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[] FAQ 24 (last modified 2001-08-05)

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Archive-name: sf/hard/kim-stanley-robinson/faq
Posting-Frequency: weekly (manually on Sundays) (monthly to *.answers)
Last-modified: 2001-08-05
Version: 24
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[] FAQ

version 24 CE 2001-08-05 12:15 GMT

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   1. Who is KSR?
   2. About the afksr community
   3. Biblio
   4. Other recommended authors
   5. Vocab
   6. KSR quotes
   7. Frequently used afksr abbreviations
   8. FAQ contributors
   9. Links
  10. FAQ version history ( only)

1. Who is KSR?
Arguably the best hard sf writer of our time, Kim Stanley "Stan" Robinson, 
born in 1952, has won the Hugo, Nebula, Asimov, John W. Campbell, Locus, 
and World fantasy awards. He is famous for his Mars trilogy.

2. About the afksr community
Please remember to include "[spoiler]" in the subject and body of messages 
that have information that may give away important plots.

3. Biblio
The following lists KSRs' novels and short stories. Short stories are 
listed only once and with the following collection priority: 1: The planet 
on the table, 2: Remaking history and other stories, 3: Down and out in the 
year 2000.
    * 1976 "In Pierson's orchestra"
    * 1979 Sense and science
    * 1984 The novels of Philip K. Dick
    * 1984 Icehenge: 1980 "On the north pole of Pluto", 1982 "To leave a 
    * 1984 The wild shore (Three Californias) (Hugo award and Nebula award 
    * 1985 The memory of whiteness
    * 1986 The planet on the table: 1981 "Venice drowned", 1983 "Stone 
eggs", 1984 "Ridge running", 1985 "Mercurial", 1984 "The lucky strike", 
1977 "The disguise", 1976 "Coming back to Dixieland", 1983 "Black air" 
(Asimov, John W. Campbell, Locus, and World fantasy awards)
    * 1987 "The memorial"
    * 1988 The gold coast (Three Californias)
    * 1989 Escape from Kathmandu: 1986 "Escape from Kathmandu", 1989 "The 
true nature of Shangri-La", 1987 "Mother Goddess of the world", 1989 "The 
kingdom underground"
    * 1990 Pacific edge (Three Californias)
    * 1992 Down and out in the year 2000: 1986 "The blind geometer" (Nebula 
award), 1990 "A short, sharp shock"
    * 1992 "I go to Mars"
    * 1992 Red Mars (book 1 of the Mars trilogy)
    * 1994 Remaking history and other stories: 1988 "The part of us that 
loves" revised, 1990 "The translator", 1989 "Before I wake", 1991 "A 
history of the twentieth century, with illustrations", 1988 "Remaking 
history", 1991 "Vinland the dream", 1987 "The return from Rainbow Bridge", 
1991 "Muir on Shasta", 1988 "Glacier", 1991 "A sensitive dependence on 
initial conditions", 1986 "Down and out in the year 2000", 1986 "Our town", 
1986 "A transect", 1988 "The lunatics", 1990 "Zürich"
    * 1994 "A Martian childhood"
    * 1994 Green Mars (book 2 of the Mars trilogy) (Hugo award)
    * 1996 Blue Mars (book 3 of the Mars trilogy)
    * 1996 "The psychic landscape"
    * 1997 Antarctica
    * 1999 The Martians: "Michel in Antarctica", 1982 "Exploring Fossil 
Canyon", "The Archaea plot", "The way the land spoke to us", "Maya and 
Desmond", "Four teleological trails", "Coyote makes trouble", "Michel in 
Provence", 1985 "Green Mars", "Arthur Sternbach brings the curveball to 
Mars", "Salt and fresh", "The constitution of Mars", "Some worknotes and 
commentary on the constitution, by Charlotte Dorsa Brevia", "Jackie and 
Zo", "Keeping the flame", "Saving Noctis dam", "Big Man in love", "An 
argument for the deployment of all safe terraforming technologies", 
"Selected abstracts from The journal of Areological studies, vols.56-64", 
"Odessa", "Sexual dimorphism", "Enough is as good as a feast", "What 
matters", "Coyote remembers", "Sax moments", "A Martian romance", "If Wang 
Wei lived on Mars", "Purple Mars"
    * 2002 Road from Samakand (hard: 2002-02-04) aka A world without Europe 
(paperback: 2003-01-05)
    * unkn The Martian companion

4. Other recommended authors
    * Terry Bisson, Philip Kindred Dick, Ursula Kroeber Le Guin, Charles 
Sheffield, Robert Silverberg, Gene Wolfe.
    * Delany, Russ, Stanislaw Lem, Boris Natanovi Strugatskii, Arkadii 
Natan Strugatskii.
    * Albert Camus, Alejo Carpentier, Joyce Cary, Joseph Conrad, Lawrence 
Durrell, John Fowles, Garcia Marquez, Cecelia Holland, Peter Matthiessen, 
Patrick O'Brian, Marcel Proust, Thomas Pynchon, Virginia Woolf.
    * Stevens, Snyder, Merwin, Kenneth Rexroth, Derek Walcott.
    * Ben Bova's Mars and Return to Mars
    * Stephen Baxter's Voyage
    * Ursula Kroeber Le Guin
Hard sf:
    * Hal Clement
    * Arthur C Clarke
    * Fred Hoyle
    * Greg Bear
    * Greg Egan
    * Geoffrey A Landis

5. Vocab
    * areobotany - (Ares) Martian (botany) plant biology
    * areoformation - how people are changed by Mars
    * areophany - adoration of Mars
    * giri - Japanese: responsibility
    * Senzeni Na - Japanese: "What have we done?"
    * Shikata ga nai - Japanese: the only possible thing
    * terraforming - how something is changed to support Terran live
    * viriditas - the color of growing grass, energy of natural growth

6. KSR quotes
In general I don't like the idea of a writer fitting all his works into a 
single fictional history. It sacrifices new thinking to a generally 
unimportant consistency.

7. Frequently used afksr abbreviations
3C Three Californias: The wild shore, The gold coast, Pacific edge
BM Blue Mars
FAQ frequently asked questions
GM Green Mars, not "Green Mars"
KSR Kim Stanley Robinson
Mt Mars trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars
RfS Road from Samakand
RGB Mars Mars trilogy: Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars
RM Red Mars

8. FAQ contributors
Aubrey M. Smith, Jeandré, Jeff Carlson, Travis M Phillips

9. Links
M3 information
sf info
Buy books online
Jeandré (I don't email from Malaysia) 
"Grief seeps in us / Like a blotter takes ink" - Kim Stanley Robinson

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