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SGI impressario Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -7- Do I need Impressario to print PostScript documents?

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  IRIX includes a "Generic PostScript" device plug-in.  This device plug-in
  will convert ISO text files and RGB image files to monochrome PostScript and
  send the PostScript file to your printer (which must be able to process
  PostScript files).  You can install the Generic PostScript Device Plug-In
  using the Printer Manager.

  Starting with IRIX 6.2, all Impressario PostScript drivers are provided

  If you have a non-PostScript printer, you need to buy Impressario or one of
  the third party software packages to print PostScript files to your printer;
  or you may wish to investigate Ghostscript at 
  <> as a possible free solution.

  See the related question "What printing packages are available for IRIX?".

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