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Upcoming Ultimate Tourneys

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Archive-name: sports/disc/ultimate_tourneys
Rec-sport-disc-archive-name: Upcoming_Ultimate_Tourneys
Posting-Frequency: Weekly
Last-modified: March 25, 1999

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The UPA is the Ultimate Players Association, a non-profit
organization that promotes the sport of Ultimate, a disc/frisbee

The following is a list of upcoming Ultimate Tournaments that 
have been mentioned on the net, or have otherwise come to my attention. 


1.  Pick it up from anonymous FTP sources.
    The name of the file is: Upcoming_Ultimate_Tourneys

2.  Send an e-mail message to with
    no subject and in the body of the message, the following:
       send usenet/

3.  With a Web cruiser, check out the UPA Home Page, which is at:
    or, go directly to it at


If you would like to make any additions, corrections, or updates,
please  use the UPA Tourney Info Submission Form, at  The web page was
designed in part by Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance members and is
sponsored by DataRealm Internet Services.  If you can not access the
web, you may send the info to me at

                           TOURNAMENTS 1999

Mar 26-28, 1999 College Easterns, Wilmington, NC
    $200.00/Team; Deposit:$200.00 due Feb 1
    UPA Planned; Rated 5 Stars
    12-16 Womens, 32 College Only Teams
    Jimmy Holtzman,,, h:910-790-9022
Mar 27-28, SUDS Fest, Savannah, GA
    $100.00/Team; 8-12 Open, 4-8 Womens Teams
    Ed pulkinen,, h:912-234-1113, fax:912-234-1113
    We are hosting this b/c Joint Summit was cancelled
Mar 27-28, Joint Summit Classic XVIII, Clemson, SC
    Jason Jeffries,, h:864-639-2222
    The Summit has been cancelled due to a concert, write for more info.       
Mar 27-28, Huck Finn III, St. Louis, MO
    $85.00/Team due Mar 1
    Vivek Chaturvedi,, h:314-935-3354
    Howie Weinstein,
Mar 27-28, ULTIMATE MAYHEM II, Kingston, RI
    $150/Team; Deposit:$150 due Mar 22
    Extras: Dinner
    4 Open, 12 College Only Teams
    Scott ,, h:401-874-1506
    Joe Tuazon,
    Gabe Valenzuela,
    College teams preferred. Dinner after first day. Fee may change.
Mar 27-28, Gandy Goose III, Bend, OR
    $200.00/Team; Deposit:$200.00 due Mar 1; Overage to COBRA (Central Oregon Battering and Rape Alliance) of Bend, OR
    UPA Planned
    Extras: Dinner
    4M/3F; 10 Coed Teams
    Dave Caplan,, h:541-383-4634
Mar 27-28, Blue Ridge Blowout II, Boone, NC
    $90.00/Team; Deposit:$90.00 due Mar 15
    Extras: Breakfast
    Other format,12 Open, 8 Womens Teams
    Clayton Coltman,, h:828-268-1477
    Eric Woolridge,
    Prizes, Party, camping, Coed Allstar game on Saturday Night,lighted fields!!
Mar 27, 2nd Annual Women's Skills Clinic, Philadelphia, PA
    $5.00/Individual; Hat format,,
    WOMEN ONLY SKILLS CLINIC at Edgely Fields, sponsored by the Peppers and Sol
Apr 2-4, APRIL FOOLS FEST, Fredericksburg, VA
    $150.00/Team, bids by Feb 12 (see website); 42 Teams
    Rod Druckemiller,, h:(301) 962-7252
    Melissa Iwasko,
Apr 3-4, Big Chill, Evanston, IL
    $90.00/Team; Deposit:$90.00 due Mar 12
    Extras: Breakfast
    16 College Only Teams
    Noel Greenberger,, h:(847) 424-9251
    Eric Abando,
Apr 3-4, 3rd Annual (formerly tri-annual) Haverford College Layout Pigout, Haverford, PA
    $150.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Feb 1; incl Dinner
    20 Open, 8 Womens Teams
    Ben Sprecher,, h:(610) 642-7992
    Eric Odessey,
Apr 3-4, 18th Annual Fools Fest, Lawrence, KS
    $150.00/Team; UPA Planned; Rated 4 Stars
    10 Open, 10 Womens, 10 College Only Teams
    Jet Quenemoen,, h:(785)331-0695
    Stefanie Kerr,
Apr 3-4, Spring Runoff, Logan, UT
    $10.00/Individual incl Dinner
    Hat format, 5M/2F; 8 Coed Teams
    Myke Bybee,, h:753-2830
    Mark Izatt,
    Includes dinner/party Saturday night.
Apr 3-4, APRIL FOOLS WEST, Santa Cruz, CA
    15 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Brian Sheldon,, h:(603) 566-8677
    Jennifer Donnely,
    Samantha Salvia,
Apr 3, 17th Annual Savage 7, College Station, TX
    $49.00/Team; Savage 7 format; 15 Coed, 15 Open Teams
    Josh Wyrick,, h:(409) 696-7970
Apr 3, Cedarville Ultimate Frisbee Turny, Cedarville, OH
    Matt Call,
Apr 10-11, Yale Cup, New Haven, CT
    20 Open, 15 Womens Teams
    Webster McBride,, h:(203)436-4222
    Anne Lightbody,
    College teams only; Callahan rules in both open and womens divisions
Apr 10-11, Kobayashi Maru III, Centreville, VA
    $155/Team; UPA Planned; 20 Open, 12-15 Womens Teams
    Sam Stein,, h:301-441-1808
Apr 10-11, Uommo Donna, XII (Coed), Tucson, AZ
    $150.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Mar 1
    UPA Planned; Rated 5 Stars incl dinner
    4M/3F; 10-15 Coed Teams
    Brandon Gallas,, h:(520)623-7783
    While other teams are murked in mud or snow, tucson is bathed in warm sunshine
Apr 10-11, Mud Bowl, Eugene, OR
    $200.00/Team; 15 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Will Birdsong,, h:541-344-6919, w:541-346-3733
    Tiana Grzebik,
Apr 10-11, Monkey Bowl 11, Nashville, TN
    $125.00/Team; Overage to Oasis Center of Nashville, TN
    UPA Planned, 16 Open, 8 Womens Teams
    Salsa,, h:615.248.4958, w:615.287.5467, fax:615.287.5644
    Erik,, w:615.889.6888
    Great Ultimate and a party to write home about...
Apr 10-11, 1999 Great Lakes Open, Oberlin, OH
    $125.00/Team; 20 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Dan Feldman,, h:440-775-4653
    Callahan rules O&W, 12 professionally lined fields, trophies
Apr 10-11, Winona Spring Warm-Up, Winona, MN
    $90.00/Team; 20 College Only Teams
    Brian Clennon,, h:(507)452-8397
Apr 10-11, Ultimate Wankerfest, St. Peter, MN
    $75.00/Team, 16 teams, 5-10 Womens Teams
    Chris Strom,, h:(507)931-8887
    Kyle Momsen,
    Semi-Sonic concert at Gustavus April 10th, Tickets $8 in advance.
Apr 10, RTS 6 Charity Ultimate Tourney, Suburban Philadelphia, PA
    $85.00/Team; Deposit:$85.00 due Mar 10; Overage to SILOAM (AIDS/HIV Ministry) of Philadelphia, PA
    Rated 3 Stars; 5 Coed, 13 Open, 5 Womens Teams
    Brian P. Canniff,, h:610-627-1039
    RTS 3, 4, and 5 were attended by 60+ teams raising $3,000 total for charity!
Apr 10, Cedarville U, Cedarville, OH
    4-6 Open Teams
    Matt Call,, h:937-766-8978
    Open to any team
Apr 17-18, Spring Phling, State College, PA
    $125.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Mar 1; 25 Open, 15 Womens Teams
    Jason Brown,, h:814-867-4123, w:610-446-2819
    Nick Guarricino
    Monica Corbo,
    Cabin Party, Dinner<$4/person, funk band
Apr 17-18, 3rd Annual Feather River MUD Classic, Quincy, CA
    $100.00/Team; Extras: Dinner; 4M/3F; 10 Coed Teams
    Erik Waage,, h:(530)283-5778
    Sue Farag,, fax:(530)283-5391
    DISCO INFERNO (wear your fly duds), includes party/dinner, camping/housing
Apr 17-18, Turkey Swamp, Freehold, NJ
    $150.00/Team; UPA Planned; Rated 3 Stars
    8 Coed, 16 Open, 8 Womens Teams
    Scott Sayers,, h:732-370-9642, w:732-420-4592
Apr 17-18, SNACK MASTER CLASSIC, Pocatello, ID
    $200.00/Team; Deposit:$50.00 due Apr 2
    Extras: Dinner, Breakfast
    10 Open, 10 Womens, 12 College Only Teams
    Idaho State Ultimate,
    Aaron Matthews,
    Jaime Arambula,
    This will be a Collegiate and Club mixer with Big Sky college sectionals Sunday
Apr 24-25, Davis Ultimate Invitational, Davis, CA
    $200.00/Team due Apr 17; 20 Open, 12 Womens Teams
    Jose M. Laplaza,, h:(530)-759-9745
    Chad Smith,
Apr 24-25, Firedog Gettin' Nasty Invitational, Delaware, OH
    $60.00/Team due Apr 8; Overage to Make-A-Wish Foundation of , OH
    incl Dinner; 8 Open Teams
    Chris Borgatti,, h:(740)368-2214
Apr 24-25, Midwesterns 1999, Madison, WI
    $125.00/Team; Deposit:$125.00 due Apr 2
    24 Open, 10-12 Womens Teams
    Andy Pohl,
    Formerly known as Big Tens.  This Year should be better than ever!
Apr 24, Ched-Fest '99, Appleton, WI
    $50 if before Apr 1, $70 if after
    Extras: Dinner, Breakfast
    8 College Only Teams
    Evan Wyse,, h:(920)832-7794, w:(920)832-7794
    Concert and cookout to follow in conjunction with Earth Day.  Lots of Cheese.
Apr 24, Jive Fest, Carlisle, PA
    $100/Team; Deposit:$70 due Apr 1
    7 College Only Teams
    Michael Healy,, h:(717) 240-3474
    Christopher Verni,
    2nd annual, Ben Harper concert that night, bagels & lunch incl., music on field
May 1-8, Singular Luxury Ultimate, Club Med - Sonora Bay, Mexico, NM
    $599.00/Individual; Deposit:$100.00 due Jan 1
    Extras: Disc, Shirt, Dinner, Breakfast
    Hat format,4M/3F;  Teams
    Oaks Travel,, w:(800)359-6694
    Jess Raphael,
    Dave Moscoe,
    Package incl. 8 days, 7 nights at Club Med, all meals, beer, parties, FUN!
May 1-2, 13th Annual Daweena Tournament, Salt Lake City, UT
    $250.00/Team due Apr 1; incl Dinner
    15 Open, 15 Womens Teams
    Carolyn Valiquette,, h:(801)366-4069
    David Greene,
May 1-2, 13th Dennis Drazba Memorial Tournament, Carbondale, IL
    $80.00/Team; Deposit:$80.00 due May 1
    5M/2F; 12-16 Coed Teams
    Mike LaScola,, h:618.893.2712
    Its our teams 20th Anniversary. Planning to celabrate with style. Come help us!!
May 1, Middletown Madness: Vicious Women's Ultimate Invitational, Middletown, CT
    $75/Team; Deposit:$75  due Apr 9
    10 Womens Teams
    Marnie Randall,, h:(860) 685-6316
May 2, PADA's 4th Annual Hop on Pop Juniors Tourney, Philadelphia, PA
    $80.00/Team; Deposit:$25.00 due Apr 11; includes disc
    16 Juniors Teams
    Mark Rosser,
    High School Teams ONLY
May 8-9, PADA's 13th Annual Mother's Day Tournament, Philadelphia, PA
    $125.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Mar 1; Overage to TBD of Philadelphia, PA
    UPA Planned; Rated 4 Stars
    10 Coed, 15 Open, 15 Womens Teams
    Jason Baker,, h:215.235.9852, w:215.590.2691
May 8-9, Get Ho Get Lei'd, Middlebury College, VT
    $160.00/Team; Deposit:$160.00 due Apr 9
    Extras: Disc
    4M/3F; 20 Coed Teams
    Alison Fischer,
    Annie Holzman,
    6th Annual with BBQ, Band and 
May 8-9, Spring Thaw, Colorado Springs, CO
    $180.00/Team due May 1; 4M/3F
    Mike Lyle,, h:719.540.0362
    Jeff Jones,
    Chuck Brunson,
May 15-16, Huckfest V, Huntsville, AL
    $99/Team ($49.50 for women's teams)
    16 Open, 6 Womens Teams
    Ray McCormick,, h:(256)882-6448, w:(256)96404721
    Rusty Borman,
May 15-16, Toronto Ultimate Tournament, Milliken Mills Park, Markham, Ontario.
    Open, Womens, and CoEd Divisions.
    $175Cdn / team due May 1.
    John Harris,, 416-441-2773
May 15-16, Amherst Invitational, Amherst, MA
    $150/Team; Deposit:$50 due Mar 13
    16 Juniors Only Teams
    Tiina Booth,, h:413-549-0364
    12 Open Teams 4 Women's teams
May 15-16, KC MAY FEST, Kansas City, MO
    Extras: Disc, Dinner
    10 Open, 08 Womens Teams
    Brian Woodson, h:531-0039
    David O'Connor, doconnor@sky net
    Dave Tulp,, w:219-5800
May 15-16, ULTIMEET, Albuquerque, NM
    $150/Team; Deposit:$75 due May 5
    UPA Planned; Rated 3 Stars, incl Dinner, Breakfast
    12-14 Open, 6-8 Womens Teams
    Josh Nims,, h:505/247-8991, w:505/345-3407, fax:505/345-9920
    Cristina Olds,
    Delwyn Gilmore,, w:505/284-4379
May 22-23, Second Annual White Mountain Open, Hanover, NH
    $200/Team; Deposit:$50 due Apr 1
    UPA Planned; Rated 4 Stars
    20 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Dan Sheldon, Dan.Sheldon@Dartmouth.Edu, h:(603)646-7333
May 22-23, The Hot Apple Turnover II, Wenatchee, WA
    $150.00/Team; Deposit:$150.00 due May 10
    4M/3F; 12 Coed Teams
    Chris Burke,
    Meghan Creger,
    Without a doubt, the plushest fields in Washington state.
May 22, 2nd Annual Macalester Alumni Tam Tourney, St. Paul, MN
    $5.00/Individual; Hat format,4M/3F; 4 Coed Teams
    Chris Cloutier,, h:651.698.3373, w:651.215.0234
    Macalester College alumni, alumni partners and students all welcome to play!
May 29-31, The Santa Barbara Classic, Santa Barbara, CA
    $25.00/Individual; Deposit:$150.00 due Apr 15
    Extras: Disc, Dinner
    18 Open, 12 Womens, 
    4 Juniors Teams
    Steve Dugan,
    Win Dada,
May 29-30, Kevin Crowley Ultimate Invite IV (KCUI IV), Madison, WI
    $100.00/Team; Deposit:$100.00 due May 1
    Extras: Breakfast
    20 Open, 12 Womens Teams
    Dave,, h:(608)238-4362, w:(608)262-1795
May 29-30, 2nd Annual Carolina Kudzu Coed Classic, Raleigh, NC
    $100.00/Team; Deposit:$100.00 due May 7
    4M/3F; 16 Coed Teams
    Christian Schwoerke,, h:919 490-3006
    Garrett Dyer,
    variable 4/3 ratio; 2-point huck; alternating gender pull
May 29, 3rd Annual Dan Gabor Co-ed Savage Seven Tourney, Fayetteville, AR
    $70.00/Team; Overage to Dan Gabor Scholarship Fund of Fayetteville, AR
    UPA Planned
    Savage 7 format, 5M/2F; 15 Coed Teams
    Wayne Ramsey, h:(501) 575-9304
    Joy Endicott,
June 5-6, Boston Invitational/Easterns, Devens, MA 
    UPA Planned; Rated 5 Stars 
    42 teams Open/Women. 
Jun 5-6, Gender Blender, Fergus, ON
    $45/Individual; Deposit:$150.00 due Apr 1; Overage to United Way of Fergus, ON
    Extras: Dinner, Breakfast
    4M/3F; 24 Coed Teams
    Dan Berman,, h:416/463-8633
    Third Annual. All-inclusive. UPA Coed Celebration Event.
Jun 12-13, 18th Poultry Days Ultimate Classic, Versailles, OH
    $125.00/Team; Deposit:$125.00 due Apr 15; Overage to Leukemia Society of America of Cincinnati, OH
    Extras: Disc, Shirt, Dinner, Breakfast
    45 (Can be Co-ed) Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Mark Simons,, h:(410) 531-9292
    Chicken Dinners, Camping, Miss Chick, The 48th Poultry Days Festival, much more!
Jun 12-13, First Annual Killer Mosquito Tournament, Cleveland, MS
    $75.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Jun 1
    Extras: Breakfast
    16 Open Teams
    Dennis Barfield,, h:(601)843-4110
    Steven Craddock,
Jun 19-20, Solstice 99, Toronto, ON
    $280.00/Team; Deposit:$100 due Apr 30; Overage to Sierra Legal Defense of Toronto, ON
    Extras: Dinner
    16 Open, 12 Womens, 8 Juniors Teams
    Mike McDerment,, h:(613) 549-3701, w:(416) 481-5909, fax:(416)481-6946
    Extras:go-carting,$50>SLD,party w band,entry in cups tournament,everything@site
Jun 26-27, 3rd Annual Shampoo Banana Ultimate Tournament, Champaign, IL
    $110.00/Team; Deposit:$110.00 due May 31; Overage to Champaign Park District Youth Activities Fund and Parkland Foundation of Champaign, IL
    UPA Planned; Rated 5 Stars
    4M/3F; 10 Coed, 10 Open, 
    10 Womens Teams
    Tom Kompare,, h:217-239-3139, w:217-244-2157
    $1000 First Prize, all divisions. Part of the Champaign Ultimate Sports Weekend.
Jun 26-27, Eighth Annual Rochester Ultimate Benefit Tournament, Rochester, NY
    $200.00/Team; Deposit:$200.00 due May 15; Overage to Habitat for Humanity of Rochester, NY
    Extras: Shirt
    20 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Tim Webber,, h:(716)-473-1699
    Dan Bell,
    An open and woman's team from the same city can enter for $US 350.00 total.
Jul 10-11, The S+M Ultimate Frisbee Tourney, Deal, NJ
    $36.00/Individual; Overage to Bikur Holim- Helping the Needy of Brooklyn, NY
    Extras: Disc, Shirt, Dinner, Breakfast
    Hat format, 20 Open, 12 Juniors, 6 College Only, 2 Juniors Only Teams
    Steven Nakash,, h:917-327-1117
    Max Sutton,
Jul 24-25, Georgia Games, Ultimate Championships, Augusta, GA
    Chris Garnett,, h:(803) 279-2062, w:(803) 208-0121, fax:N/A
    The Georgia Games are only open to teams from GA, SC, NC, TN.  
Jul 31-Aug 1, CHUBBY (City of Hills Ultimate Blast Benefiting Youth), Cincinnati, OH
    $175.00/Team; Deposit:$75.00 due Jul 14; Overage to Urban Appalachian Council Youth Programs of Cincinnati, OH
    4M/3F; 12-16  (We have field space for 20-24 if need be. No worries.) Coed Teams
    Katie Terrill,, h:513.232.6898
    Web Page Coming Soon! Don't forget to collect your clothing for charity!
Jul 31-Aug 1, Babes 'N Hats VII, Vancouver, BC
    $15.00/Individual incl Shirt
    Hat format, 3M/4F; 20 Coed Teams
    Brian Gisel,, h:604-739-4419
    Nylene Geyer,
    Run by the people who organized Worlds 97, Held on the site of Worlds 97!!
Aug 14-15, Cooler Classic XI, Delafield, WI
    $125.000/Team; Deposit:$125.00 due Jul 26
    30 Open, 10 Womens Teams
    Craig Johnson,, w:800-798-2861, fax:414-220-4102
    Scott Severson, w:414-355-5200
    Phil Schaser,, w:414-547-5776
    We have never run out of beer. Camping, lake, all you want & more!
Aug 19-22, XIII Canadian Ultimate Championships, Ottawa, ON
    Rated 5 Stars
    24 Open, 16 Womens, 10 Juniors Teams
    Diana Nunes,, h:613-841-6859
    Jack Webb,
    10 Masters Teams, Possible Coed Division
Aug 28-29, Chop Tank Invitational, Washington, DC, WA
    Jim Nesbitt,, h:202-387-8769, w:703-721-4686
    Chris Hulett,
Sep 4-5, 6th Annual Shawn Adams Memorial, Chattanooga, TN
    $100/Team; Women's teams $75
    UPA Planned; Rated 4 Stars
    12 Open, 8 Womens Teams
    Steve Cobble,, h:423-265-geth
    Jeb ,
Nov 24, Mashed Potato Classic III, Washington Terrace, UT
    $2.00/Individual; Deposit:$1.00 due Oct 21
    7M/3F; 16 Open Teams
    Jacob Unguren,
    Wayne Lowe,
    This is not your run of the mill tourney. 

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