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Subject: [FAQ] [sci.astro.seti & alt.sci.seti] How to find the Newsgroups FAQ

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Archive-Name: seti/at-home/links
Posting-Frequency: Weekly
Last-modified: 09 Nov 2003
Version: 3.0.10
Copyright: (c) 1999-2001 Mark Taylor, Alfred Das
Maintainer: Mark Taylor <>

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SETI@home FAQ V3.0.10
09 Nov 2003

for newsgroups alt.sci.seti and sci.astro.seti

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Author :Mark Taylor <>
Html-version :Alfred Das <>
Co-Author :Michael Johnson <> 4.x.x

Contributors :SETI@home team, Peter Alfredsen, Frank J. Perricone,
M. Stilgar, Arthur Schain, Ed H, Neil Rieck,
Thomas Martin, Malcolm Pack, James Birchfield,
Roelof Engelbrecht, Allen Cleveland, Chris Johnson,
Carl Sagan, Eric J. Korpela, Terry Lee, Sqiz,
David Woolley, Jan Knutar, Peter van der Kort,
David Schilling, Alfred Das, Peter Yackel, Lior Fainshil,
Eric Heien, John Pike, Steve Willner,Alfred A. Aburto Jr.

--- Comments from the Author ---
This is a posting of the Seti@home Frequestly Asked Questions web links
for the FAQ. Starting 10 Oct 2000 the full text of the FAQ will be
posted one time per month, generally, on or about the first Tuesday of
the month. On each remaining Tuesday this abreviated version will
appear. The subject line will contain the tag [FAQ] beginning in column
1 so that newsgroup filters will be able to filter out the posting,
should the reader desire.
Also, as a compromise, the FAQ is now available by ftp from the address
shown above. This will enable those that read the newsgroups but do not
have browser capabilities to still receive the FAQ.
Mark Taylor <>
--- End Comments from the Author ---

--- Legal Chit-chat ---
This document is subject to copyright. It may be copied, distributed,
and otherwise electronically transferred, if you agree to the following
1. If made publicly available, it must be updated regularly, hereby meaning
every 30 days.

2. You agree, if making publicly available this document, or parts hereof,
to link to the official FAQ-pages:

3. It would be preferred, if you want to copy this FAQ, that you notify
the author.

Further information for mirroring the html FAQ is available as html comments
in the html-version.
--- End Legal Chit-chat ---

The full text of the Seti@home Frequently Asked Questions is available at
the following addresses:
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Anon. FTP :

New readers to the alt.sci.seti and sci.astro.seti are encouraged to
obtain and read the full text of the FAQ prior to posting questions in
the newsgroups. Many questions which may arise from both new and
experienced readers may already be answered in the FAQ.
If your new to alt.sci.seti and sci.astro.seti we would like to extend
a warm greeting and hope you enjoy reading and crunching those work

Index of Full Text FAQ

1 About SETI@home
1.1 What is SETI@home?
1.2 Background
1.2.1 The Drake Equation
1.2.2 The Fermi paradox
1.2.3 How far away could we detect radio transmissions?
1.2.5 Setup of the SETI@home project
1.2.6 What is a Gaussian?
1.2.7 Analysis of the end data from the SETI@home project
1.2.8 What are pulses and triplets?
1.3 The history and customs of alt.sci.seti and sci.astro
1.3.1 Charter for alt.sci.seti
1.3.2 Charter for sci.astro.seti
1.3.3 Naming convention
1.3.4 .sig convention
1.3.5 Labeling posts
1.3.6 Patching or cracking SETI@home
1.3.7 What is a 'vcard' and why do people tell me not to use them?
1.3.8 What is PST and PDT?
1.4 What will happen if an extraterrestrial signal is detected?
1.5 How is data collected from the telescope and transmitted to
other machines for analysis?
1.6 Are earth signals strong enough to be detected?
1.7 What if my computer finds a signal -- how will I know?
1.8 How can I hear the signal?
1.9 Is there something in it for me?
1.10 Why doesn't SETI@home release the sources for the clients?

2 Problems and questions concerning SETI@home
2.1 Speed improvements
2.1.1 What's the fastest computer to use for this project?
2.1.2 Can I make it run any faster?
2.1.3 REMOVED March 2000, was:
Can I run the SETI@home text-client on Win95?
2.1.4 Will SETI@home run faster with more RAM (e.g., 256 MB instead of 128
2.2 REMOVED April 2000, was: I'm using a proxy server, and I can't connect -
what do I do?
2.3 I had a work unit that got returned after only 5 minutes. What's wrong?
2.4 I heard I was getting the same work unit as everyone else. Is the
program wasting my time?
2.5 My computer wanted to upload to the SETI@home server but said it
couldn't connect or reported error 10065. Are they still there?
2.6 What if someone fakes a result to make it seem like they found a signal?
2.7 SETI@home keeps getting a 'Bad Header' error. What can I do?
2.8 Suddenly, without warning my system crashes - what should I do?
2.9 I can't see the new WU's I've processed in the status area. Have they
been registered at SETI@home?
2.10 I want to run the text-client as a service in NT - how do I do that?
2.11 Can I run the client invisibly on Win95/98?
2.12 Sometimes the size of the workunit.txt file differs in size. Sometimes
it's 340, sometimes 341, and yet other times 351. Is
there something wrong?
2.13 I don't have a permanent Internet connection, and have to pay for all
my phone calls and net usage. Can I run SETI@home
without going bankrupt?
2.14 I already run the RC5-64 client. Can I run SETI@home as
well, or do I have to choose which project to
2.15 What happened to the gaussian information display in the new Mac and
Windows clients? The client is finding gaussians with lower fits, do the 2.x
clients find more aliens or something?
2.16 Can I run SETI@home 24/7 if I don't have a permanent Internet
2.17 Is this bad for my processor, or my harddrive?
2.18 Does it use up a lot of electricity? Is this costing me money, or doing
damage to the environment?
2.19 How can I keep appraised of what's going on lately?
2.20 General CL client issues
2.20.1 What is the CL client?
2.20.2 What CL options are there?
2.20.3 HELP, it stops at baseline smoothing!!!
2.20.4 How can I check up on the client to see how it's doing, if it has
found any signals, etc?
2.20.5 How do I tell the CL client to use a proxy?
2.20.6 I just found a bug in the -stop_after_ switches!!!
2.21 Running the CL client on Windows
2.21.1 What client should I download for Windows 95/98/2000/NT?
2.21.2 How do I start it?
2.21.3 How do I stop it?
2.21.4 How do I make Windows 2000 autoconnect?
2.21.5 Do I have to uninstall the screen saver version if I use the CLI
2.22 A short guide for the Linux newbie trying to run the SETI@home client
2.22.1 What client should I download?
2.22.2 How do I uncompress the .tar file?
2.22.3 How do I start it?
2.22.4 How do I stop it?
2.22.5 How can I run it in the background rather than in a window?
2.22.6 How can I have it automatically restart if it dies?
2.22.7 What is 'nice' and how do I set it?
2.23 Why does the client timeout before windows has dialed up my ISP?
2.24 I just got a gaussian with a score of 0.50 and power 1.2, is this good?
2.25 I looked at my stats of returned units at SETI@home's webpage, the top
gaussian I got for the last unit is missing, why?
2.26 My email address is about to change, what do I do?
2.27 Re-ordered to 2.30 (10-5-2000)
2.28 Why does the new client (3.X) take more time to complete a WU?
2.29 What are pulses and triplets?
2.30 What is an interesting pulse/triplet?
2.31 Why do certain WU's take longer to process?
2.32 Why are the most pulse searches done at a chirp rate of 0?
2.33 There's something strange with the power reported on pulses in
outfile.sah vs. state.sah?
2.34 Is the first half of the pulse graph identical to the second?

3 Third-party software
3.1 JSETITracker
3.1.1 Programmer's comments
3.2 Tk-SETI@home
3.2.1 Programmer's comments
3.2.2 Tk-SETI@home installation
3.2.3 Tk-SETI@home startup
3.3 SETI Spy
3.3.1 Programmer's comments
3.3.2 Processing efficiency
3.4 SETIWatch
3.4.1 What is SETIWatch?
3.4.2 Some background
3.4.3 Where can I get it?
3.4.4 How to install SETIWatch
3.5 SETILog
3.5.1 What is SETILog?
3.5.2 How does SETILog work?
3.5.3 RunSETI.bat
3.5.4 Where can I get it?
3.5.5 How to Install SETILog
3.6 SetiTEAM
3.6.1 Description
3.7 SETIBuf
3.7.1 Legal notice and stuff
3.7.2 General description
3.7.3 Where can I get it?
3.8 SETI Monitor
3.8.1 Description
3.8.2 Some more details
3.8.3 Where can I get it?
3.9 SETI UNiT Manager
3.9.1 About SUM
3.9.2 Cost
3.9.3 Requirements
3.9.4 Where can I get it?
3.10 Setimgr
3.10.1 Prgrammer's comments
3.10.2 Setup
3.10.3 Operation

4 Homepages
4.1 Homepages concerning SETI@home
4.1.1 SETI@home home
4.1.2 SETIweb
4.1.3 SETIforum
4.1.4 SETI @ SixDegrees
4.1.5 SETI@home Speedup Tips
4.1.6 Derived statistics for SETI@home @ Rovingmouse
4.1.8 SETI: The Drake Equation
4.1.9 Sci.astro FAQ about SETI
4.1.10 Team Canada
4.1.11 The Planetary Society
4.1.12 Patch-free-Processing
4.1.13 Sky & Telescope
4.1.14 SETI Institute
4.1.15 SETI League
4.1.16 SETI & Beyond (removed 11 Feb 2001)
4.2 SETI utilities
4.2.1 SETIwatch & SETIlog
4.2.2 SETI Manager
4.2.3 TKSETI@home
4.2.5 JSETITracker
4.2.6 SetiTEAM Homepage
4.2.7 SETIBuf homepage
4.2.8 SETI Monitor homepage
4.2.9 SETI UNiT Manager homepage
4.2.10 RunCache & FetchCache
4.2.11 Seti@home Service
4.3 SETI fun
4.3.1 Carolyn's Clinic

5 Acknowledgements
5.1 Sci.astro FAQ
5.2 People who have worked with the FAQ
Copyright: (c) 1999-2001 Mark Taylor, Alfred Das

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