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  1.01 What is _Frasier_?
  1.02 Who are the stars?
  1.03 Where and when can I see it?
  1.04 How long has _Frasier_ been on?
  1.05 What critical awards (e.g. Emmys) has _Frasier_ won?
  1.06 How can I write to the cast?
  1.07 When will _Frasier_ be in syndication?
  1.08 How much longer will _Frasier_ be around?

The Net
  2.01 Is there an episode guide?
  2.02 Are there any WWW pages?
  2.03 Does anyone associated with the show read
  2.04 Is there a _Frasier_ mailing list?

The Show
  3.01 What kind of a dog is Eddie?
  3.02 What radio station is Frasier's show on?
  3.03 Is Daphne aware of Niles's infatuation with her?
  3.04 Does anyone have a list of Maris's quirks?
  3.05 What is the name of the coffee house that Frasier and Niles
  3.06 Why is Frasier's dad alive on _Frasier_ when he was dead on
  3.07 Why aren't the places that the characters visit really places in
  3.08 What is latte?
  3.09 What is a "bwat"?
  3.10 What was the deal with the magnifying glasses in the tag scene
  3.11 What breed is Niles's Maris-like dog?

The Actors
  4.01 Didn't I see Frasier on _Wings_? (or What else has Kelsey
  4.02 Didn't I see Daphne on _Murphy Brown_? (or What else has Jane
  4.03 Didn't I see Niles in _Caroline in the City_? (or What else has
  4.04 Didn't I see Roz on _Cheers_? (or What else has Peri Gilpin
  4.05 Didn't I see Bulldog on _Caroline in the City_? (or What else
  4.06 Didn't I see Martin on _Cheers_? (or What else has John Mahoney
  4.07 Didn't I see Eddie at the Super Bowl? (or What else has Moose

  5.01 Has anyone from _Cheers_ (besides Frasier) appeared on
  5.02 Is Jane Leeves's accent real?
  5.03 Has anybody noticed that the guest callers are famous people?
  5.04 What does "Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs" mean?
  5.05 Did you know that Kelsey Grammer performs the theme song?
  5.06 Has anybody noticed that some lines in the theme song change?
  5.07 Has anybody noticed that the logo at the beginning changes?
  5.08 Is Christopher Lloyd the producer the same as the _Taxi_ and
  5.09 Is Dan Butler gay?
  5.10 Is David Hyde Pierce gay?

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Top Document: FAQ
Previous Document: News Headers
Next Document: 1.01 What is _Frasier_?

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