogan's Heroes - War Takes a Holiday"  (1968.01.27)
"Hogan's Heroes - Will the Real Adolf Please Stand Up?"  (1966.12.02)
(Cooper Tires commercials)
(IBM commercials)
(Timex commercials)
Cash on Delivery (stage)  (c. 1997)
For the Love of It (TV)  (1980)
With Six You Get Eggroll  (1968)

Farr, Jamie
"$100,000 Pyramid"
"After M*A*S*H"  [Maxwell Q. Klinger]  (1983)
"Andy Griffith Show, The"  [gypsy]
"Chicago Teddy Bears"  (1971)
"Dick Van Dyke Show, The"  [messenger boy]
"Donna Reed Show, The"  [waiter]
"Gomer Pyle, USMC"
"Gong Show, The"  [panelist]
"Kolchack The Night Stalker - Primal Scream"
"Love Boat"  [police inspector]
"Mad TV - Vague Gameshow"  (1996)
"Murder, She Wrote - Little Night Work, A"  [Theo Wexler]  (1988.10.30)
"My Favorite Martian"
"Rhyme & Reason"
"Surprise Surprise!"
"Take My Word For It"  [panelist]  (mid 1980s)
"Women of the House"  [himself]
"Wordplay"  [substitute host]
(IBM commercials)
Amateur Night at the Dixie Bar and Grill (TV)  [Snuffy McCann]  (1979)
Blackboard Jungle  (1955)
Blue Knight, The (TV)  [Yasser Hafiz]  (1973)
Cannonball Run II  (1984)
Cannonball Run, The  (1981)
Combat High (TV)  (1986)
Curse II: The Bite  [Harry Morton]  (1988)
For Love or Money (TV)  (1984)
Gong Show Movie, The  (1980)
Greatest Story Ever Told, The  [Thaddaeus]  (1965)
Guys and Dolls (stage)  [Nathan Detroit]
Happy Hour  (1986)
Just Farr Fun (autobiographical book)
Masterpiece of Murder, A (TV)  [Himself]  (1986)
Murder Can Hurt You (TV)  (1980)
No Time for Sergeants  (1958)
Return of the Rebels (TV)  [Mickey Fine]  (1981)
Ride Beyond Vengeance  (1966)
Run Till You Fall (TV)  (1988)
Scrooged  [Jacob Marley]  (1988)
Speed Zone!  [Cannonballer No. 2]  (1989)
Who's Minding the Mint?  [Mario]  (1967)
With Six You Get Eggroll  (1968)

Farrell, Mike
"Banacek - Greatest Collection of Them All, The"  [Jason Trotter]  (1972)
"Best of National Geographic, The"
"Days of Our Lives"  (1965)
"Interns, The"  (1970)
"JFK, A One Man Show"  (1983/1984)
"Man and the City, The"  (1971)
"Marcus Welby, M.D."  [father]
"Marcus Welby, M.D."  [professor]
"Matlock - Trial, The  Part 2"  [Judge Bennett]  (1991.02.26)
"Monkees, The"  [CIS Man]
"Murder, She Wrote - Family Jewels, The"  [Drew Borden]  (1990.11.04)
"Owen Marshall, Counselor at Law"
"Price of the Bride, The" (British TV)  [Joe Roth]
"World of National Geographic - Beaver Pond, A"
Battered (TV)  (1978)
Choices of the Heart (TV)  (1983)
Damien: The Leper Priest (TV)  (1980)
Deadly Silence, A (TV)  (1989)
Graduate, The  [uncredited]  (1967)
Hart to Hart movie (TV)  (1994.05.??)
Incident at Dark River (TV)  (1989)
Letters from Frank (TV)  (1979)
Live Again, Die Again (TV)  (1974)
Longest Night, The (TV)  (1972)
McNaughton's Daughter (TV)  (1976)
Memorial Day (TV)  (1983)
Price of the Bride, The (British TV)  [Joe Roth]  (1990)
Prime Suspect (TV)  (1982)
Private Sessions (TV)  (1985)
Questor Tapes, The (TV)  [Jerry Robinson]  (1973)
Sex and the Single Parent (TV)  (1979)
She Cried Murder (TV)  (1973)
Silent Motive (TV)  [Det. Trella]  (1991)
Targets  (1968)
Vanishing Act (TV)  [Harry Kenyon]  (1986)
Whereabouts of Jenny, The (TV)  [Van Zandt]  (1991)

Linville, Larry
"Checking In"  (1981)
"CHiPs - Roller Disco Part I"  [Carlin]  (1979.09.22)
"CHiPs - Roller Disco Part II"  [Carlin]  (1979.09.22)
"Grandpa Goes to Washington"  (1978)
"Herbie, the Love Bug"  (1982)
"Mission:  Impossible"  [Eastern Bloc prison official]
"Lois & Clark:  The New Adventures of Superman - Neverending Battle"  (1993.10.03)
"Lou Grant"  [government agent]
"Love Boat"
"Mission:  Impossible"  [military officer]
"Murder, She Wrote - Curse of the Daanau"  [Lieutenant Ames]  (1988.02.07)
"Murder, She Wrote - Murder Takes the Bus"  [Kent Radford]  (1985.03.17)
"Murder, She Wrote - Unwilling Witness"  [Paige Corbin]  (1995.12.14)
"Paper Dolls"  (1984)
(some Howard Stern production)
(car battery commercial)
(IBM commercials)
Blue Movies  (1988)
Body Waves  [Himmel]  (1992)
C.H.U.D. II - Bud the Chud  (1989)
Earth Girls Are Easy  (1989)
Fatal Pursuit  (1994)
Kotch  (1971)
Marcus Welby, M.D. (TV)  (1969)
Million to Juan, A  [Richard Dickerson]  (1994)
Night Partners (TV)  (1983)
Night Stalker, The (TV)  (1971)
No Dessert Dad, Til You Mow The Lawn  (1994)
Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever  [McGree]  (1990)
School Spirit  [President Grimshaw]  (1985)
Vanished (TV)  (1971)
West From North Goes South (1993)

Morgan, Harry
"3rd Rock From the Sun - Much Ado About Dick"  [Dr. Sutor]  (1996.11.13)
"3rd Rock From the Sun - Selfish Dick"  [Dr. Sutor]  (1996.05.14)
"After M*A*S*H"  [Doctor Sherman T. Potter]  (1983)
"Backstairs at the White House" (mini)  [Harry S. Truman]  (1979)
"Blacke's Magic"  [Leonard Blacke]  (1986)
"D.A., The"  [Chief Deputy D.A. "Staff" Stafford]  (1971)
"December Bride"  [Pete Porter]  (1954)
"Dragnet"  (1952)
"Grace Under Fire"  (1996.03.20)
"Hec Ramsey"  (1972)
"Jeff Foxworthy Show, The"  (1995.11.04)
"Kentucky Jones"  (1964)
"Patridge Family, The"
"Pete and Gladys"  (1960)
"Richard Boone Show, The"  (1963)
"Roots: The Next Generations" (mini)  [Bob Campbell]  (1979)
"Simpsons, The"  [voice of Bill Gannon]  (1995.11.19)
"Untouchables, The"
"You Can't Take It with You"  [Martin Vanderhof]  (1987)
(a telephone commercial broadcast on radio)
(IBM commercials)
14 Going on 30 (TV)  (1988)
Against Her Will: An Incident in Baltimore (TV)  [Judge Stoddard Bell]  (1992)
All My Sons  [Frank Lubey]  (1948)
Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again, The  (1979)
Apple Dumpling Gang, The  [Homer McCoy]  (1975)
Arena  (1953)
Barefoot Executive, The  (1971)
Bell for Adamo, A  (1945)  {credited as Henry Morgan?}
Bend of the River  (1952)
Better Late Than Never (TV)  (1979)
Big Clock, The  (1948)  {credited as Henry Morgan}
Blue Veil, The  (1951)
Cat from Outer Space, The  [General Stilton]  (1978)
Charley and the Angel  [The Angel]  (1973)
Crash Dive  (1943)
Dark City  (1950)
Down to the Sea in Ships  {credited as Henry Morgan}
Dragnet  [Captain Bill Gannon]  (1987)
Dragnet (TV)  [Officer Bill Gannon]  (1969)
Dragonwyck  (1946)
Exo-Man, The (TV)  (1977)
Far Country, The  (1955)
Flim Flam Man, The  (1967)
Frankie and Johnny  [Cully]  (1966)
From This Day Forward  (1946)
Gangster, The  [Shorty]  (1947)
Glenn Miller Story, The  [Chummy MacGregor]  (1954)
Happy Land  (1943)  {credited as Henry Morgan?}
High Noon  [William Fuller]  (1952)
Holiday Affair  [Police Lietenant]  (1949)
How the West Was Won  [General Grant]  (1962)
Incident in a Small Town (TV)  [Judge Bell]  (1994)
Incident, The (TV)  (1990)
Inherit the Wind  [Judge]  (1960)
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home  (1965)
Kate Bliss and the Ticker Tape Kid (TV)  (1978)
Last Day, The (TV)  [Narrator]  (1975)
Madame Bovary  (1949)
Maneaters Are Loose! (TV)  (1978)
Moonrise  [Billy Scripture]  (1948)
More Wild Wild West (TV)  (1980)
Mountain Road, The  (1960)
My Six Convicts  (1952)
Orchestra Wives  (1942)
Ox-Bow Incident, The  (1943)
Rivkin: Bounty Hunter (TV)  (1981)
Roughnecks (TV)  (1980)
Saxon Charm, The  (1948)
Scandal Sheet  (1952)
Scandalous John  (1971)
Scout's Honor (TV)  (1980)
Shootist, The  [Marshall Thibido]  (1976)
Sidekicks (TV)  [Sheriff Jenkins]  (1974)
Snowball Express  (1972)
Somewhere in the Night  (1946)
Sparkling Cyanide (TV)  [Captain Kemp]  (1983)
Star in the Dust  (1956)
State Fair  (1945)
Strange Bargain  (1949)
Support Your Local Gunfighter  (1971)
Support Your Local Sheriff!  [Olly Perkins]  (1969)
Teahouse of the August Moon, The  (1956)
Thunder Bay  [Rawlings]  (1953)
To The Shores of Tripoli  (1942)  {credited as Henry Morgan?}
Torch Song  (1953)
Under Fire  (1957)
Viva Max!  (1969)
Well, The  (1951)
What Price Glory  (1952)
When I Grow Up  (1951)
Wild Bill:  A Hollywood Maverick  [himself]  (1995)
Wild Wild West Revisited, The (TV)  (1979)
Wing and a Prayer  (1944)
Yellow Sky  (1948)

Rogers, Wayne
"Big Valley"
"Chiefs" (mini)  [Will Henry Lee]  (1983)
"City of Angels"  [Jake Axminster]  (1976)
"High Risk"  [Host]  (1988)
"House Calls"  [Dr. Charley Michaels]  (1979)
"Murder, She Wrote - Dead Eye"  [Charlie Garrett]  (1993.02.07)
"Murder, She Wrote - Deadly Assets"  [Charlie Garrett]  (1994.01.23)
"Murder, She Wrote - Deadly Bidding"  [Charlie Garrett]  (1995.11.23)
"Murder, She Wrote - Fatal Paradise"  [Charlie Garrett]  (1994.11.13)
"Murder, She Wrote - Quaking in Aspen, A"  [Charlie Garrett]  (1995.09.28)
"Search for Tomorrow"  (1951)
"Stagecoach West"  [Luke Perry]  (1960)
"Wall Street Week"
(IBM commercials)
American Harvest (TV)  [Walter Duncan]  (1987)
Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan (TV)  (1975)
Bluegrass (TV)  [Lowell Shipleigh]  (1988)
Chamber of Horrors  (1966)
Cool Hand Luke  [Gambler]  (1967)
Drop-Out Mother (TV)  [Jack Cromwell]  (1988)
Gig, The  [Marty Flynn]  (1985)
Girl Who Spelled Freedom, The (TV)  (1986)
Goodbye Bird, The  (1993)
Having Babies II (TV)  (1977)
He's Fired, She's Hired (TV)  (1984)
Hot Touch  [Danny Fairchild]  (1982)
I Dream of Jeannie: 15 Years Later (TV)  (1985)
It Happened One Christmas (TV)  (1977)
Killing Time, The  [Jake Winslow]  (1987)
Lady from Yesterday, The (TV)  (1985)
Miracle Landing (TV)  [Bob Schornstheimer]  (1990)
Once in Paris...  (1978)
One Terrific Guy (TV)  (1986)
Passion and Paradise (TV)  [Raymond Schindler]  (1989)
Pocket Money  (1972)
Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery (TV)  (1978)
Top of the Hill, The (TV)  (1980)

Stevenson, McLean
"Concrete Cowboys"  (1981)
"Condo"  [James Kirkridge]  (1983)
"Dirty Dancing"  [Max Kellerman]  (1988-1989)
"Doris Day Show, The"  (1968)
"Golden Girls"
"Hello Larry"  [Larry Adler]  (1979)
"Hollywood Squares"
"Hotel"  [swindler]
"In the Beginning"  [Father Daniel M. Cleary]  (1978)
"Love Boat, The"  [Michael]  (charity gambling cruise episode)
"Match Game"
"McLean Stevenson Show, The"  (1976)
"Tales of the City"
"Tim Conway Comedy Hour, The"  (1970)
"What's My Line?"
Cat from Outer Space, The  [Link]  (1978)
Class Cruise (TV)  [Miles Gimrich]  (1989)
Shirts/Skins (TV)  (1973)
Win, Place and Steal  (circa 1974)

Stiers, David Ogden
(conducted Boston Pops)
"Doc"  (1975)
"Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"  (1997.01.25)
"First Olympics - Athens 1896, The" (mini)  [William Sloane]
"Mary Tyler Moore"  [Mel Price]
"Matlock - Ambassador, The  Part 2"  [Thomas Baldwin]  (1988.12.13)
"Matlock - Blind Justice"  [Arthur Hampton]  (1987.10.06)
"Murder, She Wrote - Corned Beef & Carnage"  [Aubrey Thornton]  (1986.11.02)
"Murder, She Wrote - Egg to Die For, An"  [Sergei Nemiroff]  (1994.12.11)
"North and South" (mini)  [Congressman Sam Greene]  (1985)
"North and South II" (mini)  [Congressman Sam Greene]  (1986)
"Paper Chase, The"
"Star Trek:  The Next Generation - Half a Life"  [Timicin]  (1991.05.04)
"Wings - Little Nightmare Music, A"  [Edward Tinsdale]  (1990.11.12)
?? "Cosby Show, The"  [a professor?]
Accidental Tourist, The  [Porter]  (1988)
Alamo:  13 Days to Glory, The (TV)  (1987)
Anatomy of an Illness (TV)  [Cleveland Amory]  (1984)
Another Woman  (1988)
Bad Company  (1995)
Bad Seed, The (TV)  (1985)
Beauty and the Beast  [Voice of Cogsworth/Narrator]  (1991)
Beauty and the Beast (stage)  [Voice of Narrator]
Better Off Dead  [Al Myer]  (1985)
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do (TV)  (1979)
Charlie's Angels (TV)  [Scott Woodville]  (1976)
Cheap Detective, The  [Captain]  (1978)
Circle of Children, A
Creator  [Sid Kuhlenbeck]  (1985)
Damien: The Leper Priest (TV)  (1980)
Day One (TV)  (1989)
Day the Bubble Burst, The (TV)  (1981)
Disneyland Candlelight Processional (live)  [Narrator]  (1995.12.??)
Doc Hollywood  [Nick Nicholas]  (1991)
Drive, He Said  (1972)
Earth and the American Dream  [voice]  (1993)
Everybody Says I Love You
Final Days, The (TV)  (1989)
Final Notice (TV)  (1989)
Harry's War  (1981)
How to Murder a Millionaire (TV)  [Gilbert]  (1990)
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The  [Voice of the Archdeacon]  (1996)
Innocents Abroad, The (TV)  (1983)
Iron Will  (1994)
J. Edgar Hoover (TV)  [Franklin D. Roosevelt]  (1987)
Kissing Place, The (TV)  [Charles Tulane]  (1990)
Last of His Tribe, The (TV)  [Doctor Pope]  (1992)
Love Affair: The Eleanor and Lou Gehrig Story, A (TV)  [Dr. Charles Mayo]  (1978)
Magic  [Todson]  (1978)
Magic Show, The (stage)
Man with One Red Shoe, The  [The Conductor]  (1985)
Merry Wives of Windsor, The (stage)  [Sir John Fallstaff]  (summer of 83 or 84)
Mighty Aphrodite  (1995)
Mrs. Delafield Wants to Marry (TV)  (1986)
Oh, God!  [Mr. McCarthy]  (1977)
Oldest Living Graduate, The (TV)  (1980)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Avenging Ace (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1988)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lady in the Lake (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1988)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Lost Love (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1987)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Murdered Madam (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1987)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Notorious Nun (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1986)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Scandalous Scoundrel (TV)  (1987)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1986)
Perry Mason: The Case of the Sinister Spirit (TV)  [D.A. Michael Reston]  (1987)
Pocahontas  [voice of Governor Ratcliffe]  (1995)
Sergeant Matlovich vs. the U.S. Air Force (TV)  (1978)
Shadows and Fog  [Hacker]  (1992)
Sum of All Fears (book on tape)  [narrator]
THX 1138  (1971)
Tool Shed, The  (1994)
Ulysses in Night Town (stage)
Wife, Mother, Murderer (TV)  [John Homan]  (1991)
Without a Kiss Goodbye (TV)  [Gerald Orr]  (1993)

Swit, Loretta
"Hawaii Five-O - Bait Once, Bait Twice"  [Betty Landers]  (1972.01.11)
"Hawaii Five-O - A Thousand Pardons, You're Dead"  [Anna Stockton Schroeder]  (1969.09.24)
"Hawaii Five-O - Three Dead Cows at Makapuu, Part I"  [Wanda Russell]  (1970.02.25)
"Hawaii Five-O - Three Dead Cows at Makapuu, Part II"  [Wanda Russell]  (1970.03.04)
"Mission:  Impossible"  [barkeeper]  (1960's)
"Muppet Show, The"  (1980)
"Those Incredible Animals" (cable)
(AM/PM Mini Mart commercials)
(commercials for some telephone product)
(IBM commercials)
(lipstick infomercial)
14 Going on 30 (TV)  (1988)
Beer  [B.D. Tucker]  (1985)
Best Christmas Pageant Ever (TV)  [pageant director]  (1983)
Cagney & Lacey (TV)  (1981)
Deadhead Miles  (1972)
Dreams of Gold: The Mel Fisher Story (TV)  (1986)
Execution, The (TV)  (1985)
First Affair (TV)  [Jane Simon]  (1983)
Freebie and the Bean  [Meyers' Wife]  (1974)
Friendships, Secrets and Lies (TV)  (1979)
Games Mother Never Taught You (TV)  (1982)
Hell Hath No Fury (TV)  (1991)
Hostage Heart, The (TV)  (1977)
Kid from Nowhere, The (TV)  (1982)
Killer Among Friends, A (TV)  [Det. Patricia Staley]  (1992)
Last Day, The (TV)  [Bob Dalton's girlfriend]  (1975)
Love Tapes, The (TV)  (1980)
Mirror, Mirror (TV)  [Sandy McLaren]  (1979)
Race with the Devil  (1975)
S.O.B.  [Polly Reed]  (1981)
Shirts/Skins  (1973) (TV)
Stand Up and Be Counted  (1972)
Valentine (TV)  (1979)
Whoops Apocalypse  [President Barbara Adams]  (1986)

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