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Star Trek Actors' Other Roles FAQ [14/15]

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Archive-name: Star-Trek/Actors-Roles/Part4.02
Last-modified: 01 August 2002
Version: 10.08

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Some other people who have had guest spots in Star Trek:

Jason Leland Adams       Benyan                   "Covenant" (DSN) 
Michelle Agnew           Scharn                   "Retrospect" (VOY) 
Christopher Aguilar      Andrew                   "Before and After" (VOY) 
Kathy Ahart              Crewwoman                "Space Seed" (TOS) 
Budd Albright            Rayburn                  "What Are Little Girls
Made Of?" (TOS) 
Virginia Aldridge        Lt. Karen Tracy          "Wolf in the Fold" (TOS) 
Elle Alexander           Female Guard             "Nor the Battle to the
Strong" (DSN) 
George E. Allen          Engineer #1              "Devil in the Dark" (TOS) 
Kevin Scott Allen        Jem'Hadar                "What You Leave Behind"
Richard Allen            Kentor                   "The Ensigns of Command"
Carolyn Allport          Jessica Bradley          "The Big Goodbye" (TNG) 
Tony Amendola            Chorus #3                "Muse" (VOY) 
David Keith Anderson     Crew Member              "Memorial" (VOY) 
Nathan Anderson          Rafin                    "Nemesis" (VOY) 
Benita Andre             Anara                    "The Forsaken" (DSN) 
Richard Anthony          Rider                    "Spectre of the Gun" (TOS)

Peter C. Antoniou        Helmsman                 "The Emperor's New Cloak"
Gary Armagnal            Lt. McNary               "The Big Goodbye" (TNG) 
Gene Armor               Bajoran Bureaucrat       "Emissary" (DSN) 
Dave Armstrong           Kartan                   "Operation -- Annihilate!"
Dawn Arnemann            Miss Gladstone           "The Child" (TNG) 
Kelly Ashmore            Francine                 "We'll Always Have Paris"
Kate Asner               Nurse Bandee             "Extreme Measures" (DSN) 
Sherman Augustus         Hij'Qa                   "Barge of the Dead" (VOY) 
Brooke Averi             Little Girl #1           "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Jack Axelrod             Chorus #1                "Muse" (VOY) 
Todd Babcock             Ens. Mulcahey            "Drone" (VOY) 
Mina Badie               Security Officer         "Paradise Lost" (DSN) 
Iris Bahr                Female Cadet             "Endgame" (VOY) 
Michael H. Bailous       Jem'Hadar #1             "Hippocratic Oath" (DSN) 
Brenan Baird             Soldier                  "Things Past" (DSN) 
Becky Ann Baker          The Guide                "Sacred Ground" (VOY) 
Scott Thompson Baker     First Kudak'Etan         "One Little Ship" (DSN) 
Sharisse Baker-Bernard   Leosa                    "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Mike Baldridge           Dillard                  "Unexpected" (ENT) 
Ted Barba                Malin                    "Random Thoughts" (VOY) 
?? Barker                Female Talosian          "The Cage" (TOS) 
Stan Barrett             Jailer                   "All Our Yesterdays" (TOS)

Carolyne Barry           Female Engineer          "Home Soil" (TNG) 
Ivor Bartels             Young Klingon            "Apocalypse Rising" (DSN) 
William Bastiani         Omag                     "Unification, Part II"
C.J. Bau                 Bartender                Star Trek: First Contact
Hayne Bayle              Ten Forward Crewman      "The Offspring" (TNG) 
Charles Beck             Elasian Guard #2         "Elaan of Troyius" (TOS) 
James G. Becker          Ten Forward Crewman      "The Offspring" (TNG) 
Bonnie Beecher           Sylvia                   "Spectre of the Gun" (TOS)

Michael Behrens          Coyote                   "Workforce, Part I" (VOY) 
Coyote                   "Workforce, Part II" (VOY) 
Thomas Belgrey           Crewmember               "Realm of Fear" (TNG) 
Nancy Bell               Ens. Ahni Jetal          "Latent Image" (VOY) 
Caesar Belli             Steve O'Connel           "And the Children Shall
Lead" (TOS) 
Brooke Benko             Transporter N.D.         "Natural Law" (VOY) 
Mark Bennington          Adult Icheb              "Shattered" (VOY) 
John Eric Bentley        Klingon                  "Chimera" (DSN) 
Arthur Bernard           Apella                   "A Private Little War"
Daniel Betances          Pilot                    "Extreme Risk" (VOY) 
Andrew Bicknell          Wagnor                   "The Hunted" (TNG) 
Michele Ameen Billy      Lt.                      Star Trek: The Motion
Ed Bishop                                         "The Magicks of Megas-Tu"
Cynthia Blaise           Young Amanda             Star Trek V: The Final
Katherine Blum           Vulcan Child             Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
George Bochman           Crewman                  "The Corbomite Maneuver"
Jim Boeke                First Klingon General    Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country
Ryan Bollman             Donik                    "Flesh and Blood, Part II"
Donik                    "Flesh and Blood, Part I" (VOY) 
Chelsea Bond             Alien Mother             "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Jimmie Booth             Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
Jessica Bova             Alexandra                "When the Bough Breaks"
Vanessa Bova             Alexandra                "When the Bough Breaks"
John Boyer               Guard #2                 "Turnabout Intruder" (TOS)

Paul Bradley             Ens. Freeman             "The Trouble with Tribbles
Vanessa Branch           Adult Naomi              "Shattered" (VOY) 
Ralph Brannen            Crewmember               Star Trek: The Motion
Jonathan Breck           Dying Borg               "Survival Instinct" (VOY) 
Mike Brislane            Saratoga Science Officer Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Alan Brooks              Annari Cmdr.             "Nightingale" (VOY) 
Alison Brooks            Ens. Chilton             "All Good Things..." (TNG)

Fleming Brooks           Soldier One              "Memorial" (VOY) 
Lee Brooks               Aphasia Victim           "Babel" (DSN) 
Benjamin Brown           Kagan                    "Inquisition" (DSN) 
Jeb Brown                Ens.                     "Nor the Battle to the
Strong" (DSN) 
Marcia Brown             Alice in Wonderland      "Shore Leave" (TOS) 
Ursaline Bryant          Capt. Tryla Scott        "Conspiracy" (TNG) 
Robert Budaska           Burly Klingon            "Apocalypse Rising" (DSN) 
John Buonomo             Orderly                  "Requiem for Methuselah"
Brock Burnett            Male N.D.                "Author, Author" (VOY) 
Bobby Burns              Frane                    "Random Thoughts" (VOY) 
Elkanah J. Burns         Temarek                  "The Vengeance Factor"
John Burnside            Eminian Guard/Technician [Uncredited]  "A Taste of
Armageddon" (TOS) 
Megan Butler             Lt.                      "Emissary" (DSN) 
Ralph Byers              Crewmember               Star Trek: The Motion
Cassandra Byram          Com Officer              "Emissary" (DSN) 
Mark Daniel Cade         Technician               "Pathfinder" (VOY) 
Maria Caldare            Azen                     "Virtuoso" (VOY) 
Vince Calenti            Security Guard           "The Alternative Factor"
Cecile Callan            Ptera                    "Emanations" (VOY) 
Gloria Calomee           Crewwoman                "The Corbomite Maneuver"
Laura Cameron            Bajoran Woman            "Q-Less" (DSN) 
Richard Cansino          Dr. Garin                "Deja Q" (TNG) 
Tony Carlin              Physician                "The Thaw" (VOY) 
Katrina Carlson          Bajoran Officer          "The Siege" (DSN) 
John Carr                Security Guard           "Shore Leave" (TOS) 
Kevin Carr               Bajoran                  "Life Support" (DSN) 
Jacqueline Case          Dancer                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Al Cavens                Fop #2                   "All Our Yesterdays" (TOS)

Jon Cavett               Guard                    "Devil in the Dark" (TOS) 
Sylvain Cecile           Uri'Lash                 "Profit and Lace" (DSN) 
Jon Cellini              Technician               "Blink of an Eye" (VOY) 
Dylan Chalfy             Head Officer             "Homefront" (DSN) 
Marie Chambers           Kyrian Arbiter           "Living Witness" (VOY) 
Brian Evaret Chandler    Brota                    "Children of Time" (DSN) 
Estee Chandler           Oliana Mirren            "Coming of Age" (TNG) 
John Chandler            Flith                    "Honor Among Thieves"
Christinna Chauncey      Level Blue Nurse         "Critical Care" (VOY) 
?? Christie              Hood                     "A Piece of the Action"
Susan Christy            Tarrana                  "Homeward" (TNG) 
Art Chudabala            Lt. Ilario               "Field of Fire" (DSN) 
Charles S. Chun          Engineer                 "Trials and Tribble-ations
Clive Church             Maurice Picard           "Tapestry" (TNG) 
John Cirigliano          Alien #1                 "Emanations" (VOY) 
Jan Claire               Frannie                  "Fair Haven" (VOY) 
Christopher Clarke       Lord Byron               "Darkling" (VOY) 
Terrell Clayton          Andrews                  "Shattered" (VOY) 
Bob Clendenin            Vidiian Surgeon          "Deadlock" (VOY) 
Gordon Coffey            Romulan Soldier          "The Enterprise Incident"
Rhodie Cogan             Witch #1                 "Catspaw" (TOS) 
Robert Allen Colaizzi, Jr.  Dying Colonist           "Memorial" (VOY) 
Matthew Collins          Picard's Kid             Star Trek: Generations
Mimi Collins             Picard's Kid             Star Trek: Generations
Mark Colson              Dream Alien              "Waking Moments" (VOY) 
David Q. Combs           1st Mediator             "Justice" (TNG) 
?? Conde                 Hood                     "A Piece of the Action"
Sharon Conley            Jomat Luson              "Cardassians" (DSN) 
Bart Conrad              Capt. Krasnovsky         "Court Martial" (TOS) 
Darin Cooper             Cardassian Officer       "Sacrifice of Angels"
Kelly Cooper             Dancer                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Erik Cord                Thug                     "The Big Goodbye" (TNG) 
Brant Cotton             Idanian                  "A Simple Investigation"
Chuck Courtney           Davod                    "Patterns of Force" (TOS) 
Chris Covics             Asst.                    "Drive" (VOY) 
John Cragen              Crewman                  "Unexpected" (ENT) 
Paula Crist              Crewmember               Star Trek: The Motion
Joseph Culp              Raimus                   "Honor Among Thieves"
Patrick Cupo             Bajoran Man              "A Man Alone" (DSN) 
Tom Curtis               Corrigan                 "Court Martial" (TOS) 
Leo Damian               Warrior/Adonis           "Loud as a Whisper" (TNG) 
Ethan Dampf              Alien Child              "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Connie Danese            Toya                     "When the Bough Breaks"
Jerry Daniels            Marple                   "The Apple" (TOS) 
Tracy D'Arcy             Young Woman              "Cost of Living" (TNG) 
James Daris              Morg Creature            "Spock's Brain" (TOS) 
Scott Davidson           Bolian                   "Q2" (VOY) 
Joe W. Davis             Spock..Age 25            Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
John Walter Davis        Merchant                 "False Profits" (VOY) 
Regi Davis               Klingon First Officer    "Unexpected" (ENT) 
Teddy Davis              Transporter Technician   "Sins of the Father" (TNG)

Timothy Davis-Reed       Kyrian Spectator         "Living Witness" (VOY) 
Charles Dayton           Crewman                  "Where No One Has Gone
Before" (TNG) 
Keegan de Lancie         Q2                       "Q2" (VOY) 
Cathy DeBuono            M'Pella                  "The Dogs of War" (DSN) 
Zora DeHorter            Risian Woman             "Let He Who Is Without
Sin" (DSN) 
Winston DeLugo           Timothy                  "Court Martial" (TOS) 
Carol Daniels Dement     Zora                     "The Savage Curtain" (TOS)

Pancho Demmings          Kradin Soldier           "Nemesis" (VOY) 
Mark Dempsey             Air Force Capt.          "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
Charles Dennis           Sunad                    "Transfigurations" (TNG) 
Steve Dennis             Thompson                 "Equinox, Part II" (VOY) 
Scott DeVenney           Bob Briggs               Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Diaunte                  Jem'Hadar Guard          "The Search, Part II"
John Doman               Lenaris                  "Shakaar" (DSN) 
Charles Douglas          Ens. Haskell             "Where Silence Has Lease"
Bairbre Dowling          Edith                    "Spirit Folk" (VOY) 
Deborah Downey           Mavig, Girl #1           "The Way to Eden" (TOS) 
Gary Downey              Tellarite                "Whom Gods Destroy" (TOS) 
J. Downing               Transporter Chief        "The Quality of Life"
Chris Doyle              Assassin                 "Sins of the Father" (TNG)

Laura Drake              Vekma                    "A Matter of Honor" (TNG) 
Christin Ducheau         Crewman                  "The Naked Time" (TOS) 
Jon Dweck                Boy Who Stole Phaser     "Miri" (TOS) 
Scott Dweck              Boy Who Stole Phaser     "Miri" (TOS) 
Alan Echeverria          Patient                  "The Quickening" (DSN) 
George Edie              Poet                     "Cost of Living" (TNG) 
Ashley Edner             Yun                      "Friendship One" (VOY) 
Kenneth Lane Edwards     Ens.                     Star Trek: Insurrection
Patrick B. Egan          Jiyar                    "The Assignment" (DSN) 
Madison Eginton          Picard's Kid             Star Trek: Generations
Steven Einspahr          Teacher                  "Hero Worship" (TNG) 
Fadwa El Guindi          Amsha Bashir             "Doctor Bashir, I Presume"
David Ellenstein         Doctor #1                Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Greg Ellis               Ekoor                    "What You Leave Behind"
Charles Emmett           Resh                     "Warlord" (VOY) 
Douglas Engalla          Prisoner at Rura Penthe  Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country
Leslie Engelberg         Yareth                   "Vortex" (DSN) 
Mark Erickson            Piersall                 "Second Sight" (DSN) 
David Erskine            Bandi Shopkeeper         "Encounter at Farpoint"
Libby Erwin              Technician               "The Lights of Zetar"
Steven John Evans        Guard                    "The Maquis, Part I" (DSN)

Diana Ewing              Droxine                  "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Michael Eugene Fairman   Vendor                   "In the Hands of the
Prophets" (DSN) 
Susan Fallendar          Shalote                  "Unification, Part II"
James Farley             Gunnery Officer Lt. Lang "Arena" (TOS) 
Keythe Farley            Vidiian #2               "Deadlock" (VOY) 
Geraldine Farrell        Galis Blin               "Babel" (DSN) 
Todd Feder               Federation Male          "Babel" (DSN) 
Russ Fega                Paxim                    "Basics, Part II" (VOY) 
Nicole Sarah Fellows     Elizabeth                "Lineage" (VOY) 
Carlos Ferro             Ens. Dern                "Genesis" (TNG) 
Jimmy Fields             Cloud Guard #2           "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Michael Fiske            Garan Miner              "Macrocosm" (VOY) 
Brian Fitzpatrick        Tedran                   "Living Witness" (VOY) 
Jim Fitzpatrick          Cmdr. Williams           "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Frank Force              Elevator Voice           Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
Raymond Forchion         Ben Prieto               "Skin of Evil" (TNG) 
Nicole Forester          Dabo Girl                "Distant Voices" (DSN) 
Brad Forrest             Ens. Wyatt               "That Which Survives"
Stacie Foster            Engineer Bartel          "Relics" (TNG) 
Marilyn Fox              Marna                    "Nemesis" (VOY) 
Jerry Foxworth           Security Guard           "Mudd's Women" (TOS) 
John H. Francis          Science Crewman          "Sarek" (TNG) 
Joel Fredericks          Engineer                 "Timescape" (TNG) 
Colby French             Ens. Weldon              "When It Rains..." (DSN) 
Mal Friedman             Hendorf                  "The Apple" (TOS) 
Ben Gage                 Akaar                    "Friday's Child" (TOS) 
Joshua Gallegos          Security Officer         Star Trek: The Motion
Rey Gallegos             Crewman                  "Strange New World" (ENT) 
Ron Gans                 Voice of Armus           "Skin of Evil" (TNG) 
Jessica Gaona            Young B'Elanna           "Lineage" (VOY) 
Juan Garcia              John Torres              "Lineage" (VOY) 
John Torres              "Author, Author" (VOY) 
Buddy Garion             3rd Hood/Krako's Hood    "A Piece of the Action"
Shay Garner              Scientist                "A Matter of Time" (TNG) 
Richard Garon            Ens. Bennet              "Innocence" (VOY) 
Roderick Garr            Shady Alien              "Hippocratic Oath" (DSN) 
John Garrett             Lt.                      "Loud as a Whisper" (TNG) 
Grant Garrison           Cadet                    "Endgame" (VOY) 
Willie Garson            Riga                     "Thirty Days" (VOY) 
Stephen Matthew Garvin   Ens.                     "All Good Things..." (TNG)

Barbara Gates            Astrochemist             "The Changeling" (TOS) 
Conroy Gedeon            Civilian Agent           Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
Tami-Adrian George       Kesha                    "It's Only a Paper Moon"
Victoria George          Ens. Jana Haines         "The Gamesters of
Triskelion" (TOS) 
David Ghilardi           Alien Lt.                "Friendship One" (VOY) 
Sharon Gimpel            M-113 Creature           "The Man Trap" (TOS) 
L.L. Ginter              Saavedra                 "Memorial" (VOY) 
Edna Glover              Vulcan Master            Star Trek: The Motion
Thaddeus Golas           Controller #1            Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Marcy Goldman            El Aurian Survivor       Star Trek: Generations
Joel Goodness            Deputy                   "Chimera" (DSN) 
Breon Gorman             Lt. Curtis               Star Trek: Insurrection
Martin Goslins           Setok                    "Gambit, Part II" (TNG) 
Cynthia Gouw             Caithlin Dar             Star Trek V: The Final
Kathryn Graf             Bajoran Woman            "A Man Alone" (DSN) 
Cynthia Graham           Wheeler                  "Inter Arma Enim Silent
Leges" (DSN) 
Javier Grajeda           Carl                     "Lineage" (VOY) 
Sandra Grando            2nd Officer              "The Jem'Hadar" (DSN) 
Debbie Grattan           Wysanti                  "Imperfection" (VOY) 
David Michael Graves     2nd Edo Boy              "Justice" (TNG) 
Mel Green                Secretary                "Family Business" (DSN) 
Robert Greenberg         Devro                    "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy"
Stephen Gregory          Jake Kurland             "Coming of Age" (TNG) 
Mona Grudt               Ens. Graham              "Identity Crisis" (TNG) 
Jennifer Grundy          Ens.                     "Waking Moments" (VOY) 
James Gruzaf             Don Juan                 "Shore Leave" (TOS) 
Charles Gunning          Miner #3                 "The Perfect Mate" (TNG) 
Tim Halligan             Farrakk                  "Business as Usual" (DSN) 
Chad Halyard             Hirogen #2               "Flesh and Blood, Part I"
Scott Hamm               Parton                   "Valiant" (DSN) 
Jennifer Hammon          Female N.D.              "Author, Author" (VOY) 
Richard Harder           Joe                      Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Nancy Harewood           Lt. Nara                 "Eye of the Beholder"
Michael Harney           Chadwick                 "Honor Among Thieves"
Dianne Harper            Radio Voice              Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Jay Harrington           Ravoc                    "Workforce, Part II" (VOY)

Rachael Harris           Martis                   "Before and After" (VOY) 
Beverly Hart             High Priestess           Star Trek V: The Final
Ena Hartman              Crewwoman                "The Corbomite Maneuver"
Andrew Hawkes            Amat'igan                "Broken Link" (DSN) 
Prof. Stephen Hawking    Himself                  "Descent" (TNG) 
John Patrick Hayden      Cardassian Overseer      "Through the Looking Glass
Hillary Hayes            Ruby                     Star Trek: First Contact
Kristina Hayes           Field Reporter Marci Collins  "11:59" (VOY) 
Chad Haywood             K'Kath                   "Real Life" (VOY) 
Christopher Held         Lindstrom                "Return of the Archons"
Peter Hendrixson         Klingon                  "The Killing Game, Part II
Greville Henwood         Akary                    "Terra Nova" (ENT) 
Ed Hice                  Scalosian                "Wink of an Eye" (TOS) 
Thomas Hobson            Young Jake               "Emissary" (DSN) 
Hugh Hodgin              6263/Prototype           "Prototype" (VOY) 
Tom Holleron             Operative                "Extreme Measures" (DSN) 
J.R. Horsting            Borg                     Star Trek: First Contact
Steven Houska            Chardis                  "The Swarm" (VOY) 
Michael Houston          Jero                     "Muse" (VOY) 
Leslie C. Howard         Yeoman                   Star Trek: The Motion
Drew Howerton            Steward                  "Unexpected" (ENT) 
Jamie Hubbard            Salia                    "The Dauphin" (TNG) 
Ashley Sierra Hughes     Sabrina                  "Endgame" (VOY) 
David Hillary Hughes     Trefayne                 "Errand of Mercy" (TOS) 
Sayra Hummel             Technical Assistant      Star Trek: The Motion
Michael Hungerford       Roughneck                "Time's Arrow" (TNG) 
Diane M. Hurley          Woman                    "The Game" (TNG) 
Brian Jacobs             Athan                    "Terra Nova" (ENT) 
Peggy Jo Jacobs          Ch'Rega                  "Prophecy" (VOY) 
Dublin James             Tebbis                   "Critical Care" (VOY) 
Heinrich James           Borg                     Star Trek: First Contact
Randy James              Officer                  "Chrysalis" (DSN) 
Kimble Jemison           Engineer                 "Good Shepherd" (VOY) 
Lois Jewell              Drusilla                 "Bread and Circuses" (TOS)

Alexandra Johnson        One Zero                 "11001001" (TNG) 
Bob Johnson              Provider Voice #1        "The Gamesters of
Triskelion" (TOS) 
Chris Johnson            Vidiian #1               "Deadlock" (VOY) 
Eric David Johnson       Daggin                   "Caretaker" (VOY) 
Joan Johnson             Botany Bay Elite Female Guard  "Space Seed" (TOS) 
Robert C. Johnson        1st Talosian [Voice]     "The Cage" (TOS) 
Katie Jane Johnston      Martia as a Child        Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country
Michelle Johnston        Dancer                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Jimmy Jones              Crewman Jackson          "Catspaw" (TOS) 
Robert Joy               Yerid                    "Workforce, Part II" (VOY)

Nathan Jung              Genghis Khan             "The Savage Curtain" (TOS)

Michael Kagan            Alien Cmdr.              "Q2" (VOY) 
Nancy Kaine              Woman                    "Remember" (VOY) 
John Rashad Kamal        Lt. Cmdr. Sonak          Star Trek: The Motion
Lisa Kaminir             Lillias                  "Rise" (VOY) 
Greg Karas               Intern #2                Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Jay Karnes               Lt. Ducane               "Relativity" (VOY) 
Steve Kehela             Sutok                    "Fair Trade" (VOY) 
Dore Keller              Crewman/Eng. Ens.        "The Child" (TNG) 
Irene Kelley             Sirah                    "The Omega Glory" (TOS) 
Max Kelvin               Achilles                 "Bread and Circuses" (TOS)

Paul Kent                Beach                    Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Bobby C. King            Security Chief           "Paradise Lost" (DSN) 
Caroline Junko King      Young Keiko              "Rascals" (TNG) 
Ron King                 Farmer                   "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Kelli Kirkland           Rinna                    "Favorite Son" (VOY) 
Damon Kirsche            NuuBari Hologram One     "Flesh and Blood, Part II"
Bob Kirsh                Glinn                    "Tears of the Prophets"
Scott Klace              Dremk                    "Juggernaut" (VOY) 
Ericka Klein             Adm. Sitak               "Favor the Bold" (DSN) 
Diane Klimaszewski       Dancer                   "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Elaine Klimaszewski      Dancer                   "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Yom Klunis               Old Man/Ibudan           "A Man Alone" (DSN) 
William Knight           Amorous Crewman          "The Naked Time" (TOS) 
Joe Knowland             Antique Store Owner      Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Kenny Koch               Kissing Crewman          "The Naked Now" (TNG) 
T.L. Kolman              Alien Man                "Unexpected" (ENT) 
Andy Kossin              Apprentice               "Thine Own Self" (TNG) 
Alissa Kramer            Megan Delaney            "Thirty Days" (VOY) 
Heidi Kramer             Jenny Delaney            "Thirty Days" (VOY) 
Joel Kramer              Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
Tamara Lee Krinsky       Townsperson              Star Trek: First Contact
Carol Krnic              Crewman Jor              "Repression" (VOY) 
Michelle Krusiec         Molly O'Brien            "Time's Orphan" (DSN) 
Lamont Laird             Indian Boy               "The Paradise Syndrome"
Thad Lamey               Devil Monster            "Devil's Due" (TNG) 
Ken Land                 Verin                    "Friendship One" (VOY) 
Clayton Landey           Fuchida                  "Prodigal Daughter" (DSN) 
Paul Robert Langdon      Dean                     "Lineage" (VOY) 
Basil Langton            Banjo Man                "Caretaker" (VOY) 
?? Laskey                Trooper                  "Patterns of Force" (TOS) 
Richard Lavin            2nd Mediator             "Justice" (TNG) 
Gilbert R. Leal          Michael                  "Lineage" (VOY) 
Everett Lee              Cafe Owner               Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Thelma Lee               Kahlest                  "Sins of the Father" (TNG)

Beverly Leech            Dayla                    "Nightingale" (VOY) 
Ted LeGarde              Herman series            "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
Tom LeGarde              Herman series            "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
Jay M. Leggett           Philox                   "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy"
Steve Vincent Leigh      Lt. Reese                "For the Cause" (DSN) 
Maria Leone              Ten Forward Crewman      "The Offspring" (TNG) 
Nora Leonhardt           Woman                    "Eye of the Beholder"
Terry Lester             Haron                    "Maneuvers" (VOY) 
Scott Leva               Ortikan                  "Soldiers of the Empire"
Matt E. Levin            Namon                    "Nemesis" (VOY) 
David B. Levinson        Broik                    "The Dogs of War" (DSN) 
Susan Lewis              Transporter Technician   "Demon" (VOY) 
Scott Lincoln            Miner #1                 "Live Fast and Prosper"
Amy Lindsay              Lana                     "Endgame" (VOY) 
Blake Lindsley           Synon                    "Once More Unto the Breach
William Lithgow          Pran                     "Inheritance" (TNG) 
Jesse Littlejohn         Gabriel                  "Children of Time" (DSN) 
Sidney Liufau            Atoa                     "You Are Cordially
Invited" (DSN) 
Lori Lively              Siana                    "Shadows and Symbols"
Benjamin Livingston      Prefect                  "Thirty Days" (VOY) 
Lisa Locicero            Ens. Miral Paris         "Endgame" (VOY) 
Suzanne Lodge            Serving Girl             "Wolf in the Fold" (TOS) 
Heather Long             Omag's Woman             "Unification, Part II"
The Loop Group           Background Voices [Voice]  Star Trek III: The
Search for Spock
Kamala Lopez-Dawson      Tincoo                   "Virtuoso" (VOY) 
Isabel Lorca             Gabrielle                "We'll Always Have Paris"
Cindy Lou                Enterprise Nurse         "Return to Tomorrow" (TOS)

Kevin Lowe               Q'ret                    "Ashes to Ashes" (VOY) 
Louahn Lowe              Okala                    "Things Past" (DSN) 
Randy Lowell             Torat                    "Counterpoint" (VOY) 
Henri Lubatti            Crewman Ethan Novakovich "Strange New World" (ENT) 
Charles O. Lucia         Mabus                    "Alliances" (VOY) 
Ricky Luna               Carlos                   "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Barry Lynch              Sir                      Ticks
Robert MacKenzie         Trazko                   "Necessary Evil" (DSN) 
Buck Maffei              Creature                 "The Galileo Seven" (TOS) 
Neil Maffin              Capt. Ven                "Infinite Regress" (VOY) 
Ken Magee                Controller Emck          "Night" (VOY) 
Tom Magee                Klingon Monster          "Devil's Due" (TNG) 
Nina Magnesson           Vinka                    "Virtuoso" (VOY) 
Rosie Malek-Yonan        Tekoa                    "The Assignment" (DSN) 
Melik Malkasian          Shaman                   "Blink of an Eye" (VOY) 
?? Malone                Ambassadorial Secretary [Uncredited]  "A Taste of
Armageddon" (TOS) 
Robert Mammana           Security Officer #1      "Workforce, Part I" (VOY) 
Johnny Mandell           Sulu's Boy               "Mirror, Mirror" (TOS) 
Trula M. Marcus          Female Villager          "Shadowplay" (DSN) 
Heide Margolis           Norva                    "The Quickening" (DSN) 
Morgan H. Margolis       Vaskan Visitor           "Living Witness" (VOY) 
Stephen Markel           Tholl                    "Allegiance" (TNG) 
Steve Marlo              Zabo/1st Hood            "A Piece of the Action"
Marc Marosi              Gul                      "Wrongs Darker Than Death
or Night" (DSN) 
Booker Marshall          Dr. M'Benga              "A Private Little War"
Henry Marshall           Security Officer         Star Trek: Generations
Joel Marstan             Crew Chief               Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Jeffrey Martin           Electronic Technician    Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Meade Martin             Engineer                 "The Changeling" (TOS) 
Benito Martinez          Salazar                  "Descent, Part II" (TNG) 
Marybeth Massett         Parell                   "Children of Time" (DSN) 
Eric Matthew             1st Edo Boy              "Justice" (TNG) 
Maurishka                Yeoman Zahra             "Operation -- Annihilate!"
Chip Mayer               Guard                    "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Jeff Magnus McBride      Joran Belar              "Equilibrium" (DSN) 
Angelo McCabe            Crewman                  "Schisms" (TNG) 
Bart McCarthy            Adm. Cobum               "Favor the Bold" (DSN) 
Johanna McCloy           Calloway                 "Eye of the Beholder"
Kevin McCorkle           Alien Capt.              "The Omega Directive"
Walter Hamilton McCready Tribal Alien             "Blink of an Eye" (VOY) 
Mary McCusker            Nurse                    "Evolution" (TNG) 
Ashley Brianne McDonogh  Chief Dorian Collins     "Valiant" (DSN) 
Scott McElroy            Guard                    "The Darkness and the
Light" (DSN) 
Michael McFall           Salvage Alien #1         "Imperfection" (VOY) 
Mary Anne McGarry        Tabris                   "Living Witness" (VOY) 
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn   Steth                    "Vis  Vis" (VOY) 
?? McIntosh              Hood                     "A Piece of the Action"
Brendan McKane           Technician #1            "Coming of Age" (TNG) 
Don McMillan             Hirogen #3               "Flesh and Blood, Part I"
Kelli Ann McNally        One One                  "11001001" (TNG) 
Timothy McNeil           Miner #2                 "Live Fast and Prosper"
Bill McTosh              Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
William Meader           Space Commandant Rep. Lindstrom  "Court Martial"
Joe Mellis               Young Soldier            "Memorial" (VOY) 
Ian Meltzer              Brax                     "Homestead" (VOY) 
James Menges             Jogger                   Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Erica Mer                Human Girl               "Infinite Regress" (VOY) 
Richard Merrifield       Technician Webb          "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
Richard Merson           Pie Man                  "Elementary, Dear Data"
Kenneth Meseroll         Ens. McDowell            "The Next Phase" (TNG) 
Sammy Micco              Croupier                 "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Bob Miles                Cloud City Sentinel #2   "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Scott Miles              Terek                    "Nightingale" (VOY) 
Peggy Miley              Regent Cuzar             Star Trek: Insurrection
Christopher James Miller Picard's Nephew [Rene]   Star Trek: Generations
Jeanette Miller          Woman                    "Random Thoughts" (VOY) 
Nina Minton              Frola                    "Distant Origin" (VOY) 
Don Mirault              Hayne                    "Legacy" (TNG) 
Ernie Mirich             Waiter                   "Relics" (TNG) 
Colin Mitchell           Gorta                    "First Born" (TNG) 
James X. Mitchell        Lt. Josephs              "Journey to Babel" (TOS) 
Lisa Moncure             Latia                    "The Quickening" (DSN) 
Bill Mondy               Jakin                    "Armageddon Game" (DSN) 
Karen Montgomery         Beata                    "Angel One" (TNG) 
Dave Moordigian          Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
Christopher Liam Moore   Veer                     "Distant Origin" (VOY) 
Johnny Moran             Bajoran Man              "Image in the Sand" (DSN) 
Tom Morello              Junction Operator Mitchell  "Good Shepherd" (VOY) 
Julie Morgan             Singer in Nightclub      Star Trek: First Contact
Rosemary Morgan          Piri                     "The Chute" (VOY) 
Mickey Morton            Kloog                    "The Gamesters of
Triskelion" (TOS) 
Diane Moser              Ten Forward Crewman      "The Offspring" (TNG) 
Samantha Mudd            Chandler                 "Inquisition" (DSN) 
Betty Muramoto           Scientist                "Deja Q" (TNG) 
John M. Murdock          Beggar                   "Time's Arrow" (TNG) 
Meghan Murphy            Karya                    "Nemesis" (VOY) 
Clayton Murray           Militiaman #2            "Future's End, Part II"
Tom Mustin               Intern #1                Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Paul Nakauchi            Tygarian Officer         "The Homecoming" (DSN) 
Elaine Nalee             Female Klingon           "Hide and Q" (TNG) 
1st Sgt. Joseph Naradzay Marine Sergeant          Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Marcus Nash              Young Picard             "Tapestry" (TNG) 
David Paul Needles       Miner #1                 "The Perfect Mate" (TNG) 
Christopher Neiman       Yeggie                   "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Carolyn Nelson           Yeoman Doris Atkins      "The Deadly Years" (TOS) 
Peter Neptune            Crewman Aron             "The Dauphin" (TNG) 
Tom Nibley               Neil                     "Starship Mine" (TNG) 
Hassan Nicholas          Jem'Hadar Boy            "The Abandoned" (DSN) 
Shari Nims               Sayana                   "The Apple" (TOS) 
Rae Norman               Penny                    "Tapestry" (TNG) 
Natalie Norwick          Martha Leighton          "The Conscience of the
King" (TOS) 
Frank Novak              Teddy                    Independence Day
Gary O'Brien             Crewmember               "Elogium" (VOY) 
Joycelyn O'Brien         Cadet Haro               "Allegiance" (TNG) 
Paul F. O'Brien          Capt. Geral              "Nightingale" (VOY) 
Shana O'Brien            Omag's Woman             "Unification, Part II"
Terrence O'Connor        Chief Ross               Star Trek: The Motion
Thomas Oglesby           Scholar                  "Loud as a Whisper" (TNG) 
Jim O'Heir               Husband                  "Critical Care" (VOY) 
Shannon O'Hurley         Programmer               "The Thaw" (VOY) 
Heather Lauren Olson     Jil Orra                 "Chain of Command, Part II
Stephen O'Mahoney        Med Tech                 "Critical Care" (VOY) 
Amy O'Neill              Amy Szalinski            Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
David Orange             Sleepy Klingon           Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country
Jack R. Orend            Human                    "Crossover" (DSN) 
Jimmy Ortega             Torres                   "Encounter at Farpoint"
Richard Ortega-Miro      Rainer                   "Thine Own Self" (TNG) 
Ron Ostrow               Borg Drone               "One" (VOY) 
Jim Palladino            Jem'Hadar Guard          "In Purgatory's Shadow"
Charles Palmer           Vulcan Litter Bearer     "Amok Time" (TOS) 
Lindsey Parks            Little Girl #2           "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Derek Partridge          Dionyo                   "Plato's Stepchildren"
Rick Pasqualone          Toral                    "The Sword of Kahless"
Christian Patrick        Chief Transporter Technician  "The Alternative
Factor" (TOS) 
Randal Patrick           Crewman #1               "Evolution" (TNG) 
Joe Paz                  Vulcan Litter Bearer     "Amok Time" (TOS) 
Russ Peek                Vulcan Executioner       "Amok Time" (TOS) 
Edward Penn              Kateras                  "Homeward" (TNG) 
Chase Penny              Cabana Boy               "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Wayne Pere               Guill                    "Random Thoughts" (VOY) 
Miguel Perez             Physician                "Endgame" (VOY) 
Ernest Perry, Jr.        Adm. Whatley             "Rapture" (DSN) 
Katelin Petersen         Annika Hansen            "Dark Frontier" (VOY) 
Mark Piatelli            Brin                     "Covenant" (DSN) 
Gary Pillar              Yutan                    "A Private Little War"
Martin Pistone           Controller #2            Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Olaf Pooley              Cleric                   "Blink of an Eye" (VOY) 
Vadia Potenza            Spock..Age 13            Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
William Powell-Blair     Cardassian Officer       "Emissary" (DSN) 
Gerard Prendergast       Bjorn Benson             "Home Soil" (TNG) 
Norm Prescott            Romulan Crewman [Voice]  "The Practical Joker"
Thomas Prisco            Heler                    "Indiscretion" (DSN) 
Paul Prokop              Guard                    "Mirror, Mirror" (TOS) 
Ray Proscia              Vidiian Cmdr.            "Deadlock" (VOY) 
Jeff Pruitt              Ens.                     "Dramatis Personae" (DSN) 
Geof Prysirr             Hanjuan                  "Rise" (VOY) 
Don Pugsley              Alien Visitor            "Concerning Flight" (VOY) 
Francine Pyne            Blonde Nancy Crater (III)  "The Man Trap" (TOS) 
J.R. Quinonez            Overlooker/Dr.           "Renaissance Man" (VOY) 
Marty Rackham            Chu'lak                  "Field of Fire" (DSN) 
Kevin Rahm               Norvo Tigan              "Prodigal Daughter" (DSN) 
Stephen Ralston          Larg                     "Real Life" (VOY) 
Claire Rankin            Alice                    "Alice" (VOY) 
Mary Linda Rapelye       Irina Galliulin          "The Way to Eden" (TOS) 
Lorna Raver              Q Judge                  "Q2" (VOY) 
Alice Rawlings           Jamie Finney             "Court Martial" (TOS) 
Jerry Rector             Alien #1                 "Allegiance" (TNG) 
Jan Reddin               Crewman                  "Space Seed" (TOS) 
Tina Reddington          Girl                     "Remember" (VOY) 
Gregory Reece            Man in Bar               "Spectre of the Gun" (TOS)

Margaret Reed            Serova                   "Force of Nature" (TNG) 
Autumn Reeser            Girl                     "Natural Law" (VOY) 
Ryan Reid                Transporter Technician   "Power Play" (TNG) 
Damara Reilly            Alien Surgeon            "Workforce, Part II" (VOY)

Michael Reisz            Crewman William 'Billy' Telfer  "Good Shepherd"
Joe Reynolds             Hickam                   "Inter Arma Enim Silent
Leges" (DSN) 
Kim Rhodes               Ens. Lyndsay Ballard     "Ashes to Ashes" (VOY) 
Jeff Rickets             Alien Capt.              "Fight or Flight" (ENT) 
Larry Riddle             Officer                  "The Alternative Factor"
Roger Rignack            Miner #2                 "The Perfect Mate" (TNG) 
Eric Ritter              Yivel                    "Child's Play" (VOY) 
Michael William Rivkin   Nunk                     "Inside Man" (VOY) 
Jerry Roberts            Meso'Clan                "Hippocratic Oath" (DSN) 
Andrea Robinson          Blonde                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Rachel Robinson          Melanie                  "The Visitor" (DSN) 
Ronald Robinson          Sek                      "Repression" (VOY) 
Tony Rocco               Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
The Rock                 The Champion             "Tsunkatse" (VOY) 
Darleen Roddenberry      Dirty-faced Girl in Flowered Dress  "Mirror, Mirror
Dawn Roddenberry         Little Blonde Girl       "Miri" (TOS) 
Peggy Roeder             Y'Pora                   "The Begotten" (DSN) 
Ronald R. Rondell        Henchman                 Star Trek: First Contact
Ted Rooney               Varn                     "Live Fast and Prosper"
Michael Rose             Niles                    "The Maquis, Part I" (DSN)

John Rosenfeld           Technician #1            "Friendship One" (VOY) 
Jane Ross                Tamoon                   "The Gamesters of
Triskelion" (TOS) 
Paul Rossilli            Brigadier Kerla          Star Trek VI: The
Undiscovered Country
Susie Rossitto           Lizard #1                "Threshold" (VOY) 
Richard Rothenberg       Cadet                    "The First Duty" (TNG) 
Michael Rougas           Lt. Cleary               Star Trek: The Motion
Michelle Rudy            Dancer                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Mauri Russell            Vulcan Bell Carrier      "Amok Time" (TOS) 
Richard Ryder            Bajoran Deputy           "Babel" (DSN) 
Robin Sachs              Valen                    "The Void" (VOY) 
Joey Sakata              Engineering N.D.         "Endgame" (VOY) 
Jake Sakson              Adar                     "Counterpoint" (VOY) 
Mikael Salazar           Janel Tigan              "Prodigal Daughter" (DSN) 
Irene Sale               Louise                   "Miri" (TOS) 
Laura Jane Salvato       Gia                      "Accession" (DSN) 
Cuauhtemoc Sanchez       Bajoran Crewman          "Shadows and Symbols"
Serena Sande             2nd Talosian             "The Cage" (TOS) 
Paul Sandman             Healer                   "Natural Law" (VOY) 
Bob Sarlatte             Waiter                   Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Richard Sarstedt         Star Fleet Admiral       "Endgame" (VOY) 
Susan Savage             Alien Woman              "Memorial" (VOY) 
Dugan Savoye             Man                      "Eye of the Beholder"
Kat Sawyer-Young         Astronaut                "Blink of an Eye" (VOY) 
Jill Sayre               Marta                    "The Abandoned" (DSN) 
Rick Schatz              Medic                    "Ties of Blood and Water"
Folkert Schmidt          Dr.                      "Contagion" (TNG) 
Peter Henry Schroeder    Klingon Chancellor       "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Jacqueline Schultz       Jessica Sloan            "Extreme Measures" (DSN) 
Joel Schultz             Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
Adam Scott               Defiant Conn Officer     Star Trek: First Contact
Ted Scott                Eraclitus                "Plato's Stepchildren"
Walter Scott             Cloud Guard #3           "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Dick Scotter             Navigator Painter        "This Side of Paradise"
Karole Selmon            Yareena                  "Code of Honor" (TNG) 
Harv Selsby              Security Guard           "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Howard Shangraw          Tolar                    "In the Pale Moonlight"
Douglas Alan Shanklin    Prison Guard #2          Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
Eric Sharp               Map Vendor               "Fair Trade" (VOY) 
Ann Shea                 Nellen                   "The Drumhead" (TNG) 
Kelly Sheerin            Dancer                   "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
Mark A. Sheppard         Leucon                   "Child's Play" (VOY) 
Fred Shue                Crewman                  "This Side of Paradise"
Billy Simpson            Young Spock              "Yesteryear" (TAS) 
Jonathan Simpson         Young Sarek              Star Trek V: The Final
Keith Simpson            Young Spock [Voice]      "Yesteryear" (TAS) 
Keely Sims               Farmer's Daughter        "Caretaker" (VOY) 
Reginald Lal Singh       Capt. Chandra            "Court Martial" (TOS) 
Frank Owen Smith         Curzon Dax               "Emissary" (DSN) 
Fred G. Smith            Policeman                "The High Ground" (TNG) 
Greg 'Christopher' Smith Male Guard               "Nor the Battle to the
Strong" (DSN) 
Jason Grant Smith        Crewman Fletcher         "Broken Bow" (ENT) 
Michael Bailey Smith     Hanonian #1              "Basics, Part II" (VOY) 
Scott Alan Smith         Crewman Doyle            "Repression" (VOY) 
Symba Smith              Aluura                   "Profit and Lace" (DSN) 
Norman Snow              Torin                    "Rightful Heir" (TNG) 
Ted Sorel                Kaval                    "Duet" (DSN) 
Ryan Spahn               Teenage Drone Leader     "Collective" (VOY) 
Douglas Spain            Young Chakotay           "Tattoo" (VOY) 
Adrian Sparks            Magistrate               "Retrospect" (VOY) 
David Sparrow            Alien/Dr.                "Renaissance Man" (VOY) 
Marie Spassoff           Female Colonist          "Memorial" (VOY) 
Wendy Speake             Technician #2            "Friendship One" (VOY) 
Doug Spearman            Alien Buyer              "Concerning Flight" (VOY) 
Jim Spencer              Air Policeman            "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
Jerry Spicer             Guard                    "Time and Again" (VOY) 
Jerry Sroka              Laxeth                   "Investigations" (VOY) 
Robin Stapler            Alixia                   "Mortal Coil" (VOY) 
David Starwalt           Capt. #2                 "Body and Soul" (VOY) 
Joy Staton               Servant                  "Qpid" (TNG) 
Mary Stein               Alien Nurse              "Time's Arrow, Part II"
Brooke Stephens          Naomi Wildman            "Mortal Coil" (VOY) 
Laura Stepp              Erin Hansen              "Dark Frontier" (VOY) 
J.C. Stevens             Kes Aide                 "Attached" (TNG) 
Charles J. Stewart       Capt. Ramart             "Charlie X" (TOS) 
Bob Stillman             Turei                    "Dragon's Teeth" (VOY) 
Kevin P. Stillwell       Moklor                   "Day of Honor" (VOY) 
Clay Storseth            Alien Man                "Unimatrix Zero, Part II"
Eric Stuart              Stairway Guard           "Past Tense, Part I" (DSN)

Susan J. Sullivan        Woman                    Star Trek: The Motion
Max Supera               Patterson                "Disaster" (TNG) 
Keith Sutherland         Young Sepek [Voice]      "Yesteryear" (TAS) 
Jandi Swanson            Katie                    "When the Bough Breaks"
Joel Swetow              Valentine                Lord of Illusions
Woody Talbert            Crewman                  "The Naked Time" (TOS) 
Newell Tarrant           CDO Rogerson             Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Richard Tatro            Norman                   "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
S.A. Templeman           John Bates               "The Defector" (TNG) 
Charles Tentindo         Jimenez                  "Crossfire" (DSN) 
Craig Thomas             Klingon Crewman          Star Trek: The Motion
Sharon Thomas            Waitress                 Star Trek III: The Search
for Spock
Tamara Craig Thomas      Haley                    "Life Line" (VOY) 
Colleen Thornton         Barbara series           "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
Maureen Thornton         Barbara series           "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
Mike Timoney             Electronic Technician    Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Shay Todd                Holowoman                "Alter Ego" (VOY) 
Tom Todoroff             Darod                    "Resistance" (VOY) 
Paul Tompkins            Brevelle                 "Identity Crisis" (TNG) 
John Towey               Vedek Ossan              "Resurrection" (DSN) 
Sherri Townsend          Crewwoman                "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"
David Troy               Lt. Larry Maston         "The Conscience of the
King" (TOS) 
Mark Rafael Truitt       Crewman Yosa             "Repression" (VOY) 
Jennifer Tung            Female Ens.              Star Trek: Insurrection
Raymond D. Turner        Teacher                  "The Bonding" (TNG) 
Robert Tyler             Joxom                    "Drive" (VOY) 
Gabrielle Union          N'Garen                  "Sons and Daughters" (DSN)

Beau Vandenecker         Sam                      "Charlie X" (TOS) 
Reese Vaughn             Latimer                  "The Galileo Seven" (TOS) 
Steve Vaught             Officer                  "Time and Again" (VOY) 
Vladimir Velasco         Tan Tsu                  "Legacy" (TNG) 
Jean-Paul Vignon         Edourd                   "We'll Always Have Paris"
Peter Virgo Jr.          Lumo                     "The Paradise Syndrome"
Marcy Vosburgh           Computer Voice [Voice]   Star Trek II: The Wrath of
Gregory Wagrowski        Capt. Solok              "Take Me Out to the
Holosuite" (DSN) 
William A. Wallace       Adult Wesley Crusher     "Hide and Q" (TNG) 
Marvin Walters           Troglyte                 "The Cloud Minders" (TOS) 
Kenneth Washington       John B. Watkins          "That Which Survives"
Suzanne Wasson           Lethe                    "Dagger of the Mind" (TOS)

James Louis Watkins      Hagon                    "Code of Honor" (TNG) 
Barbara Weber            Dancing Woman            "Return of the Archons"
Paul Weber               Vulcan Master            Star Trek: The Motion
Joan Webster             Nurse                    "Space Seed" (TOS) 
Jon David Weigand        Borg                     Star Trek: First Contact
Andreana Weiner          Kestra                   "Dark Page" (TNG) 
Michael Welch            Artin                    Star Trek: Insurrection
James Wellington         Al                       "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang"
James Wellman            Prof. Starnes            "And the Children Shall
Lead" (TOS) 
Stoney Westmoreland      Warlord                  "Muse" (VOY) 
Brad Weston              Ed Appel                 "Devil in the Dark" (TOS) 
Bridget Ann White        Larell                   "Who Mourns for Morn?"
Callan White             Krite                    "The Outcast" (TNG) 
Diz White                Prostitute               "Elementary, Dear Data"
Parker Whitman           Cardassian Officer       "Emissary" (DSN) 
Karl Wiedergott          Ameron                   "Warlord" (VOY) 
Michael Shamus Wiles     Bosaal                   "The Void" (VOY) 
Davida Williams          Lisa                     "Children of Time" (DSN) 
Wade Williams            Trajis Lo-Tarik          "One" (VOY) 
Zachary Williams         Ba'ku Child              Star Trek: Insurrection
Matthew James Williamson Klingon                  "Endgame" (VOY) 
Starr Wilson             Maisie series            "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
Tamara Wilson            Maisie series            "I, Mudd" (TOS) 
David Windsor            Transporter Chief Kelso  "The Quality of Life"
Kathleen Wirt            Aphasia Victim           "Babel" (DSN) 
Sheldon Peters Wolfchild Joe Falling Hawk         "Time's Arrow" (TNG) 
Nancy Wong               Personnel Officer        "Court Martial" (TOS) 
D. Elliot Woods          Starfleet Officer        Star Trek: Insurrection
Dan Woren                Borg                     Star Trek: First Contact
James Worthy             Koral                    "Gambit, Part II" (TNG) 
Gary Wright              Vulcan Litter Bearer     "Amok Time" (TOS) 
Ray Xifo                 Abarca                   "Virtuoso" (VOY) 
Wayne Thomas Yorke       Zet                      "Renaissance Man" (VOY) 
Melissa Young            Caprice                  "Our Man Bashir" (DSN) 
Grace Zandarski          Latara                   "Accession" (DSN) 
1st Lt. Donald W. Zautcke  Marine Lt.               Star Trek IV: The Voyage
Sam Zeller               Ch'Targh                 "Sons and Daughters" (DSN)

Bo Zenga                 Asoth                    "Babel" (DSN) 
Jillian Ziesmer          Asha                     "Cardassians" (DSN) 
Christian Zimmerman      Third Lamat'Ukan         "One Little Ship" (DSN) 
Richard J. Zobel, Jr.    Chancellor Gorman        "The Raven" (VOY) 

(c) Copyright 1994-2002                                       Ron C. Carman

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