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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 9/9
Section - Comic Strips (UK)

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A number of original Star Trek stories appeared in UK publications.
Detailed information on Star Trek comic strips was researched by Rich
Handley. Most of this information was published in Star Trek
Communicator and is duplicated here with his generous permission.
Subsequently, Shaqui Le Vesconte, a collector of UK Star Trek strips,
provided additional information. Any mistakes generated by the data-meld
I have attempted are entirely my own.

Paramount commissioned ongoing comic strips based on Star Trek from 1969
to 1973, published in Britain by City Magazines in the titles Joe 90:
Top Secret, TV21 and Joe 90, Valiant and TV21, and TV Comic. The artwork
on these British strips was provided by such talents as Frank Bellamy,
Harry F. Lindfield, Mike Noble, John Stokes, Roland Turner, Jim Baikie,
John Canning, H. Jones, Carlos Pino, and Alan Willow. Writers for most
of the strips remain unknown.

In January 1965, Alan Fennell, in cooperation with British sci-fi
puppeteer Gerry Anderson, began publishing a weekly newspaper for City
Magazines entitled TV21, with strips based on such Anderson projects as
Stingray, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds.
Immensely popular in Britain, the magazine lasted 242 issues until
February 15, 1969, when declining sales brought about numerous changes.
The first was the magazine's title, which became Joe 90: Top Secret,
while another was the contents. Gone were many of the original series,
with non-Anderson stories such as Star Trek and Land of the Giants added
to the lot.

Joe 90 lasted 34 issues before enduring another major change. Renamed
TV21 & Joe 90 to recapture departed fans, the magazine again added and
dropped some of its titles. Star Trek survived the merger and became
the most popular title in the magazine, ironic not only in that few
Anderson stories remained in what began as an Anderson vehicle, but also
because televised Star Trek had been canceled that same year.  By issue
34, the "& Joe 90" in the magazine's title was dropped, TV21 having
re-established itself among British readers. However, proving how
easily history repeats itself, TV21 changed yet again after 105 issues,
merging with Valiant in 1971. Valiant and TV21 ran until October 16,
1976, but the Star Trek strip was dropped after 118 issues, coming to a
final rest on December 29, 1973.

In addition to the weekly magazines, additional original material
appeared in the 1969 Joe 90 hardcover annual, the Valiant 1972 Summer
Special, the 1971-1973 TV21 Hardcover Annuals and the 1978-1978 TV Comic
Hardcover Annuals. An original Frank Bellamy Star Trek strip also
appeared in the June 27, 1970 edition of the magazine Radio Times. All
told, nearly five years of weekly Star Trek strips were published during
the British run. Bellamy and Alan Willow produced covers for the series,
which alternated between Star Trek and other titles until such painted
illustrations were dropped as of issue 42 to allow an increase from two
to three pages of Star Trek material per issue. Though sometimes
inaccurate in terms of technical details, much of the artwork created
for the series was very well-rendered.

Trek Magazine, a fanzine published in the 1970s by Walter Irwin and G.B.
Love, reprinted a few of the Valiant strips, but the vast majority of
this material has never been reprinted in the United States. The
complete series of Star Trek strips published in 258 issues, annuals and
magazines amounts to nearly 600 pages of material including all Star
Trek-related covers. It's unlikely that these strips will ever be

[Century 21 / Polystyle Publications]

Star Trek, Weekly Comic Strips

Joe 90: Top Secret (beginning 19 Jan 1969, w: Angus Allen and various,
a: Harry Lindfield for many issues)

#1-6	Belligerent robots enslave the Enterprise crew until Kirk destroys
their main power source

#7-10	Spores on Crucial-3 force the crew to exile Kirk and McCoy on the
dying world of Vultra.

#11-14	Investigating strange disappearances on Angoma, Kirk is teleported
to a zoo run by giant mantises.

#15-18	To end a war between Hytar and Nuofo, Kirk convinces both sides to
unite against a common enemy.

#19-22	While helping planet Stai escape the warlike Galactic Union, Kirk
is subjected to a "brain-scrambler".

#23-30	The Balants possess Kirk's mind and make him attack Spock, but the
Kalins help him defeat them.

#31-34	When Agonite criminals fool Kirk into freeing them, he realizes his
error and re-captures them.

TV21 and Joe 90 (1969-1971, w: various, a: Harry Lindfield and various)
Note: TV21 and Joe 90 became TV21 with issue #37.

#1-6	The ghostly Zonds lie to Kirk to enlist his aid in stealing the planet
Vartax from its rightful inhabitants.

#7-11	The Enterprise becomes trapped beneath the surface of a watery planet
in the Sigma Draconis Group.

#12-17	Investigating a derelict ship, Kirk and Spock are whisked away to a
war between Eldor and Norus.

#18-23	Klingons lure the Enterprise to Seggor to deliver an ultimatum to
Earth -- surrender or be destroyed!

#24-31	A Romulan posing as Ambassador Courtenay Marshall leads the Enterprise
to a trap on Tondus.

#32-38	When the Dorado crew mutinees, Spock must mind-meld with his cousin
Horek to quell the unrest. (a: Mike Noble)

#39-44	Kirk and Spock are captured by Palnak the Collector, who has a vast
museum 1,000 years in the future.

#45-51	The Enterprise tests robots designed to replace the crew, but Varkan
sabotage makes them run amok.

#52-57	Tracking a lost survey ship to Tekkor, Kirk mistakes the natives'
intentions and nearly sparks a war.

#58-64	Insurgents on Dak-Alpha take over the planet, turning Kirk and company
into mindless zombies.

#65-73	Seriously wounded in a meteorite storm, Kirk is replaced by the insane
Captain Eustace Hensham.

#74-77	Enterprise's officers are forced to fight in a Roman arena by an
hypnotic robot posing as Caesar.

#78-81	Radiation from Santar's twin suns sends Kirk and Spock back in time,
to battle frog-like aliens.

#82-90	An Enterprise crewman, fearful of gangsters after witnessing a murder,
flees to Romulan space.

#91-94	While fixing a robot ship on Nova-Thirteen, Kirk is caught by
primitives with cyclopean "watchdogs".

#95-100	McCoy brings an injured crewman to Certax for medical care, but penal
colony inmates take the ship.

#101-105	The Enterprise is propelled 800 years in the past to planet
Zeltok, mere weeks before it will explode.

Valiant and TV21 (1971-1973, w: various, a: John Stokes for most issues,
published without issue numbers)

#1-2 Investigating the disappearance of a survey ship, the Enterprise
landing party finds something terrible and sinister happening to them.

#3-11 Ordered to make for the planet Lothor to negotiate a defense
alliance against the Klingon Empire, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are
unaware that, through their mechano-hypnotiser, Klingons are in complete
control of the Lothorian President. Soon the Federation will reel under
the most staggering blow the Klingon Empire has ever delivered.

#12-17 While Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock explore the planet Graktan, the
Graktan defenses mistake the Enterprise for a hostile craft, leaving the
mighty spaceship helpless and drifting into the gravitational pull of the
system's sun.

#18-22 Damaged in a meteorite storm, the Enterprise puts down on a moon
for repairs. As maintenance teams get to work, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock
investigate the planet and find themselves smack in the middle of a missile
testing zone.

#23-33 Approaching the far distant Beton system, the space explorers
enter the territory of the "Collector." He means to capture the
Enterprise and add it to his vast museum of transport.

#34-42 Kirk and crew are about to get the shock of their lives after
landing on Kwettir, a planet of giants.

#43-47 The minds of Janvarian criminals are enclosed in a metal cylinder
and sent off into space. But the cylinder contacts the Enterprise, and
the collective minds trick Captain Kirk into taking them back to Janvar.

#48-56 Kirk is instructed to make new allies for the Federation against
the Romulan Empire with a system of planets known as the Perithees.

#57-63 Using a bio-scientific technique, Klingons project the disembodied
will of a Cereonian assassin onto the Enterprise, programmed to destroy
the ship.

#64-73 Captain Kirk receives special permission from the planet Zentar
to pass through a forbidden area of space known as "The Void of Storms."
But, the Enterprise is carrying a stowaway, a renegade scientist trying
to reach his army of robots to launch an invasion of Zentar.

#74-90 In a war between the Klingon-controlled planet Morkol and
neighboring Thark. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, disguised at Klingons,
beam down to Morkol to rescue the kidnapped son of the Tharkian leader.

#91-106 In a conflict between the planet Sklurr and her Romulan-controlled
neighbor Karr, Captain Kirk and the ruler of Sklurr are captured by
Romulans and destined to amuse the mob by facing the perils of the arena.

#107-118 Lured to the hitherto unknown planet Plixes, Captain Kirk and
Mr. Spock are taken prisoner while the planetary leaders Gokron and
Chekra, by means of advanced science, assume their bodies and minds.
Gokron and Chekra then have themselves beamed to a Federation
conference - their mission to destroy every delegate and disrupt the
whole Federation.

These oversize hardcover books (except where noted) contain comics and stories
from a variety of UK and US sources, including Star Trek.

[Century 21 Publications]

Joe 90
1969	Joe 90 Top Secret Comic Annual
pp 38-43	untitled story
In the Alpha Helios system, Enterprise comes to the aid of an alien ship
from the planet Zargot. The race is facing extinction from a plague and the
only cure can be found in herbs from neighboring planet Coltac. The landing
party faces horror from giant reptiles before finding the herbs and
restoring the Zargotians to health.
(w: unknown, a: Roland Turner)

[BBC Worldwide]

Radio Times
25 Jun 1970 (for week of 27 Jun - 3 Jul 1970), 10"x12.25", newsprint
Contains an article about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, a full-page
pinup of Kirk, and a one page color strip with an untitled story, pp 48-52.
Kirk wonders aloud who on the ship looks like Satan.
(w: unknown, a: Frank Bellamy)

[City Magazines]

1971	TV21 Annual 1971
pp 4-9	Captives in space
Prejudices hamper first contact between Enterprise personnel and a
felinoid species on Skur.
(w: unknown, a: unknown)
pp 48-52	Gateway to the future
Prose story with artwork. Kirk investigates lifesigns on a dying planet.
An old man greets the landing party and introduces himself as the
Guradian of the Future. Kirk and Spock step through a gateway into a
future Los Angeles overrun by militant hippies and discover that
Earth has been invaded by Nobians. By changing the future, they can
change it for their children.
(w: unknown, a: unknown)
pp 86-93	Planet of rejects
Thax exiles commandeer the Enterprise and force Kirk to help restore
their freedom.
(w: unknown, a: unknown)
ISBN 0-7235-0093-2

[World Distributors]

1971	TV21 Annual 1972
pp 4-7	untitled story
Kirk agrees to protect Korak from Zodian invaders, but finds that the
Zodians are the true victims. Published by World International?
(w: unknown, a: unknown)
ISBN 0-7235-0131-9

[IPC Magazines]

1972	TV21 Annual 1973
pp 3-9	Planet of the dead
An expedition to Selkye turns deadly when the lovable "beavos" cause
the landing party to fall ill.
(w: Jack Sutter, a: Jim Baikie)
pp 89-95	What is this thing called Spock?
On Taragon, a misunderstood alien invades Spock's mind to stop a mining
colony from hurting it.
(w: Jack Sutter, a: Jim Baikie)
ISBN 0-850370-43-4

1972	Valiant and TV21 Summer Special
pp 18-23	Star Trek (untitled story)
A diplomatic mission to the planet Farnia is interrupted by a Klingon
attack. Kirk and Spock of the "Space Federation" devise a plan to destroy
the Klingon ray-ship and prevent Farnia from being claimed for the Empire.
8.5" x 11" magazine, b&w
(w: unknown, a: John Stokes)

[Polystyle Publications]

1978	Mighty TV Comic Annual
pp 12-16	The gods have come
On the edge of Galaxy 517, the Enterprise picks up strange signals from
planet Alpha 332. Investigating, Kirk and Spock find a peaceful race called
the Parracas whose leader Maracu tells of an impending battle with the hostile
Turracas. The races live either side of a volcano that is set to erupt so
Kirk tells Maracu to lead her people away to safety while he and Spock try
to warn the Turracas. The warrior priest Turr does not believe them and tries
to sacrifice Kirk and Spock to the volcano god but they are able to transport
out as it erupts, wiping out the warlike race.
(w: unknown, a: John Canning)
ISBN 85096-080-0

1978	TV Comic Annual 1979
pp 49-53	untitled story
Enterprise arrives in Andrius and Kirk accepts an invitation from the
governor to visit. A Vornerian ship attacks the Enterprise, disabling
helm and communications while the landing party is captured. Kirk and
his crew escape their captors while the Andrians help restore power
to the Enterprise.
(w: unknown, a: John Canning)
ISBN 0-85086-084-3

[G.B. Love and Walter Irwin]

Trek Magazine #1-19 (reprints issues of Valiant and TV21)

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