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SGI audio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - -8- Now that I have IRIX 5.2, I can't seem to find audio.h and libaudio.a in order to compile my audio code. What

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Top Document: SGI audio Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Date: 8 Mar 1997 00:00:01 EST

  The #include file audio.h and the library libaudio.a became a part of
  the "Digital Media Developement Option" (dmdev) in IRIX 5.X.  Dmdev
  contains more than just the audio development libraries, and it is
  available for an extra fee. If you are like many people and think
  this is a bogus situation, tell your salesperson.

  For IRIX 5.3 and later, the digital media libraries, including the
  audio development environment (audio.h and libaudio.a), are part of 
  the IRIS Development Option (IDO).  Thus, you need no additional 
  products (i.e. DMDEV) to develop software which utilizes the built-in 
  digital audio.

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