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alt.comedy.british FAQ (1/4) Introduction

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Archive-name: tv/british-comedy/general-faq/part1
Posting-Frequency: every 14 days
Last-modified: 23 May 1995
Version: 2.01

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alt.comedy.british FAQ 

Part 1: Introduction

Version 2.01
Compiled by James Kew,

Certain questions and topics come up with monotonous regularity on
alt.comedy.british. This FAQ is designed to provide answers and pointers to
further information. Feedback, information and suggestions for additional
topics are encouraged.

Copyright 1994, 1995 James Kew.
Reproduction in unaltered form for non-profit use is encouraged. Any other
reproduction is prohibited without permission. Vendor details are for
information only. I have no connection with any companies listed in this
FAQ. Do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate.


Changes from Version 2.00

  +  PhONEday changes to UK telephone numbers
  +  Now 3 (and 3 only) AbFab series
  +  Updated Craig Charles info



Part 1: Introduction

  +  Changes since last version
  +  Contents
  +  Where to find this FAQ
  +  Acknowledgements

Part 2: British Comedy on the Net

  1. Netiquette? What's that?
  2. What do all the abbreviations mean?
  3. What's alt.comedy.british for?
  4. What other newsgroups discuss British comedy?
  5. Where can I find FAQs/scripts/episode guides?
  6. Is any of this stuff available on the WWW?
  7. What's FTP? What's WWW? What's a URL?
  8. Could somebody mail me...?

Part 3: Specific Questions

  1. Why are British TV series so short?
  2. How many episodes of this show were there?
  3. What else has this actor been in?
  4. What is The Good Life? What's Grace And Favour?
  5. Wasn't Craig Charles charged with rape?
  6. Will there be a seventh series of Red Dwarf?
  7. What is the Absolutely Fabulous song?
  8. Will there be a fifth series of Blackadder?
  9. What were the characters in Captain Pugwash called?
 10. What does this phrase mean?
 11. What's the difference between England, Great Britain and the UK?

Part 4: Buyer's Guide

  1. Where can I buy copies of my favourite comedy?


Where to find this FAQ

The FAQ is posted every two weeks to alt.comedy.british, alt.answers and

The current version of the FAQ is available at:

A hypertext version is available on the WWW at:



Many people have contributed in one way or another to this document, by
maintaining an archive or FAQ or by sending me comments and information:

     Tom Barrett, Pat Berry, Dave Budd, Gwen Brophy, Dave Chapman,
     "Sir Darkwolf", Brandon Freels, Dave Gagne, Leverne Gething, Koen
     Gijsbers, Vincent Golden, Trish Greig, Jason Heimbaugh, Nathan
     Hughes, Joseph Hutcheon, Joe Isham, David Josephson, Wesley Kim,
     Terry Maton, Cindy Tittle Moore, Paul Rhodes, Dave Rogers, Janie
     Rubin, Steve Silberberg, Ross Smith, Russel Street, Kerrie
     Sutton, Nathan Torkington, Andrew Wong.

My apologies to anyone I've omitted!

My thanks to Ian Collier, for bouncing back my "we need an FAQ" idea and
for corrections and suggestions. Many special thanks to Melinda Casino, for
enthusiasm, ideas and information.


James Kew,, may 1995

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