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Archive-name: support/anxiety-panic/Weekly-miniFAQ
Posting-Frequency: Weekly
Last-modified: 2002/08/06
Maintainer: Daniel R. Rhodes <>

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Here's the Weekly Mini-FAQ.  I am posting it on Tuesdays per tradition
and will make no changes to the general content without a vote to the
group.  I am keeping a copy of the latest at   .  
People can also e-mail me at  for a copy.

Please be aware that the web pages are presently not in sync with 
the posted versions.  I hope to have this corrected shortly.

WEEKLY MINI-FAQ - updated 08/06/02

Welcome to known as ASAP to
its regulars :)

ASAP also has a full FAQ overview of anxiety conditions,
which is posted here monthly. If you would like a
copy sooner it can be obtained via the WWW sites
listed below.

Meanwhile, this weekly mini-FAQ contains useful
WWW addresses, general information plus a few hints
and tips.

Even if you skip the lists of essential URLs and
other information, please take time to read the hints
and tips at the end of this, before you start posting.  
This miniFAQ is best viewed in a fixed font.

At the end of this document there are some commonly used 
acronyms (e.g. YMMV) that some of you may find useful.

+ Added since last posting
& Updated since last posting

The Anxiety-Panic.Com search engine (devoted 
to hundreds of anxiety related web sites 
world-wide) and the ASAP Dictionary of Anxiety 
and Panic Disorders can be found at the 
following links.

Cathleen Henning has produced a very useful site
with much information and comprehensive links.
You can also find the ASAP FAQ there:

The National Anxiety Foundation has a very
promising site, covering both Panic Disorder
and OCD. It's well worth a look:

Regular ASAP contributor and founder of
the Panic Disorders Institute, Dr. Stuart
Shipko, has his own thought-provoking
and stimulating site. Highly recommended:

The Anxiety Disorders Association of America
also has a site:

Snit's Anxiety Suggestions at:

as well as the renowned "Amusing Panics" collection:
 The PD-GAD Safe Zone is a moderated email list for those 
 who suffer from Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder 
 and the many other varieties of Anxiety Disorders.  There you 
 will find support, help, information, laughter, tears, success 
 stories, discussion of medications and/or therapies, anything 
 and everything to do with dealing with these disorders day by 

Other valuable locations include the following:

Be aware that this next site promotes a multimedia CBT 
program that I have not used or heard anyone using.


A complementary newsgroup, specially dedicated to
discussing the problems faced by those with agoraphobia,
has recently been formed. It's called


It is best to read a newsgroup for a week or so before
posting - especially if your comments might be
controversial. Two topics particularly likely to
cause trouble here are religion and the alleged
addictive properties of benzodiazepine medications,
such as Xanax.

The convention on ASAP regarding religion is that
preaching or exhorting others to follow any particular
faith is not acceptable. It is fine to say that faith
in X or Y has helped you individually, but *not* to
suggest others follow your beliefs and especially not
to quote religious works for the purposes of conversion.

Regarding medication, it is extremely important that
you check out previous postings on the subject (see below).
The "addiction" issue has been exhausted several times
over on this NG and detailed explanations of the medical
difference between addiction and dependency have been
posted on countless occasions. Please do *not* post
inflammatory material on this subject. Read the earlier


Most posts to ASAP are archived and can be invaluable
sources of information about therapies, medications,
symptoms etc. Posts can be accessed via:">


It is quite acceptable for posters to withhold their
identities if need be, provided, of course, they
post sensibly.

For information on anonymous servers, send e-mail to: -- for an automatically returned help


If you are completely new to newsgroups and want to
find out the general do's and don't's, the following site
provides FAQs and guides:


(((younamehere)))	A cyber hug.
AAMOF		As A Matter Of Fact
AD		Anxiety Disorder or Anti-depressant
		(depends on context)
AFAIK		As Far As I Know
BTW		By the way
<G>		Grinning
<BG>		Big Grin
<EG>		Evil Grin
<VBG>		Very Big Grin  (add 'V's as necessary)
GAD		Generalized Anxiety Disorder
IMO		In my opinion
IOW		In Other Words
LOL		Laughing Out Loud
MAOI		Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor
		(antidepressant family)
NG		News Group (Usenet)
OT		Off Topic
OTOH		On The Other Hand
PD		Panic Disorder
pdoc		Panic Disorder Specialist
ROTFL		Rolling On The Floor Laughing 
ROTFLMAO	Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Ass Off
SAD		Seasonal Affective Disorder
		Social Anxiety Disorder
		(depends on context)
SSRI		Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
		(antidepressant family)
TCA		Tricyclic Antidepressant
		(antidepressant family)
YMMV		Your Mileage May Vary

The second nicest guy on the internet
Need the ASAP Mini-FAQ? A copy is at 
Or e-mail me at for a copy

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