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FAQ: Star Wars FAQ, Part 2 of 3

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Archive-name: starwars/faq/part2
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 19-AUG-1996

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There are a lot of information regarding Star Wars on the Internet.  This
information has been placed on the 'Net by companies, and by Star Wars fans.
If you think that some information is wrong or missing from this document, 
please contact me at < >.

If you need help accessing these sites, please ask your local system 
administrator or computer guru.  I do not have the time to find out your 
particular system's configuration to fix your problems.  Thank you.


The best places to find other online Star Wars fans are in Usenet newsgroups.
The most relevant Star Wars newsgroups are:
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting Topics relating to Star Wars collecting      SW games: RPG, computer, card, etc.       General information about SW - moderated
rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc       Miscellaneous topics about SW
alt.binaries.starwars           Pictures and sound files

    Group name: (moderated)
    Moderator:           David Kemper < >
    Submissions address: < >
    Contact address:     < >

Other newsgroups include:                   Discussions on the X-Wing pilot, Wedge           Discussions on Harrison Ford


Scott Streeter maintains a large number of files related to Star Wars.  They 
include fan-fiction, references, and utilities for Star Wars games.  You can 
use FTP to access Scott Streeter's Star Wars Archive at 


The WWW (World Wide Web) has many, many Star Wars sites.  Hanspeter 
Niederstrasser has compiled a list of ALL the Star Wars Web sites.  Email him 
at < > to get a current copy.  Alternatively, 
you can view his page at

The URLs listed below are the sites with the most information on them.  

Star Wars Home Page at UPENN

Rich Handley's Exhaustive Guide to Star Wars Comics

Star Wars Complete Timeline

Star Wars Cut Scene Compendium

Boba Fett Page 

The Star Wars Bible

The Star Wars Collectors Web Page

Star Wars Multimedia Archive

Star Wars Pictures

Star Wars Page for German-speaking people

Scott Streeter's Star Wars Archive

Star Wars MUD/MUSHes


Some company online contacts are:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc.
Tom Dupree < > Senior Editor, Bantam    


Random House
< >

Dark Horse Comics
< >

Putnam Berkley Publishing

THX Home Page
< >

Skywalker Sound

The George Lucas Educational Foundation
< >
America Online: edutopia
AppleLink: edutopia

The Audiobook Source
< >

Cedco Publishing Company
< >

Hasbro Toys

Lewis Galoob Toys

Sega of America

Dog Star Collectibles - for a copy of the Star Wars Holiday Special,
< >     and the "Making of" TV specials.

Michael Wiese Productions - Hardware Wars
Michael Wiese < >  


The Star Wars Mailing List sends out bi-monthly newsletters to over 500 
members.  To subscribe, you can email <>  with 
the subject line "SUBSCRIBE SWC" or visit their Web page at


If you would like to be added to the Star Wars Role Playing Gamers mailing 
list, send email to < > with no subject.  
The text of the body should have the line "subscribe sw-rpg" (without the 
quotes) and nothing else.


The Internet Movie Database contains LOTS of information.
Go to or on the WWW.


There are Star Wars MUSHes and MUDs that you can access.  If you ask around 
on the Usenet newsgroups, someone may tell you how to access these 
MUD/MUSHes.  Here is a description of Star Wars: The Minos Cluster.

Star Wars: The Minos Cluster.  The Mush is set in the time after 'The Empire
Strikes Back' in a small cluster on the rim, largely ignored by most places. 
Supplies are limited, and the cluster is the last to know about anything. Of 
course, the Empire still fights the growing Rebellion, with little help from 
the Core, who fight their own battles and care little about a few backwater 
worlds and revolting farmers. The Syndicate, a powerful underworld cartel, 
supplies the citizens with drugs, and illegal supplies. The Minos Mestra 
corp, an offshoot of the CSA, mines asteroids for minerals, while hanging in 
the delicate balance of neutrality. It's a place where people struggle to 
survive and make do with what they have.  It's a place where anything is 

Star Wars: The Minos Cluster is fully "In Character", with working space, 
combat, skills system, experience system, economy, cargo, etc.  Login as 
guest and follow the instructions to get a character.

Address: 4202
         Cachenet.Com 4202
Email: < >

If anyone knows of other MUD/MUSHes that would like to have an introductory
paragraph in the FAQ, please feel free to send me mail about them.


The song "Yoda" by "Weird Al" Yankovic was a parody of the song "Lola" by The 
Kinks.  The lyrcis can be found at the Dementia Web pages at
Or you may send mail to < > with the subject 
"LYRICS: LIST" for instructions or "LYRICS: AL.DTBS" for the "Yoda" lyrics.


The America Online Star Wars Fan Club is a collection of over 1,700 fans on
AOL and the Internet.  In addition to message boards and software libraries,
the club holds several online chats, trivia games, and role-playing games
each week.

The HoloCroN, the club electronic newsletter, covers Star Wars fandom online
and features news, reviews, original artwork, and just about everything Star
Wars related except fan fiction.  The HoloCroN is available in the Star Wars
Software Library on America Online (keyword SF) or at in the
/Star Wars/Electronic_Media/ directory.

If you'd like to be added to AOL Star Wars Fan Club mailing list, e-mail
< >.


The LucasFilm Fan Club is a great source of information.  Membership is
$9.95 in the United States, $12.00 for Cananda, and $21.95 for Foreign 
mailings.  This includes The Star Wars Insider.  The Fan Club publishes a 
quarterly magazine called The Star Wars Insider, which features articles on 
the people that made and are continuing to make the Star Wars universe.  
Included in the Insider are order forms for Star Wars merchandise.  The Star 
Wars Insider can also be bought at local book, comic, and toy stores.

You can contact the LucasFilm Fan Club at :
                    The LucasFilm Fan Club
                    P.O. Box 111000,
                    Aurora, CO 80011, USA


Star Wars Galaxy Magazine is a Topps licensed publication from Lucasfilm. It
is published quarterly and is full-color. It is the only magazine to focus on
all aspects of the Star Wars Galaxy: upcoming licensed product news, Classic
Star Wars news, insider interviews, gaming, trading cards, all-new comics,
collectibles, book excerpts, and the Net. Every issue has exclusive contests
and giveaways. Each direct market and subscriber issue is polybagged with
exclusive premiums. These have included ashcan comics, chrome  trading cards,
promotional trading cards and posters.

SWGM supports an e-mail address < >. Users cannot 
subscribe to the magazine on-line.  SWGM is sold primarily in comic book 
shops, but is also available on newsstands and through home subscription. 
Home delivery follows two weeks after direct market shipping, as SWGM is 
printed in Canada.  To subscribe:  Kable News Fulfillment
               308 East Hitt Street
               Mount Morris, IL 61054. 
               Phone queries: 815-734-5822.

NOTE: Bob Woods, the editor of the magazine receives messages sent to
< >.  Any messages sent to this address are considered 
"letters-to-the-editor", so you should not expect a personal reply.


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