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FAQ: Prolog Implementations 2/2 [Monthly posting]
Section - [2-6] Commercial Constraint Systems

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This section contains constraint systems, constraint logic programming
systems, concurrent constraint languages, and other constraint
processing systems.

CHIP V4 (Constraint Handling In Prolog) is designed as an extension to
Prolog offering three constraint solving domains: Integers, Rationals
and Booleans. The system was originally developed at ECRC in Munich
and now extended by the same team at COSYTEC in Paris. CHIP V4
includes extensions to the three domains: symbolic constraints, update
demons and cumulative constraints. The system is available with
optional interfaces for X11 and DOS graphics (XGIP), Oracle or Ingres
database connection (QUIC), C language interface (CLIC) and embedded
application interface (EMC). CHIP V4 is written completely in C, and
is available on a range of workstations including SunSparc (SunOS
4.1), IBM RS6000 (AIX 3.2), HP 9000/700 series (HPUX 9.0) and
Decstation 3000 & 5000 (Ultrix 4.2) and PC386/486 (Dos 5.0).
Development and Runtime licences can be purchased for single-user,
multi-user or site licences together with support and maintenance. An
academic discount is offered for educational and research purposes.
For more information contact COSYTEC, Parc Club Orsay Universite 4 rue
Jean Rostand, 91893 Orsay Cedex, France, phone +33-1-60-19-37-38, fax
+33-1-60-19-36-20 or email <>.  The Tech Support
email address is COSYTEC is a founding
member of the PVG (Prolog Vendors Group).

CLP(R) is a constraint system from Monash University for VAX, Sun, and
Pyramid (Unix). Costs $150. For more information, write to Monash
University, CLP(R) Distribution, Department of Computer Science,
Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia, or send email to

CLP(RI) is a Prolog-based Constraint Logic Programming (CLP) language
whose constraint-handling applies to arithmetic on Real Intervals
(RI). It is available on the Macintosh (PowerMac and M680x0 - all
versions from 1 MB Mac Plus up). The constraint system allows users to
express both non-linear and linear equations as constraint relations.
Includes a four-port debugger, foreign language interfaces (C and
Pascal), freeze/delay, tasking, and a high-level extensible GUI tool.
Further information and on-line manuals available on the Web site.
Price: $75 US ($80 outside US).  Available from Applied Logic Systems,
Inc., PO Box 180, Newton Centre, MA 02159, phone 617-965-9191, fax
617-965-1636. Email:  Send a message to
with subject line "HELP" to get a general information file in reply.
The URL for the WWW site is
and the anonymous FTP site is

ILOG SOLVER (formerly called PECOS) is a C++ library that implements a 
CLP (Constraint Logic Programming) instance known as finite domains.
It is available on most Unix platforms, including Sun, HP, IBM
RS-6000, DEC, and SGI, and on Windows 3.1 for both Microsoft Visual
C++ and Borland C++. This library includes:
  - Prolog control structures:  non determinism, choice points,
    backtracking and cut. Modification of user-defined objects can be
    trailed so that their state is restored when a failure occurs.
  - Finite domain logical variables, and associated constraints.
  - Finite set logical variables and associated constraints.
  - Interval floating point variables, and associated
    constraints, analogous to what is found in BNR Prolog.
  - Predefined search and optimization algorithms. 
ILOG SOLVER does not use unification for passing arguments.  This
enables a smooth integration with C++. For further information: In the
USA and Canada, contact ILOG, Inc., 2073 Landings Drive, Mountain
View, CA 94303, phone (415) 390-9000, fax (415) 390-0946, e-mail  Outside the USA and Canada: contact ILOG SA, 12 avenue
Raspail, 94251 Gentilly Cedex, France, tel (+33 1) 4740-8000, 
fax (+33 1) 4740-0444, e-mail, or URL
See also for some papers about Ilog Solver and Ilog

VS Trilogy is a Prolog compiler available from Vertical Software for
$395. For more information, write to Vertical Software Ltd., 14-636
Clyde Ave, W. Vancouver, BC, V7T 1E1, Canada, call 604-925-0321, or fax

See also Prolog III and SNI Prolog in [2-2].

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Top Document: FAQ: Prolog Implementations 2/2 [Monthly posting]
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