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Satellite Imagery FAQ - Pointer

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Archive-name: sci/Satellite-Imagery-FAQ/Pointer

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Satellite Imagery FAQ

Satellite Imagery for Earth Observation

   Last Modified: December 13th 1996:
   _The updates have been rather sporadic since September - sorry._
     * Removed apparently nonfunctional "Geoscience Journals" server;
       added some new references for journal information.
     * Chopped long and badly outdated contact list. Left in the
       reference to the original it was copied from.
     * Updated references for downloadable assessment software
     * Various miscellaneous updates from the backlog, including Web
     * The Interactive FAQ software is now operational again at I'm looking to use it to
       'democratise' this document (i.e. encourage direct contributions
       which will automatically ingested), but my other FAQ - which is
       much shorter and simpler than this one - is leading the way in
       terms of contents.

NOTE: a server which was dead for several days appears to have killed
November's posting - sorry.   Also I've made some changes to the
posting scripts: apologies in advance if it screws up.


The HTML version of this FAQ may be read at Web addresses, including:

and the "faqlib":

It can also be retrieved by email from the SATFAQ autoresponder.
Send blank email to for details.

The plain text version is available:
  (1) on news.answers and other newsgroups (see below)
  (2) by anonymous ftp from and its mirror sites.
  (3) by email from the SATFAQ or RTFM autoresponders - see below.

The RTFM archive name is sci/Satellite-Imagery-FAQ, or it may be
found under the sci.* newsgroups listed below.  Note that, for
technical reasons, it is NOT archived under the group comp.infosystems.gis

To retrieve it from RTFM:
(1) By FTP:
           cd /pub/usenet/news.answers/sci/Satellite-Imagery-FAQ
           get part1 (etc - up to part5)
(2) By email: send email to

     with the following in the body of your message:
           send usenet/news.answers/sci/Satellite-Imagery-FAQ/part1
           (or part2, ..., part5)

The full document is posted to the following Usenet groups:

Posting to comp.infosystems.gis is as a single document, to ensure its
rejection by the GIS-L gateway and avoid flooding list subscribers mailboxes.
GIS-L subscribers should see this pointer, but not the FAQ itself!

Nick Kew (autoresponder - send blank email for details)

disclaimer: I'm posting as a private individual - 
	    not representing my employer or Client.

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