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soc.culture.thai General FAQ
Section - X.2) Personal income tax

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From: mbarnes@bismark.east.Sun.COM (Mike Barnes)
Date: 20 May 1994 22:19:49 GMT

Personal Income Tax

Every person, resident or non-resident, who derives assessable 
income from employment or business in Thailand or has assets 
located in Thailand, is subject to personal income tax, whether 
such income is paid in or outside of Thailand. Exemptions are 
granted to certain persons, including U.N officers, diplomats and 
certain visiting experts, under the terms of international and 
bilateral agreements.

Personal income tax is applied on a graduated scale as follows:

     Net Annual Income (Baht)      Tax Rate

         60,000 - 100,000              5%
        101,000 - 500,000             10%
        501,000 - 1,000,000           20%
      1,000,000 - 4,000,000           30%
      4,000,001 or above              37%

Individuals residing for 180 days or more in Thailand for any cal-
endar year are also subject to income tax on income from foreign 
sources if that income is brought into Thailand during the same 
taxable year that they are a resident.

Exchange control laws stipulate that all foreign exchange earned 
by a resident, whether or not derived from employment or business 
in Thailand, be brought into Thailand within seven days of acqui-
sition, unless permission for an extension is granted.

Personal income taxes and tax returns are due prior to the end of 
March of the year following the year in which the income was 

A standard deduction of 40 percent, but not in excess of Baht 
60,000, is permitted against income from employment or services 
rendered or copyrights. Standard deductions ranging from 10 to 85 
percent are allowed fro other categories of income. In general, 
however, taxpayers may elect to itemize expenses in lieu of taking 
standard deductions or income from sources specified by law.

The following annual personal exemptions are permitted:

  Taxpayer                                      Baht 30,000
  Taxpayer's Spouse                             Baht 30,000
  Each Child                                    Baht 15,000
  Each Child's Education                        Baht  2,000
  For Taxpayer and Spouse for
    contributions to a Provident Fund           Baht 10,000
  For Taxpayer and Spouse for interest payment
    on loans for purchasing, hire-purchasing or
    construction of residential buildings       Baht 10,000

Only three children per taxpayer family qualify for the child 
allowance, but this limitation applies only to children born on or 
after 1 January 1979. Therefore, in counting the number of chil-
dren, a child born prior to 1979 can also be counted. For example, 
a taxpayer with four children born before 1979 continue to qualify 
for an aggregate allowance of Baht 60,000. A fifth child, born in 
1979, would not qualify.

Additional taxes can be assessed within a period of ten years from 
the date of filing a return, but authority to issue a summons for 
examination is limited to 5 years after the filing date. If an 
individual fails to file a return, an assessment may be issued 
within a period of then years from the filing due date.



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  Alan Dawson ( for G.6;
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    archive in G.3;
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  Hugh Thaweesak Koanantakool ( for G.7; and,
  Trin Tantsetthi ( for G.1, G.2, G.3, G.4 and G.8.

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