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[rec.scouting.issues] Commonly asked questions (FAQ 2)
Section - Etiquette Guidelines -- Rec.scouting.issues

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Top Document: [rec.scouting.issues] Commonly asked questions (FAQ 2)
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Date: 27 April 1996


Before reading any further, please go to the newsgroup
news.announce.newusers and read the posting: Rules for posting
to Usenet.     That message describes some of the rules of conduct
on Usenet.   Posters to the rec.scouting* hierarchy are
expected to follow these rules.

Read also the rec.scouting.* FAQ #1 which contains
Etiquette guidelines specific to the rec.scouting*
hierarchy.   The following guidelines are particularly
important to remember for rec.scouting.issues.

o   By the nature of this group, many discussions are of
     very controversial topics.   It is therefore expected that
     Scouts, Guides and Scouters adhere to their organization's
     oath, promise or law at all times.

     To quote again from the Williamsburg Charter:
     Those who claim the right to dissent should assume the
           responsibility to debate.
     Those who claim the right to criticize should assume the
           responsibility to comprehend
     Those who claim the right to influence should accept the
           responsibility not to inflame
     Those who claim the right to participate should accept the
           responsibility to persuade

o   Advertising is not welcome on rec.scouting.issues.
     This is NOT the group to post advertisements,
     Web page announcements, patch trading and the like.

o   Please do not "flame" (insult) anyone in this newsgroup.
     Discussions will naturally bring disagreements,
     however, rebuttals should always be made
     in a polite, respectful, rational, logical and mature manner.

o   Please remember the scope of this newsgroup is to discuss
     issues related to Scouting and guiding.   If you find that your
     discussion is going outside of this scope, please take it to =
     group or off-line.

o   Please avoid posting to rec.scouting.issues and
     another group outside of the rec.scouting groups (cross-posting).
     The postings quickly expand beyond the subject of
     Scouting and become very difficult to conclude.   Let's keep the
     Scouting policy discussions in the Scouting newsgroup,
     rather than pulling in "issue specialists" from other groups.

     If you feel people in another group might be interested in a
     discussion, go over to the other group and post a message
     pointing to the discussion in rec.scouting.issues.
     Interested people will come over to rec.scouting.issues
     to join in the discussion.

     Watch for cross-postings carefully.   Before posting
     a reply, please double check the newsgroup line to make sure
     you are not posting to other newsgroups unintentionally. If you
     must cross-post, make sure your responses are phrased in
     such a way as to not start an argument.   Remember, most people =
     not hunt out rec.scouting.issues to start an argument--but if you
     keep a discussion going in another group by cross-posting your
     views, they'll generally return the favor.   Also, statements =
     discussions appropriate on rec.scouting.issues may be seen as
     inappropriate on other groups.

o   The bottom line:   Remember the subject here is Scouting Issues.
     Please stay on topic, be polite, and respect other people's views
     and defend their right to have an opinion.   In other words,
     act in a scout-like manner.


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Top Document: [rec.scouting.issues] Commonly asked questions (FAQ 2)
Previous Document: Is this group moderated?
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