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[rec.scouting.*] Games (FAQ 11) Part 1

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Archive-name: scouting/games/part1
Last-Modified: 8 Feb 2002

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Subject: INTRODUCTION This file contains a number of games collected on rec.scouting, and scouts-l, for your pack, den or troop activities. Due to its size, this FAQ has been split into 3 separate postings. If you know a good game that hasn't been included in this FAQ, please do all of us a favour and post it on rec.scouting. Sending copies to Bill Nelson <> will ensure that it gets included in this file. For U.S. readers, the SCOUTS-L games use British Scout terms. A 'Sixer' is a den or patrol, clothes pegs are clothes pins, and a 'bat' is a long, flat Cricket bat. If anyone spots other terms they're not familiar with, please let me know and I'll add it to this explanation! Other game lists: You can find the Games Compendium at:
Subject: TABLE OF CONTENTS (Not filled in yet)
Subject: ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Previous Maintainers (and Contributors!) Mike Stolz Danny Schwendener The Contributors Listserv Archives LISTSERV@TCUBVM.BITNET Andrea Cancer Abreu George HN Anderson Jon W. Backstrom Stan Bimson Rick Clements Kevin D. Colagio Adam Edmonds Stuart Fell fell@sol.UVic.CA Lynne Axel Fitzsimmons lynnef@tekig1.PEN.TEK.COM G.J.Harewood Hayes James Michael Jr hayesj@rintintin.Colorado.EDU John Holeman johnh@prism.CS.ORST.EDU James R Holman Peter Van Houten Peter_Van_Houten@SIMULACRUM.WV.TEK.COM Vance Kochenderfer Travis Lauricella Deborah Maraziti Robert Plamondon robert@jetsun.weitek.COM Joe Ramirez H. James de St. Germain Bjarne Steensgaard Jack W. Weinmann bk233@CLEVELAND.FREENET.EDU Dominick V. Zurlo M Wileman
Subject: GAME BOOKS 4.1 BSA CUB SCOUT LEADER HOW-TO BOOK The "BSA Cub Scout Leader How-To Book" It is built to help the cub scout pack and den leaders running programs that kids enjoy A section of 50 pages is dedicated to games ISBN 0-8395-3831-6. 4.2 GAMES FOR GIRL SCOUTS GSUSA publishes a book called "Games for Girl Scouts" which has helped me out in a pinch. The book is divided into sections such as "Travel Games", "Quiet Indoor Games", "Relays", etc. I believe it only costs 11 US dollars, and is available through the office of most Girl Scout councils. If anyone outside of the US is interested in getting copies of it, I'd be willing to act as a 3rd party. I don't know how easy it would be for someone in another country to get a GS council office to ship them a book! I wish I could give you more info on the book and some examples of games, but one of the girls in my troop borrowed it (that should tell you something--they love it!). This book can be ordered directly from the National Equipment Service. The Address is: Girl Scouts of the U.S.A National Equipment Service 830 Third Avenue New York, NY 10022 Phone: 212-940-7655 (customer service only, no orders) The item number is: 20-902 Games for Girl Scouts. $6.00 Overseas delivery should include estimated shipping charges with payment. Remittance in US funds only, checks drawn on US banks only. Master Card or Visa. Prepayment required. No CODs. 4.3 INDOOR GAMES FOR SCOUTS I don't know how useful this info is, but I have a very nice little hardcover book called "Indoor Games for Scouts". Unfortunately, it was published in 1951, and mine is the 6th printing (1965). Whether it's still available seems unlikely. This is a British book, part of 'The New "GILCRAFT" series - Number Two'. The publisher is C Arthur Pearson Ltd., Tower House, Southhampton St, Strand London. If anyone discovers that this book IS still available, please contact me at the above address.

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