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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 9/9
Section - Periodicals

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Top Document: Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 9/9
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Advance Comics. Capital City Distribution. Monthly publication
containing previews of forthcoming comics.

Altman, Mark A. "Deep Space Four-Color". Star Trek: The Official
Fan Club Magazine 95, Feb-Mar 94, pp 50-51. Article on Malibu's
DS9 comic book series.

Amazing Heroes 31, 15 Sep 1983. "Star Trek: Back on the road to the
stars with Admiral Kirk and the gang", interview with Marv Wolfman
and Mike Barr, Star Trek comics writers, pp. 38-45 with b&w artwork
and photos, conducted by Jay Ziler. "From the edge of terror to the
final frontier: a conversation with Tom Sutton", interview conducted
by Kim Thompson, pp. 46-58, with b&w artwork and photos.

Bougher, Elaine. "Stampshow: APS membership on the rise". Linn's
Stamp News, 1995 (Sep 11):10. Article on Stamp Trek comic book.

Bonds, Martha J. "Walter Koenig: American author, heroic
Russian".  Starlog 91, Feb 1985, pp 40-41. Article mentions
Koenig's DC comic story, "Chekov's Choice".

Comics Buyer's Guide 1030, Krause Publications, 13 Aug 93, pp
30, 32. Announcement of DS9 comic from Malibu with two pages of
color art.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1078, 15 Jul 1994. Contains "The
Adventures of Bumpkin Buzz" by Brian Douglas Ahern, p 20.
This episode is titled "Star Dreck: The Last Hesitation"
and it pokes fun at a less than sterling seventh season of
TNG. Don't step in the Devolved Cat Chow.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1089, Krause Publications, 30 Sep 94, pp
26-28, 30, 36. Cover art from TNG/DS9 mini-series, interviews
with writers and artists.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1100, Krause Publications, 16 Dec 1994,
p. 42. Article on Malibu DS9 mini-series, "The Maquis".
Contains artwork and interviews with writer and artists.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1189, Krause Publications, 30 Aug 1996, pp.
32-34. Article on Marvel's plans for the various Star Trek
series, "Marvel Presents: Paramount Comics engages for fresh
'Star Trek' stories" by John Cerelli. Interview with "Voyager"
writer Laurie Sutton by Meredith Woodwell. Color Star Trek/X-Men
cover and b&w interior artwork.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1204, Krause Publications, 13 Dec 1996, p.
62. Article on Star Trek: Operation Assimilation with color
artwork by Hajime Sorayama.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1240, Krause Publications, 22 Aug 1997.
Cover: "Celebrating 30 years of Star Trek comics!". Contains:
"The first 'Star Trek' comics: Less than gold?" by Patrick Daniel
O'Neill, pp 26,28,30 with b&w artwork. "From 'The Motion Picture'
to Marvel: Star Trel's second comic-book series" by Matt Brady,
p 34 with b&w artwork, includes synopses of Marvel #1-#18. "DC's
'Star Trek' boldly went on a 12-year mission" by Brent Frankenhoff,
pp 38-40,42,44 with color and b&w artwork. Sidebar - "Star Trek
Specials", p 44. "From a wormhole to Malibu: 'Star Trek: Deep
Space Nine'" by Matt Brady, p 60 with color artwork. "'Star Trek'
returns to Marvel" by Matt Brady, pp 64,66 with b&w artwork.
Sidebar - "Mangels and Martin beam into 'Deep Space 9'", p 66.

Comics Feature 28, New Media Publishing, Mar 1984. Contains "Star
Trek returns to comics". pp 9-11; an intervire with Marv Wolfram
and Mike Barr.

Comics Buyer's Guide 1270, Krause Publications, 2 Mar 1998, p.
55. Review of ST:TNG/X-Men: Second Contact with b&w artwork.

Comics Interview 110, Fictioneer Books, 1992. Contains interviews
with Howard Weinstein, Michael Jan Friedman, Walter Koenig, and
Majel Barrett Roddenberry.

Comics Interview 118, Fictioneer Books, Jan 93. Contains
interviews with Cirroc Lofton and Colm Meaney, article on ST
virtual reality centers.

Comics Interview 126, Fictioneer Books, Aug 93. Interviews with
Majel Barrett Roddenberry, George Takei, Michael Dorn, and Star
Trek FX designers.

Comics Interview 141, Fictioneer Books, 1995. Interview with
Robert Picardo.

Comics Interview Super Special: Star Trek, Fictioneer Books, May
93. Collects Star Trek related interviews with Walter Koenig,
James Doohan, George Takei, J.M. Dillard, Howard Weinstein,
Michael Jan Friedman, Michael Dorn, John DeLancie, Majel Barrett
Roddenberry, Colm Meaney, Cirroc Lofton.

Comic Shop News 321, Aug 93. Contains an interview with Mike Barr.
DS9 cover and fold-out poster of cover.

Comic Shop News 381, 12 Oct 94. Star Trek crossover cover and article.

Comic Shop News 529, 6 Aug 97. Star Trek: Telepathy War cover and

Chrissinger, Craig W. "Station Log". Starlog 198, Jan 1994, pp
52-55. Article on DS9 comics with artwork reproductions,
interview with Mike W. Barr.

D'Angelo, Carr. "Plotting the course for 'Star Trek'". Starlog 123,
Vol. 11, Oct 1987, pp 55-58. Interview with Mike Carlin and Robert
Greenberger, DC Comics, discussing plotting session for DC 1st
series 45.

Directory of Star Trek Organizations. Star Trek Welcommittee.
Volume 43, Spring 1995. Contains "Star Trek Books" by Lloyd
Penney, pp. 20-32.

Entertainment Weekly 521, 14 Jan 2000, p 85. Comic illustration
of Picard and Data by Mark Zingarelli.

Goulart, Ron. "Science Fiction in the comics, Part 6: The 60s &
70s -- a summing up". Starlog 46, May 1981, pp 42-45. Mentions
the Star Trek strip distributed by the Los Angeles Times

Handley, Rich. "The lost daily comics of Star Trek", Star Trek
Communicator 121, Feb/Mar 1999, pp 68-72,80. Contains color and
b&w illustrations and a sidebar listing storylines of the strips.

Handley, Rich. "Comics revived, still boldly going: Wildstorm
renews the Star Trek comics", Star Trek Communicator 125, pp 52-56,76.
Contains color artwork from several issues.

Hansen, Neil A. "Where no comics have gone before", Comics Values
Monthly 66, Attic Books, Jan 1992, pp 78-79. Contains a brief
history of Star Trek comics.

Hansen, Neil A. "Where no crossover has gone before", Comics
Values Monthly 97, Attic Books, Sep 1994, pp 6-10, 123-125.
Article on TNG/DS9 crossover and a brief history of Star Trek

Hero Illustrated 3, Warrior Publications, Sep 93, pp 142-143,
146.  "Focus on: Star Trek". Contains a brief history of Star
Trek comics and a current price guide for comics in NM
condition. Also names the top 10 Trek menaces in the comics:
Khan, Klingons, Romulans, Q, Mirror crew, Redjac, Ferengi, Harry
Mudd, Vaal/Spock, Moauvian Waul cat.

Hero Illustrated 20, Warrior Publications, Feb 1995. "The
Hero Files: Star Trek", pp. 96-109. Contains introduction by
Mike Barr; interviews with Barr, Mark Altman, Michael Jan
Friedman, and Gordon Purcell; Star Trek comics, cards and
toys price guide; and sidebar biographies of characters from
Classic Trek, Nest Generation Trek, and Deep Space Nine.

Hero Special Edition, Vol 5 #1, June 1994. 1994 Science Fiction
Annual. Contains "Star Trek Comics", pp 48-49. Article on
current Star Trek comics.

Hueur, Otto. "How to submit creative material". Periodic post to
rec.arts.startrek.misc and alt.startrek.creative which contains
information on how to submit creative material to DC Comics and
Malibu Comics.

Hull, Pete. "The Ashes of Eden", Star Trek Communicator 102, The
Official Fan Club, May/June 1995, pp. 17-18, 43. Article in the
graphic novel adaptation of Shatner's first Star Trek novel.

Jeschonek, Robert T. "To boldly go...where no comic has gone
before: X of the best Star Trek comic book stories". Amazing
Heroes 181, Fantagraphic Books, Jul 1990, pp 48-53. The 10 best
stories are DC 1st series annuals 3, 1, 2, DC 1st series 43-45,
Marvel 13, DC 1st series 1-4, 10-15, DC 2nd series 5-6, DC 1st
series 33, and Gold Key 49. This issue also contains a review of
DC 2nd series annual 1.

Kim, Albert. "When worlds collide", Entertainment Weekly #343, 6
Sep 1996, p. 68. Brief article on Star Trek/X-Men comic with
Kirk/Cyclops artwork.

Lyga, Barry. "Beyond the five year mission", Previews, Vol 5 #5,
May 1995, pp. 12-13, 278-279. Interview with DC Comics Star Trek
editor Margaret Clark.

Malibu Sun 37, Jun 1994. "Deep Space Nine via New York City" pp. 10-13,
Shauun McLaughlin. ALso contains an interview with Mark Altman and
advertising for DS9: Hearts and minds.

Mallett, Daryl F. "Walter Koenig on comics", Overstreet's Fan #7,
Gemstone Publishing, Dec 1995, pp. 70-72.

Marvel Vision 27, Mar 1998. "Breaking the language barrier", pp 44-45.
Brief article on the Klingon language edition of Starfleet Academy #18.

MegaMarvel: The Marvel Comics Catalog. Marvel Comics. Monthly
publication containing preview of forthcoming comics.

Monsters of the Movies, Super Annual Issue #1, Vol.1 No. 9, Summer 1975,
Magazine Management. This issue has an interview with Leonard Nimoy and
a painted cover featuring Spock and a monstrous alien centipede drawn by
Gray Morrow.

O'Neill, Patrick Daniel. "Tek-nological Nightmares", Wizard: The
guide to comics, Vol. 1, No. 15, Nov 1992, pp 60-62. Article on
William Shatner's TekWorld comics.

Pasko, Martin. "Where no film has gone before (or: Sorry, wrong
number)". Comics Journal 76, Fantagraphics, Oct 1982, pp 10-13.
Contains review of ST II: TWOK and mention of Star Trek comic

Patten, Marc. "Marvel announces licensing plans for 1998", Comics
Buyer's Guide 1259, 2 Jan 1998, p 52. Article on Star Trek/X-Men
crossover. Contains color artwork.

People Weekly 39(23; Jan 14 1993):62. "After more than 25 years as
Chekov, Star Trek's Walter Koenig launches a new enterprise: His
own comic book".

Previews. Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. Monthly publication
containing previews of forthcoming comics.

Previews, Vol II, #5, May 1992, pp 77, 88. Interview with
William Shatner discussing TekWorld.

Riley, John. "Walter Koenig: Beyond the Final Frontier".
Amazing Heroes Interviews 1, June 1993, pp 6-13. Interview
with Walter Koenigl, illustrated portrait of Koenig on
cover and on a full color prism-border trading card.

Riley, John. "The Bare 'Bones' of DeForest Kelley". Amazing
Heroes Interviews 2, Sep 1993, pp 32-47. Interview with
DeForest Kelley and a one page illustrated biography of

Roller, Pamela. "Star Trek Comics: Marvel revitalizes an enduring
tradition". Star Trek Communicator 108, The Official Fan Club,
Aug/Sep 1996, pp. 58-61. Article on new Star Trek comics with
b&w artwork.

San Diego Souvenir Program Book, 1996, Comic-Con International.
The program book for the July 1996 convention in San Diego has
articles and b&w artwork celebrating the 30th anniversary of Star Trek.

Saunders, Matthew. "Rx: The top ten Dr. McCoy stories you may have
missed". Star Trek Communicator 125, The Official Fab Club, pp. 58-59.
Includes three stories from comics: Star Trek #28, DC Comics, 1985;
Star Trek: Untold Voyages #3, Marvel, 1998; and Star Trek #15, Marvel,

Schultz, Adam. "Plotting the course of the 'Star Trek' comic
books". Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine 97, June/July
1994, pp 14-15. Article on DC Comics forthcoming issues and
other work by Friedman and Weinstein, with artwork. Season
finale cover by Sonia Hillios.

Sci-Fi Invasion, Summer 1997. Contains "Comics begin at Hollywood's
end" by Jim McLaughlin, p. 26. Brief article on science fiction
comics, including Star Trek.

Shapiro, Marc. "Spanning the generations", Wizard 43, March
1995, pp. 74-78. Article on Star Trek comics.

Starlog 3, Jan 77. Contains "From Film to Comics ... and
Back Again" by Howard Zimmerman and Jim Burns, pp 10-11.
Article on science fiction comics. Star Trek cartoon cover.

Starlog 14, Jun 78. Contains "The Last Voyage of the Starship
Enterprise" by Michael O'Donoghue with illustrations by Jack
Richard, pp 42-46. Illustrated reprint of a Saturday Night Live

Starlog Platinum Edition 1, Nov 93. Contains "Writing for Trek",
by Marc Bernardin with illustrations by Kevin Brockschmidt,
where today's Enterprise meets yesterday's Khan.

"'Star Trek' explores comic territories". Starlog 76, Vol. 6,
Nov 1983. Announcement of the first Star Trek comic from DC.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 1, Iss. 22, Feb 2000. Collectables -
Gold Key Comics: Star Trek's Original Comics, pp 103-106. Background,
descriptions, and artwork from Gold Key's Star Trek comics.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 2, Iss. 5, Sep 2001. Collectables -
Marvel Comics: Star Trek: The Motion Picture, pp 104-107. Background,
descriptions, and artwork from Marvel's Star Trek comics.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 2, Iss. 7, Nov 2001. Collectables -
Star Trek DC Comics, pp 82-85. Background, descriptions, and artwork
from DC's first series of Star Trek comics.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 3, Iss. 1, May 2002. Collectables -
DC Comics - Star Trek: The Next Generation, pp 88-91. Background,
descriptions, and artwork from DC's Star Trek: TNG comics.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 3, Iss. 11, Mar 2003. Collectables -
Malibu Comics: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, pp 104-107. Background,
descriptions, and artwork from Malibu's Star Trek comics.

Star Trek: The Magazine, Vol. 3, Iss. 12, Apr 2003. Collectables -
Paramount Comics, pp 104-107. Background, descriptions, and artwork
from Marvel's Paramount Star Trek comics.

Stephens, Lynne. "Raver". Starlog 190, May 1993, pp 24-26.
Article on Walter Koenig's new superhero comic.

Stevens, Kevin. "Star Trek comics expand the limits of
storytelling and collectibility", Star Trek Comminicator 102,
The Official Fan Club, May/June 1995, pp. 58-59. Article on past
and current Star Trek comics.

Trek, the Magazine for Star Trek Fans, No. 7, Feb 1977.
Contains "Bones, it's Star Trek comics!", Part 2, by Leslie
Thompson, pp. 12-14. Critique of Gold Key comics with b&w art.
Also contains a b&w reprint of a UK comic strip, date unknown,
pp. 36-37. Back cover has a comic-book style color illustration,
artist unknown.

TV Guide, Vol 42, #51, Issue #2177, 17 Dec 1994, p. 6. Brief
mention of DS9/TNG crossover with a panel featuring Picard
and Sisko.

TV Guide, Vol 16, #43, Issue #813, 26 Oct 1968, pp 32-36. "Mad about
television", article by Edith Efrom on Mad's television satires. Contains
a b&w panel from the first Star Trek parody.

TV Guide, Vol 44, #34, Issue #2265, 24 Aug 1996, pp. 5-6. "Strange
new worlds collide", article by Rick Schindler on Star trek/X-Men
comic with color artwork. This issue was published with four
different covers, one for each captain. The four covers featuring
Kirk, Picard, Sisko, and Janeway can be placed together in a mosaic
to form a single image.

TV Guide, Vol 52, #22, Issue #2670, 30 May 2004, pp. 26-27. "25 top
cult show", article naming Star Trek as the number one cult show
also contains comic art by Ward Sutton featuring Kirk, Xena, Barnabas
Collins, and a Muppet.

Watson, Polly. "Wild Xpectations", Marvel Vision 26, Feb 1998, pp 8-10.
Article on ST:TNG/X-Men crossover and interviews with writers Dan
Abnett and Ian Edginton. Contains related cover and interior artwork.

Weinstein, Howard. "How to write Star Trek comics", Starlog
Spectacular 3, Nov 1991, pp 39-43. Article on writing Star
Trek comics for DC.

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