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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 2/9
Section - [Gold Key Comics] Star Trek

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Top Document: Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 2/9
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Issues 1-9 have photo covers. Issues 10-29 and 31-44 have painted
covers with inset b&w photos of Kirk and Spock. Issue 30 has a line
art cover. Issues 46-48 have painted covers without photo insets.
Color inset photos return on the painted covers of issues 49-59.
Issues 60-61 have line art covers without inset photos. Some issues
were published with both Gold Key and Whitman logos. The Whitman
covers are generally reprint issues. Some issues were reprinted with
corrections, additional photos, and multiple covers. Gold Key comics
were published by Western Publishing.

01	Jul 67	The planet of no return
Kirk, McCoy and Rand explore a planet where plants are the
highest link in the food chain, and the plants are hungry.
Photos of Spock, Kirk, and Sulu on cover.
(; Nevio Zaccara)

01A	Jul 67	The planet of no return
This variant edition of #1 has photos on the front and back
inside covers, and the back cover.

02	Jun 68	The devil's isle of space
Kirk is trapped on a doomed asteroid with condemned convicts
awaiting an unusual execution. Photos of Spock and Kirk on
(; Nevio Zaccara)

02A	Jun 68	The devil's isle of space
This variant edition of #2 has photos on the front and back
inside covers, and the back cover.

03	Dec 68	Invasion of the city builders
Kirk and Spock aid a planet whose out-of-control machines are
building over every available piece of land. Photos of Spock and
the bridge crew on cover.
(; Alberto Giolitti, Giovanni Ticci?)

03A	Dec 68	Invasion of the city builders
This variant edition of #3 has photos on the front and back
inside covers, and the back cover.

04	Jun 69	The peril of planet Quick Change
Spock helps revive an ancient civilization, but one of the
beings takes over Spock's body in order to leave his world and
travel into space. Photos of the Enterprise, Spock, Kirk, and an
alien on cover.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

05	Sep 69	The ghost planet
Kirk and Spock must prevent two warring leaders from resuming
hostilities after their planet is freed from deadly radiation
rings. Photos of Spock and Kirk on cover.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

06	Dec 69	When planets collide
The Enterprise must save two planets from colliding. The
only choice appears to be destroying one of them, but both are
inhabited. Photo of Spock on cover.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

07	Mar 70	The voodoo planet
The Enterprise encounters a planet which is an exact duplicate
of Earth, without people. A madman uses voodoo to hold Earth
hostage until Kirk and Spock learn his secrets. Photos of Spock,
McCoy, Kirk on cover.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

08	Sep 70	The youth trap
Aliens experimenting with an age-ray cause members of a landing
party to grow young, forcing Kirk to deal with McCoy and Scotty
as children.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

09	Feb 71	The legacy of Lazarus
The Enterprise discovers a planet inhabited by every famous
person who ever walked Earth. Spock is taken prisoner by their
creator, Lazarus, who wants Spock's brain. Photos of Spock and
Kirk on cover.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

10	May 71	Sceptre of the sun
Kirk and Spock must help an evil sorcerer obtain "The Sceptre of
the Sun" or he will destroy the Enterprise. They battle against
living mountains and the robot guardian of the Sceptre.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

11	Aug 71	The brain shockers
Bottled emotions from Vulcan's past break free and enter members
of the Enterprise crew. The ship is captured by an immortal
being who explores his captive's emotions to prevent boredom.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

12	Nov 71	The flight of the Buccaneer
To prevent their cover from being blown, Kirk and McCoy
sacrifice Spock and Scotty to space pirates in search of a
dilithium crystal treasure.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

13	Feb 72	Dark traveler
The Enterprise picks up an intergalactic hitchhiker and is
forced to take him to his utopian homeworld, only to find cities
in ruin and murderous robots.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

14	May 72	The Enterprise mutiny
Following a planetary survey, Kirk begins acting irrationally.
Spock and McCoy attempt to relieve Kirk of command but he
escapes in a shuttle, with the Enterprise in pursuit.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

15	Aug 72	Museum at the end of time
The Enterprise is trapped in a graveyard for ships and needs
a Klingon starship's help to get out. Story is similar to ST:TAS
episode "The time trap".
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

16	Nov 72	Day of the inquisitors
Several crewmembers crash-land a shuttle on a planet still in
its dark ages. Kirk has to unite two sides, "barbarians" and
"religious extremists", before the planet tears itself apart,
with his shuttle party in the middle of it all.
(Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti)

17	Feb 73	The cosmic cavemen
An Enterprise landing party surveys a planet whose stone age
inhabitants worship an idol that looks like Spock.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

18	May 73	The hijacked planet
The inhabitants of an entire planet, recorded on magnetic tape,
are hijacked and held for ransom. The Enterprise must recover
the tape before the hijacker destroys it.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

19	Jul 73	The haunted asteroid
The Enterprise investigates an asteroid memorial to a long-dead
queen, where too many people have disappeared without a trace.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

20	Sep 73	A world gone mad
The Enterprise returns the young heir to the throne of a planet
gone mad in the wake of a comet's passing.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

21	Nov 73	The mummies of Heitus VII
A mummy being taken to a research center by the Enterprise comes
alive and takes over the ship, steering it towards Romulan space.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

22	Jan 74	Siege in superspace
The Enterprise passes through a black hole to superspace, where,
on a marshy planet, a landing party and the planet's inhabitants
are besieged by an army of vegetable-metalloid monsters.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

23	Mar 74	Child's play
Responding to a distress call, Kirk and and his landing party
transport to a planet where children are the only survivors of a
worldwide plague. The Enterprise must race across the galaxy to
bring back the only known cure before Kirk and his party die
(; Alberto Giolitti)

24	May 74	The trial of Capt. Kirk
Kirk is framed by a pirate iron-mining ring for accepting a
bribe to protect illegal mining operations. The crew of the
Enterprise goes after proof of Kirk's innocence.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

25	Jul 74	Dwarf planet
The Enterprise visits a planet whose population is slowly
shrinking from unusual solar radiation. While trying to discover
an antidote, Scotty is exposed to radiation and shrinks to
microscopic size.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

26	Sep 74	The perfect dream
The Enterprise discovers a world where clones lead an idyllic
existence, but are not allowed to question or create.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

27	Nov 74	Ice journey
The Enterprise ignites a civil war on a doomed planet.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

28	Jan 75	The mimicking menace
Members of an Enterprise landing party find themselves facing
their doubles on a volcanic asteroid. The doubles were created
by a parasitic life form that feeds off of living and mechanical

29	Mar 75	reprints Gold Key 1 with a painted cover

30	May 75	Death of a star
On a mission to observe a stellar nova, the Enterprise finds
massive signs of life on a nearby planet, but only a single
individual, an ancient woman who invites the crew to witness her
(; Alberto Giolitti)

31	Jul 75	The final truth
An Enterprise shuttle crashes on a world prohibited to
outsiders. Crew members are forced to wear punisher collars and
help feed the planet's life presence.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

32	Aug 75	The animal people
The Enterprise comes to the aid of a planet which is being
overrun by maddened animals. Spock discovers that the "animals"
are intelligent, but this knowledge puts the landing party in
danger because planetary leaders want to keep this information
(; Alberto Giolitti)

33	Sep 75	The choice
Kirk duels with his double from another universe to decide the
fate of this universe.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

34	Oct 75	The psychocrystals
An Enterprise survey party is captured by crystalline aliens and
sentenced to death for attempted kidnapping of crystal babies.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

35	Nov 75	reprints Gold Key 4 with a painted cover

36	Mar 76	A bomb in time
Renegade scientists hold Earth for ransom by threatening to
explode a devastating new explosive device somewhen in Earth's
past. Scotty goes back to the old west of 1855 and Kirk goes
back to 1955 to search for the bomb.
(; Alberto Giolitti)

37	May 76	reprints Gold Key 5 with a painted cover

38	Jul 76	One of our captains is missing
Kirk is sent on a special assignment to investigate suspected
Klingon covert activities and a hard-nosed captain takes command
of the Enterprise.
(; Alden McWilliams)

39	Aug 76	Prophet of peace
The Enterprise recovers a brilliant scientist from cryogenic
deep-freeze but aliens may have planted a duplicate.

40	Sep 76	Furlough to fury
McCoy visits his daughter Barbara, a xenobiologist. Scotty and
Kirk thwart the larcenous plans of a former crewman with the
help of one of Barbara's alien beasts.
(; Alden McWilliams)

41	Nov 76	The evictors
The Enterprise is visiting a planet on a protocol mission when,
after hundreds of thousands of years, the original inhabitants
return to reclaim their home.
(; Alden McWilliams)

42	Jan 77	World against time
The Enterprise discovers a planet populated by children who were
adults, until radiation began to change them. Spock and Scotty
begin to grow young again as they attempt to shield the
radiation source.
(; Alden McWilliams)

43	Feb 77	World beneath the waves
After picking up Dr. Barbara McCoy, xenobiologist and McCoy's
daughter, the Enterprise heads for a world where air-breathers
have developed into water-breathers to escape a planet-wide
catastrophe. The Enterprise crew is drawn into a conflict
between the ocean-dwellers and surface-dwellers.
(George Kashdan ?; Alden McWilliams)

44	May 77	Prince Traitor
Kirk, Spock, and Scotty are captured by a rebel leader who turns
out to be the Emperor's son. He plans to barter their lives for
the freedom of his people.
(; Alden McWilliams)

45	Jul 77	reprints Gold Key 7 and cover, first issue with a barcode

46	Aug 77	Mr. Oracle
Spock's brain is filled with the knowledge of an entire world.
He becomes insane and imprisons Kirk, Scott and McCoy on a
hostile world that obeys only his orders.
(; Alden McWilliams)

47	Sep 77	This tree bears bitter fruit
The Enterprise encounters energy beings who are being nurtured
to take care of the universe. Kirk engages in single combat with
one of the beings to save humanity. Writer and artist credits begin
with this issue.
(George Kashdan, Doug Drexler; Alden McWilliams)

48	Oct 77	Sweet smell of evil
A renowned scientist is murdered aboard the Enterprise while
being taken to a conference. The suspects are his colleagues.
Spock and McCoy solve the crime.
(Arnold Drake, Doug Drexler; Alden Mcwilliams)

49	Nov 77	A warp in space
Kirk seeks the aid of Zefram Cochrane and the Companion
("Metamorphosis") after several experimental starships disappear
while testing a hyper-warp drive.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

50	Jan 78	The planet of no life
Kirk and a young ensign are trapped, facing slow
death, while an old nemesis of Kirk's (Star Trek #41, "The
Evictors") enjoys their suffering. The ensign agrees to kill
Kirk if he is allowed to live.
(Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams)

51	Mar 78	Destination annihilation
Absent-minded Prof. Osric Whipple, an old friend of Kirk's,
inadvertently starts, then stops an interplanetary war. Mazda
spaceship on cover.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

52	May 78	And a child shall lead them
The Enterprise breaks up a black market mining operation on a
primitive world led by a child.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

53	Jul 78	What fools mortals be
On an uncharted planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy relive the voyage
of Ulysses for the amusement of Zeus and other Greek gods.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

54	Aug 78	Sport of knaves
Kirk, Spock, and Scotty go undercover to track down stolen
endangered birds.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

55	Sep 78	A world against itself
After their brains are altered, Spock and Scotty lead two
warring tribes into combat. Error on cover "Spock vs. Slott".
(Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams)

56	Oct 78	No time like the past
A deposed dictator escapes and travels back in time via the
Guardian of Forever ("The City on the Edge of Forever"). Kirk,
Spock, and McCoy must alter history so that Hannibal is
defeated by the Romans.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

57	Nov 78	Spore of the devil
Kirk, Scotty and Spock discover an alien directing the
development of a medieval world. The alien does not know where
he is from.
(Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams)

58	Dec 78	Brain-damaged planet
McCoy must help a planet fend off huge parasites, or its
inhabitants will all be driven mad.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

59	Jan 79	To err is Vulcan
Spock makes not one, but two errors. Kirk suspects a plan to
discredit Spock and has a plan of his own.
(Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams)

60	Feb 79	The empire man
The Enterprise protects a colony under attack by a powerful
cyborg. Each time an attack occurs, a beautiful ghost appears,
but she can't communicate until she enters Spock's body.
(John Warner; Alden McWilliams)

61	Mar 79	Operation con game
Harry Mudd's ("Mudd's Women") dilithium con could ignite a war
between the Federation and the Klingon empire. Kirk and Spock
transport aboard a Klingon warship while Mudd kidnaps McCoy.
(George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)

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