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Last-Modified: 29 Feb 2000
Archive-name: software-eng/mini

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Welcome to, a newsgroup for discussion of software
engineering and related topics.

This mini-FAQ is posted weekly, as a reminder of where to find the Frequently
Asked Questions (FAQ) postings, which appear about every four weeks.
The information in the FAQs and the archives is available
through the World-Wide Web at
and also
Everything visible through the Web is also available via FTP;  the above URL
leads to the same directory as you get via anonymous FTP to

The following other newsgroups discuss topics related to software engineering;
consequently, coverage of these topics in this newsgroup (and thus the archives) tends to be sparse.  Many of these groups have
their own FAQ's, which you can find in the appropriate *.answers group (e.g.
comp.answers for any group whose name starts with "comp.").

comp.groupware	          Software/hardware for shared interactive environments
comp.human-factors	  Human factors, including user interfaces
comp.lang.*	          Discussion of specific programming languages.
comp.newprod	          Announcements of new products
comp.object	          Object-oriented analysis/design/programming/systems
comp.programming          Programming, especially algorithms and data structures
comp.realtime	          Computer-based realtime systems Software metrics     Software testing Configuration management and problem tracking
comp.specification.misc   Formal specification methods
comp.specification.larch  The Larch family of specification notations
comp.specification.z      The Z formal specification notation
comp.sw.components        Reusable software components
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