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Gilligan's Island FAQ: Other Credits

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Archive-name: tv/gilligans-isle/other-credits
Last-modified: 1998/05/21
Posting-Frequency: Monthly

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Gilligan's Island FAQ:  Other Credits
Gilligan's Island FAQ:  Other Credits is a list of credits for
movies, television, and other projects that people associated
with Gilligan's Island have done outside of the series.

Backus, Jim
"Ark II - Cryogenic Man, The"  (1976.10.23)
"Blondie"  [J.C. Dithers]  (1968)
"Brady Bunch, The - Ghost Town USA"  [Zacchariah T. Brown]
"Brady Bunch, The - Hustler, The"  [Mr. Matthews]
"CHiPs - Undertow"  [Weitzman]  (1977.09.22)
"Family Feud"  [himself]
"Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo, The"  [Voice of Mr. Magoo]  (1964)
"Hollywood House"  (1949)
"I Married Joan"  [Judge Bradley Stevens]  (1952)
"Jim Backus Show, The" (a.k.a. "Hot off the Wire")  [Mike O'Toole]  (1960)
"Trapper John, M.D."  [custodian]
"Wild, Wild West, The - Night of the Sabatini Death, The"  [Mr. Swanson]  (1969.02.07)
1001 Arabian Nights (voice)  (1959)
Above and Beyond  [General LeMay]  (1952)
Above Suspicion  (1943)
Advance to the Rear  (1964)
Androcles and the Lion  [Centurian]  (1952)
Angel Face  [Judson]  (1952)
Angels Revenge  [Commander Lindsey March]  (1979)
Ask Any Girl  (1959)
Big Operator, The  (1959)
Billie  (1965)
Boys' Night Out  (1962)
Bright Victory  [Bill Grayson]  (1951)
C.H.O.M.P.S.  (1979)
Cop on the Beat (TV)  (1975)
Crazy Mama  (1975)
Critic's Choice  [neighbor]  (1963)
Dangerous Profession, A  [Ferrone]  (1949)
Deadline U.S.A.  [Cleary]  (1952)
Don't Bother to Knock  (1952)
Don't Make Waves  (1967)
Easy Living  (1949)
Father Was a Fullback  (1949)
Fluffy  [Sergeant]  (1965)
Francis in the Navy  [Commander Hutch]  (1955)
Getting Away from It All (TV)  (1971)
Gift of the Magi, The (TV)
Girl Most Likely to..., The (TV)  (1973)
Good Guys Wear Black  [Doorman]  (1979)
Gossip Columnist, The (TV)  (1979)
Great Lover, The  (1949)
Great Man, The  (1956)
Half Angel  (1951)
Hello Down There  (1969)
Hollywood Story  (1951)
His Kind of Woman  [Myron Winton]  (1951)
Human Jungle, The  (1954)
Hurry Sundown  (1967)
I Want You  (1951)
Ice Palace  (1960)
Iron Man  (1951)
It Started with Eve  (1941)
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World  (1963)
John Goldfarb, Please Come Home  (1965)
Johnny Cool  (1963)
M  (1951)
Ma and Pa Kettle Go to Town  (1950)
Macabre  (1958)
Magic Carpet (TV)  (1971)
Man of a Thousand Faces  [Clarence Logan]  (1957)
Man with a Cloak, The  [Flaherty]  (1951)
Meet Me in Las Vegas  (1956)
Miracle on 34th Street (TV)  [Horace Shellhammer]  (1973)
My Six Loves  (1963)
Myra Breckinridge  (1970)
Now You See Him, Now You Don't  (1972)
Opposite Sex, The  (1956)
Pat and Mike  [Charles Barry]  (1952)
Pete's Dragon  (1977)
Prince Jack  (1984)
Private's Affair, A  (1959)
Rebel Without a Cause  [Jim's father]  (1955)
Rebels, The (TV)  (1979)
Seven From Heaven  (1979)
Slapstick (Of Another Kind)  (1984)
Sunday in New York  (1963)
There Goes the Bride  (1979)
Wake Me When the War Is Over (TV)  (1969)
Wheeler Dealers, The  (1963)
Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?  (1986)
Wild and the Innocent, The  (1959)
Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, The  [The King]  (1962)
Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus  [narrator]
You Can't Run Away From It  (1956)
Zotz!  (1962)

Denver, Bob
"ALF - Ballad of Gilligan's Island"  [Gilligan]  (1987.09.28)
"Andy Griffith Show, The"  [hillybilly]  (c. 1963)
"Baywatch"  (1991)
"Dusty's Trail"  [Dusty]  (1973)
"Evening Shade - Graduation, The"  [himself]  (1993.05.17)
"Far Out Space Nuts"  [Junior]  (1975.09.06 - 1976.09.04)
"Good Guys, The"  [Rufus Butterworth]  (1968 - 1970)
"Herman's Head - Herm From Ipanema, The"  [himself]  (1994.02.26)
"I Dream of Jeannie"
"Invisible Woman, The" (pilot)
"Love Boat"  (several episodes)
"Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The"  [Maynard G. Krebs]  (1959)
"Roseanne"  (1995.05.24)
"Scamps"  (pilot)
"Simpsons, The - Simpson Tide"  (1998)
(IBM Internet commercials)
(Perry Como and Pat Boone specials)
Back to the Beach  [The Bartender]  (1987)
Bring Me the Head of Dobie Gillis (TV)  [Maynard G. Krebs]  (1988)
Do You Know the One About the Traveling Saleslady?
For Those Who Think Young  [Jimmy's beachnik sidekick]  (1964)
High School U.S.A. (TV)  [Milton Feld]  (1983)
Invisible Woman, The (TV)  [the chemist]  (1983)
Private's Affair, A  [army recruit]  (1959)
Sweet Ride, The  (1968)
Take Her, She's Mine  (1963)
Who's Minding the Mint?  [Willie Owens]  (1967)

Hale Jr., Alan
"ALF - Ballad of Gilligan's Island"  [The Skipper]  (1987.09.28)
"Andy Griffith Show"  [Farmer Jeff Pruitt]
"Biff Baxter, USA"  [Biff Baxter]  (1956-1957)
"Black's Magic"
"Casey Jones"  [Casey Jones]  (1957)
"Crazy Like a Fox"
"Family Feud"  [himself]
"Fantasy Island" (ep. about race car driver)  ['pit crew chief']
"Fantasy Island" (Rags to Riches?)  [18th Century English Judge]
"The Good Guys"
"Growing Pains"  [cab driver]??
"Land of the Giants" (the '70s version)
"Love Boat"
"Lucille Ball Show, The"
"Magnum, PI"  [corporate spy]
"Matt Houston"
"Murder, She Wrote"??
"Simon & Simon"
"Wild, Wild West, The - Night of the Sabatini Death, The"  [SS Agent Ned Brown]  (1969.02.02)
Affair in Reno  (1957)
Angels Revenge  (1979)
At Sword's Point  (1952)
Back to the Beach  [The Bartender's Buddy]  (1987)
Big Trees, The  (1952)
Eagle Squadron  (1942)
Four Days Leave  (1950)
Giant Spider Invasion, The  [Sheriff Jeff Jones]  (1975)
Gunfighter, The  [First Brother]  (1950)
It Happened on Fifth Avenue  (1947)
Fifth Musketeer, The  (1979)
Hambone and Hillie  (1984)
Hang Em High  [the blacksmith]  (1968)
Honeychile  (1951)
Indian Fighter, The  (1955)
Iron Glove, The  (1954)
It Happens Every Spring  [Schmidt]  (1949)
Johnny Dangerously  [Desk Sergeant]  (1984)
Killer Is Loose, The  (1956)
Long Rope, The  (1961)
Monsieur Beaucaire  [Courier]  (1946)
Moochie of Pop Warner Football (TV)  [team coach]  (1960)
Music Man, The  (1948)
North Avenue Irregulars, The  (1979)
One Sunday Afternoon  (1948)
Rogue Cop  [Johnny Stark]  (1954)
Sweetheart of Sigma Chi
There Was a Crooked Man ...  (1970)
To the Shores of Tripoli  (1942)
Up Periscope  [Malone]  (1959)
Wait 'Til the Sun Shines, Nellie  (1952)
West Point Story  (1950)
When Thief Meets Thief  (1937)
Young at Heart  (1954)

Johnson, Russell
"ALF - Ballad of Gilligan's Island"  [The Professor]  (1987.09.28)
"Alfred Hitchcock Presents"
"Almost Live!"
"Ben Casey"
"Black Saddle"  [Marshal Gib Scott]  (1959)
"Boris Karloff's Thriller"
"Bosom Buddies"
"Cannon - Blood Money"  [John Romano]  (1974.02.06)
"Cannon - Lady on the Run"  [Paul Merrick]  (1975.03.05)
"Casey Jones"  [hobo]
"Death Valley Days"
"Family Feud"  [himself]
"FBI, The"
"General Electric True"
"Invaders, The - Trial, The"  [defense lawyer]  (1967.10.10)
"Lou Grant"
"MacGyver - Ugly Duckling"  [ODI Investigator]  (first season)
"Marcus Welby, M.D."
"New Monkees, The"
"Outer Limits, The"
"Playhouse 90"
"Police Story"
"Real McCoys, The"
"Rich Man, Poor Man"
"Roseanne"  (1995.05.24)
"Route 66"
"Studio One"
"That Girl"
"Twilight Zone - Back There"  [Peter Corrigan]  (1961.01.31)
"Twilight Zone - Execution"  [George Manion]  (1960.04.01)
"Wonder Woman - Disco Devil"  [The Colonel]  (1978.11.20)
(Alaska Airlines radio commercials)  [himself]  (1998)
Adventures of the Queen (TV)  (1975)
Attack of the Crab Monsters  (1957)
Badman's Country  [Sundance]  (1958)
Black Tuesday  (1954)
Collision Course (TV)  (1975)
For Men Only  (1952)
Greatest Story Ever Told, The  (1965)
Horror at 37,000 Feet (TV)  [Jim Hawley]  (1972)
It Came from Outer Space  [George]  (1953)
Law and Order  (1953)
MacArthur  (1977)
Rock All Night  (1957)
Rogue Cop  [Patrolman Carland]  (1954)
Seminole  [Lieutenant Hamilton]  (1953)
Space Children  (1958)
This Island Earth  (1954)
With a Vengeance (TV)  [Dr. Jesse Butler]  (1992)

Louise, Tina
"Black's Magic"
"CHiPs - Roller Disco Part II"  (1979.09.22)
"Cannon - Wedding March, The"  [Nell Dexter]  (1975.11.19)
"Dallas"  [Julie Grey]  (1978)
"Fantasy Island"
"Knight Rider - The Topaz Connection"  [centerfold]
"Kung Fu"
"Love Boat"
"Marcus Welby, M.D."
"Married With Children - Kelly Bounces Back"  [Miss Beck]  (1990.10.28)
"Matt Houston"
"Police Story"
"Rituals"  [Taylor Chapin Field Von Platen]  (1984)
"Roseanne"  (1995.05.24)
"Simon and Simon"
(Jeopardy commercial)
Advice to the Lovelorn (TV)  [Diane Marsh]  (1981)
After All These Years  (1987?)
Armored Command  [Alexandra Bastegor]  (1961)
But I Don't Want to Get Married! (TV)  (1970)
Call to Danger (TV)  (1973)
Day of the Outlaw  (1959)
Day the Women Got Even, The (TV)  (1980)
Dixie Lanes  (1988)
Dog Day (aka Canicule)  (1973)
Evils of the Night  (1985)
For Those Who Think Young  (1962)
Friendships, Secrets and Lies (TV)  (1979)
God's Little Acre  (1958)
Good Guys and the Bad Guys, The  (1969)
Happy Ending, The  [Helen Bricker]  (1969)
Hellriders  (1984)
How to Commit Marriage  (1969)
Johnny Suede  [Mrs. Fontaine]  (1992)
Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby (TV)  [Marjean Dorn]  (1976)
Mean Dog Blues  [Donna Lacey]  (1978)
Nightmare in Badham County (TV)  [Greer]  (1976)
O.C. & Stiggs  (1985)
Pool, The
SST Disaster in the Sky (TV)  [Mae/May]  (1977)
Stepford Wives, The  (1975)
Trap, The  (1959)
Wrecking Crew, The  (1969)
Woman Who Cried Murder, The (TV)  (1975) - a.k.a., Death Scream

Schafer, Natalie
"Beverly Hillbillies"  [dress shop woman]
"Brady Bunch, The - Snooperstar, The"  [Penelope Fletcher]
"CHiPs - Journey to a Spacecraft"  [Mrs. Birdwing]  (1983.02.06)
"Family Feud"  [herself]
"I Love Lucy"  [charm school owner]
"Love Boat"
"Matt Houston"
"Simon & Simon"
"Survivors, The"  (1969)
"Trapper John, M.D."
"Three's Company - Jack in the Flower Shop"  [Impatient Woman]  (1978.01.31)
Anastasia  [Lissemskaia]  (1956)
Back Street  [Mrs. Evans]  (1961)
Bernadine  (1957)
Beverly Hills Brats  (1989)
Body Disappears, The  [Mrs. Lunceford]  (1941)
Caught  [Dorothy Dale]  (1948)
Day of the Locust  (1975)
Dishonored Lady  (1947)
Doughgirls, The  (1944)
Female on the Beach  [Queenie Sorenson]  (1955)
Forever Darling  (1956)
Forty Carats  (1973)
I'm Dangerous Tonight (TV)  (1990)
Keep Your Powder Dry  (1945)
Lady in the Dark  (1944)
Marriage Is a Private Affair  (1944)
Masquerade in Mexico  (1945)
Molly and Me  (1945)
Oh, Men! Oh, Women!  (1957)
Other Love, The  [Dora Shelton]  (1947)
Reunion in France  (1942)
Secret Beyond the Door  [Edith Potter]  (1948)
Snake Pit, The  [Mrs. Stuart]  (1948)
Susan and God  (1940)
Susan Slade  (1961)
Time of Your Life, The  (1948)
Wonder Man  (1945)

Wells, Dawn
"ALF - Ballad of Gilligan's Island"  [Mary Ann]  (1987.09.28)
"Almost Live!"
"Down to Earth"
"Fantasy Island"
"Growing Pains"??
"Herman's Head - Gals-A-Poppin'"  [Mary Ann]  (1993.01.24)
"Love Boat"
"Matt Houston"
"Roseanne"  (1995.05.24)
"Simon & Simon"
"Wild, Wild West, The - Night of the Headless Woman, The"  (1968.01.05)
(Jeopardy commercial)
High School U.S.A. (TV)  (1983)
New Interns, The  (1964)
Return to Boggy Creek  (1977)
Town that Dreaded Sundown, The  (1977)
Winterhawk  [Clayanna]  (1976)

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