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Archive-name: sf/dune-faq/pointer
Posting-Frequency: weekly
Last-modified: 2001/12/06

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The FAQ Pointer


0. Document information


0.1 Table of Contents

0. Document information
	0.1 Table of contents
	0.2 Introduction
	0.3 What is the purpose of the FAQ?
	0.4 Where can I get the FAQ?
	0.5 Why should I read the FAQ?
	0.6 What does the FAQ contain?


0.2 Introduction

This document is a notification of the existence of the
Frequently Asked Questions file (FAQ), and a pointer to its location.
This document is not in itself the FAQ. All new readers of
should read this document.


0.3 What is the purpose of the FAQ?

The purpose of the FAQ is to introduce new members to the
newsgroup, to answer common questions about _Dune_ and, and
to provide an archive for otherwise useful information relating to Dune.


0.4 Where can I get the FAQ?

The FAQ is posted monthly to, alt.answers and news.answers.
It can also be obtained in these ways:

By anonymous FTP:

By e-mail:
	with a body of "send pub/faqs/sf/dune-faq"

From the World Wide Web:

Inquiries/suggestions/corrections can be mailed to:


0.5 Why should I read the FAQ?

You should read the FAQ for your own sake, because it will help you to:
	-Understand the rules and conventions that apply to
	-Learn the abbreviations and special terminology used there.
	-Avoid asking a frequent question and annoy everyone.
	-Learn interesting and little-known facts about Dune.
	-Find and identify rare Dune items.

You don't have to read the FAQ in its entirety. You should however read
its Subjects 1-3 before the first time you post. It would be wise to
look over the table of contents before you ask a question to see whether
it might be answered in the FAQ. If you familiarise yourself with the
topics covered by the FAQ, you can use it as a powerful reference tool.


0.6 What does the FAQ contain?


1. Document information
	1.1 Table of Contents
		(included in all parts)
	1.2 Recent changes
	1.3 What is the purpose of this document?
	1.4 Where can I get this document?
	1.5 Who wrote this document?

2. Questions about
	2.1 What is
	2.2 What is appropriate subject material for
	2.3 What is suggested netiquette for
	2.4 What special terminology is used on

3. Questions about the Dune franchise
	3.1 What is Dune?
	3.2 Where can I find more about Dune and its adaptations?

4. Questions about the Dune story
	4.1 Which Dune adaptations are officially part of the story?
	4.2 Is _The Dune Encyclopedia_ canon?
	4.3 What inconsistencies and errrors are there in the Dune books?
	4.4 What are the origins of House Atreides?
	4.5 Who are Marty and Daniel at the end of _Chapterhouse: Dune_?
	4.6 Who is Scytale?
	4.7 What is House Ordos?
	4.8 What is the Litany Against Fear?
	4.9 What is the Mentat Mantra?


5. Questions about written materials on Dune
	5.1 What books are in the _Dune_ series?
	5.2 Are more _Dune_ stories being written?
	5.3 What other books about Dune have been published?
	5.4 What other books has Frank Herbert written?
	5.5 Have the books in the _Dune_ series been serialised?
	5.6 Have the books in the _Dune_ series been translated?
	5.7 Are there any differences between _Dune_ series editions?
	5.8 Are there any comics and illustrated books about Dune?
	5.9 Can I get a signed copy of _The Dune Encyclopedia_?


6. Questions about the movie(s)
	6.1 What is the movie _Dune_?
	6.2 Is there more than one version of the movie?
	6.3 How do I get each version of the movie?
	6.4 What merchandise was produced in connection with the movie?
	6.5 Has there been other attempts to film _Dune_?
	6.6 What is the _Dune_ TV series?

7. Questions about sound recordings relating to Dune
	7.1 Are there any Dune-related music albums?
	7.2 Has Dune inspired other music?
	7.3 Are there any spoken word recordings of Dune works?


8. Questions about the games
	8.1 What MU*s are there with a Dune theme?
	8.2 How do I make these MU*s look right on my screen?
	8.3 Are there any computer and video games about Dune?
	8.4 Are there any board games about Dune?
	8.5 Are there any collectible card games (CCGs/TCGs) about Dune?
	8.6 Are there any role-playing games (RPGs) about Dune?
	8.7 Are there any fan-created games about Dune?


Gunnar Harboe
"Ultimately, all things are known
because you want to believe you know."
	Frank Herbert

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