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                         Frequently Asked Questions

                                Part 2 of 2

                           Editor: Dominic Macika

                         generated: November 18, 1996



This document is compilation copyright (c) 1995, 1996 by Dominic Macika and
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  Part 1:
  1. Rec.Sport.Pro-Wrestling
  2. Other information sources
  3. WWF
  4. WCW
  5. NWA
  6. Other North American promotions
  7. Japan
  8. Mexico
  Part 2:
  9. Deaths
 10. Injuries
 11. Where Are They Now?
 12. Wrestling Groups and Teams
 13. Miscellaneous questions about wrestlers.
 14. The Law and Pro Wrestling
 15. Miscellaneous


          9. Deaths

          9.1. Ray "The Crippler" Stevens

               Carl Raymond Stevens died May 3, 1996 of a
               heart attack. He was 60 years old.

               Ray Stevens was a headline wrestler almost
               from the time he debuted in the early 50s
               until his retirement in the 80s. Stevens
               headlined the San Francisco area from the
               time the Shire promotion opened in 1960 until
               he left in 1971. From there he move to the
               AWA as a tag team partner of Nick Bockwinkel.
               Later stints also included NWA tag team title
               reigns in the early 80s with partners like
               Greg Valentine, Jimmy Snuka and Ivan Koloff.
               Hs last big run came in the WWF in 1982,
               where he gave Jimmy Snuka a piledriver
               outside the ring at a tv taping which led to
               Snuka's biggest run as a babyface.

               9.2. Other recent wrestling related deaths

                    Dr. Bernhardt Schwartz, February
                    22, 1996, age 81. Ringside
                    Edward Welch (aka Buddy Fuller),
                    January 15, 1996, age 71. Wrestler
                    and promoter. Father of Robert
                    Welch(Robert Fuller, Col. Parker)
                    and Ronald Welch (Ron Fuller).
                    Humberto Arellano (aka Elegante
                    Blanco), January 13, 1996.
                    Jerry Arotsky (aka Jerry O, Jerry
                    Allen), December, 1995, age 32.
                    Eddie Blanks, November 18, 1995.
                    Vic Travis aka Vic Christy, October
                    25, 1995, wrestler and brother of
                    wrestler Ted Travis aka Ted
                    Raul Rojas, October 22, 1995,
                    Gene Stevens aka Frank Dalton,
                    October 17, 1995, wrestler
                    Jay York, October 7, 1995, age 57,
                    wrestler 1958-1990.
                    Henry Phillips aka Treach Phillips,
                    September 30, 1995, age 66,
                    wrestler 1951-1972.
                    Jean Kirkland aka The Black Venus,
                    September 29, 1995, age 47,
                    George "Dutch" Momberg, aka Killer
                    Karl Krupp, August 24, 1995, age
                    62. Wrestler 1965-1988.
                    Arturo Arrillo aka Zandokan, July
                    25, 1995, age 39. Wrestler and
                    brother of wrestler Huichol.
                    Richard Demonbreun aka Dick Dunn,
                    July 6, 1995. Wrestler 1949- 1970s.
                    Charles "Popeye" Richards, July,
                    1995, age 65. Wrestler 1962- 1974
                    and grandfather of Chris Candido.
                    Ideguchi Hajime aka Mr. Chin, June
                    26, 1995, age 62. Wrestler.
                    William Dahmer aka Pancho Villa,
                    June 12, 1995. Wrestler 1954- 1971,
                    brother of Chief White Owl.


               10. Injuries

               10.1. What happened to Cactus Jack's right

                    It was accidentally ripped off on
                    March 16, 1994 in a wrestling match
                    in Munich, Germany against Vader.
                    During the match, Cactus got his
                    head caught between the top and
                    middle ropes. The tension in the
                    tightened ring ropes was enough to
                    tear his right ear completely off
                    and badly tear his left ear. Part
                    of the right ear was iced and
                    saved. The left required 12
                    stitches. Cactus continued the
                    match for another two minutes
                    before going to the planned finish.
                    Cactus was in good spirits
                    afterwards with little damage to
                    his hearing and some trouble with
                    his balance. Cactus returned to the
                    ring April 17, 1994. Reports were
                    that Cactus was planning to take a
                    few months time off to have
                    reconstructive surgery on the ear,
                    however, to date, he has yet to
                    take time off and is currently
                    working for both ECW and SMW.


               11. Where Are They Now?

               11.1. What happened to Tully Blanchard?

                    After getting suspended/fired from
                    the WWF in November 1989, Tully
                    Blanchard spent a few months in the
                    AWA and then retired and became an
                    evangelist. Depending on who you
                    listen to, Tully was fired for
                    failing a drug test (the WWF
                    story), or Tully was tired of the
                    WWF and failed the drug test on
                    purpose, hoping to get released
                    from his contract (Tully's story).

                    Tully returned to wrestling on May
                    22, 1994 for WCW for one match at
                    Slamboree '94. He has wrestled
                    sporadically since, in Texas, ECW
                    and Japan.

                    Reverend Tully can be reached at:

                         Tully Blanchard
                         P.O. Box 2724
                         Matthews, North Carolina

               11.2. What happened to Rick Rude?

                    Prior to May 1994, Rude had been
                    working injured (back and knee).
                    Since he wasn't able to fulfill his
                    contract, WCW fired him. Rude has
                    since filed a lawsuit with WCW over
                    the reason for his injuries and


               12. Wrestling Groups and Teams

               12.1. Who were the Four Horsemen?

                    Over the years 13 different
                    wrestlers have been part of the
                    Horsemen. They are: Ric Flair, Arn
                    Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully
                    Blanchard, Lex Lugar, Barry
                    Windham, Butch Reed, Kendell
                    Windham, Sting, Sid Vicious, Paul
                    Roma, Brian Pillman and Chris
                    Benoit. JJ Dillon, Ole Anderson and
                    Hiro Matsuda have all served as

                    The Horsemen name was first used in
                    January, 1986, with the original
                    group being Ric Flair, Tully
                    Blanchard, Ole Anderson and Arn
                    Anderson. The current group of
                    Horsemen in WCW consists of Ric
                    Flair, Arn Anderson and Chris

               12.2. Who were in the Midnight Express?

                    Randy Rose, Dennis Condrey and
                    Norvell Austin formed the Midnight
                    Express in Alabama in 1981. The
                    group moved to Memphis in late 1981
                    and returned to Alabama in the
                    summer of 1982. During 1983,
                    Midnight Express, Inc. included at
                    one time or another, Rose, Condrey,
                    Austin, the Midnight Stallion, Ron
                    Starr, Rick Harris, and Wayne

                    Condrey left Alabama and joined
                    Mid-South in 1983, where he formed
                    a tag team with Bobby Eaton,
                    managed by Jim Cornette, also
                    called the Midnight Express. The
                    Alabama version disbanded in early
                    1984, while Condrey, Eaton and
                    Cornette would go on to achieve
                    fame in Mid-South, World Class and
                    finally, the NWA in 1985. In April
                    1987, Condrey left and was replaced
                    by Stan Lane.

                    In 1987, Dennis Condrey and Randy
                    Rose joined as the "Original"
                    Midnight Express, managed by Paul E
                    Dangerously. This group came to the
                    NWA to feud with Cornette, Lane and

               12.3. Who were the Legion of Doom?

                    The Legion of Doom was a originally
                    a group of wrestlers managed by
                    "Precious" Paul Ellering in Georgia
                    in 1983. At one time or another,
                    the group included Jake Roberts,
                    the Spoiler, King Kong Bundy and
                    Buzz Sawyer. The headline team of
                    the group was always the Road
                    Warriors. By 1984, the Road
                    Warriors were the sole charges of
                    Paul Ellering. After that, the name
                    Legion of Doom was just used as
                    another nickname for the Warriors.

                    When the Road Warriors jumped to
                    the WWF in mid 1990, they called
                    themselves the Legion of Doom, but
                    that was merely a marketing-driven
                    name change from their NWA/WCW
                    personas of the Road Warriors.

               12.4. Who were Power Team USA?

                    Power Team USA was a group of
                    bodybuilders formed by Red Bastien
                    in California in 1985. Bastien
                    intended to train them to be
                    wrestlers, but soon abandoned the
                    plan. Upon disbanding the group,
                    Bastien observed "they have great
                    bodies, but they can't wrestle a
                    lick." The members of the group
                    were Jim "Justice" Hellwig (later
                    the Ultimate Warrior), Steve
                    "Flash" Borden (later Sting), Mark
                    "Commando" Miller and Garland
                    "Glory" Donnoho. Miller never
                    wrestled after the disbanding of
                    the group. Donnoho wrestled briefly
                    in California as "The Myth"


               13. Miscellaneous questions about wrestlers.

               13.1. Who was/is [x]?

                    In the current "Who is..." list:

                       * Leif Cassedy - Al Sarven (aka
                         Al Snow)
                       * Shinobi - Al Sarven (aka Al
                       * Hugh Morrus - Bill DeMott (aka
                         Crash the Terminator)
                       * Phineas Godwinn - Dennis
                         Knight (aka Tex Slazinger)
                       * BodyDonna Zip --- Tom Prichard
                       * Mr J L --- Jerry Lynn
                       * Dr. I Yankum - Glen Jacobs
                         (aka Unibom in SMW)
                       * Golddust - Dustin Rhodes (real
                         names Dustin Runnels)

               13.2. Who is Doink the Clown?

                    That depends on which Doink the
                    Clown you are talking about. Since
                    Doink the Clown debuted in the WWF,
                    the following wrestlers have
                    appeared at least once as a Doink:

                       * Matt Osborne (aka Big Josh,
                         aka "Maniac" Matt Borne)
                       * Steve Keirn (aka Skinner)
                       * Steve Lombardi (aka Brooklyn
                         Brawler, aka Kim Chee)
                       * Ray Lichicelli (aka Ray
                       * Butch & Luke (the
                       * Mo, Oscar, and Mabel (Men on a

                    The current Doink in the WWF is Ray
                    Lichicelli. Additionally, numerous
                    wrestlers have appeared on
                    independant shows using the

               13.3. Who is Steve DiSalvo?

                    Steve DiSalvo has wrestled all over
                    the world, including as "Strangler"
                    Steve DiSalvo in Stampede Wrestling
                    in Calgary, as Steve Strong in
                    Montreal, and as the Minotaur in
                    WCW. He really exists.

                    For a short while Steve DiSalvo was
                    an "in joke" on r.s.p-w. It started
                    in mid 1991 when Sean Ryan
                    mentioned that the WCW's Diamond
                    Studd (really Scott Hall, Razor
                    Ramon) resembled Steve DiSalvo. Not
                    knowing any better, other
                    r.s.p-w'ers took Sean's remark to
                    be the explanation for the
                    different looks of Scott Hall.
                    Shortly thereafter, "The Diamond
                    Studd is not Scott Hall... It's
                    Steve DiSalvo" posts began showing
                    up on r.s.p-w. What began as an
                    honest misunderstanding quickly
                    mutated into r.s.p-w'ers answering
                    "Who is...?" questions with "It's
                    Steve DiSalvo!". The joke ran its
                    course long ago, and is now more
                    annoying than amusing.

               13.4. Did [X] ever played organized football?

                    The crossover between wrestling and
                    football is high. Many current
                    professional wrestlers played
                    football in college, and perhaps

                    First a few notes:

                    The Manny Fernandez who played for
                    the Miami Dolphins in the early 70s
                    is NOT the same person as the
                    wrestler Manny Fernandez. Manny the
                    wrestler was in junior high when
                    Manny the Dolphin was earning Super
                    Bowl rings.

                    Bronko Nagurski deserves
                    recognition as the only athlete to
                    be a member of the Pro-Football
                    Hall of Fame and hold a World
                    Heavyweight Championship in
                    Wrestling. Nagurski was a tackle at
                    the University of Minnesota,
                    1927-29 (All-American in 1929) and
                    played Fullback with the Chicago
                    Bears 1930-37 and 1943. He was one
                    of the initial inductees into the
                    Pro Football Hall of Fame, and is
                    also a member of the College
                    Football Hall of Fame. [6'2
                    216-238] Nagurski held the National
                    Wrestling Association title twice,
                    from June 23, 1939 to March 7, 1940
                    (defeating Lou Thesz, losing to Ray
                    Steele) and from March 11, 1941 to
                    June 5, 1941 (regaining from Ray
                    Steele and losing to Sandor Szabo.)

                    Below is a brief list of current
                    wrestlers with football background,
                    clipped from a posting by Gary

                    Jim Duggan: Linebacker at Southern
                    Methodist University. Signed as a
                    free agent with the Atlanta Falcons
                    in 1977 and spent the season on
                    injured reserve list. Tried out
                    with CFL Toronto Argonauts in 1978
                    or 1979 and may have played.

                    Stan Hansen: Linebacker at West
                    Texas State University; 11th round
                    pick of the Baltimore Colts in 1972
                    but did not make the team.

                    Lex Luger: Offensive tackle with
                    Pennsylvania State University and
                    the University of Miami. Played for
                    the CFL Montreal Alouettes after
                    being suspended from the Miami
                    team. On the Green Bay Packers'
                    reserves in 1982. Later played for
                    the USFL Memphis Showboats (1983)
                    and Tampa Bay Bandits.

                    Jim Neidhart: Was on track team at
                    UCLA but did not play football.
                    Dave Scheid remembers him as a
                    back-up nose guard for the Oakland
                    Raiders in late 70s who may also
                    have been with the Houston Oilers;
                    other sources say he never played
                    in the NFL but did attend a Raiders
                    training camp.

                    Paul Orndorff: Fullback at
                    University of Tampa. Drafted by
                    Kansas City Chiefs in 1973 but
                    didn't make the team. Tried out for
                    New Orleans Saints in 1974 and was
                    again cut. Played for WFL
                    Jacksonville Sharks in 1975.

                    Brian Pillman: Middle guard for
                    Miami University. Signed as a free
                    agent by Cincinnati Bengals and
                    played there in 1984. Tried out for
                    the CFL Calgary Stampeders in 1986
                    and may have played there.

                    Ron Simmons: Nose guard for Florida
                    State University. All-American in
                    1982. Drafted in the 6th round by
                    the Cleveland Browns in 1983 but
                    did not make the team. Played for
                    the USFL Tampa Bay Bandits.

                    Big Van Vader: Played at University
                    of Colorado. Drafted by the Los
                    Angeles Rams and was on injured
                    reserve for at least one season but
                    never played.

                    Steve Williams: Offensive guard
                    with University of Oklahoma where
                    he was All-Conference and Honorable
                    Mention All-American in 1981.
                    Signed with USFL New Jersey
                    Generals in 1983, played little and
                    was traded to the Denver Gold
                    before the 1984 season, where he
                    was cut.

                    COLLEGE ONLY:
                    Animal (LOD) Morehead State
                    University Defensive Tackle
                    Tully Blanchard West Texas State
                    University Quarterback
                    Ted DiBiase West Texas State
                    Ric Flair University of Minnesota
                    Offensive Guard
                    Terry Funk West Texas State
                    University Offensive Guard

               13.5. Are Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
               really married?

                    Not any more. They were divorced in
                    1992. "Macho Man" Randy Savage
                    (real name Randy Poffo) and Miss
                    Elizabeth (real name Elizabeth
                    Hewlett) were officially married
                    December 30, 1984 in Frankfort, KY.
                    Their "Match Made in Heaven" was
                    just a gimmick Vince McMahon used
                    as a draw for SummerSlam '91.

               13.6. Who are the Von Erichs?

                    To begin with, there are no "real"
                    Von Erichs. The Adkisson family has
                    used the last name "Von Erich" for
                    their wrestling personas for years.

                    The patriarch of the Adkisson/Von
                    Erich clan is Jack Adkisson. He
                    took the ring name Fritz Von Erich
                    and wrestled in the 50's and 60's
                    with a Nazi German gimmick,
                    complete with goose step and iron

                    Waldo Von Erich was Bill Sheppard,
                    no relation to the Adkissons. He
                    formed a successful tag team in the
                    60's with Fritz.

                    Jack had six sons, five of whom
                    were involved with wrestling.
                    Jack's first son, Jackie, died of
                    electrocution at age 6 in 1959.

                    Kevin Von Erich began wrestling in
                    the mid-70s. He rarely competed
                    outside of his home state. His few
                    trips out of Texas saw him compete
                    in Japan, and in St. Louis. Kevin
                    is currently wrestling for Jim
                    Crockett's NWA promotion in Dallas.
                    Kevin is the only of Fritz's sons
                    still alive.

                    David Von Erich (nicknamed "the
                    Yellow Rose of Texas") began
                    wrestling on June 28, 1977. David
                    was the most successful of the Von
                    Erich boys in the late 70s and
                    early 80s, competing in St. Louis,
                    Japan and Florida, as well as his
                    home state of Texas. David was
                    found dead in his hotel room in
                    Japan on February 10, 1984. His
                    dreams of winning the NWA World
                    title were never realized.

                    Kerry Von Erich achieved the most
                    national fame of the Von Erich
                    boys. His pinnacle came on May 6th,
                    1984, when he defeated Ric Flair
                    for the NWA World title in Texas
                    Stadium, at a memorial card for
                    David. This event made Fritz and
                    Kerry the only father and son duo
                    to hold World singles titles (Fritz
                    had held the AWA title in 1963)
                    Kerry lost the title back to Flair
                    in Japan on May 24, 1984.

                    Kerry's entire career was haunted
                    by troubles stemming from drug use.
                    On June 4, 1986, Kerry was involved
                    in an automobile accident in which
                    his right leg was severely damaged.
                    It wasn't until after Kerry's death
                    in 1993 that his family would
                    confirm that he had lost his foot
                    in the accident. He wrestled for
                    the rest of his career with a
                    prosthesis on his leg. He did not
                    return to the ring full time until
                    late 1987. On February 18, 1993,
                    Kerry shot himself in the heart at
                    his home in Sandy Shore, TX. He was

                    Mike Von Erich debuted in November,
                    1983. Months later he was thrust in
                    the role of being David's
                    successor, a role he never quite
                    looked comfortable in. In 1985, on
                    a tour of Israel, Mike suffered a
                    shoulder separation on an
                    exceptionally hard ring. During
                    recovery, Mike contracted
                    toxic-shock syndrome. He recovered,
                    but he had lost much weight and
                    strength during his layoff. He
                    returned to the ring in July 1986.
                    Mike died on April 13, 1987, at the
                    age of 23, of an intentional
                    overdose of Placidyl
                    (depressant/muscle relaxant).

                    Chris Von Erich, the youngest of
                    Fritz's sons, began appearing at
                    ringside for his brothers matches
                    in the mid-80s. He was involved in
                    a few angles. He finally made his
                    wrestling debut in the late 80's.
                    Chris died of a self-inflicted
                    gunshot wound to the head on
                    September 12, 1991. Chris was 21.

                    In 1985, Fritz brought in Kevin
                    William Vaughn, using the ring name
                    Lance Von Erich, and billed as a
                    cousin of the Von Erich boys, a son
                    of Waldo. In reality, he was no
                    relation to either Fritz's family
                    or Waldo. Fritz's plan of creating
                    a new Von Erich eventually
                    backfired, after Lance left Fritz's
                    promotion and Fritz admitted
                    publicly that he actually wasn't

                    Recently in Texas, local wrestler
                    Rick Lerebeus has been wrestling as
                    Mark Von Erich.

               13.8. How are all the Samoan wrestlers

                    The original Samoans, Afa & Sika
                    are brothers, real names Alofa and
                    Sika Anoia. Sika has two sons in
                    wrestling, Rodney Anoia (Yokozuna,
                    Kokina Maximus) and Lloyd Anoia
                    (Tahitian Warrior). Alofa has one
                    son in wrestling, Samula Anoia
                    (Headshrinker Samu).

                    The Tonga Kid (Islander Tama,
                    Samoan Savage, real name Sam Fatu)
                    and Headshrinker Fatu (real name
                    Solofa Fatu) are brothers. It has
                    been reported that the Fatu
                    brothers are either cousins to Samu
                    and Yokozuna, or long-time family
                    friends to the Anoia's. Both
                    families are of Samoan descent and
                    grew up in the San Francisco area.

                    Headshrinker Sionne (Konga the
                    Barbarian, real name Sionne
                    Vailahi) is not related to either
                    family, although he is of Samoan
                    descent and also grew up in San

                    Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (real name
                    James Reiher) is of Fijian descent
                    and grew up in Hawaii. He has one
                    brother who wrestled as Cocoa Samoa
                    (Sabu the Wildman in Memphis ca.
                    84, real name John Reiher.)


               14. The Law and Pro Wrestling

               14.1. Who is Charles Austin?

                    In December 1990, Austin and The
                    Genius (Lanny Poffo) jobbed for The
                    Rockers (Jannetty & Michaels) at a
                    WWF television taping at the Sun
                    Dome in Tampa FL. Before the
                    finish, Jannetty executed the
                    Rocker Dropper on Austin. Instead
                    of taking the planned face-first
                    bump, Austin attempted a forward
                    roll and wound up landing on his

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