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List of Canadian Game Shows

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Archive-name: tv/game-shows/canada
Last-modified: 1998/02/27
Posting-Frequency: Monthly

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List of Canadian Game Shows
This is a list of Canadian game shows and their hosts.  It
is a companion file to the US game shows list.

Game Show                               Host
---------                               ----
$40,000 Chain Reaction (*)              Geoff Edwards
36 Cordes, Les
5 Pour 1                                Guy Richer
                                        Louise Deschatelets
                                        Jean Duceppe
                                        (2 others)
5-4-3-2-Run                             Andrew Cochran
Acting Crazy                            Wayne Cox
Au Jeu
Au Secours Mon Amour                    Claude Boulard and Pierre Marcotte
Baloney!                                Pat Bullard
Beat the Clock                          Gene Wood
Beyond Reason                           Alan Spraggett
Bowling for Dollars                     [locally produced]
Bumper Stumpers (*)                     Al DuBois
Cafouillis                              Francis Reddy
Carte D'Identite                        Benoit Marleau
Celebrity Talkabout                     Wayne Cox
Chain Reaction                          Blake Emmons
                                        Geoff Edwards
Charivari                               Guy Mongrain
                                        Marie-Michele Desrosiers
Charivari Jeunes
Cherchez le Magot                       Serge Belair
Cine-Quiz                               Alain Montpetit
                                        Nicole Simard
Clips                                   Paul MacGuire
Comptant, Content                       Larry-Michel Demers
Definition                              Jim Perry
Detecteurs de Mensonges                 Patrice Lecuyer
                                        Marc-Andre Coallier
Double Jeu                              Guy Boucher
Educated Guess                          Pat Marsden
Eye Bet                                 Jim Perry
Fais-Moi un Dessin (+)                  Yves Corbeil
Front Page Challenge                    Fred Davis
Galaxie                                 Real Giguere
Generation Gap
Genies en herbe                         Martin Gelinas
Going Places                            Mike Darow/Darrow(=)?
Great Debate, The                       Pierre Berton
Guerre des Clans, La (+)                Luc Senay
Guerre des Sexes, La                    Louise Deschatelets and Guy Fournier
Guess What                              Robin Ward
He Knows, She Knows                     Mike Darow/Darrow(=)
He Says, She Says                       Alan Thicke
Headline Hunters                        Jim Perry
History Canada                          Jeff Hutchinson
It's Your Move                          George Balcan
                                        Paul Hanover
Jackpot! (*)                            Mike Darow/Darrow(=)
Jeopardy (in French)                    Real Giguere
Joke's On Us, The                       Monty Hall
Just Like Mom                           Fergie Olver and Catherine Swing
Kidstreet                               Kevin Frank
Knockout                                Buck Martinez
L'avocat du diable                      Michel Beaudry
L'Epicerie en Folie                     Christian Tetrault
La Seconde, A
Last Word, The (*)                      Winston "Wink" Martindale
                                          and Jennifer Lyall
Let's Make a Deal (*)                   Monty Hall
Lingo (*)                               Michael Reagan
                                        Dusty Martel
Love Handles                            Stu Jeffries
Loves Me, Loves Me Not (*)              Ross Shaffer
                                        Tino Monte?
Mad Dash, The                           Pierre Lalonde
Mais ou se cache Carmen Sandiego?       Martin Drainville
Manigances                              Manuel Hurtubise
Mimemo                                  Gaston Lepage
Misez Juste (+)                         Alain Leveille
                                        Claude Mercier [locally produced]
MusiQuest                               Darlene Murphy
New Chain Reaction, The (*)             Geoff Edwards
New Liars Club, The                     Eric Boardman
Next Line, The                          Kevin Frank
Ni Oui, Ni Non
Odyssee                                 Alain Montpetit
Paire D'as, Une                         Gaston L'Heureux and Ghislain Tremblay
Party Game                              Bill Walker
Pay Cards! (*)                          Art James
                                        Paul Hanover
Piment Fort                             Normand Brathwaite
Pitfall! (*)                            Alex Trebek
Poule Aux Oeufs D'or, La                Roger Baulu
                                        Guy Mongrain
Que le Meilleur Gagne (+)               Gregory Charles
Quebec a la Carte, Le                   Claude Boulard and Jacques Auger
Quelle Histoire                         Bernard Fortin
                                        Edgar Fruitier
Question de Sport                       Yvan Ponton
Quiz Kids                               [locally produced]
Reach for the Top                       [locally produced]
Roue Chanceuse, La (+)                  Donald Lautrec
Satellipopettes, Les                    Claude Steben
Second Honeymoon (*)                    Wayne Cox
Shlak                                   Patrick Huneault
Split Second (*)                        Monty Hall
Super Pay Cards! (*)                    Art James and Mary-Lou Basaraba
Supermarket Sweep                       Tino Monte
Talkabout (*)                           Wayne Cox
Test Pattern                            Dan Gallagher
That's My Line                          Don McGowan and Tiiu Leek
This is the Law                         Austin Willis
Tous Pour Un                            Jean Besre
Travail a la Chaine, Le                 Serge Laprade and Jacques Houde
Ultraquiz Lance et Compte               [changed weekly]
Union Fait la Farce, L' (+)             Serge Belair
Video and Arcade Top 10                 Gordon Woolvett
Vrai ou Faux                            Serge Belair
What's the Good Word?                   John Barton
Whiz Kids                               Al DuBois
Wild Guess                              Neil Krone
You Tell Us                             Doug Paulsen

(*) - These shows were produced in Canada and syndicated to the U.S.
(=) - Both Darow and Darrow have been separately spotted as possible spellings.

(+) - English Language Equivalents

French                                  English
------                                  -------
Fais-Moi un Dessin                      Win, Lose or Draw
Guerre des Clans, La                    Family Feud
Misez Juste                             The Price is Right
Que le Meilleur Gagne                   Everybody's Equal
Roue Chanceuse, La                      Wheel of Fortune
Union Fait la Farce, L'                 Match Game

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