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sci.math FAQ: Bibliography

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Archive-name: sci-math-faq/bibliography
Last-modified: February 20, 1998
Version: 7.5

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                References, General Bibliography and Textbooks
   The following books have been recommended by several readers. The
   number of recommendations is in brackets.
     * Algebra
       Lang, Serge. Algebra. 2nd ed. Addison-Wesley Pub. Co., 1984. [2]
       Halmos, Linear Algebra. [1]
       Birkhoff, McLane, Algebra
       van der Waerden. Algebra
       Atiyah & MacDonald. Introduction to Commutative Algebra
     * Complex Analysis
       Ahlfors, Lars Valerian. Complex analysis : an introduction to the
       theory of analytic functions of one complex variable. 3rd ed. New
       York; Toronto : McGraw-Hill, c1979. [2]
       Conway, John B. Functions of one complex variable [by] John B.
       Conway. [New York] Springer-Verlag New York, 1973. [1]
       Priestley, Introduction to complex analysis
     * Real & Complex Analysis
       Titchmarsh. Theory of Functions
       Boas. Primer of Real Functions
       Polya & Szego. Problems & Theorems in Analysis
       Rudin, Walter. Principles of mathematical analysis. 3d ed. New
       York : McGraw-Hill, 1976. [2]
       Rudin, Walter. "Functional Analysis"
       Royden, H. L. Real analysis. 3rd ed. New York, Macmillan ; London
       : Collier Macmillan, 1988. [1]
       Hewitt, Edwin, 1920. Real and abstract analysis : a modern
       treatment of the theory of functions of a real variable. New York
       : Springer-Verlag, 1969. [2]
       Dieudonne'. Foundations of Analysis
       Courant & Hilbert. Mathematical Methods of Physics.
     * Geometry
       David Hilbert. Foundations of Geometry 2nd English edition, tr. by
       Leo Unger, publ. by Open Court, 1971. Neumann, Stoy & Thompson.
       Groups and Geometry [1]
     * Number Theory
       Hardy, Littlewood.
       Samuel, "Algebraic Theory of Numbers"
       Hardy & Wright
     * History of Mathematics
       Morris Kline Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times
     * Topology
       Guillemin, Victor and Alan Pollack: Differential Topology. Spivak,
       Michael: A Comprehensive Introduction to Differential Geometry,
       Vol. I
       Morgan, Frank: Riemannian Geometry: A Beginner's Guide
       Milnor, "Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint"
       R. Engelking. General Topology.
       Kuratowski. Topology.
       Copson. Metric Spaces.
       Greenberg, Martin and (?) Harper: Algebraic Topology: An
       Kelly, General topology
     * Calculus
       Hardy, Course of Pure Mathematics.[2]
       Landau. Differential & Integral Calculus.
       Courant & John. Introduction to Calculus & Analysis, vol.1.
       Spivak. Calculus on Manifolds.
     * Probability
       Feller, Introduction to probability theory
     * Statistics
       Silvey, Statistical inference
     * Measure Theory
       Weir, Integration and measure
     * General
       Courant & Robins [2] What is Mathematics. Oxford University Press.
Alex Lopez-Ortiz                                                      Assistant Professor	
Faculty of Computer Science                  University of New Brunswick

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