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soc.culture.thai Technical FAQ
Section - N.4) Network resources

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Top Document: soc.culture.thai Technical FAQ
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FTP servers
     /pub/thaisys/BBS          Selected files from BBSes in Thailand.
              .../info         Files from NECTEC /pub/info/...
              .../software     Files from NECTEC /pub/pc/... and
                               Kent State's /pub/Thai/Software.
              .../thainews     Decoded daily news from Thai News Agency
                               available at NECTEC /pub/news. Updated
     /pub/pics/Thailand        GIF and JPEG pictures of Thailand.
     /pub/thai/gif             GIF pictures.
     /pub/cuword               Home of cuword
     /pub/archives/...         USENET archives
     /pub/info/...             Information -- Text files.
           .../gna             Global Network Academy -- list of courses/
                               degrees of which class attendance is not
                               required and the Internet and its facilities
                               can be used to stimulate classroom
           .../netinfo         Forms/procedures related to Internet
           .../royal-speeches  Transcriptions of Royal Speeches on various
                               occations. Thai. TIS 620-2533 character set.
           .../soc.culture.thai-faq  Working copy of soc.culture.thai FAQ.
           .../thai-language         Thai word list, Thai word parser, etc.
           .../thailand-education    Information on local education.
           .../thailand-figures      Economic indicators and forecasts.
           .../thailand-gis+maps     GIS data and maps.
           .../thailand-networking   Domestic networking.
           .../thailand-travel       Travel.
     /pub/mirrors/...                Mirror archives of various software and
                                     specifications. Update automatically.
              .../SimTel/msdos       Simtel Repository archive.
              .../X                  X11R6 source tree.
              .../XFree86            X server for x86 Unix.
              .../dharma             DharmaNet Electronic File Archive (DEFA).
              .../faq                USENET Frequently Asked Questions
              .../freebsd            the FreeBSD operating system.
              .../games              U Mass Lowell's games archive.
              .../gnu                GNU software.
              .../intel              Intel CPUs and SBCs
              .../internet-drafts    Internet drafts.
              .../lao/bane_lao       Lao archive.
              .../linux              Linux freeware System V Unix.
              .../lpf                Leagues for Programming Freedom archive.
              .../mac                Macintosh archive from Stanford.
              .../microsoft          MS technical specifications.
              .../motorola           Motorola MPUs and SBCs.
              .../netbsd             the NetBSD operating system.
              .../os2                OS/2 archive.
              .../rec-travel         The library
              .../rfc                Internet RFC's.
              .../win3               Indiana CICA's Win3 archive.
     /pub/news                 Daily news from Thai News Agency. Thai.
                               TIS 620-2533 character set. Updated daily.
     /pub/pc/cu-writer         The renowned CU-Writer (a.k.a. CU Word).
                               Developed at Chulalongkorn. Thai.
         .../lao               Lao software -- now only the Lao version
                               of CU Writer 1.5. Developed by the
                               International Relations of Chulalongkorn
                               and the Lao PDR's Ministry of Science and
         .../mm-may92          MS Windows multimedia application of
                               the 'middle-class uprising' May 1992
                               chronicle. Developed at AIT. Thai.
         .../thai-lib          C programming library to facilitate the
                               development of Thai language applications.
                               Developed at KMIT-T. Thai.
     /soc.culture.thai         Shortcut to /pub/info/soc.culture.thai-faq/.
         .../Index             Current soc.culture.thai Index.
         .../general           Current soc.culture.thai General FAQ.
         .../culture           Current soc.culture.thai Culture FAQ.
         .../language          Current soc.culture.thai Language FAQ.
         .../travel            Current soc.culture.thai Travel FAQ.
         .../technical         Current soc.culture.thai Technical FAQ.
         .../figures           Current soc.culture.thai Figures FAQ.
         .../SCT-FAQ.tar.gz    Current distribution of SCT FAQs; plain text
                               and hypertext (HTML)
         .../Archives          Soc.culture.thai archives.
         .../Posted            Old releases of soc.culture.thai FAQs.
         .../SCTinfo           Supplemental information to soc.culture.thai.
     /thailand-info            Shortcut to /pub/info/

Telnet server
                               Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn.
                               Index of Thai Medical Journals.
                               Login as CUML; no password. VAX/VMS
                               microCDS/ISIS package.
                               Chulalongkorn University library. Login
                               as library with no password. Press L to
                               toggle between Thai and English.
                               Regional Computing Center, AIT. Online
                               library catalogue. Login as LIBRARY;
                               no password. OpenVMS. microCDS/ISIS pkg.

Gopher servers

   A list of of Gopher servers in Thailand is available online at

WWW servers

   A list of of WWW servers in Thailand is available online at         A variant of consolidated Thailand network
                               resources. Home page at URL:

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Top Document: soc.culture.thai Technical FAQ
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