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[] Contax SLR FAQ

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Archive-name: rec-photo/contax-slr-faq
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-modified: 3 Jan 2000 13:15:21 GMT

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  Contax SLR Resources FAQ
  Cees de Groot <>


  Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

     1.1 Disclaimer, copyright

  2. General information

     2.1 What info about Contax is available on the Web?


  1.  Introduction

  Welcome to the Contax SLR FAQ. This FAQ, a work in progress, is meant
  to collect knowledge about resources on the World Wide Web that deal
  with Contax 35mm SLR's.

  This FAQ is available on the World Wide Web, in several formats:

  o  HTML format <

  o  SGML format <

  o  plain text <

  o  PostScript <>

     If you have any problems, suggestions, or questions, please contact
     the maintainer, Cees de Groot <>.

  1.1.  Disclaimer, copyright

  I've done everything in my power and limited time to make sure that
  the information in this FAQ is correct. However, neither I nor any
  contributors can be held responsible for the results of acting on this
  information or for any damages resulting from using the information in
  this document in any way.

  Copyright (C)1999 by Cees A. de Groot. This document may be
  distributed and reproduced without permission provided that it stays
  intact, including this copyright notice.

  2.  General information

  2.1.  What info about Contax is available on the Web?

  Probably more than I'm aware of. Here's a list:

  o  I'm maintaining a mailing list, the Yashica/Contax SLR list. You
     can subscribe to the list by sending a mail to with in the body the line:

     subscribe yashicacontax-slr

  o  I've also dedicated a part of my homepage
     <> to the topic. Information on
     the mailing list and the FAQ is over there and more might be added
     in the future.

  o  In January 1999, a competing Contax list was started for some
     reason.  It covers mostly the same topics as the Yashica/Contax SLR
     list (officially it excludes Yashica, but I think that's an
     inevitable topic). You can find it at

  o  On the Usenet, these newsgroups are relevant:

  o, about 35mm equipment in general. Lots of
     this is of course about the big brands, but you'll find something
     about Contax as well, occasionally.

  o, where buyers and sellers meet. Contax stuff
     is regularly offered over here.

  o  Information about the current line of contax SLR products can be
     found on Kyocera's Contax Website <>.

  o  An awful lot of information on photography in general is available
     from the mother of all photo FAQs, Guide to
     <>. It is
     especially important to consult this listing of pointers for
     information on buying and selling via the newsgroups and by mail-
     order before plunging into uncertain deals.

Cees de Groot          <>
GnuPG 1024D/E0989E8B 0016 F679 F38D 5946 4ECD  1986 F303 937F E098 9E8B

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