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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 9/9
Section - Parody Comics

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1992	Acne Christmas Bumper Special
Contains one-page comic strip "Starwrek: Claus encounters"
by K. Evans?

[American Philatelic Society & Custom Comic Services]

1995	Stamp Trek
Written by Scott Deschaine and Mike Benton, art by Pete Hoffman.

[Antarctic Press]

01	Nov 86	Extremely Silly Comics Vol.2
single ST special

1991	Star Trekker
Collection of stories originally published in Japanese fanzines.
Trade pb, translated from Japanese, b&w
(Atelier Lana)

01	Jul 92	Ninja High School 3-D
Contains "Ninja Trek" by Ted Nomura, pp. 1-8, b&w

01	Nov 92	Star Trekker II
"The naked time-and-a-half" Distribution of Lana's comics in the US
was stopped due to pressure from Paramount. b&w
(Atelier Lana)

02	Dec 92	Star Trekker II
"Well, of course she's an idol singer" and "Meet the crew of the
Constellation 2". b&w
(Atelier Lana)

05	1993	Ninja High School Yearbook
Contains "Ninja Paradox or Ninja Trek II: The Wrath of Parodies
(whatever...)" by Ted Nomura, pp. 43-49, b&w

09	Oct 97	Ninja High School Yearbook
Star Rek TOS cover.

[A+ Comics]

06	1991	Herbie
Herbie in space. Star Trek cover by David and Dan Day.

[Avalon Communications]

Spaced Out Herbie
01	date?	reprint?
Star Trek cover of Herbie as a Vulcan.
(Shane O'Shea; Ogden Whitney)

[BLT Studios]

01	Oct 94	Capital Capers Presents
"Socialism Trek: The search for health care". Tales of the USS
Free Enterprise commanded by Capt. Clinton. b&w (this issue is
dated Oct 1994 but was published Oct 1996)
(Dom Loise, Greg Barrington; Barrington; Barrington)

[B-Movie Comics]

Vault of Doomnation
01	1986	"Something evil"
Kirk and Spock appear in this brief tale of television horror by
Scott Barker, b&w

[Caliber Press]

01	1989	Fugitive
Parodies several television shows, including Star Trek: Where No
Madman Has Gone Before.
(Charles Marshall)

[Claypool Comics]

14	Oct 95	Soulsearchers & Co.
"To boldly search ...", Star Trek: Voyager/X-Files parody
(Peter David, Richard Howell; John Heebink, Jim Mooney; Amanda
Conner, Bruce Patterson)

[Dark Horse Comics]

Dark Horse Extra
34	Apr 2001	The Lone Gunmen - Generations
Frohicke and Langley debate the merits of Kirk and Picard, while
Byers has his own opinion about the most efficient Star Trek
crew member. Comic strip.
(Paul Lee; Lee)

[Dimension Graphics]

01	Jul 86	ElfTrek (Elfquest and Star Trek parody)
02	Oct 86	ElfTrek II: The hassle with troublets

[First Publishing]

63	Feb 91	Dreadstar (leads in to Dreadstar 64)
64	Mar 91	Dreadstar: Franchise & Empire (Star Trek parody)
(Peter David)

[Good Old Grandma's Comics]

1976	Trekkie Toons
Contains "To save a dying race!". magazine format with cardboard covers
(Don Regelin; Terry Lanham, Vince Ritchie;)

[Goota Man Productions]

07	1996	3-D Pete's Big Orbit Comics
"Star Drek: The softball game". b&w mini-comic
(Mike Fisher)


1976	Who was that monolith I saw you with?
Collection of cartoons featuring the Enterprise by Michael Goodwin.
ISBN 0930068017, b&w, 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", paperback bound with staples
on the fold.

1977	My stars!
Another collection by Goodwin?

[Imagi-Mation Graphics]

02	Mar 90	Dr. Whom Meets Star Wreck
Color computer-generated graphics featuring the TOS and TNG crews
along with Dr. Who. Story by Bryan Laine and Michael Friedman. Art by
Michael Friedman and Baldric the Computer.

[Intergalactic Press]

1991	Son of monolith
Another collection of cartoons by Michael Goodwin. ISBN 0962943215,
b&w, 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", paperback bound with staples on the fold.

[Kenzer and Co.]

01	Oct 2002	Heinous acts of hoopla
02	Nov 2002	Mission into unspecific doom
03	Dec 2002	The face of vileness
Parody of Star Trek and Star Wars. Created by Blackburn, Jelke, Johansson,
Kenzer, and Curtis. Story and art by Doug Curtis.

[London Editions Magazines, UK]

01	1991	Count Duckula
Contains a ST:TNG parody.

[Marvel Comics]

42	Jun 91	ALF (contains Star Schlep)
43	Jul 91	ALF (contains Star Schlep: TNG)
46	Oct 91	ALF (ST cover)

02	Jul 91	Damage Control (3rd series, ST references)

08	1 Jan 1989	The Marvel Bumper Comic
Enterprise cover, USS Underpains. UK color comic, magazine format

18	May 92	What the..?! (contains a parody, Star Trash)

[Mayfair Publications]

Quasimodo's Monster Magazine
Vol 2 No 7	April 1976	Star Wreck
Adventures of the starship No Surprise. pp 50-57, b&w
(Joe Kiernan; Tony Tallarico)

Vol 2 No 8	May 1976	Star Wrecked vs Spaced Out 1999 1/2
The crew of the No Surprise meets the residents of Moonface Alfalfa,
pp 58-65, b&w
(Flash Kiernan; Buck Tallarico)

[New Internationalists Publications]

The New Internationalist
218	Apr 1991	Starve Trek
Written and drawn by P.J. Polyp, pp. 3-26, b&w, magazine format,
color cover by Polyp features Kirk, a Buddha-like Spock and the
Enterprise. Explores "the inappropriate and self-serving nature
of much Western aid to the third world" among other things.

[Now Comics]

Married With Children: 2099

01	Jun 93	Recognizing authority, 1
02	Jul 93	Rebellion on Moonbase Three, 2
03	Aug 93	Demanding your civil rights, 3
Parody that features the Bundy family as characters in assorted
science fiction settings, including Star Trek

[Parody Press]

01	Jan 93	Dork House Comics (ST cover)
Contains a Terminator/TNG parody

1A	Feb 93	Trek teens (Spark cover)
1B	Feb 93	Trek teens (Trek gang cover)
Star Trek characters as Federation Senior High teenagers

1A	Mar 93	Star Blecch: The degeneration
1B	Mar 93	Star Blecch: Deep Space Diner
Parody with both TNG and DSN characters

01	1994	Hellspock
Story and art by Bill Maus. Parody of Jae Lee's Hellshock from
Image Comics. pp 1-13. Multi-colored foil-stamped cover, b&w.

01	Jan 95	Star Blecch: Generation Gap
Reprints of past Parody Press Star Trek parodies and a new, Star
Trek: Generations parody. Cover by Bill Maus.

[Shanda Fantasy Arts]

01	Apr 2003	SFA Spotlight: Star Quack
The adventures of the USS Enterfowl with new takes on familiar episodes.
"None are so [duck] blind..."
"Where no duck has waddled before!"
"Balance of error"
Same cover as the online comic. Available in color as an e-comic in PDF
format (see part 9 online comics section).
by Mike Jones Jr. 48pp, b&w

[Spoof Comics]

01	Jul 92	Soul Trek (Soul Train and Star Trek parody)
02	Aug 92	Soul Trek

[Star Trek International Convention]

Star Trek International Convention programs contain b&w comic strips.

1973	Star Truckin: Where no beaver has gone before
(Matt Howarth, D.M. Kister; Tony Sciarra)

1974	Star Truckin: The trouble with beavers
Art by Howarth and Sciarra

1975	Star Truckin: The beaver of Oz
Story by Matt Howarth?

[Tower Comics]

22	Mar 69	Tippy Teen
Contains an article on Mr. Spock with artwork.

[Warp Graphics]

08	Aug 93	Elf Quest: New Blood
Contains "Invasion Infestation" and a character named "Nimoy
Squirt", half Vulcan, half pink Smurf.


1974/1993	Starch Trek: The Next Germination
TNG parody of Cap'n Potato Head and his crew, b&w

[Wildstorm Productions]

Gen^13 / Monkeyman and O'Brien
Ann O'Brien, Freefall, Grunge, and Rainmaker find themselves in
a mirror universe, while their evil counterparts are back home.
Uncredited homage to TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" down to scenes
and dialogue. Two-issue series with variant covers and two limited
edition variant covers.
(Arthur Adams; Adams, Sandra Hope)

01	Jun 98	Gen^13/Monkeyman and O'Brien cover
01	Jun 98	Mirror universe, Gen^13/Monkeyman and O'Brien cover
01	Jun 98	Dynamic Forces variant, Caitlin Fairchild and Ann O'Brien cover
01	Jun 98	Chromium cover variant
02	Aug 98	Monkey Man and O'Brien cover
02	Aug 98	Mirror universe, Caitlin Fairchild and Ann O'Brien cover

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