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[] Episode Guide - Season 1

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This document is posted by the faq-server at approximately every other month 
to the Usenet groups <>, <news:alt.answers>, and 
<news:news.answers>. Any questions / concerns about this document should first be 
addressed to the author - Followup-To is set appropriately.

Several servers around the World Wide Web, NONE of which are maintained by this 
author, store a copy of this document. It can be obtained by anonymous ftp from 
<>; or by email: 
<>, the body of the mail must contain the command 
"send /pub/faqs/tv/alias/episode-guides/season1" without the quotes. A relatively 
decent HTMLized version of this document can be found at 
<>. For a complete list of 
world wide mirrors, see the document "Introduction to the *.answers newsgroups", 
which is posted frequently to <news:news.answers>; or retrieve it through e-mail by 
sending <>, with the command 
"send /pub/faqs/news-answers/introduction" without the quotes.

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