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Archive-name: talk-origins/archive/part2
Posting-Frequency: every 2 weeks

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[The FAQ Archive Announcement, Part 2 of 2]


In order to serve people who have direct access to the Internet as
well as those who don't, the FAQ archive has been
established with two access schemes.  One is world wide web, and
the other is one is anonymous ftp.


The World Wide Web is the preferred method for accessing the archive.
The WWW Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the FAQ
archive is:

The web version of the archive is updated frequently and contains
numerous features, including links to other creation/evolution web
pages, archives of user feedback, selected posts from, 
and a powerful search engine.


FTP may be used to access the FAQs.  Please note, however, that the
FAQs stored in the ftp archive are no longer being regularly updated.
You should attempt to use the World Wide Web version of the archive if at
all possible.

The ftp address is:

        Network Address:
              Directory: /pub/origins

When logging in, use the name "anonymous" as your identification and
your email address as your password.  A file named FILELIST resides in
/pub/origins and contains a one-line description of each file along
with its author.


Each month a post is selected as the
archive's "Post of the Month".  Please feel free to nominate a post as
"Post of the Month" by emailing it to


While already has a slew of FAQs, there are several
issues that come up regularly or semi-regularly on the newsgroup that
aren't adequately addressed by the existing set of FAQs at the archive.  So, the archive now maintains a "Request For
FAQs (RFF)" list, which describes potential topics for future FAQs.
People wishing to write FAQs may check the RFF list below, see if
their knowledge or expertise matches one of the FAQ openings, and, if
so, start pounding away at the keyboard.

	General FAQs:
		Cosmology: origin of the universe
		Anthropic principle (*)
		Stratigraphic succession
		Plate tectonics (*)
		Linguistic evolution (*)
		RNA World
		Cambrian explosion
		Major and minor extinctions
		Comparative Anatomy
		Developmental biology
		Molecular phylogeny
		Practical applications of evolutionary theory

		Hydrological sorting
		Day-age interpretations of Genesis
		Supernova remnants
		Neutrino deficit
		Paucity of beneficial mutations (*)
		Flat-earthism, geocentricity, and creationism
		The Darwin deathbed recantation myth
		Vestigial structures and atavisms
		Radiocarbon dating
		Inversions of strata order, overthrusts
		Living fossils
		Evolution of the woodpecker
		Evolution of feathers
		The moon receding from the earth
		Use of quotes by scientists to incorrectly suggest 
			that they reject evolution
		Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny: disproved
		Varieties of creationism

	C/E legal decisions:
		Scopes Trial (*)

	Misc. creationism issues:
		Creationist demographics
		Creationist political/school-board activity
		Other anti-evolutionary movements

	Book reviews:
		Dean Kenyon's Of Pandas and People
		Phillip Johnson's Darwin on Trial
		Hugh Ross's The Creator and the Cosmos

A star (*) means someone has already expressed interest in writing a
FAQ on that topic.


Before submitting a prospective FAQ to the archive, ask
yourself the following questions:

	1. Does my submission discuss an issue that appears frequently (or
	   periodically) in
	2. Does my submission cover a topic not already dealt with by 
	   another FAQ in the archive?
	3. Is my submission concisely written in language that an educated
	   layperson can understand?
	4. Does my submission provide the background information necessary
	   to understand its reason for being a FAQ?
	5. If my submission is technical in nature, does it provide 
	   references to other detailed works on the subject?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then post your submission to requesting comments and criticism. readers
make up the informal FAQ review committee, and many of them will be
happy to provide you with constructive input.  Next, revise your
submission based on the readers' comments.  Repeat this
process until there is general agreement that a satisfactory final
result has been achieved.  Submit the final revision of your FAQ to


This archive has been growing in size for the past several years.
Certain people have been particularly helpful (knowingly or not) in
contributing material to the archive, and they deserve many thanks.
They are (in alphabetical order): John Brawley, Matt Brinkman, Chris
Colby, Michael Cranford, Rob Day, Wesley Elsberry, Jim Foley, William
Jefferys, Peter Lamb, James Lippard, Andrew MacRae, James Meritt,
Larry Moran, Mickey Rowe, Tero Sand, and Chris Stassen.  Thanks to
David Wolff for suggesting and contributing to the Q&A list in part
one of this announcement.  Thanks to Jim Foley, Mark Isaak, Dave
Krupp, Andrew MacRae, Chris Nedin and Rich Trott for reviewing the Q&A
list.  I would also like to thank the people who took the time to read
many of the FAQs and synopsize them for the WWW version of the
archive.  They are: James Acker, Dan Ashlock, Seth Bradley, Rob
Derrick, Alan Feuerbacher, Mark Isaak, Tero Sand, Chris Stassen, Rich
Trott, and Warren Kurt vonRoeschlaub.

The people most deserving of thanks are those whose articles appear in
the archive.  Without them, this service would have been impossible.

[End of announcement]

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