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The FAQ Part 3/4

This continues the FAQ from Part 2


1. Document information


1.1 Table of Contents

(The full Table of Contents is available in part 1)


6. Questions about the films
	6.1 What is the movie _Dune_?
	6.2 Is there more than one version of the movie?
	6.3 How do I get each version of the movie?
	6.4 What merchandise was produced in connection with the movie?
	6.5 Has there been other attempts to film _Dune_?
	6.6 What is the _Dune_ TV series?

7. Questions about sound recordings relating to Dune
	7.1 Are there any Dune-related music albums?
	7.2 Has Dune inspired other music?
	7.3 Are there any spoken word recordings of Dune works?


6. Questions about the films


6.1 What is the movie _Dune_?

_Dune_ was made into a movie of the same title, and is available on
video. The movie was directed by David Lynch (of Twin Peaks and
Eraserhead fame), produced by Rafaella de Laurentiis, and starred: Kyle
MacLachlan (Paul Muad'Dib), Jurgen Prochnow (Leto), Sean Young (Chani),
Francesca Annis (Jessica), Dean Stockwell (Dr. Yueh), Virginia Madsen
(Irulan), Patrick Stewart (Gurney), Jose Ferrar (Shaddam IV), Sting
(Feyd-Rautha), Max von Sydow (Liet-Kynes), and Linda Hunt (Shadout
Mapes). The costumes were designed by Bob Ringwood.


6.2 Is there more than one version of the movie?

Yes. There are actually 3 versions of the movie.

	6.2.1 Theatrical release

_Dune_ had its theatrical release in 1984. Its length is 2 hours and 17
minutes. It has also been shown on the Sci-Fi channel. This version is
also the standard video release. On the video release, approximately 20
minutes of footage near the end of the film has been photographically
flipped, so that Paul carries his ring on his left hand etc.

	6.2.2 Alan Smithee version

The version which is commonly shown on television contains some scenes
which were not in the movie. It is not on video cassette. It is 4 hours
long with commercials, roughly 3 hours without. This version contains
certain scenes that the director, David Lynch, did not want; such as a
scene of Gurney playing the baliset, and a voice-over introducing some
of the characters and societies. Lynch petitioned the Director's Guild
to have his name removed from the credits of this version. The generic
'Alan Smithee' appears in his place. Despite this, this version is often
erroneously referred to as the "director's cut".

	6.2.3 KTVU version

There is a third version that was cobbled together out of pieces of the
above two films by KTVU. It contains no new scenes; rather it is simply
a re- edit of the same material.

There is also a laserdisc letterboxed edition of the movie. It contains
versions 6.2.1 and 6.2.2 for a total of 320 minutes from beginning to
end of the disc. It contains no new scenes that are not in 6.2.1 and
6.2.2. The laserdisc is available only as a Japanese import. Each
version is subtitled in Japanese, and the theatrical release (version
6.2.1) is in a very nice widescreen format.

For more information about the movie and its variants, look at the
"Arrakis File" at:

For "behind the scenes" information and trivia on the movie, try "Dune -
Behind the Scenes" at:


6.3 How do I get each version of the movie?

Universal/MCA has re-released the theatrical version of Dune on NTSC and
PAL VHS in both widescreen and Pan & Scan format. The widescreen PAL
video has been deleted.

The theatrical edition has also been released on laserdisc and DVD (R1
and R2). All these are in (non-anamorphic) widescreen, and of fairly
high technical standard. They feature no particularly exciting extras.

The Alan Smithee edition is available on R2 DVD, both in PAL and in a
two-disc Japanese NTSC set. Its format is Pan & Scan, because it was
originally edited for television.

The Japanese import laserdisc is out of print.


6.4 What merchandise was produced in connection with the movie?

A large number of toys and merchandise was produced in connection with
the movie. Any information beyond that listed here would be appreciated.
This information is to a large degree based on a list of Dune
merchandise by Josh Z.

For more information and pictures of movie merchandise, go to:

	6.4.1 Action figures and toys

LJN Toys released a series of action figures and toys based on the

Paul Atreides action figure
Baron Harkonnen action figure
Stilgar the Fremen action figure
Beast Rabban action figure
Sardaukar warrior action figure
Feyd-Rautha action figure

Sandworm posable toy
Spice Scout vehicle
Motorized mini-vehicles (Sand Scouts):
	Sand Roller, Sand Crawler, Sand Tracker
Fremen Tarpel Gun
Sardaukar Laser Gun

Revell also produced a Worm model, Ornithopter and Sand Crawler distinct
from the LJN toys.

	6.4.2 Trading cards

Fleer released a set of Trading cards and stickers (with bubblegum). The
cards depict scenes and characters from the movie. The complete set
includes 132 cards and 44 stickers.

	6.4.3 Promotional material

Innumerable different posters (in different languages) for the film
exist. In addition to this, there was a movie press kit given to
reviewers on the release of the film, and a special copy of the
Terminology of Dune handed out to audiences in some theatres.
Information on further curiosa would be appreciated.

It is sometimes possible to buy genuine props and costumes from the
movie. Replicas of various items, especially crysknives, are also

	6.4.4 Various items

Party favors:
	Paper plates (7- and 9-inch)
	Paper napkins
	Party blowers

Official buttons. Four different motives.

View-master reels. 3 reels (21 pictures total) of 3-D pictures.

	6.4.5 Things listed elsewhere

For data on books dealing with the film, see subject 5.3.4
For soundtrack information, see subject 7.1.1
For information on the Parker Bros. game, see subject 8.4.2


6.5 Has there been other attempts to film _Dune_?

Yes, there has been several attempts to film _Dune_. Sterling Lanier and
Chilton bought the film rights for _Dune_ already in 1963. The first
major attempt to bring the book to the screen started in the mid-
seventies, when Michel Seydoux bought the movie rights for Alejandro
Jodorowsky, director of _El Topo_ and _The Holy Mountain_. Jodorowsky
signed on Jean "Moebius" Giraud, Chris Foss and H. R. Giger to do the
artwork for the film, Pink Floyd to direct the music, and Orson Welles,
Salvador Dali and his own son Brontis to act. The screenplay was a
radical revision of Frank Herbert's story. The investors withdrew
financial backing after Jodorowsky had spent millions without having
started filming, and the production foundered. The story, images and
concepts of the film later resurfaced in work by Jodorowsky, Moebius,
Foss and Giger. Jodorowsky's thoughts on the project can be read at:

Dino de Laurentiis picked up the rights to _Dune_ after the failure of
Jodorowsky. Frank Herbert insisted on being admitted as script
consultant. Several versions of the movie were proposed before Lynch was
hired as director, including an attempt by Ridley Scott (director of
_Alien_ and later _Blade Runner_ and _Thelma & Louise_), whose concept
was rejected because of its high budget. Finally, David Lynch directed
the film that reached cinemas.


6.6 What is the _Dune_ TV series?

In 1998, the Sci-Fi channel commissioned a _Dune_ television mini series
to be produced by New Amsterdam Entertainment, Betafilm and Tandem
Communications. The series was written and directed by John Harrison.
Principal photography started in Prague in November 1999, and the three
episodes of the series aired on the US Sci-Fi Channel on December 3.-5.
2000. The series has been released on both American NTSC VHS and R1 DVD,
and European PAL VHS and R2 DVD.

Additional scenes (considered too controversial for American television)
are included in European broadcasts and releases.

The Sci-Fi Channel have commissioned a second series, based on _Dune
Messiah_ and _Children of Dune_. The working title of this series is
"Children of Dune", and the script by John Harrison (who will most
likely again direct) has been completed. This series will air in 2002 or

The series was written and directed by John Harrison, with Vittorio
Storaro as cinematographer, Miljen "Kreka" Klakovic as production
designer and Theodor Pistek as costume designer. Executive producers
were Richard P. Rubinstein and Mitchell Galin. The series starred: Alec
Newman (Paul Atreides), William Hurt (Leto), Barbara Kodetova (Chani),
Saskia Reeves (Jessica), Giancarlo Giannini (Shaddam IV), Julie
Cox(Irulan), Ian McNeice (Baron Harkonnen) and Matt Keeslar

For more information, check out the official website:


7. Questions about sound recordings relating to Dune


7.1 Are there any Dune-related music albums?

	7.1.1 Movie Soundtrack

There are two main versions of the soundtrack to the movie. The original
soundtrack ("Dune: Original Soundtrack Recording") has been released
multiple times (on LP, cassette and CD) by Polydor, and can currently be
bought on import. Production # 422 823 770-2.

In 1997, P.E.G. Recordings released a digitally remastered version of
the soundtrack, called "Dune: Original Motion Picture Score." It is
often referred to as the David Paich version of the soundtrack. It
contains many new tracks, but does not include Brian Eno's Prophecy
Theme. The dialogue present in the original release has been removed
here (hence its title "motion picture score" rather than "soundtrack").
This CD is no longer in production, and can be hard to find. Production
# PEG 015.

For track listing and purchasing information, see:

For more information, see:

	7.1.2 Mini Series Soundtrack

Graeme Revell's soundtrack score to the mini series is released by GNP
Crescendo Records. It can be bought (only) over their website:
	< >

	7.1.3 Exxos "Dune: a Spice Opera"

Exxos (an alternative company name for Cryo Interactive) made a
soundtrack to their Dune I computer game. Of the thirteen tracks on the
album, eight appeared in the game (one tune from the game did not make
it to the soundtrack. The tune is the seventh to be played if you put
the game music in CD mode, and is unofficially known as "Bagdad"). One
track appears in two mixes (Dune Theme/Dune Variation). The music for
the game was composed by Stéphane Picq; he and Stephen Ulrich made the

	"Dune: a Spice Opera" by Exxos (Cryo Interactive). Published by
		Virgin Records Ltd. CDVE 911.

The CD went out of production in 1994, and is very hard to find. MP3
files of the music are floating around on the Internet, but be aware
that these are illegal. If you would like this soundtrack, please ask
Virgin to reprint it. You can also write to:

EXXOS: CRYO Interactive, Exxos, 43, Rue de Richelieu,

Track list:
-Spice Opera (4:54)
-Emotion Control (4:26)
-Ecolove (5:07)
-Water (3:12)
-Revelation (6:07)
-Free Men (6:32)
-Wake Up (5:51)
-Dune Theme (5:14)
-Chani's Eyes (5:06)
-Sign of the Worm (3:51)
-Too (4:33)
-Dune Variation (6:28)
-Cryogenia (4:46)

The music is very good, with an Arabient techno ambiance that captures
the Dune mood perfectly.

For more information, check out Stéphane Picq's homepage:

...and this fan site:

	7.1.4 Emperor: Battle for Dune Soundtrack

This CD with 13 track of music from Westwood's latest Dune game is only
available for those who order a special edition of the game through
Electronic Art's (EA) US online store. Frank Klepacki (who composed the
music for Dune II and Dune 2000) composed the Atreides part of the
soundtrack, while David Arkenstone and Jarrid Mendelson did the
Harkonnen and Ordos parts, respectively.

Track list:
-The War Begins (4:33) (Atreides)
-The Machine (4:50) (Harkonnen)
-Not an Option (3:52) (Ordos)
-Unstoppable (5:50) (Harkonnen)
-Ride the Worm (5:36) (Atreides)
-Sabotage (4:19) (Ordos)
-Harkonnen Force (5:29) (Harkonnen)
-Assembling the Troops (7:42) (Atreides)
-Ghola (3:48) (Ordos)
-Legacy (6:14) (Harkonnen)
-The Specimen (5:06) (Ordos)
-The Spice Must Flow (4:47) (Atreides)
-Tribute to Evil (6:21) (Harkonnen)

Buy it from EA's website:

	7.1.5 "Chronolyse"

Richard Pinhas from the band Heldon released Chronolyse in 1978, having
recorded it in 1976. He calls it: "Imaginary music for the book of Frank
Herbert, _Dune_."

	"Chronolyse" by Richard Pinhas. Cobra 1978. COB 37.015

Track list:
Variations sur le thème de Bene Gesserit:
-Variation I (2:22)
-Variation II (2:15)
-Variation III (1:36)
-Variation IV (1:44)
-Variation V (1:35)
-Variation VI (2:05)
-Variation VII (4:33)

-Duncan Idaho (6:12)
-Paul Atreides (30:23)

	7.1.6 Klaus Schulze's "Dune"

German electronica composer Klaus Schulze made an album inspired by
Frank Herbert's novel in 1979. It is available on CD as a foreign

	"Dune" by Klaus Schulze. Metronome GmbH 1979

Track list:
-Dune (30:06)
-Shadows of Ignorance (26:15)

The first track is instrumental, while the second has singing (in
English) by one Arthur Brown. The lyrics don't seem to have any
connection to Dune. Schulze's "X" album contains a track called "Frank

	7.1.7 David Matthews' "Dune"

David Matthews (not the Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band)
arranged a Dune album in 1977. One side of the LP (there is no known CD
release, only stereo 8 track and cassette) contains Dune-related
material, the other various science-fiction material. Another of
Matthews' albums also contains a tribute to Frank Herbert.

	"Dune" by David Matthews. CTI Records: A Division of Creed
		Taylor, Inc. 1977

Track list:
Side 1-Dune
-Part I	Arrakis (6:03)
-Part II	Sandworms (5:03)
-Part III	Song of the Bene Gesserit (2:50)
-Part IV	Muad'Dib (6:36)

Side 2
-Space Oddity (6:05)
-Silent Running (3:16)
-Princess Leia's Theme (from Star Wars) (2:55)
-Main Theme from Star Wars (3:22)

The music is some kind of disco-jazz, with lyrics only on David Bowie's
Space Oddity (not sung by Bowie, though). Side 2 is generally the more
enjoyable, because of its unusual versions of well-known songs.

	7.1.8 "Eros"

The French band Dün released this album independently in 1981. In 1999
it was re-released on CD by the Soleil label.

	"Eros" by Dün. Soleil Atreides 1999.

Track list:
L'epice 9:25 (J. Geerhaerts)
Arrakis 9:36 (P. Vandenbulcke)
Bitonio 7:09 (P. Vandenbulcke)
Eros 10:17 (J. Geerhaerts)
* Bitonio 10:20 (P. Vandenbulcke)
** Arrakis 5:07 (P. Vandenbulcke)
** Eros 7:11 (J. Geerhaerts)
*** Acoustic Fremen 6:17 (J. Geerhaerts, P. Vandenbulcke, P. Portejoie)

* Bonus track, recorded 1979
** Bonus tracks, recorded 1978
*** Bonus track, recorded 1978

	7.1.9 "Parallel Galaxy"

Emmett Chapman, inventor of the Chapman stick, released a solo album
called Parallel Galaxy in 1985. A track from this album
(Backyard)appears on the Alan Smithee cut of Dune as Gurney plays the
baliset (in reality a thinly disguised Chapman stick).

	"Parallel Galaxy" by Emmett Chapman. Stick Enterprises 1985.

For more information, refer to the official web site:


7.2 Has Dune inspired other music?

Yes, Dune has inspired many other bands and artists. However, the Dune
connection is often tenuous, limited to a few samples from the movie,
for instance.

Band: Altar of Sacrifice
Genre: Hardcore
Dune connection: Movie sample in "Mind in Motion"
On album: Mind in Motion single

Band: Arrakis
Genre: Techno
Dune connection: Band name, movie sample in "The Spice"
On album: The Spice

Band: Astral Projection
Genre: Trance
Dune connection: Movie sample in "Dancing Galaxy" and others
On album: Dancing Galaxy; No One Ever Dreams

Band: Blind Guardian
Genre: Hard rock
Dune connection: "Traveller in time" inspired by Dune
On album: Tales from the Twilight World

Band: Die Fantastischen Vier
Genre: Hip-hop
Dune connection: Movie samples and lyrics in "Der Krieger"
On album: Lauschgift

Band: Dune
Genre: Techno
Dune connection: Band name (from movie), movie samples
On album: Dune

Band: Dynamix II
Genre: Electronica
Dune connection: Movie sample in "Get out of my mind"
On album: Machine Language

Band: Eon
Genre: Techno
Dune connection: Track names, movie samples
On album: Void Dweller

Artist: Fatboy Slim
Genre: Techno
Dune connection: Lyrics in "Weapon of Choice"
On album: Halfway between the Gutter and the Stars

Artist: Fear Factory
Genre: Industrial
Dune connection: Album Title
On album: Fear is the Mindkiller EP

Band: Iron Maiden
Genre: Hard rock
Dune connection: "To Tame a Land" lyrics inspired by Dune (novel)
On album: Piece of Mind
Anecdote: Approached FH about making Dune music, but were turned down as
"Frank Herbert doesn't like rock music. Especially not hard rock. And
especially not Iron Maiden."

Band: Jamiroquai
Genre: Trip hop/Acid Jazz
Dune connection: Song title "Travelling without Moving"
On album: Travelling without Moving

Band: Juno Reactor
Genre: Trance
Dune connection: Movie sample in "Rotorblade"
On album: Beyond the Infinite

Band: Kwisatz Haderach
Genre: Hard-core
Dune connection: Band name

Band: Manufacture
Genre: Industrial
Dune connection: Movie samples, track "Pain amplifier"

Artist: Pablo Gargano
Genre: Hardhouse/techno
Dune connection: Movie samples, track "The secret spice"

Band: Shai Hulud
Genre: Hard-core
Dune connection: Band name, artist name (Muad'Dib), movie samples

Band: Stillsuit
Genre: Hard-core
Dune connection: Band name

Artist: Tom Smith
Genre: Comedy
Dune connection: Track "Crystal Gale killed Frank Herbert"
On album: Who let him in here?
Lyrics online at

Artist: Trey Gunn
Dune connection: Track "Arrakis"
On album: The Third Star
Can be ordered online at:

Further music inspired by Dune would be appreciated.

	7.2.1 By fans

Many fans have become inspired by _Dune_ to create music. This section
is heavily under construction.

- In 1998, "SSM" posted links to MIDI and MP3 files of a melody composed
by his brother called "Gurney's song" (the one that begins "Orchards and
vineyards") to There's no known current source for these
- In January 2001, Alexander Johannesen posted a link to an MP3 of a
track he had made called "Dunish", featuring samples from the movie.
There is no known current source for this file.
- In 2001, Giovanni Wassen posted links to several Dune-inspired tracks
he had made. They are available on his website:


7.3 Are there any spoken word recordings of Dune works?

Yes. Unabridged recordings of several books in the Dune Chronicles have
been published. Also available on audio are excerpts read by the author,
as well as interviews with Frank Herbert.

	7.3.1 The Dune Audio Collection

This is a compilation of four mono cassettes, previously released
separately as "Sandworms of Dune", "Dune - The Banquet Scene", "Battles
of Dune" and "Truths of Dune." Recorded in 1977-79, they contain
excerpts from the first three books, melded with connective text written
by Frank Herbert. They are all read by the author. The description
states that the Audio Collection is a "selection" of the four
recordings, it is unknown whether it includes all the material from
them. Certainly it is missing the extensive liner notes written by Frank

	_Sandworms of Dune_, Frank Herbert, Caedmon (p1978).
		One 2-track mono cassette. 41 minutes.
		#TC 1565, CDL 51565

	_Dune: The Banquet Scene_, Frank Herbert, (1977).
		Mono LP, cassette. 54 minutes.
		#TC 1555, CP 1555

	_The Battles of Dune_, Frank Herbert, Caedmon, Harper Classics
		(1979, 1994). Mono LP, cassette. 62 minutes.
		#TC 1601, CDL 51601

	_Truths of Dune: Fear is the Mind Killer_, Frank Herbert, Caedmon
		(1979). Mono LP, cassette. 45 minutes.
		#TC 1616, CDL 51616

	_The Dune Audio Collection_, Frank Herbert. Containing selections
		of the four above. Caedmon: An Imprint of Harper Audio (1994).
		ISBN: 1-55994-957-0.

	7.3.2 The Dune Chronicles

	_Dune_, Frank Herbert (read by George Guidall). Complete and
		unabridged. Isis Audio Books (a division of Isis Publishing
		ISBN: 1-85695-896-5

	_Dune_, Frank Herbert (read by Connor O'Brien). Complete and
		unabridged. Books on Tape, Inc. (1997).
		ISBN: 073663763X

	_Dune Messiah_, Frank Herbert (read by Connor O'Brien). Complete
		and unabridged. Books on Tape, Inc. (1997).
		ISBN: 0736640185

	_Children of Dune_, Frank Herbert (read by Connor O'Brien).
		Complete and unabridged. Books on Tape, Inc. (1997).
		ISBN: 0736640193

	_God Emperor of Dune_, Frank Herbert (read by Connor O'Brien).
		Complete and unabridged. Books on Tape, Inc. (1998).
		ISBN: 0736644229

Note that the above books read by Connor O'Brien are available through
Barnes & Noble.

	_God Emperor of Dune_, Frank Herbert. Cassette. Approx.
		60 minutes. Excerpts read by the author. Harper
		Classics (1994, c1982).
		#TC 1694

	_Heretics of Dune_, Frank Herbert. Cassette. 47 minutes.
		First two chapters read by the author. Harper
		Classics (1994, c1984).
		#TC 1742

	7.3.3 Interviews.

	"DUNE: a Recorded Interview". Author FRANK HERBERT and
		film director DAVID LYNCH discussing the making of
		"DUNE", the motion picture; followed by Frank
		Herbert's dialogue on beliefs, values and his writing.
		Printed as a Waldentapes Special Edition. ISBN
		0-681-30895-8. According to Kevin Buchli it's a "$6.95
		value priced at $2.95".


The FAQ concludes in Part 4

Gunnar Harboe
"Ultimately, all things are known
because you want to believe you know."
	Frank Herbert

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