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Archive-name: religions/satanism/faqstn
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Revised: 50060606

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Q: Do you guys really worship Satan?

	Hell yes!  Now go away.

Q: Do you guys really sacrifice virgins?

	Hell yes!  And you're next!

Q: Is there an all-powerful group of underground Anti-Christian Satanic
Illuminati?  How do I join!?!

	There isn't and you can't.  Now shut up and go away.

Q: But isn't there an organization that claims they worship Satan?

	No!  So piss off already.

Q: Can you please tell me what organizations are out there and what they
do believe in.

	Oh for fuck's sake...

     Church of Satan: Silly people who believe in hedonism and their own

     Temple of Set: Silly people who believe that black magic is real and
	their priests believe in a deity known as Set.

     Ordo Templi Orientis: Silly people who believe in Crowely, Thelemic and
	various other occultnic bullshit.

     Order of Nine Angels: Silly Nazis who can be quite dangerous at times.
	(in the eighties they didn't deny human sacrifice and many were even
	thought to promote it)

     First Church of Satan: Silly people with a leader who claims that he
	curses people and they die.

     Satanic Reds: Silly communists who believe in the Dark Doctrines.

Q: What are the Dark Doctrines?

	Shut up and go read 'em!  And don't interrupt me again!

     Church of the Baphomet: More silly people.

     Lucifer's Den: More silly people.

     Satanic Kindred: More silly people. (phew...I was running out of breath)

     The Satanic Council: Really silly people with huge egos.
	Lucifer's Den is supposed to be the "Head" of this group at the moment.

     Rogue Teenage Groups: Although not organizations, these groups bonded by
	similarities, commit what they think are "black magic acts" when in
	reality they are only brutally butchering small pets and terrorizing 
	the surrounding neighborhoods.

	Ok...that's about it.  Don't ask about fucking wiccans or wizards!  
	This is alt.satanism.

Q: But wait, how many satanists are there?

	You sure have a lot of fucking questions...Jesus Fucking Christ 
	on an Inverted Cross!!!!

	A general rule of thumb.  All of these organizations have a turn over
	rate that would make McDonald's cringe.

	From the largest to the smallest: most active members of any group 
	will not exceed 500 people but in general about 100 people, if that.

Q: Could you please tell me about Satanic History?

	No.  Go read a book.

Q: Oh, please, please tell me about the history of the churches.


	Alright kiddies, let's all gather round the camp fire.  Closer...
	we'll need to whisper...of a past age when things were not 
	as they are today...a prehistoric era....

	Here is the Big Story of THE BEGINNING!

	A long time ago, on april eleventh, 1930, in Cook County, Illinois,
	Michael and Gertrude Levey were blessed with a son.  They named him 
	Howard Stanton Levey.  As a teenager, he became a carny and learned 
	the "carny way".  It is basically the "gypsy way" which is to 
	defraud people of money anyway you can.  Always the showman, Howard 
	Levey found his way.  He shaved his head bald (over a bet a little 
	later), painted his house black, changed his name to Anton Szandor 
	LaVey and became known as the first self-proclaimed High Priest of 

	In 1966, he founded the official Church of Satan.

	It was a brilliant move.

	CoS   Church of Satan - Anton LaVey  (Deceased 1997) Avarice,
	showmanship were his greatest qualities.  If you want a quick 
	overview of his positions read a couple of his books.  "The 
	Satanic Witch", "The Satanic Bible", etc.

	High Priestess Blanche Barton (Anton's "old" girl friday) is 
	now "supposedly" running the Church of Satan and she has 
	become pretty much a laughing stock.  Peter Gilmore (Former 
	American Fascist Party Member) is now a High Priest and 
	probably runs most facets of the Church of Satan.

	In the 70's, LaVey Pissed off a gentleman by the name of 
	Michael Aquino.

	That was not so brilliant a move.

	LaVey decided to declare the Church of Satan his personal, 
	private money making enterprise (which he had been planning 
	all along).  He declared that the "Satanism" image was 
	complete crap and The Church of Satan was an organization 
	dedicated to the worship of one's self and pure carnality.
	Michael had a fondness for the belief in a previous "Dark 
	Force," to that of Satan,  if you will.  Dr. Aquino was so 
	angry that he left with some original members of the CoS 
	(He claims the church left "en masse".  I take it he meant many).

	He mysteriously received a "Crowley-like vision/message" from 
	a Dark Egyptian Deity called Set (an inventive idea that placed 
	the existence of the God Set as previous to that of the construct 
	known as Satan; he submitted that the words "Set-hen" were the 
	first Hebrew construct of the later Satan).  So began the Temple 
	of Set.  So began the first self-proclaimed High Priest of Set.

	ToS   Temple of Set - Dr. Aquino  (Founder of  the Temple of Set) 
	'75.  Distinguished Presidio (San Francisco) Armed Forces Lt. Col. 
	with a true doctorate.   He was accused of "SRA" Satanic Ritual 
	Abuse.  There is a five billion page FBI report that exonerates 
	him.  The Crystal Tablet of Set will get you going.  "The Book of 
	Coming Forth by Night" will help also.  Bit of an Egypt enthusiast 
	but all around nice guy....well, for a satanist.  (many former 
	members would not agree with the previous) He is no longer High
	Priest.  He's sloughed it off onto a fellow named Don Webb.

	Believe it or not, there is now a...

	FCoS  First Church of Satan - Lord Egan  (Founder of First Church 
	of Satan)   This ushered in a second self-proclaimed High Priest 
	of Satan.  He was an "original member" in the early 70's and lays 
	claim to the legitimate legacy of the Church of Satan as have so 
	many others.  He has also been accused of pedophilia.  He 
	subscribed to NAMBLA.

	Other people of note:

	Karla LaVey (Daughter of Anton)  She sucked up to her father in 
	the end but when it wasn't enough to win her the heir to the 
	business/High Priestess position in the CoS, she fucked off again.
	She's made her own church too...pretty useless.

	There's Zena LaVey (Daughter of Anton)  She believes her filthy 
	father allowed her to be molested.  She ran to Aquino.

	You can picture the other "satanic" orgs. as having differences 
	similar to Lutherans, Baptists and the Amish; getting the idea?  
	Their differences vary.  Apparently, the Satanic Reds are growing 
	to a respectable size.  Unfortunately, none have had the impact 
	that Howard Levey and Dr. Aquino did.  (The Satanic Reds disagree 
	with this position.)

	Now you can run home kiddies and tell mommy and daddy that you 
	know all about Satanism, when in fact, you know nothing.


from a post to alt.satanism by Satan himself! 

EOF 666

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