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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 2/9
Section - [DC Comics] Star Trek (first series)

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01	Feb 84	The wormhole connection, 1
The first story in this series takes place after the events of
ST II: TWOK. Spock is dead, and Saavik has replaced him as
science officer. Kirk is given command of the Enterprise again
and assigned to investigate the destruction of a Federation
starship by Klingons. Kirk, Saavik, and an ensign discover that
the Klingons have built a space station on the other side of a
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez)

02	Mar 84	The only good Klingon, 2
Saavik provides a diversion while Kirk and Ensign Bryce sabotage
the Klingon station. After escaping back to the Enterprise, the
crew learns that the Klingons have declared war on the Federation.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez)

03	Apr 84	Errand of war, 3
The Federation-Klingon war is being orchestrated by Excalbians
("The Savage Curtain"). Defying orders, Kirk heads for Organia
where he finds the planet shrouded in a black field that absorbs
all energy. After a brief battle with the Klingons, Kirk
captures his old adversary, Capt. Kor ("Errand of Mercy"), and
an Excalbian appears aboard Enterprise.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez)

04	May 84	Deadly allies, 4
Yarnek, the Excalbian, tells Kirk that his first investigation
of good and evil was inconclusive. The Excalbians have
engineered the entrapment of Organia and a Federation-Klingon
war. Kor and his crew help the Enterprise penetrate the black
field. Kirk convinces the Excalbian to join the play directly by
taking on the Organians. The Excalbians and Organians disappear.
The Federation and the Klingon Empire are free to chart their
own course.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran)

05	Jun 84	Mortal gods
A former student of Kirk's is the only survivor of a battle with
a Klingon ship. He lands on a primitive planet and becomes a
god. Kirk and his crew must minimize the impact without further
violations of the Prime Directive.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Sal Amendola; Sutton, Amendola)

06	Jul 84	Who is Enigma?
Peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are
threatened by Enigma, a shape-shifting revolutionary, who is
determined to kill Ambassador Robert Fox ("A Taste of Armageddon").
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Sal Amendola)

07	Aug 84	Pon Farr, Origin of Saavik 1
Saavik enters pon farr. She tells Kirk and McCoy how she met
Spock and about her bonding with Xon. Kirk directs the
Enterprise to Vulcan. On arrival, Saavik learns that Xon is on a
secret mission. She obtains information of his whereabouts and
takes a ship to the rim of the galaxy, with the Enterprise close
(Mike W. Barr; Eduardo Barreto, Ricardo Villagran; Dan Day, Dick

08	Nov 84	Blood fever, 2
Saavik finds Xon, who is masquerading as a Romulan to learn the
secrets of a bioengineering technique which threatens the
Federation. The Romulans discover Xon's treachery and begin
interrogating him. The Enterprise finds Saavik and frees Xon,
then lures the Romulans into the energy barrier at the galaxy's
rim. ST III: TSFS is the next episode.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Joe Orlando)

09	Dec 84	Promises to keep, New frontiers 1
This saga of the Mirror universe was scripted before ST IV: TVH.
After visiting with Spock, Kirk and his colleagues decide to
return to Earth aboard the Klingon bird-of-prey. At Space
Station Regula I, they ponder their future and attend a memorial
service for Davis Marcus (ST II: TWOK). Meanwhile, in another
universe, Capt. Kirk ("Mirror, Mirror") destroys Space Station
Regula I with Dr. Carol Marcus (ST II: TWOK) aboard, after
obtaining vital data from her. The Empire is preparing to
conquer another universe.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran)

10	Jan 85	Double image, 2
The Empire's Enterprise breaks through into Federation space and
heads for Regula I. Capt. Styles (ST III: TSFS) is headed there
also, to pick up Kirk and his crew. Taking the bird-of-prey in
tow, Excelsior leaves for Earth. The Enterprise attacks a
starship and continues on towards Regula I. The Excelsior
returns to engage the intruder, but is boarded and captured by
the Empire.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran)

11	Feb 85	Deadly reflection, 3
The Empire's Kirk sends Spock to Vulcan to retrieve the
Federation's Spock. Kirk and his crew escape from Excelsior to
the Enterprise, where they find Marlena Moreau ("Mirror,
Mirror") and take over the ship. On Vulcan, Spock finds Spock
still recovering and mind-melds with him. Excelsior pursues
Enterprise. After a brief battle, the Empire's Kirk starts the
auto-destruct sequence aboard the Enterprise and Kirk can't stop
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran)

12	Mar 85	The Tantalus trap, 4
The Empire's Spock and his Federation counterpart engage in a
mind-meld duel until one is defeated. Before the Enterprise
self-destructs, Scotty and Saavik manage to separate the saucer
section from the warp drive. Using the Tantalus field, Kirk
disables Excelsior and captures his Empire counterpart. Scotty
and Saavik repair Excelsior and modify the transwarp engines to
travel into Empire space. Kirk plans to stop the Empire's
invasion. As they leave, both Spocks returns from Vulcan.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran)

13	Apr 85	Masquerade, 5
The Federation's Kirk meets with David Marcus and other leaders
of the underground fighting to free themselves from Empire rule.
Both Spocks arrive in the alternate universe and join Kirk on
Excelsior. The Empire's Spock has lost his hatred and has agreed
to help overthrow the Empire. Kirk has convinced the Empire to
let him lead an invasion fleet to his own universe, where he
will turn on them. A spy learns of Kirk's plans and the invasion
fleet turns on Excelsior.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

14	May 85	Behind enemy lines, 6
His plan to sabotage the Empire invasion discovered, Kirk
follows David Marcus' suggestion to free scientists from a
prison planet to assist with the rebellion. Kirk sends both
Spocks and Konom, a Klingon serving aboard Excelsior, to the
Klingon homeworld to seek an alliance.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Magyar ?)

15	Jun 85	The beginning of the end, 7
Kirk builds a shaky alliance with the Klingons and Romulans in
the Empire's universe. Using a device that disables
transtator-based technology, most of the Empire's fleet is
defeated. Kirk, in Excelsior, fights one last battle against the
Empire's Excelsior-class starship. Kirk turns over the defeated
Empire fleet to David Marcus to continue the fight. The Empire's
Kirk escapes in a shuttle, but is caught by an Empire starship.
Excelsior returns home.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

16	Jul 85	Homecoming, 8
On arrival in his own universe, Kirk and his crew are arrested
by Capt. Styles. To plead his case, Kirk secretly transmits the
Excelsior's log on an open channel. The broadcast is picked up
by the press and he returns home a hero. Kirk is given command
of Excelsior and Spock takes command of science vessel Surak.
(Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

17	Aug 85	The D'Artagnan three
Sulu, Uhura, and Bearclaw investigate a space station for
evidence of smuggling while Kirk, in Excelsior, tracks down the
source of smuggled dilithium crystals. Sulu, in his first
command, learns that the smugglers are also slavers, and
engineers their capture.
(L.B. Kellogg; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Janson)

18	Sep 85	Rest and recreation
On shore leave, Scotty stumbles onto a drug processing operation
which threatens the safety of a starbase. With the help of a
Starfleet cadet, he manages to put a stop to the drug operation.
(Paul Kupperberg; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

19	Oct 85	Chekov's choice
Chekov incites the crew of the Enterprise to mutiny while the
ship is out of control and on a collision course for an
asteroid. This story is set between ST: TMP and ST II: TWOK.
(Walter Koenig; Dan Spiegle; Sutton, Villagran)

20	Nov 85	Giri
Sulu attends a family wedding and winds up in a battle for his
life to prevent a murder. Wenonah Woods is a pseudonym of Laurie
(Wenonah Woods; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Wray)

21	Dec 85	Dreamworld
Spock and the crew of the Surak arrive at an unexplored planet.
Beaming down with two crewmembers, Spock finds himself alone, in
a dream. He must find his way out of the dream and save the rest
of his landing party.
(Bob Rozakis; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

22	Jan 86	The wolf, Wolf on the prowl 1
Redjac ("Wolf in the Fold") returns to spread fear and murder
aboard Excelsior, and to take revenge on Kirk. Lured to a planet
whose inhabitants worship Redjac, Kirk and his landing party
discover that Redjac inhabits the body of one of their own.
(Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

23	Feb 86	Wolf at the door, 2
Redjac kills several crewmembers and taunts Kirk unmercifully.
Scotty manages to adjust the shields to prevent Redjac from
entering the ship and with Saavik's help, creates a wormhole
which draws Redjac into another universe.
(Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Cowan, Janson)

24	Mar 86	Double blind, 1
The Ajir demand that Kirk surrender Excelsior. Since the Ajir
ship has no shields and very little power, Kirk surrenders in
order to learn what these beings are up to. They claim to be a
conquering race but turn out to be more like children. Then the
Grond show up.
(Diane Duane; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jim Starlin)

25	Apr 86	Double blind, 2
Kirk surrenders to the Grond also. He learns that both the Ajir
and the Grond have adopted an aggressive posture for protection,
but their homeworlds are economically depressed. Kirk convinces
them that the Federation can help and they return Excelsior to
the Federation.
(Diane Duane; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jim Starlin)

26	May 86	The trouble with transporters
Exploring a newly discovered planet, Spock and the Surak
encounter transporter problems and a Romulan attack on a landing
(Bob Rozakis; Tom Sutton; Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Gio ?)

27	Jun 86	Around the clock
A day in the life of Excelsior's crew.
(Robert Greenberger; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski,
Villagran, Zaffino)

28	Jul 86	The last word
After a crewman falls into a coma following the death of a close
friend, McCoy can't find any physical cause. Since he carried
Spock's marbles for a while, he tries to mind-meld with his
patient and succeeds in bringing him out of the coma.
(Diane Duane; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Villagran)

29	Aug 86	The trouble with Bearclaw
While Kirk is inundated with Excelsior paperwork, an away team of
mixed race gets into trouble on a planetary survey. Bearclaw is
insubordinate to his alien colleagues, but manages to keep
everyone alive.
(Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

30	Sep 86	Uhura's story
Flashback to Uhura's first mission after assignment to the
Enterprise. Uhura commandeers a shuttle to rescue Kirk and his
landing party from Klingons.
(Paul Kupperberg; Carmine Infantino, Ricardo Villagran;)

31	Oct 86	Maggie's world, 1
Excelsior escorts a Federation ambassador to a planet under
development by Federation and Klingon interests. The natives are
leaning toward alignment with the Klingons. When Excelsior
arrives, a Federation mining operation is sabotaged.
(Tony Isabella, Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;
Brozowski, Marcos)

32	Nov 86	Judgement day, 2
The governor of Maggie's world learns who sabotaged the
Federation mining facility and with Excelsior's help, obtains
proof. The natives vote for Klingon jurisdiction, but Kirk and
the governor secure concessions for the Federation.
(Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

33	Dec 86	Vicious circle (20th anniversary)
After being hurled back to 1
960's Earth ("Tomorrow is
Yesterday"), the Enterprise attempts to return home, but
overshoots by 20 years. Meeting Excelsior and their older
selves, time ripples begin to tear apart the universe. The
Guardian of Forever ("The City on the Edge of Forever") is their
only hope.
(Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Bingham)

34	Jan 87	Death ship, The doomsday bug 1
Responding to an emergency signal from the Surak, Excelsior
finds the entire crew dead except for Spock. The ship's log
reveals that an Andorian carried some kind of plague aboard.
Meanwhile, diplomatic relations with the Romulans have broken
down and Excelsior must pursue a shuttle with the Andorian
aboard, into the Romulan neutral zone.
(Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Smith)

35	Feb 87	Stand off, 2
Excelsior is in a stand-off with Romulan warships while Kirk
tries to convince their commander that a plague carrier
threatens the Empire. When Romulan crewmen begin dying, one of
the Romulan ships breaks formation, heading for the homeworld.
The other Romulans and Excelsior pursue. The Federation sends
Capt. Styles to bring Kirk and Excelsior back to Federation
(Len Wein; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Montano)

36	Mar 87	The apocalypse scenario, 3
Scotty uses a modified transporter to filter the doomsday bug
from the Romulans. Spock's body recovers from the effects of the
plague but his mind is in chaos. Kirk and his closest friends
take a bird-of-prey to Vulcan to get help. This story restores
continuity for ST IV: TVH.
(Len Wein; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Marcos)

37	Apr 87	Choices
Following Kirk's demotion to captain and reassignment to the
Enterprise, his fellow officers consider their future and rejoin
him for new adventures. A religious fanatic attempts to destroy
the newly refitted Enterprise, but is thwarted by Spock. ST:TAS
characters Lt. Arex and Lt. M'Ress make the first of several
appearances in this series (#37, #39, #40, #46-55). M'Ress has
the hots for Sulu.
(Len Wein; Curt Swan, Pablo Marcos; Wray)

38	May 87	The Argon affair
While the Enterprise undergoes repairs following a battle with
Argonian pirates, Kirk saves a beautiful young woman from
pirates. On board the Enterprise, she tries to sabotage the ship
and is revealed as an Argonian spy.
(Michael Fleisher; Adam Kubert, Ricardo Villagran;)

39	Jun 87	When you wish upon a star, Return of Mudd 1
Trapped by an unknown force, the Enterprise is taken to an
unexplored planet. A landing party led by Spock attempts to
transport to the surface, but Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty are
transported with them. They find themselves on some kind of
amusement planet ruled by Harry Mudd ("Mudd's Women").
(Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

40	Jul 87	Mudd's magic, 2
Mudd explains to Kirk that he landed on the amusement planet by
accident and wished for help getting off-planet. The Enterprise
is the answer to his wish. The landing party learns that the
planet is really a nursery. Spock mind-melds with the artifact
controlling the planet and the Enterprise is freed.
(Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

41	Aug 87	What goes around
The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a merchant ship
under attack by Orion pirates. The pirates have hostages aboard
their ship, and the merchant ship in tow, when the Enterprise
arrives. Thanks to another miracle from Scotty, the hostages are
rescued and the pirates captured.
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

42	Sep 87	The corbomite effect
The Enterprise is beset by numerous glitches. Scotty insists
that gremlins are responsible and Kirk orders him to take a few
days off. Scotty manages to rid the Enterprise of the gremlins
in spite of the fact that no one believes him.
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

43	Oct 87	Paradise lost, Return of the serpent 1
Returning to Gamma Trianguli VI ("The Apple") after 20 years,
Kirk finds a desolate world and a despotic ruler who takes the
landing party prisoner. The landing party manages to escape, but
on board the Enterprise, no one is responding.
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

44	Nov 87	Past perfect, 2
The followers of Vaal capture Kirk and his landing party for a
sacrifice. They use powers taught by Vaal to draw the Enterprise
out of orbit, to the surface. Spock convinces them to stop by
offering to restore Vaal. Scotty sends a team of storm-troopers
to free the landing party. Spock has been plugged into Vaal's
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, Lewis)

45	Dec 87	Devil down below, 3
Spock joins with Vaal to restore power to the protective
computer system. Kirk admits he was wrong to destroy Vaal and
Spock nearly gives up his life to put Gamma Trianguli VI back on
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

46	Jan 88	Getaway
On shore leave, Kirk is dogged by a Federation quality control
expert assigned to the Enterprise. McCoy breaks a leg sand
skiing and romance is the order of the day for other crew members.
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

47	Feb 88	Idol threats
A young officer tries to emulate Kirk after his captain is
killed by Romulans and only gets his ship and crew into deeper
trouble. Kirk comes to the rescue and learns that his reputation
is not exactly what he would like it to be.
(Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis)

48	Mar 88	The stars in secret influence, 1
Issues 48-55 are tied together. A Federation ship attacks an
unarmed Klingon outpost. On the Enterprise, a bachelor party
ends in a brawl and Kirk is hit on the head by a bottle. While
Kirk decides on punishment, the Enterprise receives word about
the outpost.
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

49	Apr 88	Aspiring to be angels, 2
A group of alien killers is mopping up at the Klingon outpost
when the Enterprise arrives. A cloaked ship appears, captures
the landing party, and fires on the Enterprise. To prevent
Enterprise from firing back, the captured landing party is
beamed onto the ship's hull with environment suits. A Klingon
ship arrives and captures the landing party. The marauder gets
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)

50	May 88	Marriage of inconvenience, 3
The Enterprise temporarily allies with the Klingons to track
down the marauding Federation ship. Arriving at the renegade's
next target at high warp, the Enterprise collides with the ship.
The crew is captured but the captain gets away. His body is
found on a nearby planet, but he has been dead for several
weeks. Confused yet?
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Ed Hannigan)

51	Jun 88	Haunted honeymoon, 1
A telepath falls ill, transforming the Enterprise into a
nightmare. The crew experiences hellish illusions and the ship
is incapacitated. Kirk, while in conference with Spock, McCoy,
and Scotty, sees the Bloom County crew of the good ship Enterpoop.
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Mike O'Connell)

52	Jul 88	Hell in a hand basket, 2
The Enterprise crew must descend through the circles of hell (as
described in Dante's Inferno) until they find the telepath.
Spock uses a mind-meld to restore sanity to the ship. Afterward,
Bearclaw sinks a knife into Kirk's chest.
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Mike O'Connell)

53	Aug 88	You're dead, Jim, 1
While McCoy works frantically to save Kirk's life, crewmembers
remember past occasions with their captain. Kirk receives an
invitation to join his brother Sam (introduced during
conversation in "What Little Girls Are Made Of" and found dead
in "Operation: Annihilate") and son, David. Christopher Pike
also warns Kirk that its time ti leave. Spock brings Kirk
back with a mind-meld. Kirk wants Bearclaw's head on a pike.
(Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore,
KEZ ?)

54	Sep 88	Old loyalties, 2
The Federation Security Legion is called in to investigate the
attempt on Kirk's life. The Legion investigator is Sean
Finnegan ("Shore Leave"), Kirk's oldest Starfleet Academy
nemesis. The investigation into the renegade ship also
continues. An Enterprise crewmember is found dead, but she was
never reported dead.
(Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, KEZ)

55	Oct 88	Finnegan's wake, 3
Finnegan unearths the truth about Bearclaw's attempt on Kirk's
life, but Garth of Izar ("Whom Gods Destroy") gets the drop on
him and makes one last attempt to kill Kirk. An unexpected turn
of events prevents him from finishing the job. Events occuring
in this storyline are explored again in the novel, Strike Zone
(see Part 4).
(Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, KEZ)

56	Nov 88	A small matter of faith
Set during Kirk's first five-year mission. While carrying
radiation victims to a starbase for emergency treatment, the
Enterprise is hijacked by an officer. The ship is taken to a
planet where faith healings have been reported. The Enterprise
learns of a new type of being.
(Martin Pasko; Gray Morrow; Jerome Moore)

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