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Archive-name: radio/monitoring/introduction

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[Last modified: June 30, 1995]

By Ralph Brandi,

Welcome to the newsgroup.  This group was created late in
1989 after a suggestion by Richard Shapiro, in order for those of us who are
interested in the hobby of monitoring radio communications to have a friendly
place to exchange messages, tips, and opinions.  If you are interested in this
sort of hobby, then we think that you will be at home here.

This is a set of monthly postings put together to answer some of the more
commonly asked basic questions about the hobby.  There is a posting explaining
some of the basics of shortwave (HF) radio, and one covering medium wave (also
known as AM) and FM DXing.  There is also one covering scanning the higher 
frequencies (VHF and up) that appears in the newsgroup  If
you find that you have other questions, either following up items mentioned
here, or other questions, please post.  There are a number of people here with
varying degrees of expertise and experience who are more than willing to help.
We hope we've anticipated many of the questions the beginner will have.  And
so, without further ado....

o What is for?

As stated above this group was created for USENETers to have a place to discuss
the radio monitoring hobby.  This group is not moderated, however 'serious'
arguments and any kind of flame wars are strongly discouraged.  That is not to
say that genuine disagreement and discussion of differing opinions is not
welcome.  We only ask that you keep the tone friendly, and in the spirit of
international cooperation upon which the hobby is founded.

This group is intended to be a place where ANY radio monitoring topic can and
should be discussed.  We are happy to hear from posters who listen to any part
of the radio or microwave spectrum, from DC to daylight.  We discuss topics of
almost any kind, ranging from (but not limited to) shortwave broadcasting,
DXing small or distant shortwave stations, utility and teletype monitoring,
military eavesdropping, station schedules, QSLing sw broadcasters, spectrum
usage, equipment design and modifications, antennas, receiver reviews and
recommendations, and many more.

Despite what the newsgroup name might imply, we definitely DO NOT limit
discussions to shortwave only.  Any radio-related topics are welcome.
People interested in scanning VHF frequencies may find that the newsgroup more accurately reflects their interests, and
people interested in pirate radio may want to check the
newsgroup, although this group seems to be more interested in building small
FM transmitters than in hearing distant shortwave pirates.

For more in-depth answers to questions you may have, we direct your attention
to the postings entitled "Welcome to (Shortwave)", and
"Welcome to (AM/FM DXing)", depending on where your
interests lie.  Scanner enthusiasts are also encouraged to read Bob Parnass'
excellent monthly FAQ postings on

FAQ, of course, stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  It is considered
good form to read the FAQ(s) for a newsgroup before posting to ensure
that ones posting is appropriate.  You can find FAQs for most newsgroups at by anonymous ftp, or on WWW at .  Look
under the following URL for a list of all radio-related FAQs.

P.S.  For those of you without the patience to look in the appropriate
place, the BBC World Service can be reached by e-mail at  This has become probably the single
most frequently requested piece of information on

Ralph Brandi     att!mtunp!ralph

Stay idiot-proof.  --Log, "Idiot Proof"

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