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Alt.Fan.Eddings.Creative Frequently Asked Questions List

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Archive-name: sf/david-eddings/fanfic-faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Version: 1.0
Maintainer: Aquarius <>

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This is the Frequently Asked Questions list.

Questions asked (and answered) in this FAQ are:

    What is for?
    How does it relate to
    What is fanfic?
    Are there a set of guidelines for writing Eddings fanfic?
    Is there an archive of current fanfic?
    My newsserver doesn't carry! What can I do?
    Are there suggestions on how to give feedback on posted fanfic?
    Are there any other recommendations?
    Who maintains this FAQ?


(1) What is for? (afec for short) is a newsgroup devoted to fanfic 
 (see question 3) derived from the stories of David and Leigh Eddings. To 
 know more about David and Leigh Eddings (D&LE), read the afe FAQ.

(2) How does it relate to (afe) is a newsgroup for discussing the stories of David 
 Eddings. There is obviously some crossover between the two groups (the 
 regular posters to afec are also normally regulars in afe). 
 Please note that afe is *not* for fanfic; this doesn't mean that you'll get 
 flamed mightily for posting it to afe, but it should really go to afec 
 instead. Similarly, afec is not really for banter and chat; it's 
 supposed to be a very on-topic group, for postings and discussion of 
 Eddings fanfic. AFE has a fairly high volume of banter and chat as well as 
 on topic stuff, so if that's what you're looking for, go there; 
 please try and keep it out of AFEC.

(3) What is fanfic?

  Fanfic (short for fan-fiction) is writings which are set in the worlds of, 
 using the characters of, or otherwise derived from some published work. 
 This includes short stories, long stories :-) and filks (songs adapted in 
 some way, often amusingly, to fit in with the chosen milieu).

(4) Are there a set of guidelines for writing Eddings fanfic?

  There aren't really; AFEC is a convenient place to post such fanfic, not a 
 censorship board. However, it would be nice if stories fitted in with one
 another, otherwise we end up with a great deal of confusion and 
 inconsistency: this means reading all the other stories (which you should 
 do anyway, because they're good :-) before writing your own. Repeat: this 
 is not a *rule*, just a suggestion.
(5) Is there an archive of current fanfic?

  The AFEC Fanfic archives are at 

  A collection of Eddings-related filks are archived at

(6)My newsserver doesn't carry! What can I do?

  Unfortunately, afec is not as well propagated as we might hope. Your first 
 course of action is to ask your ISP if they can add it to their newsfeed -
 this is often successful. If not, Itagne has set up a "news>mail" daemon 
 for afec. This posts mails sent to it to afec for you, and sends all posts 
 to afec to its subscribers via email.
  To post to AFEC via the daemon, simply mail your message to instead of posting it. It will then be posted 
 to the newsgroup by the daemon, reproduced as accurately as possible 
 (e.g. Date, From, Reply-To headers will remain the same but it is necessary 
 under RFC-1036 to add a Sender header).

  To receive news-by-mail from the daemon, you just have to send a blank 
 mail . When you subscribe you will be 
 sent full details of how to unsubscribe, configure the daemon with your 
 settings, and use the filtering option.

(7) Are there suggestions on how to give feedback on posted fanfic?

  There are indeed. These basically revolve around Usenet and general 
 etiquette; that is to say, constructive criticism is welcomed by authors, 
 but pointless flames and cries of "what utter cr*p" are not. Remember that 
 someone put in a fair amount of time and effort to write a piece of fanfic; 
 if you don't agree with something someone's written, then count to ten, and 
 *then* post calmly explaining why. If you just don't like a piece of fanfic 
 and want to post to the group saying just that, don't bother. 
 Save it for email, or send it to /dev/null.

(8) Are there any other recommendations?

  Just one - if you want to comment on a piece of fanfic, *please* don't 
 quote the whole thing in your reply. This does nothing but annoy people. 
 It's part of general Usenet etiquette, but it's particularly important in 
 AFEC where the posts are rather lengthy :-)

(9) Who maintains this FAQ?

  The FAQ maintainer is Aquarius. Communicate any questions, additions, 
 problems, disagreements and five-pound-notes to him at

  The latest copy of this FAQ can be found at the Fanfic Archives.

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