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FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 4/4 [Monthly posting]
Section - [4-7] Further Reading

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Top Document: FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 4/4 [Monthly posting]
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Consumer Reports Travel Letter
   $39/yr, monthly
   Subcription Department
   Pox 51366
   Boulder CO 80321-1366

   Backissues cost $5 and may be ordered from 
     Consumers Reports, PO Box 53016, Boulder, CO 80322-3016.

Best Fares Magazine:
   Covers air fares, hotels, car rentals, etc. Includes a TravelAmerica
   half-price hotel book and coupons for reduced airfares. Published monthly.
   Consumer Edition:  $58/year 
   Corporate Edition: $78/year (includes hidden cities in airfares)
   Best Fares, Inc.
     1111 W. Arkansas Lane, Suite C, Arlington, TX 76013, or
     PO Box 171212, Arlington, TX 76003
   800-635-3033 or 800-880-1234 or 817-261-6114 or 817-543-0538

Travel Unlimited: (World-wide courier flight information and travel tips.)
   $25/year, monthly
   Box 1058
   Allston, MA 02134

Official Airline Guide, Pocket Edition:
   Includes a free subscription to their "Frequent Flyer" magazine.

American Express Sky Guide:
   $45/year (12 issues)
   1-800-678-6738 x111.
   Skyguide, PO Box 5146, Harlan, IA  51593-2646

Value-Season Traveler
   Newsletter of travel discounts and special promotions. Each issue
   also includes several helpful travel tips.
   $48/year (12 issues, 12-16 pages per issue). 
   40% off ($28) for readers of the FAQ.
   Sample issue available for $2 postage and handling.
   On the Go Publishing, PO Box 091033, Dept 1108B, Columbus, OH 43209

Air Transport World:
   Magazine for the airline industry (not a frequent flyer guide).
   Box 96732
   Chicago, IL  96732

Citizens for Improved Air Travel
   PO Box 9200
   Washington DC, 20077-7512
   [Lobbying group?, but newsletter has some articles of interest.]

   $33/year ($55/2-years), 12 issues. Outside the US add $5/year.

   4715-C Town Center Drive 
   Colorado Springs, CO  80916-4709 

   (You can also subscribe by sending email to
   or calling 1-800-403-NEWS.)

The Official Frequent Flyer Guidebook - 2nd Edition, 320 pages.
   Information about airline, credit card, hotel, and car rental programs. 
   Published by AirPress (publisher of InsideFlyer) 
   $14.99 plus $3 shipping in US ($5 in Canada/Mexico, $7.50 elsewhere)

   Some articles from InsideFlyer can be viewed at no charge on "The
   Electronic Newsstand, a service which collects articles,
   editorials, and table of contents from over 100 magazines and
   provides them to the Internet community. The Electronic Newsstand
   is accessible by Gopher at
   The direct URL is
   or by telnet to (userid "enews", no password).
   For more information, write to

Michael Wm. McColl, "The Worldwide Guide to Cheap Airfares", 5th
edition, Insider Publications, 1994. 256 pages, ISBN 0-9633512-1-4,
$14.95. To order a copy, write to Insider Publications, 2124 Kittredge
Street, 3rd Floor, Berkeley, CA 94704, call 510-276-1532,
fax 510-276-1531, or send email to This book
discusses courier travel, charter flights, and bucket shops, and
includes extensive listings of courier travel agencies.

"Going Places: The High School Student's Guide to Study, Travel, and
Adventure Abroad", St. Martin's Press, $13.95. This book is compiled
by the Council on International Educational Exchange, and gives
information on more than 200 travel programs for students ages 12 to 18.

The European Travel Commission's 1994 guide to planning a trip to
Europe is available for free from European Planner/Dept. A, Box 1754,
New York, NY 10185.

For the "European Planning & Rail Guide", send $1 to BETS Planning
Guide, Budget European Travel Service, 2557 Meade Court, Ann Arbor, MI

For a free copy of "101 Tips for Adventure Travelers", call
1-800-873-5628, or write to 101 Tips, Overseas Adventure Travel, 349
Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139.

For a free copy of Northwest Airlines' Travel Tips booklet, call

For a free copy of "Discover America: A Listing of State and
Territorial Travel Offices of the United States", send a
self-addressed, stamped envelope to Discover America, c/o Travel
Industry Association of America, Dept. A, 1133 21st Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20036. It includes a comprehensive list of tourist
offices and phone numbers. Many tourist offices will send you free
maps and travel guides.

Marcus L. Endicott, "The Electronic Traveler: Directory of Tourism
Information Sources", 1994. 130 pages, spiral bound, $50 postpaid.
Available from M. L. Endicott, P.O. Box 20837, Saint Simons Island,
Georgia 31522-0437, USA. You can reach the author by email at Forword by Steven K. Roberts (author of
"Computing Across America"). Fairly comprehensive listing of online sources
of travel information. Includes a list of numerous BBS systems in
addition to the usual Internet sources of information. Also has
descriptions of the offerings of the propietary online systems,
computer reservation systems, and so on. If you like reading FAQs,
it has the same feel as would a FAQ of online travel information sources.

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Top Document: FAQ: Air Traveler's Handbook 4/4 [Monthly posting]
Previous Document: [4-6] Other Sources of Information
Next Document: [4-8] Phone Numbers Included in this FAQ

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