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[rec.scouting.issues] Commonly asked questions (FAQ 2)
Section - I hear the US Government gives away valuable land and material

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Top Document: [rec.scouting.issues] Commonly asked questions (FAQ 2)
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to the BSA, is this true?
Date: 12 Feb 2002

Q.   I hear the US Government gives away valuable land
       and material to the BSA, is this true?

A.   As of this date, BSA receives no Government grants.

Some federal agencies may allow the use of, donate,
       or sell different assets to nonprofit organizations:

Federal land used by BSA for camps:
   Some Federal agencies may allow nonprofit organizations
   to use public land for camps
   as long as such nonprofit organizations are willing to
   perform services, as directed by the agency that will
   yield a valuable benefit to the public.
     (ref: 16 USC Sec. 539f)
Gift or Sale of obsolete or excess material:
   Certain agencies may give or sell obsolete or excess
   material to and to any public body or private
   nonprofit organization. Sales under these sections shall
   be at   fair value to the agency, including packing,
   handling, and transportation. (ref: 14 USC Sec. 641)

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