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ER FAQ 5.00, Section 2: Cast and Characters (2/8)

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ER FAQ 5.00: Cast and Characters

Asterisks (*) below denotes information updated or added since the last
version of the FAQ.

MeMiceElfAnI Productions Copyright 1997-99 by Rose Cooper; content cannot
be used without expressed written permission of the author.

Last Updated: 1/9/99 by Rose "MotherFAQer" Cooper


 2.1    What is the name of [Character X]?  Who does [Actor X] play?

        2.11   Main cast:

         Dr. Mark Greene, played by Anthony Edwards
            ER Attending physician

         Dr. Peter Benton, played by Eriq LaSalle
            Surgical Resident, sixth-year (season 5)

         Dr. Doug Ross, played by George Clooney
            Pediatric ER Attending physician; engaged to Carol

         Dr. John Carter, played by Noah Wyle
            Resident, third-year
            (second-year ER Resident; season 5)

         Nurse Carol Hathaway, played by Julianna Margulies
            Nurse Manager; also runs free-clinic; engaged to Doug

         Dr. Kerry Weaver, played by Laura Innes
            ER Attending physician

         Jeanie Boulet, played by Gloria Reuben
            PA (physician assistant) working in the ER

         Dr. Elizabeth Corday, played by Alex Kingston
            Surgical Resident, fifth-year (season 4);
            Surgical Intern, first-year (season 5)
              [It's complicated; it involves Math.]

        Lucy Knight, played by Kellie Martin
            third-year medical student
            [...and, "young female doctor void"-filler] (season 5)

       2.12   Supporting cast (currently active):

         Nurse Conni Oligario, played by Conni Marie Brazelton

         Nurse Chuny Marquez, played by Laura Ceron

         Nurse Haleh Adams, played by Yvette Freeman

         Nurse Lily Jarvik, played by Lily Mariye

         Nurse Lydia Wright, played by Ellen Crawford

         Nurse Malik McGrath, played by Deezer D

         Nurse Wendy Goldman, played by Vanessa Marquez

         Nurse Yosh Takata, played by Gedde Watanabe
            ER and (former?) free clinic nurse

         Nurse Lynette Evans, played by Penny Johnson
            Free Clinic Nurse Practitioner

         Jerry Markovic, played by Abraham Benrubi
            "Emergency Services Coordinator", aka Administrations Desk Clerk

         Randi Fronczak, played by Kristin Minter
            Administrations Desk Clerk

      *2.13   Recurring Cast:
         (Note: I define a "recurring" character as someone
          who's appeared in more than one episode in
          *unrelated* storylines, or has their own storyline.
          Patients who appear over the course of several episodes
          as part of the same medical storyline aren't listed here.)

         Dr. Maggie Doyle, played by Jorja[n] Fox
            ER Resident, third-year

         Dr. Donald Anspaugh, played by John Aylward
            Hospital Chief of Staff

         Dr. Neal Bernstein, played by David Spielberg
            Head of Pediatrics

         Al Boulet, played by Wolfgang Bodison (first season)
                and Michael Beach (after first season)
            Jeanie's ex-husband [currently doyled somewhere in Atlanta,
                waiting for his storyline to start again]

         Mary Cain, played by Fran Bennett
            Head of hospital re-engineering committee

         Dr. Janet Coburn, played by Amy Aquino
            OB/GYN attending

         Drummond, played by Paul Collins
            Hospital labor rep

         Officer Al Grabarsky, played by Mike Genovese
            Local policeman, married to Lydia

         Jennifer Greene, played by Christine Harnos
            Mark's ex-wife, a lawyer currently clerking

         Rachel Greene, played by Yvonne Zima
            Mark's daughter

         Helen Hathaway, played by Giorgi Tarian (first season)
               and Rose Gregorio (after first season)
            Carol's mother

         Jackie, played by Khandi Alexander
            Peter's sister

         Carla Reese, played by Lisa Nicole Carson
            Peter's ex-girlfriend, and now mother of his child

         Reese [Reece]~ Benton, played by Matthew Watkins
            Peter Benton and Carla Reese's son
            [name of original actor playing Baby Boy Benton, unknown]

         Craig Simon, played by Bruce Nozick
            Jenn Greene's husband
              [off playing "What's My Line" with Al]

         Kathy Snyder, played by Meghan Gallagher
            Legal counsel for the hospital

         Dr. Tabash, played by Ted Rooney
            NICU Neonatologist (aka, "itty-bitty-baby-doctor")

         Dr. Jack Kaysen, played by Sam Anderson

         E. Ray Bozeman, played by Charles Noland
            Ex-nursing assistant, now administrations desk

         Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano, played by Paul McCrane
            Surgical Attending
              [and pelvis-girdle-hole-driller extraordinare]

         Chase Carter, played by Jonathan Scarfe
            John Carter's addicted cousin

         Millicent "Gamma" Carter, played by Frances Sternhagen
            John Carter's grandmother, and Carol's clinic-benefactor

         Allison Beaumont, played by Michele Morgan
            EMT/Paramedic, and ongoing patient of Dr. Corday's

         Dr. Dale Edson, played by Matthew Glave
            Surgical Resident, third-year (season 5)
              [...and all-around pipsqueak]

         Roxanne Please, played by Julie Bowen
            Carter's Season 5 [ObBlonde] girlfriend

         Dr. Alexander Babcock, played by David Brisbin
            Pedes Anesthesiologist
            [and real-life husband of Laura Innes]

        *Adele (?), played by Erica Gimpel
            Social Worker

        *Officer Reggie Moore, played by Cress Williams

        2.14  Miscellaneous Recurring Characters

         (The following characters appear frequently on the show but
          tend to stay in the background.)

         Dumar, played by Brian Lester

         EMT (unnamed), played by Lee R. Sellars

         Pamela Olbes, played by Lynn A. Henderson
            EMT/Paramedic (African-American woman)

         Doris Pickman, played by Emily Wagner
            EMT/Paramedic (Redhaired woman)

         Zadro, played by Monte Russell

         Kit, played by Bellina Logan
            Surgical nurse

         Shirley, played by Dinah Lenney
            Surgical nurse

         Nurse Bjerke, played by Lucy Rodriguez
            Floor nurse in Surgery

         Dr. Simon, played by Robert Minchenberg
            Surgical staff

         Dr. Leung Joo Hua, played by Melissa Chan
            Second-year surgical resident (season 4)

        2.15  Former Supporting/Recurring Cast Members

         The following characters appear to be gone from the show
         [Especially the deceased ones.]

         Dr. Anna Del Amico, played by Maria Bello
            Pediatrician & ER resident (resigned)
            [or, fell into the Void...]

         Dr. David Morgenstern, played by William H. Macy
            Former Chief of Emergency Services (resigned)
            [ go play with the sheep sheep sheep...]

         Dr. Ellis West, played by Clancy Brown
            Synergix Attending, and Kerry's ex-lover
            [and, by sheer coincidence, Grown-up Baby Suzie...uh,
             I mean, Lucy Knight, recently signed on?  Hmmm...]

         Dr. Angela Hicks, played by CCH Pounder
            Surgical Attending
              ["doyled", season 4; "bobbed", season 5?]

         Cynthia Hooper, played by Mariska Hargitay
            Administrations Desk Clerk; was involved with Mark

         Dr. William "Wild Willie" Swift, played by Michael Ironside
            Former Chief of Emergency Services; Synergix Attending

         Chris Law, played by Joe Torry
            Accused Mark of killing his brother

         Scotty Anspaugh, played by Trevor Morgan
            Dr. Anspaugh's son and Jeanie's cancer patient (now deceased)

         Walt, played by Ving Rhames
            Jackie's husband/Peter's brother-in-law
              ["reincarnated as Baby Reese"]

         Dr. Nina Pomerantz, played by Jami Gertz
            Psychiatric consultant
              ["Outlived Her Usefulness"]

         Dr. Dennis Gant, played by Omar Epps
            Surgical intern, killed by train

         Dr. Abby Keaton, played by Glenne Headly
            Pediatric Attending surgeon, working in Pakistan now

         Dr. Susan Lewis, played by Sherry Stringfield
            ER Resident, fourth-year, moved to Phoenix

         Dr. Greg Fischer, played by Harry J. Lennix
            Infectious disease specialist; was involved with Jeanie

         Bogdanalivetsky "Bob" ["bobbed"] Romansky, played by Malgoscha Gebel
            Administrations Desk Clerk, former vascular surgeon in Poland

         Mae Benton, played by Beah Richards
            Peter Benton's mother, deceased

         Reilly Brown, played by Scott Michael Campbell

         Mrs. Cavanaugh (f.k.a. "Madame X"), played by Rosemary Clooney
            A middle-aged woman and former torch singer with Alzheimer's

         Deb Chen, played by Ming-Na Wen
            Medical student doing rotations in ER

         Claire, played by Channing Chase
            Dr. Vucelich's assistant

         Dr. Div Cvetic, played by John Terry
            Psychiatrist, Susan's former boyfriend

         Linda Farrell, played by Andrea Parker
            Doug's girlfriend (mid-season 1), a pharmaceutical rep

         Karen Hines, played by Marg Helgenberger
            Doug's girlfriend (late season 2), and his father's boss

         Hulda, played by Nicole Nagel
            Flight attendant; occasional companion of Doug Ross

         Iris, played by Joanna Gleason
            Infomercial director who dated Mark Greene

         Ivan, played by John LaMotta
            Liquor store owner who kept coming in with gunshot wounds

         Dr. Sara Langworthy, played by Tyra Ferrell
            Surgical Resident

         Diane Leeds, played by Lisa Zane
            Doug's girlfriend (late season 1)

         Jake Leeds, played by Zachary Browne
            Diane's son

         Chloe Lewis, played by Kathleen Wilholte
            Susan's sister

         Cookie Lewis, played by Valerie Perrine
            Susan and Chloe's mother

         Henry Lewis, played by Paul Dooley
            Susan and Chloe's father

         William Litman, played by Chris Edwards
            Carol's pre-med physics classmate tutor

         Liz, played by Liz Vassey
            Young woman who had a brief physical relationship with

         Raul Melendez, played by Carlos Gomez
            Shep's paramedic partner, burned to death

         Heather Morgan, played by Caitlin Dulany
            Briefly dated Mark after being his patient

         Sean O'Brien, played by Bradly Whitford
            Widower who sued hospital and Mark for malpractice

         Patrick, played by Kevin Michael Richardson
            Mentally disabled young man who hung around ER

         Timmy Rawlins, played by Glenn Plummer
            Administration Desk Clerk

         Rolando, played by Rolando Molina
            Administration Desk Clerk

         Ray Ross, played by James Farentino
            Doug's father, killed in a car accident

         Raymond "Shep" Shepherd, played by Ron Eldard
            Paramedic, Carol's ex-boyfriend

         Loretta Sweet, played by Mary Mara
            Ex-prostitute, now secretary

         Jimmy Sweet, played by Jake Lloyd
            Loretta's son

         Annie Sweet, played by Ashlee Lauren
            Loretta's daughter

         Dr. John Taglieri, played by Rick Rossovich
            Staff Orthopedist, Carol's ex-fiancee'

         Harper Tracy, played by Christine Elise
            Medical student

         Dr. Carl Vucelich, played by Ron Rifkin
            Vascular surgeon

         Dr. Amanda Lee, played by Mare Winningham
            Ex-Chief of Emergency Services, Season 5

*2.2  Who has joined/will join the cast in the fifth season?

      Kellie Martin, star of stellar productions such as (in the words of
the Chicago Tribune's Gail Shitster) "NBC's mercifully short-lived 'Crisis
Center'" [I'll save my own editorializing for Another Time], as well as
the ABC series "Life Goes On" and CBS's "Christy" [do we detect a pattern?]--
joins the cast as Lucy Knight, a third-year medical student in County's ER.
[Though Salon Magazine tickled me when they described her as filling the
show's "young female doctor void...", since she's not *technically* a doctor,
but only a third-year student, the statement is in error.  Although it
didn't stop the show from referring to Studly Young Male Student Carter as
such.  But I digress. And editorialize.]

     *She came, she got weird, she went: so played the saga of Dr. Amanda "uh,
what the hell was THAT?!?" Lee, played by Mare Winningham.  And like Forrest,
that's all I have to say about that.

     *Djimon Hounsou ("Amistad") and Akosua Busia ("The Color Purple") are
slated to join the cast for seven or (hopefully) more episodes beginning in

*2.3  Who has left/will be leaving the cast in/after the fifth season?

      Maria Bello [that ol' Young Female Doctor Void-creator herself], aka
Dr. Anna "Don't Call Me Anna" Del Amico, for one.  The buzz is that Ms.
Bello left "to pursue her movie career".  Reportedly, there was an amicable
parting between her and the "ER" big-wigs.  Her absence was explained in
the season premier.

      Leaving--but not, I repeat, *not* until the *END* of S5 *(welllll...make
that the end of February, 1999)--is George Clooney (and with him, Dr. Doug
See Section 5.23 for the latest in the saga of "Clooney: TeeVee actor or
Movie Staaaar?"...

 2.4, are any of the Old Hats stayin'?

      Sure.  In fact, most of them are.

      With the exception of Clooney (and, apparently, Bello), all of the
other main cast members had contracts that extended to the 1999-2000
season.  Just recently, Anthony Edwards (Dr. Mark Greene) and Noah Wyle
(Dr. John Carter) re-upped through 2001-2002; Edwards, for some Serious
Dough [talk about your new millenium...].  Again, from Jefferson Graham:
"Warner Bros. also plans to cut deals with core cast members [Julianna]
Margulies and [Eriq] La Salle".

Rose "MotherFAQer" Cooper,
Keeper Of The Mostly New And Somewhat Improved ER FAQ
EMAIL:    ICQ: 7760005

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