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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 2/9
Section - [Marvel Comics] Star Trek

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Issues numbered in diamond boxes with a Spiderman logo were sold
at comic book stores while those numbered in square boxes with
barcodes were sold at newsstands.

01	Apr 80	Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1
The original crew members of the Enterprise are reunited for an
urgent mission. Issues 1-3 reprint Marvel Comics Super Special 15.
(Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson)

02	May 80	V'Ger, 2
The Enterprise encounters V'Ger.
(Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson)

03	Jun 80	Evolutions, 3
V'Ger reaches Earth and meets the creator.
(Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson)

04	Jul 80	The haunting of Thallus, 1
While returning an escaped prisoner to a prison satellite near
Thallus, the Enterprise is haunted by monsters, werewolves, and
vampires, and encounters a haunted house floating in space.
(Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson)

05	Aug 80	The haunting of the Enterprise, 2
Klingons capture Kirk's landing party and attack the Enterprise
with thought-created monsters.
(Mike Barr; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson; Miller)

06	Sep 80	The Enterprise murder case
An ambassador transports to the Enterprise with a knife in his
back. Spock and McCoy act as criminal investigator and medical
(Mike Barr; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson)

07	Oct 80	Tomorrow or yesterday
The Enterprise must disperse a deadly cloud of radiation before
it devastates a primitive planet. The landing party finds that
their arrival was expected.
(Tom DeFalco; Mike Nasser, Klaus Janson; Nasser)

08	Nov 80	The expansionist syndrome
The Enterprise is captured by a race of machines and must free
itself, along with the humanoids living with the machines. Spock
is taken by the machines so that they can make use of his
telepathic abilities.
(Martin Pasko; Dave Cockrum, Ricardo Villamonte)

09	Dec 80	Experiment in vengeance
The Enterprise finds a missing starship and the combined
consciousness of an early transporter research team. The
consciousness murdered the starship's crew and commandeered the
ship to search for the team's missing leader.
(Martin Pasko; Dave Cockrum, Frank Springer)

10	Jan 81	Domain of the dragon god
On a survey of a primitive planet, Spock and McCoy get caught in
a conflict between warring tribes.
(Michael Fleisher; Leo Duranona, Klaus Janson)

11	Feb 81	Like a woman scorned
The Enterprise is menaced by a Scottish witch and the Loch Ness
monster courtesy of Scotty's old flame.
(Martin Pasko; Joe Brozowski, Tom Palmer)

12	Mar 81	Eclipse of reason
A starship with Janice Rand aboard, attempts to pass the
galactic energy barrier. The crew goes mad and returns to their
homeworld with the Enterprise in pursuit.
(Allan Brennart, Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Tom Palmer)

13	Apr 81	All the infinite ways
Negotiations for mineral rights are interrupted by a scheming
Klingon commander. McCoy is reunited with his estranged daughter
and her Vulcan fiance.
(Martin Pasko; Joe Brozowski, Tom Palmer, D. Hands)

14	Jun 81	We are dying, Egypt, dying
On a desert planet, Kirk and his landing party discover pyramids
and temples resembling those of ancient Egypt. Kirk is possessed
by the life energy of an ancient alien to fulfil a prophecy.
(Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Gene Day)

15	Aug 81	The quality of mercy
On a top secret mission, a cloaked Enterprise travels to a
prison planet. Disguised as alien guards, Kirk and his strike
force search for the missing son of a starbase commander.
(Martin Pasko; Gil Kane)

16	Oct 81	There's no space like gnomes'
On a supply mission, an Enterprise landing party finds the
colonists missing and the planet inhabited by gnomes, trolls,
and goblins.
(Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Gene Day, Sal Trapani)

17	Dec 81	The long night's dawn
A Federation satellite falls from orbit, threatening the lives
of billions. Disguised as natives, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy,
transport to the planet to assess the situation, but they are
captured, branded as heretics, and sentenced to death.
(Mike Barr; Ed Hannigan, Tom Palmer; Simonson)

18	Feb 82	A thousand deaths
Kirk and Spock are taken from the Enterprise by the Sustainer,
the robot keeper of a worldship. The Sustainer forces them to
sacrifice their lives for each other and for the Enterprise.
(J.M. DeMatteis; Joe Brozowski, Sal Trapani; Austin)

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