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a.r.scientology Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5

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Archive-name: scientology/dictionary
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 1997/07/19
Version: 3.4
Copyright: (c) 1994-1997 Martin Hunt
Maintainer: (Founder)

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The ARS Acronym/Terminology FAQ v3.5:

The official Scientology glossary (not as complete as this FAQ due
to a lack of inclusion of secret nomenclature and ars-specific
nomenclature) is at:

See also the OT Levels & Confidential Material Summary List and the
Command Channels Chart by Jonathon Barbera,
Many thanks to S.S. for all the clarifications and corrections in
this edition.


(*), see Poodle.

{_}, see Chowderpot.

1.1, see One One.

2WC, two-way comm, two-way communication. Hyped-up technobabble for
simply talking between an auditor and a pc or a supervisor and a
student. Also TWC, Two-Way Comm. "Use 2WC on the PC to a win."

AA, attempted abortion. According to L. Ron Hubbard's book
Dianetics, pregnant mothers routinely tried to kill their unborn
babies with knitting needles and douches, thus most people are
filled with AA engrams or hidden memories of pain. "The Preclear
had 51 AA incidents in her bank."

Aberrated, Hubbard's term for derangement or insanity. "The wog
world is heavily aberrated."

Aberration, an instance of insanity. Also, another term for an
engram, or a hidden memory of pain and unconsciousness. "You are
putting Dev-T on my lines because of your fucking aberrations."

ABLE, Association for Better Living and Education. One of many
Scientology front-groups. The purpose of these front-groups is to
escape from the increasingly bad name Scientology has earned over
time by implementing its surprisingly vicious and vindictive
policies such as SP declares (in which perceived enemies of
Scientology are labeled as suppressive or destructive to
Scientology's aims), disconnection (whereby family members are told
to stay away from the rest of their family who are not
Scientologists), Fair Game (in which Scientology's enemies may be
sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed, as per Scientology policy),
etc. "ABLE Int - Association for Better Living and Education
International - Oversees secular activities such as Applied
Scholastics, Narconon, Criminon, and The Way to Happiness
Foundation." - Jonathon Barbera. Able Int is now located at the
HGB, qv.

Academy, the area in an Scientology organization (known as an Org)
in which the advanced training is carried out. Lower level training
is done in the Div 6, public division course room. "Route the raw
meat out of Div 6 and down into the academy to boost the stats."

Ack, see Acknowledgement.

Acknowledgement, used to end a cycle of communication in Hubbard's
rather stilted communication theory. Usually a "good", "ok", "I got
that", or "thank you." "Give me an Ack, or I'll ramble on and on
until I ARC break."

ACT, Often in small letters, "act", or
with periods, "a.c.t." The hangout for the relics of the cult who
still practice the strange "technology" or rituals developed by
Hubbard, but who have left the cult of Scientology proper. Of
course, some people have it that the group actually deals with acne
pimple remedies... See also ARS.

Action, an auditing or processing regimen; an instance of the
application of Scientology's "technology" on a person.

AD, after Dianetics. Used on issues such as HCOBs and HCOPLs
(Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins and Policy Letters) to show
the year. It is based on the Christian calendar, but with a base
year of 1950 with the release of Hubbard's book "Dianetics"; thus
AD 15 = anno Domini 1965.

Admin, administration. Detailed bureaucracy taken to new heights;
thousands of green on white issues written by L. Ron Hubbard
(Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters) cover the design of
this monumental testament to inefficiency that would make IBM
proud. The OEC Vols (Organization Executive Course or Green
Volumes) cover most of the Admin policy.

Admin Dictionary, a large green Scientology dictionary made up of
quotes from L. Ron Hubbard that defines some of the thousands of
new terms Scientology introduced with its massive administration

Admiral, L. Ron Hubbard. A final self-bestowed promotion, given
humbly to himself (there was no one else to do it) by Hubbard just
before his death. L. Ron Hubbard was also referred to as Ron,
Source (capitalized), LRH and the Commodore.

Adore, A Divine Operating Religion of Excellence; a splinter group.
See Free Zone.

Affinity, used as a synonym for love or like.

Affluence, a condition or level of high and climbing production.
Aptly named, as higher production means more money. "The stats will
be in screaming affluence again this Thursday at 2:00."

Alter-Is, to alter the way something really is, and thus to create
a persistence. See As-Is. "If the Flag Rep keeps Alter-Ising the
Tech, she'll be K/R'ed!"

Amends Project, a way for a down-stat (not producing enough or
looking less than fixedly happy) Scientologist to get back in good
graces. Usually involves long hours scrubbing toilets and such,
followed by a mass petition collecting signatures of completion to
break down the willpower and personality of the cult indoctrinee
based on group rejection/ acceptance, peer-pressure and milieu
control. "Jan's doing an Amends Project, as part of his Ethics
Cycle; I'm not signing his petition until he cleans my room to
white-glove standards."

ANZO, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. One of Scientology's
"continents". See CLO.

AO, Advanced Organization. A Scientology group that delivers the
higher parts of the Bridge, such as Operating Thetan (OT) 1-8, the
Ls (lists that are shouted out to the patient), etc.

AOLA, Advanced Organization of Los Angeles - this org has had at
least three different locations in LA over the last 30 years, and
is currently at the Cedars complex.

AOSHANZO, Advanced Organization Saint Hill for Australia, New
Zealand and Oceania.

AOSHEU, Advanced Organization/Saint Hill Europe - in Denmark. Also
referred to as AOSH DK - located in Copenhagen.

AOSHUK, Advanced Organization/Saint Hill United Kingdom - at Saint
Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex, England.

Apollo, was one of L. Ron Hubbard's ships in his toy navy. Ron
loved to play sailor-man. See Flag.

ARC, Affinity, Reality, and Communication; when a cultie meets a
cultie, a comin' through the rye. ARC is used as a synonym for love
or like or general warmth to be applied to raw meat marks (green
Scientologists) to smooth the earlier stages of brainwashing. ARC =
understanding, according to L. Ron Hubbard. The ARC triangle is
inferior to the KRC triangle, which stands for Knowledge,
Responsibility, and Control...which equal money. "Use a little more
ARC when you reg people in, Sam."

ARC break or ARC-X, a break in affinity, reality or communication
between two people causing upset, anger or tears.

ARC breaky, describing someone who is prone to ARC breaks, qv.

ARS, alt.religion.scientology; the newsgroup this FAQ is posed to.
Often lower-case; "30,000 people a month read ars, according to
Arbitron." (ars) after a definition shows that the source of the
term is ars; terms which are sourced from Scientology itself have
nothing after them. (act) is for terms from

ARSCC, Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee; It is a game.
The OSA Scientologists have tried to represent opposition to
Scientology as emanating from one or other focus - at first, it was
Dennis Erlich. Later, it was FactNet. At other times and in other
contexts the opposition has been represented as 'psychs' and the
now-destroyed 'CAN' (the Cult Awareness Network). ARSCC
(Alt.Religion.Scientology Central Committee) is just a kid's game,
a troll, like the game of 'there is no Cabal' which is played on
newbies on alt.culture.usenet. There is no ARSCC, so it is no use
begging me to send you the Red and Blue codebooks. Even if I had
them, I'd have to deny their existence. There is a real inspiration
for this. At various times, Hubbard would allude in his bulletins
to shadowy organizations such as 'Smersh' and 'The Tenyaka
Memorial'; another example, taken from his mythology, is 'The Fifth
Invader Force'. Another time, he described the opposition as just
twelve highly powerful suppressives (yes, bankers and financiers).
He just loved to spin yarns, and in honor of this, we do the same.
(Tony Sidaway)

ASHOD, American Saint Hill Organization Day - located at same place
as ASHOF in the Cedars Complex, Los Angeles.

ASHOF, American Saint Hill Organization Foundation (night and
weekend org) - located at 1413 N. Berendo Street (now L. Ron
Hubbard Way) LA CA 90027. Previously ASHOF was located at 2723 West
Temple Street, LA (from 1968 until 1977).

ASI, Author Services Inc. 1. A Scientology front-group whose
purpose is to skim money out of the organization and channel it to
the person at the top, formerly L. Ron Hubbard. Also called Author
Services. Jonathon Barbera: "Not officially on the chart. Probably
immediately under RTC. It is senior to all other organizations but
is not part of the command channels. Probably owns the copyrights
and is in charge of LRH PR projects, the vaults of LRH's writings,
and collecting money (through royalties) for LRH." ASI spends its
money on several things: "special properties" ie, prints, rare
books, LRH signed books for the Preservation of the Tech project -
the bomb-proof shelters in the desert. ASI also contributes to
dissemination of Dianetics, and operates the "Writers of the
Future" SF contest held each year. 2. ASI - Applied Scholastics
International, a cult educational front group.

As-is, to look at something and make it vanish like magic. "Jim
as-ised and blew some charge is session today." See Alter-Is.

Auditine, a pun on Scientology's pseudopsychological "auditing"
therapy, likening it to an addictive drug (benzedrINE, etc.)

Auditing, the action of running Scientology or Dianetic processes
on a PC (a preclear; someone receiving Scientology processing).
Auditing usually involves a Meter, with the PC holding onto the
soup cans electrodes, and the Auditor taking down notes and asking
questions. "Auditing in the HGC costs over $500 per hour."

Auditor, the person who uses an E-Meter (a simple, ineffective lie
detector used in Scientology with a needle and soup cans for
electrodes) to find Overts (undisclosed acts) and Engrams
(incidents of pain and unconsciousness) and audits them out of the
person receiving auditing or preclear.

Author Services Incorporated, see ASI.

AVC, Authorization, Verification and Correction, now the AVU,
Authorization, Verifications and Corrections Unit. Set up to ensure
that all the drivel that comes out is "on source" and not "off
policy". AVC is part of RTC, originally it was the approval line
for drivel coming out of the FLB, but now their imprimatur has to
be on everything. The imprimatur means that the issue has been
reviewed by a Scientology authority and has been given "IA", or
Issue Authority (seal of approval).

AVU, see AVC.


B-1, bureau one. A segment of the Guardian's Office (the cult's
intelligence, dirty deeds and strong-arm tactics branch; now called
the Office of Special Affairs or OSA) responsible for covert
intelligence; its functions are now taken over by OSA.

Baby Watch, see Introspection Rundown.

Bank, the reactive mind; supposedly packed with "overts," or
undisclosed acts, and engrams or moments or pain and
unconsciousness. Also, anything negative seen as coming from the
reactive mind. "All you'll find on alt.religion.scientology is just
bank talking."

Barratry, the use of frivolous lawsuits to harass. "Scientology has
been found guilty of barratry, given the thousands of useless
lawsuits they have brought to court and wasted taxpayer's money

Basher, a person who is critical of Scientology. A Free Zone term,
qv. "Don't listen to him; he's just a basher." (act) See Meatball.

Basic Basic, the earliest incident on a chain of engrams, sometimes
just called Basic.

Beingness, a word Hubbard probably plagiarized from Nordenholz.
Implies the rewarding experience of being something, assuming a
valence (another personality) or hat (an office or post in
Scientology). Hubbard fit beingness into a triptych with doingness
and havingness. "She has so much beingness on her shiny new post!"

Big Win, something seen as being of great benefit, but tends to be
ephemeral or nebulous. A Big Win may be incomprehensible to
Scientology outsiders. "I had such Big Wins all week on the Purif.
I began to see what really lies behind my case!" See "Win",
"Success Story."

Billion-Year Contract, the newly-indoctrinated SO (Sea
Organization; a tough inner core of Scientologists, some of whom
may be found on the cult's ships, while others are settled in land
bases) member signs one, supposedly coming back life after life to
fulfill it. LSD users need not apply.

BIS, Bodies In the Shop. how many people are in the Scientology
organization and on lines; an important Org Statistic.

Black Hats, the bad guys. Ron wrote corny Westerns for a while,
which might explain where the term came from. "Ars is full of SPs
wearing their Black Hats."

Blow, 1. To leave suddenly. Also, the person who does this. "Sam
Blew off post today; he's our third Blow this week!" 2. To get rid
of the charge or mass of an engram (a moment of pain and
unconsciousness). "I blew so much mass in my session!" See MU, M3,

Body Raisins, a grape name for BTs, or Body Thetans, evil spirits
which permeate our bodies, according to L. Ron Hubbard. See BTs.

Body Route, to steer public into a Scientology Organization, get
them on lines, sell them services, and make some money off them.
The idea being that public are such low-toned wogs (a common
Scientology derogation of Scientology outsiders) that they have no
self-determination, and need to be led like sheep to the slaughter.

Body Thaytans, see BTs. (ars)

Body Thetans, see BTs.

B of I, board of investigation. A Scientology kangaroo-court-like
internal Ethics board. "A B of I will be convened for Harry next

Boo-Hoos, along with clams and Grim Weepers, these are Wholetrack
(a person's last 74 trillion years or so of existence in this
universe) ancestors to Man, and are responsible for the origin of
human belching, gasping, sobbing, choking, shuddering and
trembling. Also called "Grim Weepers", and just "Weepers."

Book One, another name for L. Ron Hubbard's book "Dianetics." Also
describes auditing "therapy" as laid down in "Dianetics." See

BPC, bypassed charge. Charge that has been turned on, or
restimulated, without being as-ised, blown, or gotten rid of; in
other words, an unpleasant memory that has been recalled, but
hasn't been fully dealt with or erased. See "Charge."

BPI, 1. See Bridge Publications. 2. Broad Public Issue; a
notification on Hubbard Communication Office Bulletins (HCOBs) and
HCOPLs (HCO Policy Letters) showing issue authority and

BPL, Board Policy Letter, a precursor to the HCOPL, Hubbard
Communications Office Policy Letter, qv.

Bridge, the bridge to total freedom; the list of auditing actions
needed to get to the highest OT (operating thetan) level, currently
OT 8. The Bridge costs roughly $300,000 US, and is depicted on the
Gradation Chart of Human Awareness and Abilities. L. Ron Hubbard's
"Bridge to total freedom" has two sides. One is auditor or
therapist training classes or classifications, the other is
receiving auditing or "therapy" such as Grades and OT levels, qv.
At the lower levels the grades and classes or classifications
correspond, this pretty much stops after Class 6 (Saint Hill
Special Briefing Course).

Bridge Publications, the cult's publishing business; also called
simply Bridge or BPI (Bridge Publications International.) New Era
Publications in Europe is a part of BPI.

BT, Body Thetan. Usually plural. Evil spirits which need to be
exorcized. "OT 5 consists entirely of running out BTs; what a

BTB, Board Technical Bulletin, a precursor to the HCOB, Hubbard
Communications Office Bulletin, qv. Hubbard decided that only he
knew the true path of technological enlightenment of the wallet.

Bullbaiting, a training routine involving two students. One is to
sit silent, unblinking and unmoving, while the other does
everything s/he can to get a reaction. The receiving student must
simply accept whatever is done to him or her, in what is basically
a lesson in passivity. The stated purpose is to train the student
to be unresponsive to a PC's (preclear; a person receiving
Scientology "therapy") originations during the auditing or
"therapy" session, while the actual process of bullbaiting itself
flattens a person's emotional affect; it is perfectly natural to
laugh when a person says something funny, whether this occurs in
real life or in an auditing session. In bullbaiting the person is
drilled to not react to what is being said in any way, to not show
any empathy at all, producing a virtual robot, despite Scn's
protestations about not doing robotic TRs. "The noise next door is
coming from the students doing their bullbaiting."


Cadet Org, any of various orgs for warehousing children of Sea Org
parents. Policy is for SO women to abort their babies when ordered,
but when the unfortunates survive to full term, they are placed in
these horrific organizations. Reports are rampant with child abuse
in these places ranging from neglect, to maggots in their food, to
severe under staffing, filthy and smelly conditions, and enforced
parental neglect (SO parents are allowed as little as one hour per
week to see their children, called "family time".) The Cadet orgs
even have their own RPFs, or punishment camps.

Cal Mag, a mixture of calcium and magnesium in water said to have
amazing restorative powers, according to soi-disant "scientist", L.
Ron Hubbard. See Guk Bomb.

CAN, the Cult Awareness Network, formerly a loose-knit educational
and group-therapy association. A Scientology target for special
hatred in the form of Suppressive (describing a person or group who
goals are at odds to Scientology's goals) status, CAN has now been
destroyed through Scientology exercising its policy of using
lawsuits to utterly ruin its enemies, and if you dial the number,
you get a Scientologist on the other end of the line!

Cancelbunny/Cancelpoodle, these refer to the ubiquitous OSA (Office
of Special Affairs; the cult's private CIA/KGB) cancelers who
frequent alt.religion.scientology and visit it with their
censorship of people's posts. (ars)

Cans, soup cans used as electrodes for the Scientology E-Meter or
lie detector. The PC (patient) holds them in his or her hands. "I
was on the Cans for three hours today!"

Case, The sum of one's problems, bad memories, Engrams (moments of
pain and unconsciousness), BTs (Body Thetans or evil spirits
infesting the body), Overts (undisclosed harmful acts), Etc. "My
Case has really improved by doing the Sunshine Rundown." See Bank,
Reactive Mind.

Case Gain, improvement in a PC's (patient's) case (problems) due to
auditing or Scientology-style "therapy." "Paul had tremendous case
gain running Grade Zero."

Case Supervisor, see C/S.

Cave in, to destroy someone by forcing them over into the dark side
of the bank or reactive mind (the sum of one's memories.) "Helena
Kobrin wants to cave in the critics on ars."

CC, Celebrity Center. There are several of these around the world,
incorporated with the intention of luring in actors and other
prominent people to give the cult a shiny PR image, the theory
being that if John Travolta and Kirsty Alley are Scientologists,
other people will want to join up and sign away their life savings.
One large CC is located right in Hollywood, and run as a ritzy
hotel, utilizing the slave labor of Scientology's Sea Organization
staff to provide all the amenities to the first class citizens and
celebrities. "CC Int - Celebrity Center International - Largest
celebrity center which delivers Scientology services to celebrities
and those who can afford the higher donation rates. Also oversees
the other CCs." - Jonathon Barbera.

CCHR, the newspeak-named Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, run
by a Scientologist by the name of Dennis Clarke. CCHR's main
purpose is clearing away the "Psyches" (mental health
professionals; seen by Scientology as evil aliens from the fifth
galactic invader force) to make way for Scientology's advance into
society. CCHR is a front group for Scientology.

CCO, Child Care Org. See Cadet Org.

CCRD, see Clear Certainty Rundown.

Cedars, the short name for the giant blue Scientology Cedars of
Lebanon complex in Los Angeles, formerly the Cedars of Lebanon
Hospital, which moved and became the Cedars Sinai Hospital. Cedars
was the world headquarters of Scientology, and home to many
Organizations including ASHO (the American Saint Hill
Organization), AOLA (the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles), an
EPF and RPF, qv, and many others. IHELP (the International
Ecclesiastical League of Pastors), ITO (the International Training
Org), and OSA INT (the Office of Special Affairs International)
have now moved to the HGB, qv. CCHR has moved elsewhere. See HGB.

CESO, Cedars Estates Service Org, the org responsible for
maintenance in PAC, Pacific Area Command the Los Angeles area.
Similar to the EPF, the Estates Project Force. See EPF.

Celebrity Center, see CC.

Central Committee, see ARSCC.

Central Files, see CF.

CEO, Scientology's Cadet Estates Organization. See Cadet Org.

CF, Central Files. "By policy, the names of any Scientologists at
any org who have ever received a major service at an organization
below Flag must be forwarded to Flag, where the names become the CF
for Flag. A major service is considered paying for and completing a
level or training, technical or administrative, or an auditing
intensive. To sign up for a major service, a member must either
have 6 months free IAS membership in existence, or be on the yearly
paid membership." - Joe Harrington.

Chain, a run of memory incidents or engrams of a similar type, or
with the same content.

Charge, mental mass in restimulation, or constant upheaval,
contained in the reactive mind, or memory bank. This may not make
much sense, but then, many things in Scientology are like that. In
colloquial usage, charge refers to areas a person may be touchy
about. "Jim has a lot of charge on the word 'critic.'"

Chowderpot, {_}, an award given to arscc members who, through their
actions, manage to shut down a cult org or mission.

CI, see Counter-intention, Intention.

Clam, a derogatory term for a Scientologist. See Ronbot,
Hubbardite, scieno. (ars)

Clambake, a westcoast seafood cookout or party. The term was
adopted on ars as the name for the IRC channel #clambake (now
#scientology), and has more recently been applied to any situation
where Scientology suffers a big loss. Also the name of a popular
webpage which exposes the cult's secrets. See clam.

Clams, Man descended from them according to "History of Man" by L.
Ron Hubbard, and the incident gives us painful engrams (memories)
of being dropped onto rocks by birds, and extreme jaw pain from the
bivalve's hinge. This has been a running joke on ars for some time,
with threads about clambakes, clam chowder, snapping clams, clams
in .sig files, etc., although some now see it as a pejorative and
have quit using it.

Clamspeak, see Scientologese.

Class, a means of defining how high an Org (Scientology
organization), Auditor (Scientology therapist), C/S (Case
Supervisor, a person who oversees Auditors), etc. is on the Bridge
(Scientology's chart of levels of enlightenment); corresponds to
Level or Grade, qv. See Bridge.

Class IV Org, now called Class V Org. See Class V Org.

Class V Org, the most common Scientology organizations; most major
urban centers in the Western world have one. They are senior to
missions or franchises, but otherwise at the bottom rung of the
command channels. They can deliver services up to and including
Class V auditor training and processing through to New Era
Dianetics and clearing. Once Clear, PCs must move on to higher
orgs, such as ASHOs, AOs, or FLAG, all qv. See also Org.

Class XII Org, see Org.

Class 0, A Class 0 auditor (therapist) can audit a person on Grade
0 after which they can supposedly talk to anyone about anything
(except that Scientology says they shouldn't talk to suppressives,
or criticize the church, or talk about their auditing except to
certain people, or talk about OT levels and the material on them
(etc. etc. etc.) See Grade 0.

Class 6, Saint Hill Special Briefing Course. See SHSBC. Also Class

Class 8 auditor, A class 8 auditor is highly "trained" and can
audit anyone on repair stuff up to OT 4 (or the grades, etc.) Also,
Class VIII.

Class 8 C/S, a Case Supervisor, qv, trained to C/S folders up to a
high level. Also, Class VIII.

Class XII Auditor, trained to deliver the very expensive L Rundowns
or Ls at Flag in Clearwater, FLA, that use a form of auditing
involving yelling listing items at the PC. Tree! Oak? Elm?

Clay Demo, a Scientology Study Tech method of training involving
making little figures out of Plasticine (tm) on a table. "I've done
54 clay demos so far this week on the Pro TRs."

Clear, a person audited enough to be free of the "bank," or
reactive mind. (The sum of the memories of pain and unconsciousness
the person has) A low-level superman-type person; a baby OT
(Operating Thetan). "Samantha just had her Clear Certainty Rundown,
and is now considered a clear!"

Clear Certainty Rundown, CCRD. Verifies and validates a person's
state of Clear. Available at some Class V Organizations and all
higher organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.

Clearing Course, Grade VII. Solo audited by PCs who did not go
Clear on NED, New Era Dianetics. This level is directed at implant
materials (GPMs) which keep the reactive mind in place. Available
at Advanced Organizations and higher. - Jonathon Barbera.

Clear-L, an email discussion list for the clearing field or Free
Zone, qv. Koos was banned from it by the members. Homer is the
administrator of the list.

CLO, Continental Liaison Office - in charge of the internal
management of middle management organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.
There's one of these for each Scientology "continent"; the world
according to the cult is cut up in a rather bizarre way, eg, EUS
and WUS (East and West United States) are separate "continents", as
is ANZO (Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania), Africa, and others.

Cluster, a bunch of Body Thetans, evil spirits inhabiting the body,
all stuck together. "I had a cluster blow from my forehead during

CMO, the Commodore's (L. Ron Hubbard) Messengers Organization. A
Sea-Org run power center within the cult, started by the
teenyboppers in hot pants who used to serve as Hubbard's
mouthpieces on board his ships. CMO PAC (Pacific Area Command) is
based in LA, in a large building across the street from the Cedars
of Lebanon Center. The CMO IXU, the Internal eXtension Unit, is in
the HGB, qv. CMO INT and CMO Gold are at the INT base.

CMO INT, Commodore's Messenger Organization INT - Senior-most CMO
and is in charge of overseeing all CMOs. The CMOs are in charge of
getting the management and service organizations producing and
complying with upper management orders. - Jonathon Barbera.

CMO IXU, Commodore's Messenger Organization Internal eXtension Unit
- this organization is part of upper middle management and acts as
the CMO for the managements organizations grouped with Flag Command
Bureaux. This organization started requiring INT security
clearances for its crew in 1992 or 1993. - Jonathon Barbera.

CO, Commanding Officer.

COB RTC, Chairman of the board for the Religious Technology Center,
the copyright holding body of Scientology, currently former
Commodore's Messenger David Miscavige.

Coffee Grinder Incident, this is where some evil implanters, people
or aliens who instill bad memories, used a little box to play a
push-pull wave of energy over you and lay in a bone-deep somatic or
pain, remember?

Cognition, a sudden realization about oneself having to do with
Scientology. "Fanny had a cognition about how her father was a big
Suppressive during Session; now she's on the PTS/SP course."

Cognitive dissonance, a psych (disparaging Scientology slang for
psychiatrists) term! Horrors! It simply means the inability to fit
two disparate concepts into one's mind. For example, a dichotomy
like "I spent $360,000 dollars for all this" and "It is all a bunch
of garbage." The flip side of cognitive dissonance is that if you
get someone to do something, it is easier to make them believe
something, and vice versa. Actions influence thoughts, and thoughts
influence actions. One person adds: "I thought this was more akin
to warping reality to maintain a belief system. For instance you
buy a car that has all the features you consider to be good in a
car, but your friend buys a superior car which costs the same
amount. You have cognitive dissonance and berate the other car by
warping factual information to make your purchase more appealing
than perhaps it factually is." In this sense, it is a component of
the psychological influence that keeps people in Scientology; they
warp the reality of the utter worthlessness of the auditing
"technology" after paying so much for it. It becomes very hard to
let go of something after making such a huge to commitment to it,
whether that commitment is psychological, spiritual, monetary, the
investment of time, or something similar. Webster's 9th New
Collegiate says: "cognitive dissonance n (1963) psychological
conflict resulting from incongruous ideas and attitudes held
simultaneously." The conflict is resolved via the distortion of the
perception of reality. Eric Bohlman: " is almost a textbook
example of attempts to resolve cognitive dissonance. A classic
social psychology experiment is to take a bunch of people who have
just bought new cars and present them with product brochures from
various car companies. Inevitably they'll spend most of their time
reading the brochures for the cars that they bought, and will give
only cursory glances to the brochures for the competing models.
Somebody who has just made a major commitment (such as spending a
lot of money) is likely to seek out information that would portray
the commitment as a good decision and avoid information that would
call the decision into question, because the alternative is to
believe that they've been duped, which would be damaging to their

Command Intention, what upper management wants done; meant to imply
that Scientology's management is able to "make it go right",
infallible, and quite capable of achieving anything. The peons only
worries are seeing to it that they jump high enough when ordered.
See Intention, Counter-intention.

Commodore, the name Hubbard gave himself, no doubt based upon his
stellar naval career. "A picture of the Commodore hangs in every
Academy." See "Ron."

Comm Ev, a Committee of Evidence; a cult "justice" action. "Fred
was declared at his Comm Ev; now he's an SP, and subject to Fair

Conditions, the Ethics formulas of Scientology. They are, in
descending order, Power, Power Change, Affluence, Normal Operation,
Emergency, Danger, Non-Existence, Liability, Doubt, Enemy, Treason,
Confusion. All the conditions have formulas, and they are designed
to get cult members to produce more, ie, make more money for
Scientology. Thus, conditions are deemed very important, and
Scientologists are often seen scurrying about trying "improve their

Control, a metaphysical Scientology construct. Control is worked
into low-level therapy like Op pro by Dup to get the "raw meat"
used to the idea of someone controlling him or her to a high
degree. Control is exerted on every action and step taken by the
Scientology newcomer; with what amounts to supreme arrogance,
Scientologists assume that ordinary people, (whom it disparages as
mere "wogs"), are simply incapable of wiping their own ass, and are
therefore subject to full control by them. This is manifested as
"body routing", and it is the justification for hard-selling the PC
onto his or her next level immediately after taking a "therapy"
session. See Tone 40, Intention, Postulate.

CoS, Church of Scientology. Also, C of S, CofS, COS, Co$. Some
people on ars take "Co$" to mean "Cult of $cientology."

COSRECI, Church of Scientology Religious Education College
International, incorporated in Australia. It shares the "castle" at
Saint Hill with AOSH (Advanced Organisation Saint Hill).

COST, Church of Spiritual Technology. Also, CST, LRH Archives.

Counter-intention, resistance to authority, disobedience; the last
thing an SO member would want to have to Command Intention, qv.
"Any more CI on my lines from you, buster, and I'm routing you to
Ethics to get your overts standardly handled." See Intention.

Cracked, describing a Case Gain (qv) of such proportions that one's
Bank or Reactive Mind (memories of pain and unconsciousness) is
knocked back forever. "I finally had my case cracked on OT 2; it
was a big win!"

Cramming, an action taken to remedy a small Scientology tech
"outpoint", a failing of some kind. "I had a cram cycle on my
metering after failing to get VGIs on my PC."

Crutch, a pun on Church, as in Church of Scientology. Clams tend to
lean on the crutch; they need it, so bad. "The Crutch has been
losing turf in Germany recently."

C/S, noun. Case Supervisor. The person in charge of assigning
auditing regimens to Preclears or patients; s/he tells the Auditor
or Scientology therapist what processes to run on the mark, and
reviews the written worksheets of processing sessions.

CSG, Commodore's Staff Guardian (Mary Sue Hubbard).

CSI, Church of Scientology international. Officially a non profit
501 (c) organization. The offices of el presidente are at the HGB,

CSIINTB, Church of Scientology International - International

C/Sing, verb. The action of reviewing and prescribing Scientology
processing or "therapy" actions. "The C/S at AOLA C/Sed my case
this week."

CST, Church of Spiritual Technology. Also, COST, LRH Archives.

Cult, (definition from the Cult Awareness Network, now taken over
by Scientology after bankruptcy brought on by Scn litigation). A
serious problem exists in our society as a result of the emergence
of groups, popularly called cults, using mind control (undue
influence) and unethical means to recruit and retain followers.
Association with these groups can be harmful to followers and
disruptive to families, friends and society. MARKS OF A DESTRUCTIVE
CULT: -Mind Control (undue influence): Manipulation by use of
coercive persuasion or behavior modification techniques without
informed consent. -Charismatic Leadership: Claiming divinity or
special knowledge and demanding unquestioning obedience with power
and privilege. Leadership may consist of one individual or a small
core of leaders. -Deception: Recruiting and fundraising with hidden
objectives and without full disclosure of the use of mind
controlling techniques; use of front groups. -Exclusivity:
Secretiveness or vagueness by followers regarding activities and
beliefs. -Alienation: Separation from family, friends and society,
a change in values and substitution of the cult as the new family;
evidence of subtle or abrupt personality changes. -Exploitation:
Can be financial, physical, or psychological; pressure to give
money, to spend a great deal on courses or give excessively to
special projects, or to engage in inappropriate sexual activities,
even child abuse. -Totalitarian Worldview (we/they syndrome):
Effecting dependence, promoting goals of the group over the
individual and approving unethical behavior while claiming

CXI, the Church of Xenu International. A mocking take-off of CSI
"set up" by "General" Martin Ottmann, "Chairman of the Board" CXI.
Other members include: "Admirals" Alvin Brattli, Birgitta Dagnell,
and Andreas Heldal-Lund. See Admiral, COB, CSI.


D/A, verb. Dead Agent; to spread malicious lies and rumors about an
Anti-Scientologist person or organization, in an attempt to so
thoroughly discredit them that everyone concerned will be disgusted
with them, and not listen to the information they have to give
about the cult. Many attempts to Dead Agent the recently destroyed
CAN (the Cult Awareness Network) and FACTnet (Fight Against
Coercive Tactics network; a BBS that supplies information about the
cult) have been posted to ars. (alt.religion.scientology)

Day, one of the two divisions Class V (a lower-level Scientology
Organization) cult centers are cut up into. Hours roughly are from
8am - 6pm, Monday to Friday. See Foundation.

DB, Degraded Being. Someone so infested with Body Thetans, evil
spirits, as to be in-auditable or insane. Also used as a general
derogatory term. "These psychs are all DBs; without the tech, they
won't make it."

DC-8, Douglas jet aircraft resembling the Boeing 707, and used for
trans-Atlantic flights starting in the late 1950s. Hubbard said
they were used millions of years ago as spaceships to ferry people
about the galactic confederation. Perhaps someday Scientology will
apply for a patent, and sue Douglas for copying their design?

DCSI, Dianetic Clear Special Intensive, a a five hour auditing
block (as opposed to the usual 12 1/2 hours that auditing is
usually sold in) that is essentially a date locate procedure for
finding the moment of the clear cognition for those going clear on
Dianetic auditing, which is said to happen in 2% of cases.

Dead Agenting, see D/A.

Declaring, the act of blacklisting within the cult; the result is
an "SP" (Suppressive Person, someone who does not like Scientology)
who can be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or destroyed" as per the cult's
policy. "Eric was declared Suppressive at his Comm Ev."

Ded, another name for an overt, a harmful act one does to another
that comes before justification of the act.

Dedex, another name for a motivator, an instance of blaming another
for a crime you have committed yourself, or finding some
justification for your aggressive or harmful actions that you are
committing at present in your victim's previous actions.

Degraded Being, see DB.

Deprogramming, a desperate ploy to recover lost children involved
in a cult, usually at the parent's behest; employs kidnaping and
coercive persuasion to re-invoke the cult victim's former
personality from before involvement. Now largely discredited in
favor of exit counseling, which is only done on a consensual basis.

Dev-T, Developed traffic. A particle (a person or form) sent
unnecessarily to the improper terminal; a waste of time or an item
which slows down the all-important production inside Scientology.

Dianazene, a formula combined with vitamins and other materials
(such as benzedrine) to make the intake of nicotinic acid more
effective. Dianazene runs out radiation - or what appears to be
radiation. It also proofs a person up [sic] against radiation to
some degree. It also turns on and runs out incipient cancer. (All
About Radiation, pp. 123-124) Strangely, Hubbard thought that drugs
were destructive enough to warrant a Purification Rundown to try to
eliminate them. See also Guk Bomb, Purif, Drug Rundown.

Dianetic auditing, a quack therapy process based on Hubbard's book,
_Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health_ (DMSMH), written
in 1950, and later volumes. Also called book one auditing.

Dianetic Clear Special Intensive, see DCSI.

Dianetics, Hubbard's derivative (of Freud's abreactive therapy,
among others) mental healing therapy; scorned by the mental health
profession as being unscientific nonsense. Strangely, even though
Hubbard used mainstream psychiatry as a source for Dianetics, he
went on to vehemently attack psychiatry and its practice with
paranoid fervor.

Disconnection, the act of severing ties with family, friends, and
loved ones that the cult often forces its victims to do when these
same loved ones are declared SPs, Suppressive Persons, (often for
expressing doubts about the victim's involvement in the cult) which
the victim then supposedly becomes PTS, a Potential Trouble Source
for Scientology, to. "I was ordered to disconnect from my wife
after she was declared." See SP, PTS.

Divisions, sections of the Org Board, the Scientology Organization
layout showing positions within the bureaucracy that Hubbard used
to define all the posts in an Org. Various Org Boards were
utilized, some with seven Divisions (Divs), some with nine; they
are kept on a wall in the Organizations, and drilled each morning.

Div 1, HCO; Hubbard Communications Office. Also, Div One, etc.

Div 2, Dissemination.

Div 3, The treasury; money being so important it deserves its own
special division in Scientology.

Div 4, Tech. Where the Academy courses and HGC, Hubbard Guidance
Center, auditing are done.

Div 5, Qual. Where one attests to "therapy" actions, and gets
certificates for courses in Scientology. Also, where corrections
are done.

Div 6, the public division; deals with routing people into the
Organization (Org), low level raw meat (fresh converts) courses,
showing hokey '50-ish L. Ron Hubbard movies, selling books,
reception, etc.

Div 7, Executive Division.

DM, David Miscavige; the leader of the cult of Scientology,
presently on the run from process servers. Also called the poodle.

DMSMH, Dianetics [sic, should be dianoetics], the Modern [sic,
outdated] Science [sic!] of Mental Health [sic!]; Hubbard's first
foray into his newly invented "Science" of mental health, and the
launchpad for the cult of Scientology, misspelled from dianoetic,
meaning intellectual; pounded out in a few weeks on a typewriter in
1950 without even a hint of research. Also called Book One. Should
be: Dianoetics, the old fashioned pseudoscience that creates mental

Dn, Dianetics. See Dianetics.

Doingness, the act of doing something. See Beingness.

Downstat or Down Stat, 1. Describing the horrible condition of
losing that all-important production statistic; also, a general
term of derogation. "My local Class V looks so Down Stat; it is
dark, dingy, dirty, and squalid, not to mention grotty." 2. Noun;
referring to Down Stat individuals; people who are not doing well
in a Scientological sense, that is, cranking out enough product.
"Farnham is a real downstat; look at how miserable he looks on
post. Route him to Ethics." See Up Stat.

Dreamball, a Free Zone term. Describes people who are superior to
meatballs, qv, or ordinary people. (act)

Drug Rundown, there are two of these, one at the bottom of the
Bridge, one near the top. While the Purification Rundown is meant
to remove the drugs residues supposedly stored in your fat, the
Drug Rundown is meant to audit out the harmful effects of drugs on
your mind. It is all very spiritual. (Or is that medical? Or should
that be financial?) See Grades, OT 4, Purif. See also Dianazene,
Guk Bomb, for comparison. Two things seem to be pulling in
different directions here; on the one hand you have Hubbard trying
to cleanse drugs out of the system with his Purification Rundown,
and on the other hand there is his admitted use of drug compounds
on his guinea-pig followers.

DSA, the Department of Special Affairs, an office that acts as the
local outlet for OSA in Class V orgs. See OSA.

Duplicate, to make an exact copy of; to fully understand in order
to obey. "You are Out-Ethics, Mr.! You need to do your Conditions!
Do you duplicate me?"

Dynamics, the eight Scientological subdivisions of life. Self, Sex,
Group, Mankind, Animals and Plants, Universe, Theta, God.

Dynamism, Enid Vien's breakaway movement from Scientology; a part
of the Free Zone, qv.


ED, 1. Executive Director, the chief officer of a Scientology
organization. 2. Executive Directive, an issue type; EDs may be
written by Executive Directors at the local level. L. Ron Hubbard
EDs were written by L. Ron Hubbard himself.

ED INT, Executive Director International, the head of the Exec
Strata, currently Guillaume Lesevre. This is not the head of the
cult, despite the title; the head honcho is David Miscavige. The ED
INT can be written to at: Executive Director International, 4833
Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, California, 90027. There are also
message boxes for the ED INT in each org. He replies, too, or
someone does in his name. This is the SO-1 line (qv) now that
Hubbard is dead.

E-Meter, or Meter, electrometer or electropsychometer. A crude
battery -powered analog ohmmeter used to locate Overts (undisclosed
acts), Body Thetans (evil spirits), and Engrams (moments of pain
and unconsciousness). The PC or patient holds the soup-cans
electrodes, while the Auditor or Scientology therapist watches the
needle on the dial. Circuitry is based on the Wheatstone Bridge.
The meter was designed by Volney Mathieson. Current "top of the
line" models sell for about $4,000 US in a plastic case. Actual
parts list is about $50-$100, making it a good money earner for
Scientology, particularly since every auditor is required to own
two in case one breaks down.

End Words, words that act like mental locks to keep the reactive
mind, the chain of memory incidents of a harmful nature, keyed-in
or in an active state.

Engram, a posited memory trace that remains after a moment of pain
and unconsciousness. Hubbard didn't coin this word; it can be found
in Webster's, and is part of the ISV, the International Scientific

Entheta, enturbulated theta. Bad Vibes. "This Usenet newsgroup is
so full of entheta that it is restimulating my bank."

Enturbulated, Hubbardese for being upset. "Suzy found ars so
enturbulating, she ran away."

EOC, 1. End of Cycle, the end of a cycle of action (start, change,
stop.) 2. Suicide. "After your mission to infiltrate the FBI, do an
EOC to prevent leaks."

EP, End Phenomenon. The result of a Scientology processing action.
"The EP for OT 15 is cause over the universe."

EPF, Estates Project Force, where new recruits are first placed so
that they may receive indoctrination into the Sea Org echelons of
the cult and prove themselves worthy of being into the Sea Org. Per
policy, all recruits must finish a course called "Product Zero" and
a 7A Security Check.

Ethics, a section of a Scientology Org (organization) that keeps
people in line, and the Hubbardian policy that deals with it. "Keep
your nose clean, or I'll route you to Ethics, Mr.!"

EUS, Eastern US. See CLO.

Evil Purpose, an implanted evil goal given to us millions or
billions or trillions of years ago in Implant stations (there is
one on Mars, you'll be interested to know) and still influencing
our everyday lives, according to Hubbard.

Exec Strata, see Senior Exec Strata.

Exit counseling, an ethical method of recovering people from
destructive cults, involving talking and giving out information in
a non-coercive manner. "Combatting Cult Mind Control" by Steve
Hassan best exemplifies the methodology. Compare Deprogramming.

Ex-Scientologist, a former member of the Scientology cult who has
left and has gained a greater understanding of what was done to
them in Hubbard's brainwashing machine, and who has a desire to see
the hidden truth behind Scientology's carefully constructed PR
facade exposed to the public. Most Ex-Scientologists do this for
the public interest, despite personal risk of harassment and
groundless defamation lawsuits from Scientology's Office of Special
Affairs department and its small army of lawyers, agents, and PIs.
We have little or nothing to gain by going public with what we know
about the cult from the inside, and some of us will pay dearly for
our devotion to the truth. We were lied to and ripped off by L. Ron
Hubbard, in both a spiritual and monetary sense, and we don't want
to see anyone else manipulated the way we were. Scientology has in
many ways destroyed our lives; we would be less than human to stand
idly by and watch as more "raw meat" public are ripped to shreds in
Scientology's money-making mill.

Exteriorize, to leave the body. Scientologists believe we can step
outside our bodies in the form of a disembodied "Thetan" or spirit,
and hover about looking at things. This is deemed to be a very
important goal of every Scientologist, usually only obtained at the
highest "OT level." OT VIIs and VIIIs who have left the cult claim
it is an induced hallucination. "Exteriorization is the goal of the
End of Endless Int Rundown." See "Interiorization."


Facsimile, a mental image picture. "June has a facsimile of a dog
biting her leg."

FACTnet, Fight Against Coercive Tactics network; a cult information
BBS with numerous files on the Scientology cult and others operated
by Lawrence Wollersheim, and various other directors at various
times including Bob Penny, Kim Baker, and Arnie (Arnaldo) Lerma.
FACTNet has undergone a shift toward carrying the torch for free
speech on the Internet more recently after lengthy and expensive
litigation with Scientology.

Fair Game, the notorious Scientology policy describing how to deal
with critics, ex-members, and other undesirables dehumanized with
the label "Suppressives"; they may be "Sued, tricked, lied to, or
destroyed," as per policy. A more recent policy has banished the
WORDS "Fair Game", but the policy of what to do to these "SPs" or
"Suppressives" cannot ever be cancelled, as it is Hubbardian
scripture, and his words cannot ever be altered in any way per
Scientology's policy. "Dennis Erlich, being an SP, is subject to
Fair Game."

Fall, a Meter read of about an inch movement to the left.

F&F, the name of the mission that was sent to execute the programme
targets establishing the "United Churches" front (Flag) in
Clearwater, Florida.

Fastflow, able to zip through course checksheets because of
superliteracy obtained from M1 word clearing and the Student Hat.

FB, Flag Bureaux - Oversees all Sea Org service organizations and
all Class V (formerly Class IV) organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.

FCB, Flag Command Bureaux - In charge of internal management of
upper middle management. - Jonathon Barbera.

FDN, Foundation, qv.

FDSing, False Data Stripping. Brainwashing 101; an auditing
("therapy") procedure involving stripping away "bad" thoughts or
wrong ideas and replacing them with the proper cultic dogma. The
ideas are located, cleansed, and replaced with the "true data".
"Success Story: today I had a big win using FDSing to get rid of
the False Datum that Psyches are trying to help people!"

FEBC, the Flag Executive Briefing Course. A top-level training
course for EDs and other executives delivered at ITO and possibly a
few other high training orgs. The FEBC used to incorporate strange
events like the Kali ceremony, the ritualistic destruction of model

Field, noun. The "wog world" (disparaging term for everyday society
and the non-Scientology world) outside the Org. "The field is
getting so muddy that it is hard to get new Raw Meat in and onto
our lines!"

Field Auditors, roaming Scientology recruiters and auditors who are
meant to channel people into missions and Class V Orgs. See FSM.

Fifth galactic invader force, insect-creatures with horrible hands.
Psychs (Scientology's derogatory term for psychiatrists) are from
these galactic invaders who threaten our very existence on this
planet, according to L. Ron Hubbard.

Finance Dictator, the person in charge of extracting money from all
the little people or peons in Scientology. An Apt name, given the
brutality with which this all-important function is carried out.
"The Finance Dictator went after the Mission-Holders in a big
money-grab in the early 1980s."

Flag, the former name of the ship Hubbard was Commodore on, the
Apollo. When the Sea Org (high level Scientologists who sign
billion-year contracts) came ashore in Clearwater, Florida, they
set up the Flag Land Base, an upper-level Class XII Org, now just
called Flag. "I got my Ls at Flag, and my case was really cracked!"

Flag Executive Briefing Course, see FEBC.

FLB, see Flag.

Flub, a mistake made in the auditing "therapy."

Flubless, perfect auditing without errors; a "star-high goal" that
is never achieved, as numerous therapy "repairs" point up.

F/N, Floating Needle. A rhythmic swinging of the Meter needle back
and forth indicating end of session, or completion of a "therapy"
process. Also commonly used to indicate good vibes, as in "I've
been F/Ning all day!"

FO, Flag Order, a blue-on-white written directive similar to
Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters, HCOPLs, for Sea Org
members. There is a Sea Org Briefing Course which consists of all
non-confidential FOs still in use. Flag Orders are a vital policy
line, as the Sea Org is the commanding and controlling organization
in Scientology which runs as a thread throughout the entire cult.

Folder, an Ethics (Scientology's corrections section) folder or
Auditing "therapy" folder in which Scientology collects all the
dirt on people obtained from auditing sessions and Ethics actions
which can be used as blackmail to keep critics quiet. Culled
information from folders of former Scientologists who have turned
into critics has a habit of showing up on ars.

FOLO, Flag Operations Liaison Office. See Flag.

Foundation, one of the two groups inside a Class V Org, which is a
Scientology organization that delivers lower level services.
Foundation works the night and weekend shift, while Day works days.
"Sally works for Foundation, while Sam is Day." See Day.

FPRD, False Purpose Rundown.

FR or F/R, Flag Rep. A minor post in a Class V or lower level Org;
a liaison with Flag, an upper level Class XII organization. "Ronald
was the FR from HAW FDN."

Franchise, an old name used before the more appealing Newspeak
"Mission," qv. Franchise connotes the financial business aspects of
Scientology too much, and so the term "Mission" is now used to add
more religiosity. A Mission is a low level Scientology money making
organization; a franchise, in other words. See Mission.

Freedom, Scientology's newspeak-monikered propaganda newsletter,
used for PR dissemination. See PR, good roads fair weather.

Freeloader debt, a debt incurred by staff members who break their
3, 5, or one billion year (in the Sea Org) contracts, and are thus
required to pay for every auditing action and training course done
to them while on staff. The freeloader debt usually runs into the
tens of thousands, but cannot be collected in most cases as the
contract in not considered to be in good faith.

Freewinds, the SO-run (Sea Org) ship that cruises around tropical
ports and gives the OT-8s (top level Scientologists) a hangout
while they proceed with their auditing. Ah, how nice it must be to
be at the top of the Bridge on a Clear day!

Free Zone, (also Freezone); a loose affiliation of people who still
believe in some of the ideas of Scientology auditing procedures,
but who have left the formal structure of the cult in a type of
Scientology Reformation. The Free Zone is a little more liberal
than the hard-core Churchies, as they sometimes like to call people
still in the cult proper, yet they often still have the trappings
of Scientology, for example, the E-Meter, Auditing, the concepts of
Ethics, Overts (bad deeds), Conditions, and the use of disparaging
terms for outsiders, (Meatballs, Bashers, Wogs, etc.) The cult
proper hates these splinterers and labels them "squirrels". Their
newsgroup is; they also have their own
periodicals, such as the _Free Spirit_ and others. "The "Free Zone"
was a term first used by Bill Robertson in the early 80s. Robertson
was a fan of LRH and set up a network of organizations that
delivered the CofS's upper and lower levels grades, including the
Clearing Course, OT levels and NOTs, at a cut-rate." - Joe

Free Zoner, (also Freezoner); a member of the Free Zone, qv.
Opinion is split on whether this term is or is not derogatory. Some
people are happy to be called Free Zoners, and apply the term to
themselves. Others claim it is derogatory when used by critics, but
this may be a confusion with attitudes as expressed in sentences
and simple nouns. Does a sentence like "Canadians are politically
stupid liberals" make the term "Canadian" a derogatory term? Free
Zoners have been called deluded for still adhering to Hubbardian
views and holding the vile man in high regard; I do not believe
that this can make the term itself derogatory, but others feel
differently about it. The term did not arise within the critical
arena, which sheds further doubt on the derogatory label

FSM, Field Staff Member. Mercenaries who recruit people using
selection slips for Scientology and get a 15% profit of the value
of services purchased by their recruits in return.

FSO, 1. Flag Ship Organization. In reality this has been various
ships and locations over the last 30 years. 2. FSO also means Flag
Service Org which is in Clearwater, FL and is usually referred to
as simply Flag. "FSO - Flag Service Organization - Highest level
training organization in the world and can deliver the processing
side of the Bridge up to New OT VII. Located in Clearwater,
Florida, USA." - Jonathon Barbera.

FSSO, Flag Ship Service Organization, Clearwater, FL. The Flag Ship
was the Apollo in Hubbard's day, now it is the Freewinds out
cruising the Caribbean. OT 8 is done on the FSSO, the Freewinds.

FZ, see Free Zone. (act)


Gang-Bang Sec Check, a cruel process involving getting the victim
to confess to "crimes" or Overts while on a meter and in front of a
group of people. Used as a heavy brainwashing technique when a PC
threatens to blow. "Three people in the past year have said they
have had Gang-Bang Sec Checks recently."

GE, Genetic Entity. A low-grade soul that stores whole track
engrams (memories of pain and unconsciousness from the last few
trillion years of the patient's life) like the clam incident
(people descended from clams, according to Hubbard.) The concept of
the GE can be hard to understand until one realizes that it is
unadulterated nonsense, like much of Scientology.

GI, 1. Gross Income. One of the most important Stats (statistics)
for cult groups. 2. Good Indicators; a smiling face after an
auditing or "therapy" action.

GO, the Guardian's Office. The cult's KGB, responsible for
attacking SPs, (qv) publishing Dead Agent materials (largely
manufactured dirty laundry on perceived enemies), framing political
figures and judges, intimidating witnesses, etc. Now renamed OSA,
the Office of Special Affairs, qv.

Godwin's Law, a rhetorical construct that postulates that the mere
mention of the holocaust in an argument renders it null and void,
as the slaughter of seven million Jews in WWII is a singularly
momentous and ghastly historical event. Some people stretch the law
to apply to mentioning Nazis and the Third Reich generally in any
debate, but this is a dubious over-extension at best. "You are
comparing the RPF to Nazi concentration camps? I hereby invoke
Godwin's Law!"

Gold, this has been used to refer to both Golden Era Studios and
Gold base, now usually referred to as INT, as most INT orgs have
relocated there. In the Sea Org we used to refer to GOLD as "over
the rainbow", and meant a "secret" location in Hemet. - Miss X.
"Golden Era Productions, in charge of producing e-meters, films,
television advertisements, and lectures on cassettes. Includes PDO
(Planetary Dissemination Org)." - Jonathon Barbera. Note: E-Meters
were also produced by Bridge. Grady Ward: "My first impression of
Gold Base as Keith Henson drove me through it on Monday is that it
looked exactly like a Nazi theme park. A delightful little
caricature of a Scientology 'church' with a flowering bed in front
of it - surrounded by the nastiest razor wire, floodlights, and
video observation cameras I have ever seen."

Golden Age of Tech, the. Releases from 1996 reportedly sharpen up
auditing. Apparently the "100% Standard Tech" sold to public over
the last several years was not standard after all. The changes to
unalterable tech include: a revamping of the E-meter with a
variable gain; a student certainty course covering the barriers to
study, parts of the student hat, the TRs, and the metering courses;
the Golden Age of Tech Drills which are rote handlings compiled
from HCOBs and put in quiz/drill form for training on a twin basis
for grades and solo auditing courses; a read generator has been
added to the E-meter; and more emphasis on study and drilling to
the point of not having to think about what to do in a particular

Good roads, fair weather. A PR technique which all Scientologists
are instructed in to automatically handle criticisms with bland
statements about other things. The idea is to discuss something
"non-reactive" to the person, and also steer the topic away from
Scientology, a topic Scientologists are indoctrinated to not
discuss in any depth for obvious reasons. See PR.

GOSA, see OSA.

GPM, Goals Problems Mass. A supposed mass which develops when one
is thwarted from reaching a Goal by a Problem or stop.

Grades, preliminary steps to the true enlightenment and
understanding of Body Thetans (evil spirits inhabiting the body) on
the OT (Operating Thetan; a person as a spirit able to operate free
of the body) levels. The Grades range from 0, learning to talk, to
VII, clear certainty, and come before clear (a person who is freed
from the effects of the Reactive Mind; the place where all the
memories of pain and unconsciousness are stored) on the Bridge.
Actions before the Grades usually include Life repair, Purification
rundown (which involves sweating in a sauna, running, and taking
vitamin overdoses for a fee of $2,000) and the Drug Rundown, said
to remove the harmful effects of drugs by using the E-Meter. The
typical sequence for processing then goes up the numbered Grades.
See also Class, Bridge, Level.

Grade 0, learn to communicate with anyone about anything. Too bad
no one in Scientology has reached this level! See Class 0.

Grade 1, (I) learn to handle your Problems, as long as they don't
include being a victim of a money-grubbing cult.

Grade 2, (II) Overts and Withholds, your dirty laundry aired in
public. Don't tell them anything you wouldn't mind posted to Usenet
or given out in pamphlets to your neighbors, co-workers and

Grade 3, (III) deals with Upsets.

Grade 4, (IV) Service Facsimiles, "I'm right and you're wrong" type
of blaming behavior. Guess that lots of people in this "church"
need it. See Ser Fac.

Grade 4.5, (recently, last decade or so, New Era Dianetics (NED,
qv) was put here. If the mark 'goes clear' on new era dianetics
then grades 5, 6, and 7 are skipped. The person does a simple
process called the sunshine rundown, and goes on to OT 1) (No; the
cult doesn't call it Grade 4.5. This is where it would be

Grade 5, (V) Power, awareness of self as source. I got the Power,
yeah, yeah. Just keep repeating it; you couldn't really be wasting
thousands of dollars, could you? After all, this is America! You
should be able to buy spiritual freedom! (God knows, you can buy
everything else.) See Power processing.

Grade 6, preparation for the Clearing Course. R6EW, Routine Six,
End Words. Meant to release the locks from the reactive mind. End
Words are a kind of verbal lock that keeps the reactive mind or
whatever in restimulation; more pseudoscience on parade. See R6EW.

Grade 7, Clearing course. Wow! At last you can throw away your
glasses, a la Bates! You'll have perfect recall of what you ate for
dinner! Your IQ will zoom! Your eyes will become glazed! Your
pockets will be feeling a severe drain! (Unless your last name is
Gates.) You're now ready for OT 1; last chance for cognitive
dissonance before the railroad to Total Freedom (tm) routes you
straight to hell, or a close approximation thereof, and all for
just $129.99$! (Oops! I mean $129,000.99!) Visa or Amex accepted,
but cash preferred. Loans available at 25% per week. Financial help
with getting a mortgage on your house free of charge. See Clear
Certainty Rundown.

Gradient, a gradual approach to brainwashing that Scientology
employs so as not to scare off potential recruits. Things like
OT-III, widely available over the net, are deemed to be
"out-gradient", as they drive away raw recruits because they look
like insane gibberish sputtered from the foaming mouth of a
brain-fevered baboon. Also called a "gradient scales approach".
Deviating from this tech is called going "out gradient"; a serious

Green Vols, the green volumes of the OEC (Organization Executive
Course; a high-level and very expensive course that teaches
executives how to manage an organization. Used to siphon money from
Class V Orgs, lower level Orgs, uplines to higher level Orgs that
run the course) that contain Scientology policy. See "Red Vols,

Guk Bomb, a mixture of benzedrine, vitamins, and glutamic acid
Hubbard thought helped the auditing "therapy" go smoothly. See also
Dianazene, Purif.


Handle, to fix something up or solve a problem. "Helena Kobrin and
Elaine Siegel were assigned to handle the situation in ars."

HAS, the HCO (Hubbard Communications Office) Are Secretary; a petty
executive in charge of HCO, one of the nine divisions in an org.
The HAS (pronounced like has), is often the person who recruits for
staff; personnel is one of their duties.

HASI, Hubbard Association of Scientologists International. A
precursor to the IAS, qv. Just another way to make money; all
Scientologists must buy memberships in the IAS for about a $1,000.

Hat, noun. A post or job. "She's wearing the Ethics Hat now."

Hat, verb. To train for a post or job. "He is fully Hatted as the

Havingness, a feeling of ownership or possession; something quite
unfamiliar to SO (Sea Org) members. "Pete had such Havingness after
he bought his Tech Dictionary." See beingness.

HCO, Hubbard Communication Office. The center of power while L. Ron
Hubbard was in command of the cult (1950-1986); produced the
HCO-policy letters and HCO "tech" bulletins.

HCOB, Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin, a red on white
directive containing Hubbardian "tech" for auditing or "therapy"

HCOPL, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter, a green on
white issue containing administrative policy.

HES, the Hubbard Communications Office (HCO) Executive Secretary,
one of the three executives directly under the ED, the Executive
Director, along with the PES and OES. Also called the HCO Exec Sec.

HFA, Held From Above. HFA is added to a post title when there is no
one posted to a position. A post is then "held from above" by the
next person up the chain of command on the org board. - Miss X.

HGB, the Hollywood Guaranty [sic] Building, a twelve story office
building at Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar formerly owned by the Bank
of America. It is an old building that was constructed in the 1920s
and purchased by Scientology with cash in the mid-'80s. All
International management (upper middle management above continents
and below *INT* - see Int) is located in this building. It is a
twenty minute walk from the Cedars Complex, and houses IHELP, OSA
Int, and the CMO IXU (Internal eXtension Unit), WISE Int, ABLE Int,
and more. The various orgs on different floors in 1993 looked like
this: 12th floor - OSA Int (includes office of the President of
CSI). 11th - CMO IXU, AVU Int, confidential space. 10th - FCB,
Networks. 9th - FB. 8th - FB, IHELP Int, SMI Int. 7th - WISE Int,
ABLE Int. 6th - Dining room, canteen. 5th through 1st - ITO. 1st -
LRH Exhibit, lobby. Basement - HGB Estates, FB's mimeo collection,
INCOMM office.

HGC, the Hubbard Guidance Center; the place where the expensive
auditing of Scientology processes or crude psychotherapy is done.
"The HGC is down the hall on the right."

High Crime, a serious offense within the cult. "Going by a
misunderstood word is a High Crime."

Hill 10, a serious situation or problem area for Scientology
requiring immediate attention. "OSA now considers ars to be a Hill
10 situation."

HoM, History of Man; an L. Ron Hubbard book which purports that the
Piltdown Man hoax was the ancestor of modern man, and that we
evolved from clams, among many other absurdities. Recommended

Ho' of Babylon, a nickname given to Helena Kobrin, a lawyer for the
cult of Scientology who sent out threatening letters to numerous
net.surfers in a crude attempt to silence them. (Ho means whore,
prostitute.) See Kobrigram.

Hollywood Guaranty [sic] Building, see HGB.

HQS, Hubbard Qualified Scientologist course.

Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard. See "Ron."

Hubbardese, see Scientologese.

Hubbardite, a humourous term for a Scientologist, coined by
Science-Fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein. See Clam.

Hubborg, (also Huborg) a pun combining Hubbard + Star Trek's
"Borg", as Scientologists are seen to have a collective hive
mentality at times akin to the science-fiction Borg. It has also
been claimed that it is a combination of Hubbard + Org [anization],
with an earlier genesis; it is possible that it has had two
distinct origins. "They've been assimilated into the Hubborg


IAS, International Association of Scientologists. The first six
months is free; after that, it gets very expensive. To receive
Scientological services, IAS membership is mandatory; even staff
are required to pay up, thus sacrificing their entire meager salary
for the fee, frequently. See HASI.

I/C, In Charge. Someone running a Program or project. "She's the
Tech Field Hatting I/C."

I-HELP, International Ecclesiastical League of Pastors; a cult
front-group headquartered in Los Angeles, formerly just across the
street from the main building of the old blue Cedars of Lebanon
complex, now relocated to the HGB, qv, on the 8th floor.

Illegal PC, a Preclear who cannot be audited by virtue of actually
needing some kind of help. Auditing is only for the able, or people
who don't need help, as per policy; it is for making the able more
able, or bilking them for more money. This paradox is explained by
the fact that people who actually need help are harder to turn a
profit on. Specifically, an Illegal PC is one who has had
psychiatric treatments in the past, or appears to Scientologists
like they have (a streetperson or prostitute, for example) and is
deemed too damaged to touch, and a serious security risk to boot.
"Jack Farmer is an Illegal PC; he may not receive the next auditing
level he needs and wants."

Implant, a hypnotic suggestion smashed into one's mind millions or
billions of years ago in Hubbard's Space-Opera Scientology
Cosmology. "One Implant was installed using giant movie screens."

Incident One, 4 quadrillion years ago we were implanted with
visions of cherubs blowing horns, chariots, and blackness. That's
right; 4 *quadrillion* (4*10^15th, or 4,000,000,000,000,000 years!)
What's that you say? 250,000 times the age of the universe? Don't
let that stop you from believing, and anteing up the hundreds of
thousands of dollars it takes to get to this level of brainwashing.

Incident Two, 75 million years ago Xenu, the evil galactic
overlord, froze us, then blew us up with H-bombs on Hawaii,
remember? Also called the wall of fire, or the OT 3 incident. The
cover of Dianetics is meant to symbolize this cataclysmic event,
and compel Wogs to buy the book by restimulating them.

INCOMM, Shown on the official Command Channels chart as Central
Computer Banks (CCB), but this is a part of INCOMM's Division 4
(Tech/Production). This organization is in charge of computerizing
Scientology and management. INCOMM does not have a CMO as it is
directly managed by RTC. - Jonathon Barbera. Now in the HGB, qv.

Indicate, to read on the E-Meter. Generally used as a synonym for
ringing true. "Boy, that really indicates for me!"

In-Ethics, describing a person who is upstat (increasing his or her
production) and not violating any of the crimes of Scientology.
"The new ED of VANF is very In-Ethics on her post."

Int, the International Management level of Scientology's massive
bureaucracy, upper middle management above continental level and
below the INT level. Much of it is now located in the HGB, qv. INT
and Int are not the same thing; Int stands for International
whereas INT refers to the higher INT level organizations. Crew
members of INT level organizations are required to have an INT
security clearance which is somewhat difficult to acquire.

INT Base, see Gold.

Intention, a metaphysical Scientological concept of being able to
project theta into physical objects and other people to exert
mystical control over them. "Put your intention into that ashtray
and make it do what you tell it."

Interiorization, the unfortunate condition of being stuck in one's
body. "I was so Interiorized yesterday; my sinuses ached from it!"

Introspection Rundown, a therapy for handling psychotic breaks in
the cult. Involves locking the person up to prevent bad PR with the
isolation step, also called baby watch. Sometimes instilling such
wacky ideas as Xenu, Body Thetans and OT III can make people a bit
unstable; the IRD is used to contain people when they flip out.

Invalidation, to belittle or make nothing of. "Andy felt so
invalidated by the SPs on ars, he caved in, and left."

Iso, see Introspection Rundown.

Isolation, Isolation Step, see Introspection Rundown.

Issue Authority, the right to publish certain of L. Ron Hubbard's

ITO, International Training Organization - located at Flag in the
late '70s. Formerly located in the Cedars Complex in LA, taking up
several floors of the HGB, qv. Course taught there include the
HPCSC, the FEBC, the KTL, and many others. The org is basically
just a large academy with many courserooms. Almost all the students
are from America, Canada, and Mexico. The Org is run by Sea Org
crew. See HGB.


J&D, Joker and Degrader. According to Hubbard, joking and degrading
about Scientology are signs of a suppressive personality. Worn as a
badge of honor on ars due to one Scientologist labeling certain
people Jokers and Degraders.

JBG, Johannesburg, South Africa Scientology organization. The AOSH
(Advanced Org, Saint Hill; for upper level bridge auditing, ie,
clear and OT) and CLO (Continental Liaison Office) for Africa are

Joburg, a lengthy sexual and criminal security checklist performed
on staff as an auditing action on the E-meter, commonly seen as the
roughest "sec-check" in the cult. The results are used as blackmail
to keep departers silent about the abuses they've seen in the cult.


Key-In, to restimulate (make active) and turn on an engram or
memory incident of pain and unconsciousness so that the PC
(Preclear) patient manifests behavior from it. "John was Keyed-In
by the sound of the plane crash."

Key-Out, to be released from the bad effects of one's Reactive
Mind; the section of the mind, according to Hubbard, where painful
and unconscious engrammatic memories are stored. "Dianetics can
really Key you out, man!"

Kha Khan, an award supposedly given by Hubbard to those who did him
a great service. The awardee gets spared the death sentence ten

Kobrigram, a threatening letter sent to a net.surfer or sysop from
Scientology lawyer Helena Kobrin, also know as the Ho' of Babylon.
Also Kobragram, Kobringram.

KoX, Knights of Xenu. They found the evil galactic overlord Xenu of
Hubbard's quaint Scientology philosophy locked up in a box, and let
him out, the naughty net.surfers! (ars)

KR or K/R, Knowledge Report, a write-up of a cult member's supposed
"crimes" given to the Ethics division; cult members are encouraged
to report each other's transgressions a la Orwell's "1984."

KRC, Knowledge, Responsibility, Control. The senior of the two
Scientology triangles, ARC/KRC (ARC stands for Affinity, Reality,
and Communication.) Control is senior to Affinity, get it?

KSW, Keeping Scientology Working. A series of HCOPLs, Hubbard
Communication Office Policy Letters, designed to ensure Scientology
lasts for hundreds of years, and also that Hubbard's fondest wish,
that his name be smashed violently into the history books, becomes
a reality. (Didn't Manson have a similar desire?)

KSW course, a course based on the KSW, Keeping Scientology Working,
policy letters.

KTL Course, the Key To Life course. Involves lots of pretty
pictures to drive home the brainwashing. Quite expensive.


L10, List ten, a series of processes directed at doingness. Audited
by Class X auditors. Available on Bridge after Grade IV Expanded at
FSO (Flag) only. Over 20 or 30 individual rundowns. A few include:
Lie Rundown, 2D Rundown, Groups Rundown, Enemy Rundown, and
Greatest Overt/Motivator Rundown. Most of these rundowns deal with
overts and evil intentions which the being is using to restrain
himself from doing more. - Jonathon Barbera. See Ls.

L11, List eleven, The New Life Rundown. A series of processes
directed at havingness by handling ridges and masses around the
person. Audited by Class XI auditors. Available on Bridge after
Grade IV Expanded at FSO (Flag) only. - Jonathon Barbera.

L12, List twelve, (The Flag OT Executive Rundown). A series of
processes directed at beingness and exteriorizing the person with
full perceptions. Audited by Class XII auditors. Available on
Bridge after Grade IV Expanded at FSO (Flag) only. Three steps
include: handling why the person is pinned to the body as well as
handling old PTS situations including the phenomena of being PTS to
self, handling identities, and handling a unique phenomena
involving stability and its past, present, and future consequences
(this phenomena may be stuck attention beams on self from others).
- Jonathon Barbera.

Lawn Ornament, David Miscavige. He's a dwarf, geddit? See Poodle.

Lazarus, a program written by Homer to tell posters to ars when
their posts have been canceled by the cult censor on Netcom known
affectionately as the "Cancelpoodle." Thanks, Homer! (ars)

LDNF, London Foundation Org, evenings and weekends.

Level, see Class, Grade.

LF, Long Fall. A swing of the Meter needle to the left of a couple

LFBD, Long Fall BLow Down. An E-Meter read involving a swing of the
needle to the left, and a consequent need to move the Tone Arm
(potentiometer) of the Meter to keep the needle on the dial.

Life Repair, see Grades.

Lines, the cult's auditing ("therapy") and academy (training)
services. "Ken isn't on lines at Flag anymore."

List One, a sec-check list for overts against Hubbard or
Scientology; see RS.

Locational, a light auditing ("therapy") technique that gets the
thetan (spirit or soul) centered in the MEST (Matter, Energy,
Space, and Time) universe, so he knows where he is. Technique
involves making the PC (Preclear; patient) look at trees, cars,
people, touch books, etc. "Gary is outside doing a locational on

LRH, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of Scientology cult. See

LRH Archives, CST, Church of Spiritual Technology. Also, COST.

L. Ron Hubbard, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. Mediocre pulp-SF writer.
Said in 1947 "If you really want to make millions, the fastest way
is to start your own religion." Scientology cult founder; author of
the turgid "Dianetics"; born 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska, USA; died
1986. See "Ron."

Ls, L10, L11, and L12. Special, extremely expensive Lists or
Rundowns developed in 1970-71 and delivered at Flag. They are done
by Class X, XI and XII auditors (Scientology "therapists") who
shout at the PC (patient) holding the soup cans electrodes of the
Scientology E-Meter. These were designed to handle psychosis,
although now they are used for all Scientologists who are wealthy
enough to afford them. The Ls material mentions the fact that the
Reactive Mind, the storehouse of engrams or memories of pain and
unconsciousness, is composed solely of Body Thetans or evil
spirits. See the individual Ls.


M1, or M1 Word Clearing, one of the 9 methods of the endless word
clearing used in Scientology. M1 is done on a Meter, and locates
charge or upset on words chains by subject, taking each back in
time (often to fabricated past lives). M1 supposedly makes the
recipient "Superliterate", able to "fast flow" through course
checksheets without doing demos or checkouts. See also M8.

M2, metered word clearing done by having the student read aloud,
then look up each word stumbled over or that reads on the meter.

M3, verbal word clearing done by the supervisor in the classroom
and used whenever a student says s/he doesn't understand something.
The sup then asks them to look earlier for a word that isn't
understood, (the implication of Hubbard's perfection being
implicit; if Hubbard wasn't clear or used the wrong word, this is
just not acknowledged) has the student look it up in a dictionary,
and then use it in sentences in the usual way. M3 is one of the
most commonly-used methods of word clearing, along with M4 and
self-study. In self-study, every word found is looked up, used in
sentences, and cleared in each definition, pronunciation, and the
derivation, as in all word clearing. "Set" is checked in all its
permutations that were known already since childhood. "To" is
diligently looked up, although it has little or no intrinsic
meaning. "The" and "a" and "an" are all checked repeatedly,
"definitions" memorized without being understood for the next
supervisor star-rate checkout. For all their word-clearing,
Scientologists are not particularly adept at language, missing the
fact that most words are learned via context and use, not endless
consultation of dry, dead, dictionaries. The average student in
Scientology may spend hours each day flipping through the
dictionaries, yet they don't seem to benefit from the activity at
all. "Word clearing" is an integral part of the brainwashing in the
cult. Its real aim is to make people compliant by doing absurd and
meaningless repetitive tasks while instilling the cult's twisted
semantics and thousands of neologisms and redefinitions from the
two large cult dictionaries of such key terms as "critical
thought", redefined as a completely negative activity. It is
Orwell's _1984_ brought to life by another, albeit inferior,
Science Fiction writer.

M4, metered classroom word clearing. The student is asked to focus
on sections of text of about paragraph to page size and asked if
there's an MU, then the meter is checked for any reaction. The word
so metaphysically located is then looked up and cleared in the
usual way. M4 is one of the most common forms of word clearing,
along with M3 and self-study, as the students works by themselves
to "clear up their MUs". Not clearing up one's own MUs may result
in ethics actions being taken for going by MUs, a serious offense.
This is another cult catch-22 situation, as all students can be
asked for definitions of words like "be" or something equally
ridiculous, hesitate, and end up in trouble. During star-rate
checkouts, definitions are often demanded out of the blue. "What's
the definition of 'too'?", "The number 2?", "Flunk!" being a common
occurrence with no recourse given. Any opposition to the obvious
unfairness of the situation just gets the person in more hot water
in the totalitarian system. Any opposition or complaints are, after
all, a sign of 'natter' produced by, you guessed it, MUs! Word
clearing is an integral part of Scientology brainwashing.

M5, the student is asked what words mean from a list, as in
auditing commands. The ones the person can't define quickly and
accurately are flunked.

M6, key word clearing. The most important words relating to a
specific post are looked up and word cleared in a dictionary upon
any hint of slowness or hesitancy on the part of the staff member.
This is based on the idea that so-called "MUs" can thwart someone's
production on post; an untested idea, to put it mildly.

M7, used for illiterates, children, and foreign-language persons.
The student is made to read aloud, and at each omission or stumble
or hesitation or frown, the word is explained to the person
verbally or looked up for him or her by the twin or word clearer.

M8, part of the Primary Rundown, its end product is superliteracy.
An alphabetical list of every word in the materials being studied,
such as a book or tape, is looked up. This is the most thorough
methods of W/Cing. Its requirement for the exalted state of
"superliteracy" has been superseded by M1, or was at one time in
the cult.

M9, unmetered word clearing action. Student is made to read the
text aloud while the word clearer follows along in another copy of
the text. When the student stumbles or frowns or coughs, etc., the
word is thoroughly looked up and "cleared" by the usual method.

MAA, Master At Arms. A Sea Org (highly indoctrinated Scientologists
who sign billion-year contracts) Ethics Officer, responsible for
keeping Ethics in (keeping the all-important production up; someone
who produces well in Scientology is almost always regarded as being
in-Ethics; the ends justify the means is policy.) Their lower org
equivalent is called an Ethics Officer, or EO.

Marcab Confederacy, a galactic confederation and the denizens
thereof. It is a star system in the astronomy charts. It is also
supposed to be the source of most of the destructive suppressive
influences attacking the Earth at this time and in the past. For
the last 100,000 years they've been driving cars, wearing business
suits and fedora hats, using telephones, and flying spaceships.
Remember that episode of Star Trek? "The Marcabians are coming to
Earth, and they're going to lay waste to it, according to Captain

Meatball, A derogatory Free Zone (qv) term for people who don't
believe in their strange ideas. (act) See Basher.

Mental Image Picture, a picture in the Reactive mind, the
repository of memories of painful and unconscious moments. "Bob has
a stuck mental image picture of an atom bomb going off on top of
his head 200 trillion years ago."

Merchant of Chaos, a cult synonym for an anti-Scientologist or
Suppressive Person. A bad person; a person who speaks ill of
Scientology, and should therefore be punished.

MEST, Matter, Energy, Space, and Time; the constituents of the
physical universe, or the physical universe itself. Seen as a
lesser domain than the spiritual or Theta realm.

Milgram Experiment, the; a psychological influence process. "A very
famous psychology experiment with a rather depressing result.
Milgram's subjects were put in front of a device that was supposed
to administer electric shocks to someone in another room (the other
person was actually an actor who responded as if he were being
shocked) and were then ordered by Milgram to administer increasing
levels of shocks, even levels that were marked as 'dangerous' on
the device and that elicited a simulation of agony from the actor.
He found that most of his subjects obeyed him, even when they
generally believed that they were injuring the other person. The
experiment basically showed that the 'Nuremberg defense' mindset is
alive and well in the US; people are conditioned to obey authority
and will compromise their own principles to do so. The experiment
was done in the late '60s or early '70s; I doubt things have gotten
better since then. Remember that most Americans now think of the
late '60s and early '70s as one of the worst periods in American
history, and cite 'lack of respect for authority' as one of the
main reasons for why it was so terrible." - Eric Bohlman. Read
Obedience to Authority: An Experimental View, by Stanley Milgram
(Harper & Row, 1974).

Misemotional, describing a display of inappropriate emotion; for
example, crying for no reason. "Mary has been misemotional since
her last action; she needs a repair."

Mission, 1. the Newspeak-corrected term for a cult franchise, as
Hubbard originally and more accurately called them before the
"religious angle" was adopted to garner tax breaks for his company.
Last heard, the package used to set up a Mission could be bought
for US $56,000. A year or two ago, the Co$ management gloated that
1,000 mission franchises had been sold at $56,000 each. That works
out to $56,000,000 all told. If the cult's total annual gross is
$300,000,000, then this one source accounts for nearly 1/5. These
franchises are meant to pay their owners 15%, trouble is, if your
Mission ever makes it, it will be taken away from  you. Missions
cannot train auditors, but they can deliver low-level courses and
processing; they are meant to send their "products" on to the next
higher org on the ladder, the nearest Class V Org. 2. A set of
orders given to Missionaires (Sea Org members sent to clay demo and
then carry out some orders) to go out and do an action, usually
gathering money from low-level Scientology Orgs, getting back
"blown" staff members, and so forth. Missions are notoriously
violent in their methods, and lower-level orgs live in fear of
getting a set of these Sea Org bully-boys with their daggers and
uniforms in to "put in their ethics" (make them fork over more
money) and "get their stats up" with intimidation tactics. Missions
are sometimes given absolute ethics authority, meaning they are
allowed to do anything to "get ethics in".

Missionaire, a Sea Org member specially trained to do a Mission,
and given orders, (which are often clay-demoed) and sent out to get
something done. "The Missionaires from Up-Lines arrived, and
demanded $25,000 from our local Org."

Misunderstood, misuderstood word, see M/U, M3, M4.

Mock Up, to make up; particularly mental imagery, but may also
apply to physical things. Scientologists may often confuse external
reality with imagination or fantasy, and may well not see the
difference between imagining a wall, and taking a hammer and nails
and building one. "Mock up a wall. Thank you. Now destroy that
wall. Thank you."

Motivator, a nasty thing that one "pulls in" as a result of having
prior overts, undisclosed naughty acts. In other words, anything
that happens to you is your own fault; you deserved it because you
are essentially evil. "The cult of Scientology has lots of
motivators; they keep saying 'look what they did to us!'"

M/U, Mis-U, or MU; a misunderstood word, meant to cause everything
from blows (sudden departures) to overts and withholds, and
actually being the root cause of SPs. Because of the centricity of
"MUs" and their destructive potential it is a crime to go by them
when studying, and subjects the student to the risk of getting a
kangaroo "court of ethics". The cult is fanatical about not going
by one, and insists that everyone look things up endlessly in
dictionaries and go through every definition. This becomes quite
tedious with words like "to", "set", and "be." Extensive pieces of
the "tech" are devoted to "word clearing", qv, and so the hapless
student ends up trapped in a arbitrary system which may punish or
help, punish or help, alternately, with the word clearing or the
ethics actions. The very definition of "MU" is mutable and
arbitrary in that it is a word that makes one frown or blink or
stumble on or slow down on reading, etc., as spotted by others -
all of this adds to the coercive, conforming, and group- pressure
nature of the beast. See M3, M4 for more on this topic. "Look up
your M/Us and quit your nattering Mister, or I'll have you busted
down to Ethics!"

M/U Phenomena, the emotional upset leading to Blows, disappearances
from the organization, that follows going by a misunderstood word,
according to the cult's "study tech." M/U Phenomena is the only
reason someone gives up on Scientology, according to Hubbard. If
you think it is all nonsense, it is because you went by a word you
didn't understand. If you think it is dangerous, and that the RPF
(Rehabilitation Project Force; the cult's gulag) is repressive and
sick, you just have an M/U. If you think the Purification Rundown
is bizarre, you have an M/U, and it is your problem. Get it?


Narconon, a cult front-group that purportedly cures drug addition.
Narconon is used for cult recruitment; its techniques have been
called unscientific, medically unsound, and possibly dangerous.

Natter, to say negative things; to give off bad vibes. Natter is
said to be caused by going past Misunderstood words, and having
Overts or undisclosed bad acts, and can thus lead to Blows. "If you
don't stop Nattering, you're going to the RPF!"

NED, New Era Dianetics. Dianetics on the wholetrack, your last 75
trillion years. NED for OTs is abbreviated NOTS, and as this is
done solo, with the soup-can electrodes of the E-Meter in one hand
so the other is free to write up the session, it is then called
Solo NOTS. See Grade 4.5, OT 5.

New OT I, II, etc. See OT I, II, etc.

Newspeak, George Orwell's "1984" explication of applied semantics.
"1984" provides much insight into the cult of Scientology, by the

NLSCC, the Netherlands branch office of the ARSCC, which also does
not exist.

Non-E, Non-Existence. A production level; someone is said to be in
Non-E when they are new on their post, not known to all the other
Org terminals (people), and not producing anything. There is a
formula for getting out of Non-E all the way up to Power, the best
condition, or measure of an individual's production. It is all
about making more money. See Conditions.

NOTS, NED (New Era Dianetics) for OTs (Operating Thetans). See NED,
OT 5.

NYF, New York Foundation Org, evenings and weekends.


Oat Tea, what the bus driver sometimes calls the OT or Operating
Thetan levels of Scn's bizarre space-opera auditing "technology" in
which body thetans are removed from the mark for a few thousand

Obedience to authority, see Milgram experiment.

Objectives, low-level "therapy" procedures meant to instill
pliability and sheep-like passivity in new Scientologists. Most
involve physical manipulation of the body, on the premise that the
"raw meat" is too "low-toned" to be run or real auditing. See

OC, see Orange County.

OEC, Organization Executive Course. An executive training course
and its associated policy in HCOPLs, Hubbard Communication Office
Policy Letters, collected into a set of eight large numbered green
volumes, also called the "Green Vols." A person knowing the data in
these volumes fully and applying it could completely reverse any
down-trending statistics, or even a bring back a failing company,
Hubbard says. "OEC 0 is the Basic Staff Volume; read it before you
commit a crime on post." See also "Red Vols."

OES, the Organization Executive Secretary, one of the three
executives directly under the ED, the Executive Director, along
with the HES and PES. Also called the Org Exec Sec.

Off lines, not paying and taking Scientology training or "therapy".
See lines.

One One or 1.1, someone stuck at 1.1 on Hubbard's emotional Tone
Scale, an SP (Suppressive Person; someone who disagrees with
Scientology and deserves to be destroyed because of their beliefs.)
See Tone Scale.

On lines, taking Scientology services in the form of processing
"therapy" or training. Also used loosely as meaning in contact or
communication with, as "Mary has a Psych on her lines." See lines.

On Source, following Hubbard exactly as written; being true to
Hubbard's word. See Source.

OoS, Organization of Scientology, pronounced "ooze". Similar to Co$
and many others, a joking name for Scientology sometimes used by
its critics, in this case as a protest against the application of
the term "church" (as in CoS, Church of Scientology) to what is
essentially a giant con game cum criminal conspiracy.

Operating Thetan, the exalted state that is the target of Scn's
weird "technology" of removing body thetans, said to be accompanied
by strange powers like the ability to kill someone with a thought
or fry a bug at a considerable distance. See OT.

Operation Foot Bullet, a joke at Scientology's expense; the
Scientologists whose job it is to "contribute" to ars often seem to
be doing so poorly, it is as if they're shooting themselves in the
foot. Humorously named after the seriously criminal Operation
Freakout and Operation Snow White. There's been some call to update
this to Operation Foot Bazooka, given the incredible stunts the
cult has pulled recently like suing the German government.

Operation Freakout, a plan to carry out the Fair Game policy, the
policy of attacking perceived Scientology enemies, on Paulette
Cooper, the author of the book "The Scandal of Scientology." The GO
(Guardian's Office, the cult's KGB-like security organization
responsible for covert operations and dirty tricks of all kinds)
operation involved framing Ms. Cooper with a bomb threat made to
the Arab Consulate, among other things.

Operation Snow White, see Snow White.

Op Pro by Dup, an Objective, qv, that involves copying the
auditor's simple hand motions like the child's game of pat-a-cake.
See Control.

Op-Term, a situation of opposition to a terminal or person, giving
a reason to fight. "Sue started Op-Terming with the SPs on ars; she
would have been better off not giving them a game."

Orange County, OC, - also abbreviated SOC for Scientology Orange
County. When I was in the Sea Org it was located on Irvine Blvd in
Tustin, CA. - Miss X.

Org, Noun. Organization; a cult group, internally called a
"Church." Org usually refers to a Class IV Org (now Class V);
Higher up than a low level Mission or franchise, but lower than a
Class XII Org, or Advanced Org, (AO), or Saint Hill Org. ASHO
stands for the American Saint Hill Org, while AOLA stands for the
Advanced Org, Los Angeles. Both ASHO and AOLA are higher up the
power chain than a Class V Org.

Organization Executive Course, see OEC.

Org Board, a map to the massive cult bureaucracy; details every
post, division, department, executive, etc. that go to make up a
Scientology Organization. Some Org Boards contain seven divisions,
some have nine; they all have a large number of specifically
defined posts. See Division.

OSA, Office of special affairs. The "dirty work" department, the
cult's KGB. Took over from the GO, Guardian's Office, when the GO's
leaders went to jail for infiltrating government offices, stealing
and altering official files that put the cult in a bad light. "OSA
Int - Office of Special Affairs International - Oversees DSA
(Director of Special Affairs) network as well as handling
international external threats against the Church of Scientology
and international legal matters." - Jonathon Barbera. Also called
GOSA as a pun on GO+OSA, and as a means of putting the lie to the
constant PR refrain that "we've reformed; we're no longer
criminals". Yeah, right. Only the name changed, in fact; the dirty
tricks and harassment operations continue to this day. Just ask any
of the ars regulars for examples; many have first-hand experience.
OSA Int is now located at the HGB, qv.

OT, Operating Thetan, one who is above Clear, a state of partial
enlightenment, and who is not just free of unconscious impulses,
but is free of other things too so that they can operate, and be
causative over the physical universe and do kewl things like fry
bugs, read minds, kill people with a thought, etc. Note: most of
the OT levels have been modified over time, sometimes extensively.
These modifications are designated "New OT (level)".

OT I, (OT 1), comes after completing OT eligibility and OT preps
(qv), this consists of walking about and counting people until one
has a "win", and similar god-like procedures. EP (End Phenomena) is
to extrovert a being, and bring about an awareness of himself in
relation to others and the physical universe. Also called OT
(Operating Thetan) orientation. OT I has had various incarnations
over the years. BTW, there's this swamp land I've got for sale in

OT II, (OT 2); consists of hundreds of boring "implants" written in
Hubbard's hand like "to be or not to be", followed by "spotting the
light" that accompanied the "implants." EP (End Phenomena; the
final result of processing "therapy") is rehabilitation of
intention and ability to project intention. With an EP like that,
it can't fail! "A series of processes directed at whole track
implant materials (GPMs) dealing with dichotomies and binary
thinking. Available at Advanced Organizations and higher." -
Jonathon Barbera.

OT III, (OT 3); Operating Thetan (level) three, also called the
wall of fire. Deals with Incident 2, Xenu, the evil galactic
overlord, and the H bombs on Hawaii 76 million years ago. Hubbard
said that anyone who was exposed to this level casually would
"freewheel" through it, become a chronic insomniac, then get sick
and die. "Locating and auditing of body thetans on Incident I
(first incident in MEST universe) and Incident II (incident which
caused the degradation of these beings into body thetans and
clusters as caused by Xenu approximately seventy-five million years
ago). Emphasis on this level is ridding the pre-OT of body thetans
which are conscious enough to respond to the auditing. Available at
Advanced Organizations and higher. Partially replaced by New OT V."
- Jonathon Barbera. See Incident Two.

OT IV, (OT 4); the Operating Thetan drug rundown. New OT IV gets
rid of the effects of taking drugs in past lifetimes for a few
thousand dollars. You should really see this land in FLA; it is
near Clearwater... "Mocking-up and unmocking implants from Clearing
Course in order to prevent future implanting plus the handling and
rehabilitation of past auditing. Product was supposed to be an OT
Exterior. Replaced by New OT IV: handles the effects of drugs,
medicine, and alcohol by addressing BTs stuck to/in drugs,
medicine, and alcohol incidents. Audited by Class VIII auditors at
Advanced Organizations and higher." - Jonathon Barbera.

OT V, (OT 5); get rid of those damn Body Thetans! EP (End
Phenomena) is cause over life. Should be cause over your debt;
you'll need it. New OT 5 starts what is call New Era Dianetics for
Operating Thetans, NED for OTs or NOTS, reputed to be for removing
BTs (Body Thetans; evil spirit infestations) that didn't respond on
OT3. Physical universe familiarization, for only a few 'thou, was a
part of old OT V. "A series of drills directed at the Pre-OT's
handling of, and relationship to, MEST. Drills were to be done
exterior. Replaced by New OT V: A series of steps directed at
clearing the Pre-OTs body of body thetans with some attention on
body thetans which are causing particular conditions (including
health conditions, rock slams caused by the evil intentions of body
thetans, PTSness caused by suppressive body thetans, etc.) Audited
by Class IX auditors at Advanced Organizations and higher. 55
HCOBs." - Jonathon Barbera. Note: this level has been published on
the internet at many locations, however reading it won't help to
understand it much, as it is insane garbage.

OT VI, (OT 6); what, more body thetans? New OT 6 teaches the
sucker, I mean the Pre-OT, to do NOTs, New Era Dianetics for
Operating Thetans, solo. OT VI is very expensive; it is easy to run
up a $40,000 bill to get ready for the next step, OT VII. OT
ability drills for a few 'thou more constituted old OT VI. "Drills
dealing with exteriorization, emotions, and sensations. The drills
were supposed to be done exterior. Replaced by New OT VI: A course
which trains the Pre-OT on how to solo audit Solo NOTs. Available
at FSO (Flag). 14 HCOBs." - Jonathon Barbera.

OT VII, (OT 7); and still more? On OT VII one does NOTS, New Era
Dianetics for Operating Thetans, solo. New OT VII is cheaper than
New OT V, as only the six month C/S'ing and the final certainly
check are paid for and the main work is left to the mark himself.
Old OT VII was projection of intention and polish up for a few more
'thou...and you thought shouting was all you needed to project your
intention. "A series of processes, drills, and training steps
directed at intention. Replaced by New OT VII: the purpose of this
level is the further ridding of body thetans. Done at FSO (Flag)
and at home for two to three years. Product is an OT." - Jonathon

OT VIII, (OT 8); Rumours are that the EP of this level is to
cognite that Hubbard is god. After US $360,000, Hubbard had better
be god, goddamn it, otherwise you've just been royally duped! Will
you gain god-like abilities yourself? Plonk down the US $360,000 or
so to get to this stratospheric level, and find out...or you could
rent a clue for ten cents and buy a nice house and a couple cars
with the money you'd save. OT VIII is the top of the current Grade
Chart - OT IX won't be released until all the present Orgs are the
size of the old Saint Hill Organization in East Grinstead, England,
in the '60s - not until hell freezes over, in other words. The
Bridge, or Gradation Chart of Human Awareness and Abilities, tops
out at OT 15, in some versions, although information is sketchy for
the last few. OT 8 is a big expensive mystery, only delivered on
the newspeak-named Scientology cruiseliner "Freewinds" out on the
Caribbean. People who have completed this level have said that it
is a review of all of the person's auditing and a verification/
nullification of discoveries the person has made about himself,
that it is Route 1 and 2 from the _Creation of Human ability_ book,
that it involves looking into your past auditing folders in order
to spot any moments where you were being somebody else, e.g. past
life identities, which you have discovered on Int Rundown or NED
and any body thetans you have unleashed on OT III, OT IV, OT V, OT
VI, OT VII and on Lists L10, L11 and L12, then a meter check to see
if these identities are right or wrong items. At the end of this
new process (New OT VIII), you will have recovered all of your own
time track, supposedly. Two slightly different sets of the complete
process have been posted to alt.religion.scientology, allegedly
from people who have finished the level on the Freewinds. These
procedures do indeed involved the 8th dynamic (god), as well as
other steps, including material from _A History of Man_.

OT IX, (Orders of Magnitude). Prerequisites imply more implant
material on this level. The word "orders" may merely suggest levels
or may possibly indicate commands for the OT to perform as a
Scientologist. - Jonathon Barbera.

OT X, (Character). Rumors have suggested that this level produces
whole track recall. - Jonathon Barbera.

OT XI (Operating). Probably further rehabilitation of the OT's
abilities. - Jonathon Barbera.

OT XII (Future). Probably is directed at the OT's handling or
prediction of the future. - Jonathon Barbera.

OT XIII, Title not given. Probably incomplete or nonexistent. -
Jonathon Barbera.

OT XIV, Title not given. Probably incomplete or nonexistent. -
Jonathon Barbera.

OT XV, Title not given. Probably incomplete or nonexistent. If it
did exist, this level's product would be Total Freedom. - Jonathon
Barbera. Note: it has been suggested that the old OT levels have
been bumped up to fill these slots 9 to 15, so if and when these
levels are released to the public (supposedly only after all
current orgs are the size of the booming early Saint Hill), the
current OT VIIIs may be in for a shock re-doing all their old
levels over again, if they are old-timers.

OT Eligibility, a series of Sec Checks or confessionals a Pre-OT
must go through to prove they are ethical enough to do the OT
(Operating Thetan) levels. (And a useful source of blackmail
material should the Pre-OT decide they don't like the OT levels,
and want their money back.) "A False Purpose Rundown form which
verifies the ethics level of the Pre-OT. Rumors have suggested that
some Pre-OTs are required to make amends or prove their worthiness
to do upper levels by assisting Scientology in various ways. Done
at Saint Hills and higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.

OT levels, solo-audited (self-metered; the soup-can electrodes of
Hubbard's crude ohm-meter are held in one hand, and notes are
jotted down with the other; saves money (for Scientology) over
having an auditor do it) and expensive processes at the top of the
Scientology "Bridge." The levels currently run from New OT I to New

OT Preps, OT preparations, probably basic case handling steps to
make sure the Pre-OT is ready for solo auditing and does not have
attention on past auditing. Done at Saint Hills and higher
organizations. - Jonathon Barbera.

Out 2D, Illegal or immoral (in cult terms) sex.

Out-Ethics, not obeying like a good little slave. Welcome to the
exciting world of the totally free. "She is so Out-Ethics, she has
to be declared to get the Tech in on her." See In-Ethics.

Out-Gradient, see Gradient.

Out Point, something that doesn't fit, or doesn't help to "make it
go right." A reason why something fails. "Jake's program failed
because of the out-points in dealing with suppression."

Overt, an evil or Suppressive (damaging to Scientology) act. Of
course, it is only an Overt if it hurts Scientology; shooting an SP
(Suppressive Person; an anti-Scientologist) under the Fair Game Law
(Suppressives may be tricked, sued, lied to, or destroyed, as per
policy) could be redefined as not being an Overt, as you did it to
help to "clear the planet", and it "did the least harm to the least
number of dynamics." "She has committed so many Overts, she can't
see her own Case anymore." See MU.

Overboarding, the habit of Scientologists in the Sea Org of
chucking people over the side of a ship. If they hit the rubbing
strake on the long fall to the water and break their arm, they must
have pulled it in. If they can't swim, they're just dramatizing
their wholetrack overts. In any case, it is their fault. The
pirates used the same tech, but they called it walking the plank.

O/W, Overts and Withholds, undisclosed naughty (anti-Scientology)
acts and the attempt to hide them from public view. Also called O/W


PAB, Professional Auditor's Bulletin. An issue type for Scientology
auditors or therapists. Some of Hubbard's "technical" writings to
his flock of auditors may be found in these.

PAC, Pacific Area Command, the Los Angeles area in Hubbardspeak.

PACRPF, Pacific Area Command - Rehabilitation Project Force, in the
basement of the Cedars Complex. Most RPF'ers live in Lebanon Hall
and do their courses on the first floor of the main building. Only
a few are sent to the basement the (RPF's RPF) down in the
extensive tunnel network under the main building that extends out
under the parking lot.

Particle, a person seen as a thing to be routed, or a piece of
information in the cult's communication theory.

PC, preclear. Someone who is getting auditing (spiritual
counseling) who is not yet "Clear," Clear being that state of being
free of unconscious impulses that cloud your judgment, and not
having any memories of pain and unconsciousness or engrams. PC or
preclear is often used to mean anyone taking Scientology "therapy"
even if they are Clear or above. A person who is OT 1 through OT 8
and being audited may be called a PC or sometimes a pre-OT.

PDC, the Philadelphia Doctorate Course; dates from 1952. Now
offered as a series of tapes of Hubbard's lectures known as the PDC

Perceptics, the list of senses, extended far beyond the usual five
by Scientology.

PES, the Public Executive Secretary, one of the three executives
directly under the ED, the Executive Director, along with the HES
and OES. Also called the Public Exec Sec.

Piltdown Man, a ancestor of man with huge jaws and a nasty habit of
using them to eat his wife, according to Hubbard. NB, this was a
fraud perpetrated on the scientific community from 1912 until 1953,
when it was proved to be a hoax, of a human cranium and an ape jaw
"discovered" near Piltdown, Sussex, England by Charles Dawson.
However, Hubbard never withdrew his ridiculous claim that Dawson's
hoax was a direct ancestor to modern man.

Poodle, a pet name for David Miscavige, the dictator of the cult of
Scientology. Dennis Erlich: "Patrick Jost, in a conversation with
me, described the little pr*ck as looking like a poodle. Knowing
Miscarriage as I do, I thought the handle fit well, so I've used it
ever since. Although I think lawn ornament and (*) fit him well,
too." (*) is crude ASCII art. Very crude.

Postulate, to wish into existence; a supposed OT super-power along
the lines of Tone 40 and Intention, qv. "David postulates that the
Psyches will all be destroyed by the year 2000; our program of
dead-agenting them will make his postulate stick." Ted Mayett: "I
have a definition for Postulate. - body english on a bowling ball."

Pot Kettle Black, from the saying "the pot calling the kettle
black", a common phrase on ars in reply to, for example, a
Scientologist calling ars critics "bigots" when it was the cult's
leader Hubbard who wrote "the trouble with China is there are too
many Chinks", and that blacks had bigger reads on the E-meter due
to having bigger overts (sins) that whites, and other racist
remarks, to which a critic follows up "Pot Kettle Black."

Power Processing, (Grades V & VA - Power and Power Plus). First set
of processes are directed at the upper part of the awareness chart
(source, existence, conditions). These levels are only done when a
PC does not go Clear on New Era Dianetics and is audited by Class
VII auditors at Saint Hills and higher organizations. - Jonathon
Barbera. See Grades.

PR, Public Relations. A central theme in the cult with several
drills and many written policies. The whole idea is to make
Scientology out to be something good, something great, and to
attack all sources of criticism vigorously with an end to silencing
them. Many of the low-level Scientologists will go into PR mode
automatically and wax enthusiastic about the wonderful "gains" they
are having and so forth without realizing the false picture of
Scientology they are creating. High-level Scientologists engage in
outright lying and distortion of facts, such as calling modern
Germany a "Nazi state" or saying that psychs, (psychiatrists) are
behind some global conspiracy, or turning failed lawsuits into "big
wins" with bland propaganda and so on. See Freedom.

Preclear, see PC.

Prenatal, an Engram (moment of pain and unconsciousness) received
while in the womb. Hubbard guessed the womb was a nasty place, full
of bumps and grinds and horrible noises.

Pre-OT, a person who is being audited and is above Clear on the
grade chart. See PC.

PRO, Public Relations Officer.

PROAC, Public Relations Office (or Officer) Area Control.

Process, an auditing or "therapy" action.

Processing, the action of auditing a PC or patient. A coldly
distant term for Scientology's "therapy", which itself can be very
cold and distant; the term shows Hubbard's lack of respect for the
people he conned out of their money for his quack cult "therapy".

Pro TRS, the Professional Training Routines for auditors or
therapists, involving long hours staring at another student,
reciting verses out of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland",
Bullbaiting or insulting each other, and doing lots of Clay Demos,
or figures in Plasticine (tm). "Our son was made into a zombie on
the Pro TRs."

Psychs, psychiatrists and psychologists. Seen by the paranoid cult
as being the ultimate in evil and corruption on Earth; out to
destroy us all by cutting out our brains with transorbital
leucotomies, or zapping us into submission with electro-convulsive
therapy (ECT), or zombifying us with selective serotonin re-uptake
inhibitors (SSRIs) like Ritalin and Prozac. The cult front-group
called the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), a la
Orwell, is dedicated to destroying these evil beings known as
Psychs, but who are really members of the fifth galactic invader
force, qv.

PT, Present Time, the here and now. "SPs are stuck in an incident
in the past; they need to be brought up to PT."

PTS, Potential Trouble Source. Someone who is in contact with an
SP, a Suppressive or anti-Scientology person, and therefore may
cause trouble for the cult. "Mary is a PTS Type III." Adjective;
"She is PTS to that Wholetrack SP on her lines." See also
individual types of PTS - 1 to 3, and A to J, SP, Disconnection.

PTS/SP Course, a training pack that deals with how to handle and
disconnect from SPs (Suppressive Persons; people who disagree with
Scientology) that are enturbulating (disturbing) you, usually in
one's immediate family.

PTS Type One, a person who has an SP in contact with them, trying
to help them get out of the cult.

PTS Type Two, a person who has an SP in their past who they can't
name. A catch-all for people who don't improve using the unworkable
quack therapy of Scientology.

PTS Type Three, a person suffering a psychotic breakdown due to
connection with an anti-Scientologist or psychiatrist, supposedly.
Often this label is applied to people who flip under the incredible
strain of Scientology's paranoid bullshit. PTS Type Three's are
then placed on the Introspection Rundown, where they are locked up
to hide them from authorities, who don't like to see people driven
round the bend by the cult, and may make waves.

PTS Type A, people intimately connected with SPs through family or
marital ties who are likely to have help getting out of the cult or
be exposed to the other side of the question.

PTS Type B, criminals.

PTS Type C, people who make legal threats against the cult, or who
publicly attack Scientology.

PTS Type D, people who believe that Scientology is responsible for
what it did to them, who won't buy the line that they are
completely responsible for all the destructive things the cult does
and won't accept that the victim is solely to blame for any

PTS Type E, people who are forced into being audited by others. To
be effective, the impetus must seem to come from within, then they
only have themselves to blame.

PTS Type F, people who aren't certain that Scientology's quack
therapy works, and want to test it.

PTS Type G, rich or influential people who want free quack auditing
"therapy" based on their status.

PTS Type H, open minded people who aren't certain and 100%
dedicated to Scientology, as the cult demands.

PTS Type I, people who do not believe that they can get better
using the cult's quack therapy, thus the placebo effect will be

PTS Type J, people who are likely to have a critical bent regarding
Scientology, who may not swallow the BS in one big gulp - judges,
boards, newspaper reporters, magazine writers, etc.

Purif, the Purification Rundown. A cleansing process, intended to
remove drugs supposedly stored in body fat through running, taking
megadoses of vitamins and minerals, and sweating in a sauna for
hours every day. The Purif costs roughly $1,500, and takes about
two weeks to do. There is no scientific evidence to back up the
cult of Scientology's claims about the supposed benefits of the
Purif. See Grades, Guk Bomb, Dianazene.

Put a head on a pike, a Hubbardian policy learned apparently from
Vlad the Impaler to intimidate critics by taking their leader and
doing their worst to him or her through harassment, lawsuits,
frame-ups, etc. in the hope that this will scare others off. "OSA
and RTC have really put a head on a pike in the media industry with
Time/Warner being sued for 400 million dollars; the libel chill
should make other magazines think twice before writing about


Q & A, question(ing) and answer(ing); not going A to B, but rather
wasting time, querying orders instead of blindly obeying like you
are meant to. "Don't Q & A on the order; go out and kill the
judge's dog!"


R6EW, Routine 6 - End Words (Grade VI). The first solo audited
level done by PCs who did not go Clear on New Era Dianetics. This
level is directed at R6 (reactive mind) implant material by finding
the ideas (endwords) which the PC is dramatizing. Available at
Advanced Organizations and higher. - Jonathon Barbera.

Raw Meat, A derogatory term for the ordinary public or
non-Scientologists. "Body route some more Raw Meat into this Org,
Sam, or I'll send you to Ethics!"

RD, Rundown. An auditing or "therapy" process.

Reactive Mind, the place where Engrams, memories of pain and
unconsciousness, are stored. On a higher level, Engrams are
revealed to be none other than Body Thetans or evil spirits
infesting our bodies by the thousands. Also called the Bank.

Reality, "basically an agreement", sputtered Hubbard. Trouble is,
the general population doesn't agrees with that definition.

Red Vols, the huge set of red "technical" volumes that contain the
Scientology "technology." See OEC, Green Vols.

Reg, register, registrar or registration. To sell Scientology
services or the salesmen of the Org. "Your next step after course
completion is to see the Reg, Sally." "We need to get more Regging
done to boost GI by next Thursday!"

Repair, a fixer-upper for when the "100% standard" uniformly
workable "tech" of Scientology fails or goes wrong; a common
occurrence. "Beth just paid $2,500 for a repair."

Restimulate, to turn on unpleasant memories. "By reading the OT 3
materials posted to ars, my Case has become heavily Restimulated."

R-Factor, Reality Factor, a harsh and brutal cussing out by a
superior, usually given to one who is downstat, or not making
enough money.

Rice and Beans, the naughty SO (Sea Organization) member's diet
regimen. Guaranteed to lose weight, or gums and teeth, or
resistance to Scientology's weird concepts - whichever comes first.

RICO, Racketeering, Influence, and Corrupt Organizations Act. An
American bill put forward to curtail organized crime, like
Scientology, for example.

Ridge, a solid mass which purportedly develops when two flows
collide. "He's creating such a ridge by arguing with the public."
"I still have that ridge in my forehead from the baseball that hit

Rock Slam, an erratic E-Meter needle movement, see RS.

Rock Slammer, see RS.

Ron, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. L. Ron Hubbard is often called "Ron"
by his followers. Other names frequently used for him are "L. Ron
Hubbard", "The Commodore", "Source", "LRH", and "The Admiral." Born
in 1911 in Tilden, Nebraska; died in 1986.

Ronbot, a derogatory term for a Scientologist. See clam.

RPF, Rehabilitation Project Force, the cult's internal gulag where
bad people are sent for punishment or "rehabilitation"; a brain
washing and penal organization.

RS or R/S, Rock Slam, a type of "read" that registers on the
E-Meter, indicating that you have an evil intention. The needle
swings violently back and forth. Round about '77 or so, everyone in
the Sea Org had to be run on "List One", a list containing items
like LRH, auditing, E-Meters, etc. If an R/S showed up at any point
on the list, you went directly to RPF. Do not pass go, do not
collect $17. Rock slammer technically means any person with one or
more R/Ses shown in their PC folders. In slang, it means a criminal
or SP. "Harry is a real Rock-Slammer; better get him into a
sec-check fast."

RTC, Religious Technology Center. David Miscavige is COB - Chairman
of the Board - of the RTC, which holds the cult's "trademarks" and
"copyrights." That's right; "trademarks" and "copyrights!"
Scientology is the only "religion" (so it claims) around to try to
patent spiritual freedom. Of course, it is all a money-making scam;
if the laughable "tech" was made free and public, on the Internet
for example, who would pay $300,000 for it? Jonathon Barbera:
"Senior-most management organization in Scientology (on the chart).
Protects the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology through the
ownership of the trademarks. Includes the Inspector General Network
which is responsible for the three main realms of activity (ethics,
tech, and administration). Each of these realms are overseen by an
Inspector General (IG Ethics, IG Tech, and IG Admin)."

Rundown, an auditing or "therapy" process. "The Sunshine Rundown
sells for $5,000."

Running Program, in an effort to help tired executives who only
worked 18 hour days, Hubbard devised a program of taking megadoses
of mineral supplements and running circles around a pole or tree
for five hours a day in desert heat. "David Mayo was on the Running
Program at Happy Valley in California."


Saint Hill, the manor Hubbard bought in East Grinstead, England,
with his ill-gotten gains. See SH.

Scamizdat, a net.zine containing much of the secret Scientology
"technology" and policy. Scamizdat got its name from scam
(Scientology) + samizdat, an underground press for publishing and
disseminating dissident works in the former Soviet Union; also, the
materials so published. It is an abbreviation of samizdatel'stvo,
meaning self publishing (house), from sam-, self, + izdatel'stvo,
publisher. The creators of Scamizdat obviously see parallels
between Communist Russia and Scientology in the way they deal with
critics and free-speech. Spam Killer,
"'samizdat' is a clever pun. It means 'self-published' but it takes
force from 'gosizdat' (sp?), the Soviet acronym for Government

Scieno, a term for Scientologist, which is a bit long to type out
over and over and over. The origination of the term according to
Dennis Erlich: "The term was coined by none other than Bill Franks
himself. He was made the Executive Director International for life
by the Phattard in 1979 (i believe). After poodleboy had him
kidnapped, taken to Hemet and held against his will, he escaped and
came back to Clearwater to picket in front of the Ft. Harrison."
Usage is generally somewhat disparaging, but less so than "clam".

Scieno-speak, see Scientologese. (ars)

Scientologese, a term used to describe the strange new language
used within the cult of Scientology; an odd mixture of rather
illiterate English and thousands of new terms that Hubbard
introduced in his extensive writings. Also called Scieno-speak,
Hubbardese. (ars)

Scientology, Hubbard's money-making venture into religion; started
after Dianetics. Word comes from Nordenholz's book "Scientologie

#Scientology, an IRC discussion channel devoted to Scientology.
Formerly #clambake.

Scn, short for Scientology.

Sec Check, confessional dirty-laundry type Scientology "therapy."
See "Sec Checking."

Sec Checking, Security Checking. Running lists of questions on a PC
or patient using the Meter to find criminal behavior that can be
used as potential blackmail, should the PC ever blow or become
critical of the cult. Similar to a confessional; the PC is lied to
and told the revealed secrets and Overts will remain confidential,
yet the cult often publishes and distributes the items found by Sec
Checking, which are written down in folders at the time of the
session. Term comes from Hubbard's extreme paranoia about
Communist, governmental, or psychiatric infiltration of
Scientology, and the need to run Security checks on new

Senior C/S (Case Supervisor) Int, part of INT management and is
located with CMO INT. The person holding this post is considered
the senior-most technical terminal within the Church and is
responsible, with his or her juniors, for overseeing standard
delivery, receiving tech related petitions, and c/s'ing difficult
cases which cannot be resolved at a smaller organization. -
Jonathon Barbera.

Senior Exec Strata, Senior Executive Strata. Management
organization in charge of developing programs to be done in service
organizations to boost various areas of production and delivery.
Each of the members of the Exec Strata are responsible for a
specific area such as selling books or field activities. - Jonathon
Barbera. Head of the Exec Strata is the ED INT, currently Guillaume

Ser Fac, Service Facsimile. A mental image picture the PC (Preclear
or patient) uses to make himself or herself right and others wrong,
help him dominate others and himself escape domination, or to
enhance his own survival and injure that of others. At least,
that's what the tech says; in reality, the term is applied to
people who are not "up-stat" - running around like a chicken with
their head cut off to make money fast for the cult. If someone is
moping, looks depressed, is making excuses, saying "oh, poor me",
justifying their errors and generally "acting the victim" and
trying to get sympathy instead of being 100% dedicated and "making
it go right", they are said to be ser fac'ing (pronounced FACKing).
In other words, if someone isn't living up to the fascist ideals of
Scientology, they're said to be dramatizing their ser facs."If you
keep pulling down stats in my area with your Ser Facs, I'll write a
KR on you!" Grade 4 deals with auditing this type of engram out of
the mark. See Grade 4.

Service Facsimile, see Ser Fac.

Session, an auditing or "therapy" regimen; PC patient holds the
cans, Auditor "therapist" behind the Meter. Also called Processing,
Auditing, qv.

Severe reality adjustment, see SRA.

SH, Saint Hill manor, in East Grinstead, Sussex, England. Hubbard
set up Scientology's worldwide headquarters there for several
years, until he was kicked out of the UK by the government's Home

Shore Story, a lie told to cover up illegal activity or give a good
PR facade to fool wogs, non-Scientologists. "Your Shore Story while
on mission will be that you are working for an independent research
facility out of Dallas."

SHSBC, the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course for auditors,
("therapists") given at Saint Hill in England originally, and now
given at any Saint Hill Org, like ASHO (the American Saint Hill
Organization.) The SHSBC is mostly on tapes, and is very long,
arduous, and expensive. It is meant to give a very high level of
proficiency to the auditor "therapist", and is recommended for the
unreleased higher OT levels IX and above. See Class 6.

SLD, Southern Land Development Corp. - a front name used to
purchase the Ft. Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida.

SMI Int, Scientology Missions International International -
Oversees all Missions ("Franchises"). - Jonathon Barbera.

SNC, abbreviation for the Stevens Creek Mission.

Snow white, the code name for a cult espionage operation. Snow
White's goal was to infiltrate government offices and purge their
files of incriminating material that made the cult look bad.
30,000+ documents were stolen from the IRS, the DEA, the Coast
Guard, and the US Attorney's office. Hubbard's wife, Mary Sue, was
sentenced to four years in jail for the operation, which was
carried out by operatives in the GO (Guardian's Office; a precursor
to OSA, the Office of Special Affairs, the cult's answer to the

SO, the Sea Org, the commanding and controlling element in the
cult, partly working off ships, partly land-based at Flag in
Clearwater, FLA, the Cedars Complex in Los Angeles, and other
places. The core is now at the INT Base and the HGB, qv.

SO 1 Line, Standing Order number one line. All communications sent
to Hubbard, so we were told, actually went to him, and were read by
him, and answered by him. Not true; there was a team of letter
readers/writers to deal with the volume, right down to forging
Hubbard's signature on the replies. "When all else fails, there's
always the SO 1 Line!" See ED INT for more information and the
address for the replacement for the SO-1 line.

Solo auditing, a self-auditing procedure used at the higher levels
of the cult's "Bridge," or levels of enlightenment chart. The
E-Meter cans are stuck onto a plastic holder and held in one hand.
Saves money for the cult, as solo levels aren't any cheaper, but
there's no need for an auditor or "therapist," only a C/S, Case
supervisor (the person in charge of running "therapy" actions on
the Preclear or patient. Solo violates one of Hubbard's primary
rules of auditing, that the PC (Preclear) cannot audit himself.
"Solo Auditor Course, Part Two, includes confidential solo steps to
be done in order to further train the new solo auditor. Done by
everyone prior to first solo level (either R6EW or New OT I) at
Saint Hills and higher organizations." - Jonathon Barbera.

Solo NOTS, self-auditing, solo "therapy" NED for OTs, New Era
Dianetics for Operating Thetans; the running out of Body Thetans or
evil spirits. See NED.

Somatics, pains and aches restimulated or turned on during a
"therapy" session, or contained within an engram or memory
incident. "The PC got a heavy somatic in her jaw while auditing a
clam incident."

SOS, Science of Survival; an L. Ron Hubbard book that details the
dynamics of life, and the principle that we are all just trying to
survive. Recommended reading.

Source, L. Ron Hubbard is the Source (capitalized) of Scientology;
his written orders in the form of Policy and Tech, and his spoken
words on tape are Source. "I feel so much better after getting back
on Source."

Southern Land Development Corp, see SLB.

SP, Suppressive Person, an evil person; someone who criticizes
Scientology in any way. (the two are one and the same in the cult)
SPs are the cult's _1984_ Goldsteins, and give definition to the
group and a common enemy. Supposedly, some large fraction of the
total population is composed of these "anti-social" characters,
variously cited as 2% or 20%. Hubbard listed 12 traits of the SP,
such as talking in generalities, criticism, and so forth. SPs are
formally "declared" with a goldenrod issue, and lists are kept of
these dangerous people. Ars has adopted its own SP levels as a
badge of honour; in Scientology, there are no levels of SP. SPs
create PTSes, people who are influenced by them. See MU, PTS,

Spaink, verb. An ars word. If you win a lawsuit so decisively that
your opponent has to pay your legal costs, you are said to have
"Spainked" your opponent. Scientology was first Spainked by Karin
Spaink, nlscc luminary, then Spainked by Zenon, and now has been
Spainked by Magne Berge in Norway.

SP levels, a badge of harassment worn with pride by ars posters;
they mock the OT levels, and show how suppressive a particular
participant to ars is; the higher the level, the more damage that
critic has done to Scientology, and the more fire they have drawn
in the process.

Spokesclam, a Scientology spokesperson or PR agent. See clam.

Squirrel, a person who subverts Hubbard's "Tech" by alteration. The
name probably came from the idea of squirrels burying, or being
associated with, nuts. In the cult jargon, Squirrel refers to
someone who is too insane to follow Standard Tech. "Mayo was a
Squirrel because he altered Source." May also be used as a verb
denoting the action of subversion of Scientology "Technology," as
"Koos has been squirreling auditing tech."

SRA, Severe Reality Adjustment. The use of screaming and demeaning
right in someone's face, usually by a superior, to get the person
to fit into the mold of the Scientology cult better. Similar "tech"
to that used by drill sergeants in boot camp.

Standard Tech, in theory, all of Scientology is 100% Standard Tech,
meaning it is just workable, and yet full of unadmitted errors
needing constant repair actions on PCs (patients). "Flag has the
most 100% Standard Tech on the planet!" See Golden Age of Tech,

Stats, Statistics. Each Scientologist has to monitor his or her
success, which is transmitted to control organs, e.g. the EO,
Ethics Officer. Stats must be up every Thursday by two (pm), or the
hapless cult indoctrinee is punished by being made to do Conditions
or extra work. See also Conditions.

Straightwire, an auditing technique, using hypnosis to place the PC
(Preclear) right back in the memory incident, to see and hear it
all over again.

Student Hat, an approximately $1,500 dollar course that teaches
students to never go by a word they don't understand, and do little
clay demos out of Plasticine (tm). A good revenue source, as most
of the course is done from audio tapes, and requires little effort
from the Supervisor or teacher. See also M3, M4.

Study Tech, the cult's training methodology, involving ensuring the
student never goes past a word he or she doesn't understand, making
little Plasticine (tm) figures, and demoing by shuffling a kit of
small blocks and toys about with the hands. "Stewart paid $1,500 to
learn Study Tech on the Student Hat course." See also M3, M4.

Success Story, a coerced write-up required to complete any auditing
"therapy" action. Success Stories are usually filled with bland,
often meaninglessly nebulous statements about "blowing mass",
"having cognitions", and "big wins." See "Win", "Big Win."

Sunshine Rundown, an expensive auditing "therapy" routine similar
to a locational, in which the Preclear (patient) is told to look at
things about them. "Solo audited without a meter. Spotting drills
where the Clear spots specific things in the environment. Four of
the five things to spot may include something near, something far,
something big, and something small. Available at Class V
Organizations which deliver the CCRD and all higher organizations."
- Jonathon Barbera.

Superliterate, referring to a Scientologist who has done the
Student Hat course and M1 word clearing to enable him or her to
fastflow through course checksheets. Superliteracy mainly means
that the Scientologist has no upset on misunderstood words, not
that they are really super literate, although this is sometimes
implied and tacitly agreed to. "Hey, you're Superlit? Must be a big
win to fastflow through your courses like that!"

Super Power, A series of 12 rundowns including: Ethics and Justice
Repair Rundown, Personal Revival Rundown, Consequences Rundown, and
False Data and Loss Rundown. Delivered by Super Power auditors at
FSO (Flag) and might also be delivered to staff at Class Vs who
have completed KTL (in English speaking organizations) and LOC.
Release of this rundown is expected to make planetary clearing and
the expanding of all service organizations to the size of old Saint
Hill a reality. - Jonathon Barbera.

Suppressive person, see SP.


TA, Tone Arm, a potentiometer on the E-meter that adjusts
sensitivity. TA motion indicates "blowing charge", or success in
auditing "therapy." Like almost every word in Scientologese, it has
a loose definition, and is often used to indicate happiness,
general success, warm fuzzy feelings, etc. "I was really getting
some good TA on that editor in Clearwater!"

TARSCCDNE, acronym for "the arscc does not exist", the standard
disclaimer, usually lower-case. See ARSCC.

TD, Technical Dictionary; the cult's wonderful study of semantics
gone awry; complements the Admin Dictionary. Recommended reading.
Hubbard recommends certain dictionaries in the Student Hat course,
and gives several reasons why certain dictionaries are bad. His own
dictionary fits snugly into his own definition of a bad dictionary.
Sometimes called the Tech Dictionary,

Tech, short for "technology", the quasi-scientific auditing
"therapy" processes and actions of Scientology, as found in HCOBs,
Hubbard Communication Office Technical Bulletins, collections of
which are found in the Red Vols, qv. "You are hereby declared an
SP, Sam, for committing Out-Tech."

Teegeeack, Earth. Its old name. 75 million years old, according to

Tenyaka Memorial, a world-conspiracy that Hubbard was paranoid
about; he was convinced this mysterious organization was
responsible for coordinating attacks on Scientology, and that
various mental health organizations were in cahoots with it, along
with Nazis, drug companies, banks, Communists, spies, and, of
course, psychiatrists. Compare Tanaka Memorial, 1927, a Japanese
plan for world domination followed in aggression against China and
later in WWII, named for prime minister general Tanaka, d. 1929.
Hubbard seems to have misspelt and borrowed his paranoid delusion,
just like many other things in his life! (Dianetics from dianoetic;
Scientology from Scientologie, etc.)

Terminal, a fully hatted (trained) person on their post (job), to
which particles (people or paper) can be sent to and from. A
dehumanizing term for people, but not a derogatory word inside the
cult. "After being Declared, your only Terminal is the
International Justice Chief."

Theta, 1. Uptone. "That was a really Theta speech Miscavige gave
about how we are stopping the Psyches from taking over the world."
2. Life force. "This universe was constructed by Theta."

Theta-L, an email discussion list for Scientologists in good
standing. Discussion mainly revolves around vapid "wins" and hollow
"success stories", interspersed with the occasional plan to destroy
or remove alt.religion.scientology.

Thetan, Spirit, Soul. "I now realize I am a Thetan, not a body."

Thursday at 2:00, the end of the week of production and making
money in the cult of Scientology. "The Execs are adding up our
week's statistics now; you better hope you're upstat by Thursday at

TOK, Tokyo Organization.

Tone Arm, see TA.

Tone Forty or Tone 40, the top of the emotional tone scale, seen as
a godlike state of command and control of others; see Intention,

Tone Forty Command, an order given at Tone Forty, and therefore
filled with mystical OT, Operating Thetan intention that must be
instantly obeyed.

Tone Scale, the list of all human emotional states, arranged beside
an arbitrary scale number from -40 (total failure), through 0
(death), to +40. "SPs are at 1.1, Covert Hostility, on the Tone

Touch Assist, a cult medical regimen meant to reduce ridges
(afflicted areas due to impact) in the body due to injury. Several
methods are used. One involves repeatedly touching the injured part
back to the object which caused the injury. Another involves using
the hands to smooth away the supposed built-up ridges or force
lines from impact between objects or flows. Yet another involves
sticking a finger on the body, and saying "feel my finger"
repeated, as always, ad nauseum.

Track, the timeline of life's memories; both this life and earlier

TRs, Training Routines. Designed to train the auditor "therapist"
to be unresponsive to the PC patient. Side effect is creating a
cold and distant "thousand-mile stare" in Scientologists' eyes.

TWC, two-way comm. See 2WC.

Two-way comm. See 2WC.


UK-ARSCC, the United Kingdom branch office of the ARSCC, which also
does not exist.

UFZA, United Freezone Alliance, a loose affiliation of former cult
members who still can't throw off the tatters of Hubbard's "tech".
See Free Zone. (act)

Up Lines, towards the top of the cult hierarchy of Organizations.
"All the money from Class V Orgs goes Up Lines."

Up Stat, describing a condition of having the all-important
production statistics going up, indicating increased output and
more money coming in. Also, a general term of goodness or
cleanliness, showing a kind of Scientological glow. After all, what
could be better than having more money? "You should see the new ASI
offices in LA; they are so incredibly Up Stat it would blow your
mind." See Down Stat.

USB, United States Base - same as Flag Service Org. See FSO.


Valence, possession by another personality or evil spirit. "You
sure mock up a good SP valence!"

Verbal Tech, the cardinal sin of describing the cult's "tech" by
word of mouth, or through one's own writing, deemed a "High Crime."
"If you don't shut up with your originations of what you think a
Fall means, I'm sending you to Ethics for spouting Verbal Tech!"

VFP, Valuable Final Product, the end result of a plan of action
drawn up with targets. Each post in an org has a VFP it is meant to
produce; ie, the VPF of a supervisor might be well-trained

VGIs, Very Good Indicators. A bright, shining, smiling face
expected and rewarded after a feedback session with an auditor
"therapist" and an E-Meter. "Sally was F/Ning with VGIs after her
Sunshine Rundown."


Wall of Clay, the extensive clay demos of Plasticine (tm) done on
the Pro TRs (professional training routines for auditor
"therapists.") A whole chapter from a book needs to be clay demoed.
It can take over a week of 16 hour days, if doing TRs (training
routines) the hard way, according to SO (Sea Org) standards.

Wall of Fire, the OT 3 incident with atomic bombs being dropped on
our frozen souls on Hawaii. See Incident Two, OT 3.

WDC, the Watchdog Committee. A high-level cult security arm
designed to keep an eye on the other branches. Jonathon Barbera:
"Senior-most management organization in the Church of Scientology.
WDC Chairman is, officially, the head of the Church. In 1993 this
post was held by the CO CMO INT somewhat secretly, but it may be
policy for these two posts to be held by the same individual. This
organization oversees large areas of Scientology such as OSA, WISE,
SMI, SO Service Orgs, etc. and each one of these areas are overseen
by a specific executive (referred to as WDC OSA, WDC SMI, etc.).

WDNE, which does not exist. Used after ARSCC, as: "the arscc
(wdne)" or tarsccdne. See ARSCC, TARSCCDNE.

White Glove, a clean-up make-work done at the end of each week by
Sea Org staff. It usually entails removing every speck of dust from
a room with dirty grey rags and little or no cleaning supplies to a
standard whereby a white glove wielded by the superior cannot pick
up anything when wiped on various surfaces around the area
involved. Of course, if a group is downstat, the cleanup takes
longer; white-glove inspections can take many hours. "This is the
sixth flunk on the white glove in this room; if I have to come back
again if it doesn't pass next time you're all staying and working
for another five hours to get your fucking stats up!"

Wholetrack, the timeline of trillions of years of memory
Scientologists claim to have. "Sally has major Overts from six
million years ago on her Wholetrack."

Why, a reason to explain why something happens; a cause. "We need
to find the why behind the failure of Operation Snow White."

Win, a success from a Scientology perspective. "David Miscavige
announced some Big Wins we had in Germany in 1994." See "Big Win",
"Success Story."

WISE, World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. Business
department of Scientology. Licenses L. Ron Hubbard's "Tech" to
corporations and then infiltrates them in high-level takeovers. A
cult front-group, now located at the HGB, qv.

Withhold, after committing an Overt (undisclosed bad act), people
try to hide it or Withhold it; thus a Withhold is what you're
hiding. "Sit down and write up your Overts and Withholds." See MU.

Wog, a derogatory and racist term the cult co-opted from British
slang, and now uses to refer to people outside of Scientology's

Wog world, the mundane society away from the totally free supermen
inside the cult of Scientology, seen as an aberrated sea of
insanity and criminality to be feared and avoided.

Word clearing, a very common and central activity in the cult.
There are nine formal methods of word clearing, many being done on
the E-meter with an auditor (word-clearer). See the individual
methods under M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, M6, M7, M8 and M9. See in
particular M3 and M4 for a more detailed explanation of what word
clearing does and what its real purpose is.

WUS, Western US. See CLO.


Xenu (ZEE-new, ZEEN-you), sometimes spelled Xemu (ZEE-moo,
ZEEM-you), the evil galactic ruler that packaged us all up, put us
on Hawaii, and blew us up with H bombs 75,000,000 years ago,
according to L. Ron Hubbard, author of Dianetics. The picture on
the cover of Dianetics is meant to restimulate this incident
implanted by Xenu, and force us to buy a copy. What's that you say?
Hawaii didn't exist 75,000,000 years ago? Shhh! You'll wake him!
Note: which spelling you choose is up to you; the field is split
about 50/50 in ex-Scientologists, critics, and even authors on
which one is best. Each side vigorously defends their pet spelling,
and both sides have documentation to back up their version, which
they insist is the only correct one. I believe either is correct,
but I prefer Xenu with an N, pronounced ZEE-new. It is rumoured
that this emotional debate will eventually lead to a schism of the
arscc into two distinct and warring camps (can't you *see* the
difference? *He's* black on the *left* side!)

Some definitions from the cult's literature:

These were provided by provided by sdraper,, (Anonymous User), Xenu's Sister, and several others.

Aberrate, to make something diverge from a straight line. The word
comes basically from optics. *Aberrated*, departed from
rationality, deranged. (from TD)

Anaten, a composite of two words, "analytical and attenuation, or
partial or complete dilution or weakening of the functions of the
analytical mind. The preclear goes "unconscious" for a moment in
the session. (HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Anaten, 1. an abbreviation of analytical attenuation meaning
diminution or weakening of the analytical awareness of an
individual for a brief or extensive period of time. If sufficiently
great, it can result in unconsciousness. (It stems from the
restimulation of an engram which contains pain and
unconsciousness.) - Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary.
2. simply a drop in ARC to an extreme. (Scn AD) (PAB 70) 3. the
physiological by-product of unconsciousness. (SOS, Bk. 2, p. 170)
4. dope-off. (Ability 52) (dope-off is also defined...basically
means "sleepy, foggy (as though doped)."

Anger, 1. True anger is a hate hold. At exactly 1.5 on the tone
scale we have a total ridge. It's hate. When we move a little above
or below 1.5 we get a dispersal. 2. Anger is simply the process of
trying to hold everything still. (from SOS glossary)

Antagonism, at the level of tone 2.0, affinity is expressed as
antagonism, a feeling of annoyance and irritation caused by the
advances of other people toward the individual. (from SOS glossary)

Apathy, 1. Complete withdrawal from person and people. There is in
apathy no real attempt to contact one's self and no attempt to
contact others. Here we have a null point of dissonance which is on
the threshold of death. 2. A very docile and obedient, if sick,
state of not-beingness. 3. No effort, all counter-effort. 5.
Apathy, near death, imitates death. If a person is almost all
wrong, he approximates death. He says, "What's the use? All is
lost." (from SOS glossary)

Attention Unit, a theta energy quantity of awareness existing in
the mind in varying quantity from person to person. (HCOB 11 May,
AD 15)

Beingness, 1. The assumption or choosing of a category of identity.
*Beingness* is assumed by oneself or given to oneself, or is
attained. Examples of *beingness* would be one's own name, one's
profession, one's physical characteristics, one's role in a game -
each and all of these things could be called one's *beingness*. 2.
The person one should be in order to survive. 3. Essentially, an
identification of self with an object. (from TD)

Blanketing, this incident consists of throwing oneself as a thetan
over another thetan or over a mest body. Blanketing is done to
obtain an emotional impact or even to kill. It is strongest in
sexual incidents where the thetan throws two mest bodies together
in the sexual act in order to experience their emotions. (HOM, p.

Boil-off, v. 1. to become groggy and seem to go to sleep. (HFP, p.
100) n. 1. usually a flow running too long in one direction. (XDN
No. 4, 7204C07) 5. boil-off was originally and sedately named
"comatic reduction," but such erudition has been outvoted by the
fact that it has never been used. (DMSMH p. 303)"

Boredom, 1. Boredom is not just not doing anything. Boredom is an
eddying back and forth which on its lower harmonic becomes pain and
on a lower harmonic becomes agony. 2. Boredom is not a state of
inaction. It is a state of idle action, vacillating action where
penalties are yet in existence, and where they are grave, but a
state in which one has decided he can't really do anything about
them. It's just a high-toned apathy. (from SOS glossary)

Cans, electrodes for the E-meter. Steel soup or vegetable cans,
unpainted, tops cleanly removed, label and glue washed off, tin
plated or not, have been standard for many years. It is with these
that calibration has been done. (HCOB, 14 Jul '70)

Cleared theta clear, 1. a person who is able to create his own
universe; or, living in the mest universe is able to create
illusions perceivable to others at will, to handle mest universe
objects without mechanical means and to have and feel no need of
bodies or even the mest universe to keep himself and his friends
interested in existence. 2. next level above theta clear (which is
cleared of the need to have a body) 3. one who has full recall of
everything and full ability as a thetan. (Scn 8-8008, p. 114) 5.
... the thetan is immortal and is possessed of capabilities well in
excess of those hitherto predicted for man. (Scn 8-8008, p. 9)

Conservatism, at 3.0 on the tone scale we have the person who is
democratic, but who is somewhat more conservative than the liberal
at 3.5 in his attitudes and more given to social regulations, being
more in need of them. (from SOS glossary)

Counter-effort, 1. The *effort* which *counters* one's survival. 2.
Any *effort* the environment can exert against you. 3. What we're
talking about when we talk about a *counter-effort is the force of
impact of an engram. The force of impact which gives the pc an
engram is a *counter- effort*. (from TD)

Counter-emotion, any *emotion* that is *countering* an existing
*emotion*. (from TD)

Counter-thought, you think one thing somebody else thinks another.
Their *thought* is *counter* to your thought. (from TD)

Covert hostility, around 1.1 on the tone scale we reach the level
of covert hostility. Here the hatred of the individual has been
socially and individually censured to a point where it has been
suppressed, and the individual no longer dares demonstrate hate as
such. He yet possesses sufficient energy to express some feeling on
the matter, and so what hatred feels comes forth covertly. All
manner of subterfuges may be resorted to. The person may claim to
love others and to have the good of others as his foremost
interest: yet, at the same moment, he works, unconsciously or
otherwise, to injure or destroy the lives and reputations of people
and also to destroy property. (from SOS glossary)

Criminal, 1. One who is unable to think of the other fellow, unable
to determine his own actions, unable to follow orders, unable to
make things grow, unable to determine the difference between good
and evil, unable to think at all on the future. Anybody has some of
these; the criminal has ALL of them. 2. One who thinks help cannot
be on any dynamic or uses help on anyone to injure and destroy. 3.
Criminals are people who are frantically attempting to create an
effect long after they know they cannot. They cannot then create
decent effects, only violent effects. Neither can they work. (from

Ded-dedex, 1. The overt-motivator sequence went backwards. You hit
Joe, then he hits you. Although it went this way you had it figured
out that he must have hit you first. So you invented something that
he did to you to motivate your hitting him. (SH Spec 83, 6612C06)
3. where the preclear all out of his own imagination has done
something to somebody else and then it has been done to him. (PAB
18) An overt act (which may also be covert or accidental) is an
incident which the preclear does to another dynamic. A DED is an
incident the preclear does to another dynamic and for which he has
no motivator - i.e., he punishes or hurts or wrecks something the
like of which has never hurt him. Now he must justify the incident.
He will use things which didn't happen to him. He claims that the
object of his injury really deserved it, hence the word, which is a
sarcasm. A DEDEX is an incident which happens to a preclear _after_
he has a DED. It is always on the same chain of subject, is always
after the DED. It means the DED EXposed. It is covered guilt. Its
effect on the preclear is out of all proportion to the actual
injury to him. A degrader is an incident or a chain of incidents
whereby a low-toned person seeks to bring down the tone of a
higher-toned person...If the preclear is prone to degraders, he has
a DED-DEDEX situation on the same dynamic he permits to degrade
him. If he accepts criticism from women, he has a DED-DEDEX on
women - History of Man Pages 85-86. DED: an incident the pc does to
another dynamic and for which he has no motivator -- i.e., he
punishes or hurts or wrecks something the like of which has never
hurt him. DEDEX: an incident which happens to the pc _after_ he has
a DED. It is always on the same chain or subject, is always after
the DED. It means the DED exposed. It is covered guilt. Its effect
on the pc is all out of proportion to the actual injury to him.
(Glossary, Scientology: 8-80).

Delusion, a belief in something which is contrary to fact or
reality resulting from deception, misconception, or misassignment.
(HCOB 11 May, AD 15).

Dwindling Spiral, 1. one commits overt acts unwittingly. He seeks
to justify them by finding fault or displacing blame. This leads
him into further overts against the same terminals which leads to a
degradation of himself and sometimes those terminals, (HCOB 21 Jan
'60, Justification) 2. as life progresses, more and more theta
becomes fixed as entheta in locks and secondary engrams, and less
and less theta is available to the organism for purposes of reason.
This is called the dwindling spiral. It is so called because the
more entheta there is on the case, the more theta will be turned
into entheta at each new restimulation. It is a three-dimensional
vicious circle which carries the individual down the tone scale.
(SOS, Bk. 2, p.26) (From TD)

E-meter, 1. the E-meter is a religious artifact used as a spiritual
guide in the Church confessional...(HCOPL 24 Sept 73 VII) The
E-meter is not intended nor effective for the diagnosis, treatment
or prevention of any disease...(Scn Abridged Dictionary) 5. The
meter tells you what the preclear's mind is doing when the preclear
is made to think of something. The meter registers before the
preclear becomes conscious of the datum. It is therefore a
pre-conscious meter. It passes a tiny current through the
preclear's body. This current is influenced by the mental masses,
pictures, circuits and machinery. When the unclear pc thinks of
something, these mental items shift and this registers on the
meter. (from TD)

Engram, a mental image picture of an experience containing pain,
unconsciousness, and a real or fancied threat to survival; it is a
recording in the mind of something which actually happened to the
preclear in the past which contained pain and unconsciousness, both
of which recorded in the mental image picture called an engram.
(HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Ethics, 2. Ethics actually consist, as we can define them now in
Dn, of rationality toward the highest level of survival for the
individual, the future race, the group, and mankind, and the other
dynamics taken collectively. The highest ethic level would be
long-term survival concepts with minimal destruction, along any of
the dynamics. (from TD)

Fac One, was an outright control mechanism, invented cut down rebel
raids on invader installations. It was probably designed by the
Fourth Invader and used by him in its original state and "ritual"
for a considerable time. It gave him a nice, noncombative,
religiously insane community. (Page 73, HOM)

Facsimile, 1. Any mental picture, that is unknowingly created and
part of the time track is a *facsimile*, whether an engram,
secondary, lock or pleasure moment. 2. A theta recording. All
physical perceptions, all effort, emotion and thought which a
person experiences are recorded continuously, and these recordings
are called *facsimiles*. They are not dependent upon an organism
for their continued existence. Any *facsimile* which has been
recorded is there to be recalled - when the individual has risen
high enough on the tone scale, when he has regained enough of his
self-determinism. 3. An energy picture made by a thetan or the
body's machinery of the physical universe environment. It is like a
photograph. It is made of mental energy. It means copy of the
physical universe. 4. The pictures contained in the reactive mind.
5. A full *facsimile* is a sort of three-dimensional color picture
with sound and smell and all other perceptions plus the conclusions
or speculations of the individual. 6. A simple word meaning a
picture of a thing, a copy of a thing, not the thing itself. 7. A
*facsimile* is an energy picture which can be reviewed again. A
*facsimile* contains more than fifty easily identified perceptions.
It also contains emotion and thought. 8. Means the physical
universe impression on thought and it means that section of thought
which has a physical universe impression on it and it has a time
tag on it. (from TD)

Fear, 1. A condition of alertness for counter-efforts that threaten
survival. 2. A fast uncontrolled flow. 3. The emotion of fear and
the dispersal of energy are one and the same thing because the
dispersal of energy makes one feel like he wants to run away. (from
SOS glossary)

Fifth invader force, a thetan from the fifth invader force believes
himself to be a very strange insect-like creature with unthinkably
horrible hands. He believes himself to be occupying such a body,
but is in actuality simply a unit capable of producing space, time,
energy and matter. (Scn. 8-8008, p. 132)

Firefight, the action of a quarrel between an auditor and a pc is
called a firefight. (HCOB 21 Apr 71RB)

Fixed Attention Units, attention units which are caught somewhere
down the time track in one incident or another in the form of
entheta. (HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Generality, a general or non-specific statement which is applicable
to all and used in Scientology to connotate a statement made in an
effort to either hide cause or to overwhelm another person with the
all-inclusive. (HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Grief, 1. A ridge and is occasioned by loss. 3. Grief takes place
where one recognizes his loss and failure as in the death of
somebody he loved and tried to help. (from SOS glossary)

Hard way TRs, demand for a start, two hours of no twitch, no blink,
no eye redness, no unconscious, no wiggle TR Zero. Really real TRs
beginning with Zero. Like the Bulletin. (LRH Exec Directive 143

Invalidation, 1. Refuting or degrading or discrediting or denying
something someone else considers to be fact. 2. Any thought,
emotion or effort, or counter-thought, counter-emotion or
counter-effort which denies or smothers the thought, emotion or
effort of the individual. 3. *Invalidation* by words is the
symbolic level of being struck. 4. Basically, non-attention.
Attention itself is quite important for attention is necessary
before an effect can be created. 5. *Invalidation* is force
applied. You apply enough force to anybody and you've *invalidated*
him. How *invalidated* can he get? Dead! (From TD)

Marcab Confederacy, various planets united into a very vast
civilization which has come forward up through the last 200,000
years, [it] is formed out of the fragments of earlier
civilizations. In the last 100,000 years they have gone on with a
sort of a decadent kicked-in-the-head civilization that contains
automobiles, business suits, fedora hats, telephones, spaceships. A
civilization which looks [like an] almost exact duplicate but is
worse off than the current U.S. civilization. (SH Spec 291,

Megalomaniac, a person who has delusions of grandeur, wealth,
power, etc. (HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Mest, 1. A coined word, meaning *matter*, *energy*, *space* and
*time*, the physical universe. (from TD)

Misemotional, 1. Such a word would indicate that a person did not
display the *emotion* called for by the actual circumstances of the
situation. 2. Being *misemotional is synonymous with being
irrational. (from TD)

Mock-up, verb. To get an imaginary picture of. (from TD)

Mock-up, noun. 1. *Mock-up* is derived from the World War II phrase
which indicated a symbolized weapon or area of attack. Here, it
means in essence, something which a person makes up himself. 2. A
*mock-up* is more than a mental picture; it is a self-created
object which exists as itself or symbolizes some object in the mest
universe. It is a thing which one can be. 3. A full perceptic
energy picture in three dimensions created by the thetan and having
location in space and time. Now, that's the ideal definition. 4. We
call a mental image picture a *mock-up* when it is created by the
thetan or for the thetan and does not consist of a photograph of
the physical universe. 5. Any knowingly created mental picture that
is not part of a time track. (from TD)

Motivator, 1. An aggressive or destructive act received by the
person or one of the dynamics. It is called a *motivator* because
it tends to prompt that one pays it back - it *motivates* a new
overt. 2. Something which the person feels has been done to him,
which he is not willing to have happen. 3. An act received by the
person or individual causing injury, reduction or degradation of
his beingness, person, associations or dynamics. 4. An overt act
against oneself by another. In other words, a *motivator* is a
harmful action performed by somebody else against oneself. (from

Neurotic, 1. Considered to be below 2.5. The neurotic has thorough
concern about the future to the degree that he has many more fears
about the future than he has goals in the future. He spends much of
his time pondering the past. He acts and wonders if he has acted
correctly and is sure he has not. Thoughts to him are as solid as
mest. He is overwhelmed by sudden counter- efforts. He is operating
on a subcontrol center which has been itself very blunted. He is
ill much of the time to a greater or lesser degree. He has colds.
He brings "bad luck" and disaster. He is Homo Sapiens at his
irrational worst. 2. A neurotic is a person who has some obsession
or compulsion which overmasters his self-determinism to such a
degree that it is a social liability. 5. The computation of present
time only. (from TD)

Operating Thetan, 1. A *thetan* exterior who can have but doesn't
have to have a body in order to control or *operate* thought, life,
matter, energy, space and time. 2. Willing and knowing cause over
life, thought, matter, energy, space and time. And that would of
course be mind and that would of course be universe. 3. An
individual who could *operate* totally independently of his body
whether he had one or didn't have one. He's now himself, he's not
dependent on the universe around him. 4. A Clear who has been
refamiliarized with his capabilities. 5. A being at cause over
matter, energy, space, time, form and life. *Operating* comes from
"able to *operate* without dependency on things" and thetan is the
Greek letter *theta* which the Greeks used to represent "thought"
or perhaps "spirit" to which an "n" is added to make a new noun in
the modern style used to create words in engineering. 6. By
*operating thetan* we mean theta clear plus ability to operate
functionally against or with mest and other life forms. 7. This
state of being is attained by drills and familiarity after the
state of Clear has been obtained. A real *OT* has no reactive bank,
is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is
completely free. (from TD)

Overt Act, 1. An *overt act* is not just injuring someone or
something; an *overt act* is an *act* of omission or commission
which does the least good for the least number of dynamics or the
most harm to the greatest number of dynamics. 2. An intentionally
committed harmful *act* committed in an effort to resolve a
problem. 3. That thing which you do which you aren't willing to
have happen to you. (This term is usually shortened to *overt* and
is used as a noun.) (from TD)

Paranoid, a person with delusions, as of grandeur or, especially,
persecution. (HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Present Time, the time which is now and which becomes the past
almost as rapidly as it is observed. It is a term loosely applied
to the environment existing in now, as in "preclear came up to
present time", meaning the preclear became aware of the existing
matter, energy, space, and time of now. The point on anyone's time
track where his physical body (if alive) may be found. "Now". (HCOB
11 May, AD 15)

Psychotic, 1. Does not know what is going on in his environment and
does not know what is going on inside himself. It is all unknown
and therefore unobservational-unobserved. He doesn't know what's
happening into receive or is the effect. 4. When a person has lost
his ability to impose time and space upon his facsimiles and his
memories he's psychotic, he's gone. 5. An avoidance of both the
future and present time and a shift into the past. 10. Computation
only of past situations. (from TD)

Responsibility, 1. The ability and willingness to assume the status
of full source and cause for all efforts and counter-efforts on all
dynamics. 2. When one speaks of responsibility he means "the
determination of the cause which produced the effect." 7. Admission
of control of space, energy and objects. 8. Willingness to own or
act or use or be. 10. "Admit causing", "able to Withhold." (from

Revivification, the bringing back to life of an engram in which a
preclear is stuck. The engram or some portion thereof is being
acted out in present time by the preclear. It is called a
revivification because the engram is suddenly more real to the
preclear than present time has ever been. He relives that moment
briefly. He does not merely recall or remember it. (HCOB 11 May, AD

Rock Slam, the following is the only valid definition of an R/S:
the crazy, irregular *left-right* slashing motion of the needle on
the E-Meter dial. R/Ses repeat left and right slashes unevenly and
savagely, faster than the eye easily follows. The needle is
frantic...A rock slam (R/S) means a hidden evil intention on the
subject or question under auditing or discussion." (Tech Dict, p.

Secondary, a secondary engram is a mental image picture at a moment
in the past containing misemotion anger, fear, grief, apathy -
where loss either is threatened or accomplished. However, a
secondary can not exist unless an engram underlies it. (HCOB 11
May, AD 15)

Security Checking, 2. Withholds don't add up to Withholds. They add
up to overts, they add up to secrecies, they add up to
individuation, they add up to games conditions, they add up to lot
more things than O/W. Although we carelessly call them Withholds,
we're asking a person to straighten out their interpersonal
relationships with another terminal. Our normal security check is
addressed to the individual versus society or his family. It's what
people would consider reprehensible that makes a Withhold. In a
Catholic society, not having kept Mass would be a reprehensible
action. In a non-Catholic society, nobody would think twice about
it. So, most of our security checks are aimed at transgressions
against the mores of the group. That is the basic center line or
the security check. It's a moral code that you're processing in one
way or the other. You're straightening out somebody on the "Now,
I'm supposed to's." They've transgressed, they are now
individuated. If their individuation is too obsessive, they snap in
and become the terminal. All of these cycles exist around the idea
of the transgression against the "Now I'm supposed to." That's what
a security check clears up and that is all it clears up. It's a
great deal more than a Withhold. (from TD)

Service Facsimile, 1. these are called "service facsimiles."
"Service" because they serve him. "Facsimiles" because they are in
mental image picture form. They explain his disabilities as well.
The facsimile part is actually a self-installed disability that
"explains" how he is not responsible for being able to cope. So he
is not wrong for not coping. Part of the "package" is to be right
by making wrong. The service facsimile is therefore a picture
containing an explanation of self condition and also a fixed method
of making others wrong. (HCOB 15 Feb 74) 2. this is actually part
of a chain of incidents which the individual uses to invite
sympathy or cooperation on the part of the environment. One uses
engrams to handle himself and others and the environment after one
has himself conceived that he has failed to handle himself, others
and the general environment (AP&A, p. 7) 3. it is simply a time
when you tried to do something and were hurt or failed and got
sympathy for it. Then afterwards when you were hurt or failed and
wanted an explanation, you used it. And if you didn't succeed in
getting sympathy for it, you used it so hard it became a
psychosomatic illness. (HFP, p. 89) 4. every time you fail, you
pick up this facsimile and become sick or sadly noble. It's your
explanation to yourself and the world as to how and why you failed.
It once got you sympathy. (HFP, p. 89) 5. that facsimile which the
preclear uses to apologize for his failures. In other words, it is
used to make others wrong and procure their cooperation in the
survival of the preclear. If the preclear well cannot achieve
survival, he attempts an illness or disability as a survival
computation. The workability and necessity of the service facsimile
is only superficially useful. The service facsimile is an action
method of withdrawing from a state of beingness to a state of not
beingness and is intended to persuade others to coax the individual
back into a state of beingness. (AP&A, p. 43) 6. that computation
generated by the preclear (not the bank) to make self right and
others wrong, to dominate or escape domination and enhance own
survival and injure that of others. (HCOB 1 Sept 63) Ser Fac,
service facsimile. (HCOB 23 Aug 65)

Straightwire, 1. When we say *straightwire*, we're simply talking
about stringing a line from cause to effect through the past. 2.
Straight memory is also called *straight wire* because the auditor
is directing the memory of the preclear and in doing so is
stringing *wire*, much on the order of a telephone line, between
*I* and the standard memory bank. 3. A technique of direct memory.
4. In 1950 in the early HDA lectures we described this as the act
of stringing a line between present time and some incident in the
past, and stringing that line directly and without any detours. 5.
*Straight wire* is - the recovery of the actual time, place and
object. (from TD)

Stuck in Present Time, the condition of a person being incapable of
moving on the time track into the past. In actuality the preclear
is in some incident which forces him to be in the apparent present.
(HCOB 11 May, AD 15)

Suppress, to squash, to sit on, to make smaller, to refuse to let
reach, to make uncertain about his reaching, to render or lessen in
any way possible by any means possible, to the harm of the
individual and the fancied protection of a suppressor. (from TD)

Suppressive Person, 2. A person who rewards only down statistics
and never rewards an up statistic. He goofs up or vilifies any
effort to help anybody and particularly knifes with violence
anything calculated to make human beings more powerful or
intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will curve
any betterment activity into something evil or bad. 4. The person
is in a mad, howling situation of some yesteryear and is "handling
it" by committing overt acts today. I say condition of yesteryear
but this case thinks it's today. 5. An SP is a no-confront case
because, not being in his own valence he has no viewpoint from
which to erase anything. That is all an SP is. 6. Those who are
destructively antisocial. 7. A person with certain behavior
characteristics and who suppresses other people in his vicinity and
those other people when he suppresses them become PTS or potential
trouble sources. (from TD)

Technique 88, 1. a technique is in there for everything. And that's
why we say Technique 88. There's an infinity of techniques inside
of Technique 88. Technique 88 includes all of the technology of
doing anything that man or any other being has ever done.
(5206CM25B) 2. is processing the theta body and actually anything
that pertains to processing the theta body can be lumped into
Technique 88. (5206CM27A) 3. the knowledge and know-how necessary
to clear a theta body. (5206CM27A)

Theta Clear, 1. It is a person who operates exterior to a body
without need of a body. 2. That state wherein the preclear can
remain with certainty outside his body when the body is hurt. 3. A
*theta clear*, then can be defined as a person who is at cause over
his own reactive bank and can create and uncreate it at will. Less
accurately he is a person who is willing to experience. *Theta
clear* is stable. 4. *Theta clear* would mean clear of the mest
body or cleared of the necessity to have a mest body. 5. There are
two types of *theta clear*, the theta being which is cleared of its
necessity or compulsion to have a body and a theta being which is
cleared all the way on the track. 6. The basic definition of *theta
clear* is: no further necessity for beingnesses. 7. This is a
relative not an absolute term. It means that the person, this
thought unit, is clear of his body, his engrams, his facsimiles,
but can handle and safely control a body. 8. In its highest sense,
means no further dependency on bodies. 9. An individual who, as a
being, is certain of his identity apart from that of the body, and
who habitually operates the body from outside, or exteriorized.
(from TD)

Time Track, the consecutive mental image pictures recording the
consecutive moments of "now" through which the individual has
lived. It consists of locks, secondaries, and engrams. (HCOB 11
May, AD 15)

Tone Scale, a scale which shows the emotional tones of a person.
These, ranged from the highest to the lowest, are, in part serenity
(the highest level), enthusiasm (as we proceed downward),
conservatism, boredom, antagonism, anger, covert hostility, fear,
grief, apathy. (from SOS glossary)

Tone Scale, the intention to exert effort bridges into the body by
emotion. In other words, the physical-mental bridge is called the
energy manifestation of affinity. As used in Dn, emotion could be
called the index of state of being. In the English language,
'emotional' is often considered synonymous with 'irrational.' This
would seem to assume that if one is emotional one cannot be
reasonable. No more unreasonable assumption could possibly be made.
(From the TD)

Trans-orbital leucotomy, an operation which, while the patient is
being electrically shocked, thrusts an ordinary dime store ice pick
into each eye and reaches up to rip the analyzer apart (DMSMH, p.

Withhold, 1. A Withhold is an unspoken, unannounced transgression
against a moral code by which the person was bound. 2. The
unwillingness of the pc to talk to the auditor or tell him
something. 3. A Withhold is something that a person believes that
if it is revealed it will endanger their self-preservation. 4. When
a person should be reaching and is withdrawing that's a Withhold.
9. Is always the manifestation which comes after an overt. Any
Withhold comes after an overt. (from TD)

A sample of Scientologese:

The below was written by sdraper, and posted to alt.religion.
scientology with the definitions from the Technical Dictionary and
Science of Survival. The reasons for including it should be
obvious; it provides a prime example of the tortuous windings of
the thought processes of an active-phase cult member, while also
using many of the cult's terms and stock phrases in their natural
context. There's a startling similarity in phraseology between
Scientologists...reading this excerpt from sdraper will provide
much insight into how a Scientologist thinks and speaks. The heavy
strains of the cult's cruel Ethics system, as when sdraper talks
about "criminals," is strangely juxtaposed with such words as
"freedom" and "spiritual." In addition, the paranoid thread that
runs throughout the organization as a living testament to Hubbard's
own insanity is clearly seen in the lines about sec-checks, being
"under attack," the omnipresent "chaos merchants" and "criminal

In my words:- I provide these definitions from Scientology
materials so as the interested reader may apprise themselves of the
component parts of the basics of ethics. Scientology is a religion
founded on ethical systems and conduct, by using the understanding
that freedom is found for the individual by that individual taking
responsibility for their past, present and future. Some criminal
organizations have recognized this as a threat to their survival or
criminal intent to rob mankind of spiritual freedoms and have thus
gone about in quite a methodical fashion to undermine the work of
Scientology in the community. The E-meter and auditor combination
can be used to locate and find criminal acts and criminal persons
within the Scientology organizations using security check
procedures. This is done so that either criminal actions can be
repaired; the person is relieved of their criminal impulses or the
criminal can be expelled from the organization. Scientology as a
religious practice is about the individual taking responsibility
for themselves and others across the dynamics. It is a good
organization under attack, from ignorance, from evil intent and
from those who are not into taking responsibility in general. It is
my personal belief that their are suppressive individuals in
society, suppressive groups, chaos merchants and the like who
knowingly attack the truth either consciously or unconsciously.
They are repelled by the fact that others wish to stop criminal
action. They are repelled by a group that has the capability to
find them out. They are repelled by concepts of freedom, love and
honor and higher spiritual concepts. I don't mean to say that CoS
or other Scientology type organizations are error free, or pure of
overt acts or anything else. This is no justification for errors
made in the past. But the interested reader needs to understand
that this is what the subject is about, these are the basic issues
involved. If this is not being done then Scientology it isn't!

Notes on this FAQ:

I have waited patiently for the cult to come up with a list of
definitions, as it is a suppressive act, according to their dogma,
to let anyone go by a misunderstood word. They were first asked to
post a list of cult terms in 1994; they have failed in their duty.
They are suppressive according to their own definitions and dogma;
deliberately trying to cave people in with MUs...just as they use
the R6 Bank symbols on the cover of their books to cave people in.

If you, or anyone reading this has any further acronyms you don't
understand not in this list, feel free to send e-mail to (Martin Hunt), and it will be added to
the FAQ. Keep in mind that this list cannot include all the cult's
terminology as contained in the Tech and Admin dictionaries. Only
terminology which is current, frequently used on ars, or generally
informative will be considered for inclusion in the FAQ.

See any corrections? Same deal; send it along. But keep in mind it
would be preferred to keep the descriptions a few lines
essays on one term, please!

Worried about my evident bias? Too bad! I was in the cult, and I
see no reason to call it a religion. If it walks like a duck, looks
like a duck, quack quack quacks like a duck, then it must be
Scientology. Call a spade a spade, I always say.

Note that this FAQ was written for the purpose of cutting through
the recondite cult semantics, using humour and wit. As such, it is
not intended to be scholarly or "technically" accurate; many of the
definitions have been gathered from ars, and many more I wrote
myself based on my experience within Scientology. Only the posted
definitions from sdraper, nobody, and xpolitic out of Scientology
references can be considered accurate, unless you believe the
cult's language is irrational nonsense, and in need of explanation
by an inside expert.

Martin Hunt / / July 19 1997

Cogito, ergo sum. ARS & Scientology FAQs:
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